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HARDsmall.jpg Hollomstown Area Regional Defense
heathbulldog likes to get HARD.

FireMan Eks
death to socialism
LoDtemplate.jpg Proud member of LoD
This user is proud to be a Pker/Zombie of Legends of Darkness!
Animated Pantomime.gif
Metallica Template.jpg
Evil pumpkin.jpg Trick or Trick!
This user or group wore a costume and trick-or-treated at Blesley Mall, Oct 2008.
Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

A 12 shot man
ENDlogosmall.jpg Evil Never Dies
This user supports E.N.D. in their quest to bring life and hope to Malton.

Beatbejesus.jpg Beat The Bejesus
This Person or Group Knows That Sometimes You Just Gotta Beat The Bejesus Outta Somethings...
Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
A 12 shot man supports the
Dual Nature Policy.
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