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Resident doctor of the Malton's Angels.

The easygoing Hec Scrivener has abandoned his defunct medical practice to lend a helping hand to the Angels, making sure they don't lose theirs. Though the Angels initially looked askance at a guy who makes a living poking various objects into small children, a quick consideration of their current roster (read: Mira) convinced them that he wouldn't be that out of the ordinary; indeed, of all the Angels, Hec holds the distinction of being "the only one you'd want to introduce your kids to." He enjoys a cold beer as much as the next fellow and has an unsquelchable optimism even the zombie menace has been unable to... well... squelch. As Hec says, "the groaning newly-deceased have nothing on the wailing newly-born."

Talk to Hec at the Angel's Chapel, one of the New Malton Colossus forums.

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