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The Man Behind the Mask

In Memorium

On 15th of September 2006, Herr Stefan retired from the world of Urban Dead. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. We wish him luck in his Real Life and hope he comes back one day. -- Cheeseman Muncher

Basic Facts

Name: Stephen Maclean

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Nationality: Scottish

D.O.B: 23/05/90

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Urban Dead History

I first found Urban Dead by accident. A user of a website I was a part of had a link to Kevan's brain eater thingy in their signature, and I clicked on it. I came a cross the link to Urban Dead on that screen, and have been playing ever since. I've had over 10 characters over the 6 months or so I've been a part of the site, but Kerdinkelfunk is the only one of the original 3 I have left, the others have fallen into disuse as I started new ones to sign up to DEM groups. He has now taken up the role of Bounty Hunter, a part of (and the very first) Malton Marshal, and has pretty much run out of Survivor skills to buy - I' saving up for Zombie ones now!

Stephano2, my foremost character, was created as a trial, a science character to play around with. It worked better than I had hoped, and before long he was second in command of The Randoms, a group started by my friend - User:Krazy_Monkey - which is now a strong presence in Malton.

HerrStefantheGReat was created to join The Malton Forensic Unit, merely because I thought it would be cool to have a guy in a Forensics group when I wanted to go into Forensics myself. He was quickly promoted to Toxicologist, but had a slight mishap in the shape of many months of zombification, before finally being revived and left to get on with life.

After HerrStefantheGreat, Kerdinkelfunk and Stephano2 became my 3 operational characters, I was on the game twice a day, usually, which brought the problem of the IP limits to light. After pestering my mum to let me use her Paypal account, Kevan had a fresh $15 speeding towards him, which I used to unlock all three of my characters. This then opened a new door for me. I could have even more characters.

I started with just one additional character, Civvydude999, who would pass out propaganda for The Randoms outside Buttonville to promote more membership for the grouop. THis one character become two as FrederickVonSchmarve was created for the same purpose. Finally, I wanted to try my hand at being a career Zombie, so Deadguy06 was born. You know what the worst thing is, HerrStefan spent months as a zombie, not getting revived, and in the few weeks I've had Deadguy, he's been revived 3 times! That means I;ve had to kill myself - once through sacrifice to the zombies and the other twice I lept from buildings. Stupid random revivers. Just you wat until I get brainrot...

Wiki Usage

My main usage on the Wiki is keeping an eye on suggestions, although I do use it a valuable source of information from time to time.

To date, I have submitted the following suggestions;

Walking Wounded

A basic fundamental of injuries is that they restrict the actions of people, though both pain and pure inability. To transfer this into the game, I suggest creating penalties on people below certain HP levels.

People of 10HP or below would have to spend 2AP for any movement actions (moving between blocks and entering/exiting buildings), to represent severe damage to the torso and extremities, which makes walking and climbing barricades very tough.

Due to the fact that the people are wounded severely enough to limit their movement, anyone below 15HP would be highlighted as "wounded" for all players in the room - even without diagnosis - and the room description would be as follows; "There are 53 other survivors here. 11 of them look badly wounded." Or "Also here are Madeupguy1, Madeupguy2, Madeupguy3 (wounded), Madeupguy4 (wounded)"

I considered implementing Zombie penalties, but decided against it because Zombies, being the walking dead, have already taken the most grievous wound possible, and are still moving. You don't get much more crippling than death!

The general opinion was that it was an alright idea, but many disliked the free Diagnosis style tagging of people, or had problems with the numbers I used. All in all, not a success.

  • Final Tally - 8 Keep, 10 Kill, 5 Spam - 23 Total.

Wirecutters as a weapons

Wirecutters are, as we all know, completely useless at the moment. As we also all know, useless items are useless. What I am going to propose is using Wirecutters as a weapon.

Admittedly, wirecutters are not a particularly threatening weapon, but it would be more for fun than raw damaging power. They would work in a similar way to the punch attack, with 10% to hit without Hand to Hand combat, and 25% with it. It would deal 1 damage on sucessful use, and the following messages (open to alteration) could be used;

Attacker Message

When used on a zombie - "dodging between the zombie's (zombie name inserted here if it is in your contacts) flailing limbs, you ram your wirecutters into its face for 1 damage

When used on a survivor - "Creeping up on (insert survivor name here), you quickly stab him in the eye with your wirecutters for 1 damge, and listen as he squeals in pain.

Victim Message

When used on a zombie - "You feel a sharp sting in your face. (insert attacker name here) stabbed you with his wirecutters for 1 damage"

When used on a survivor - "You shriek in pain as (insert survivor name here) stabs you in the face with wirecutters for 1 damage"

This would purely be for those who like to mess around, maybe those who enjoy killing others with a kitchen knife, and is not for all. However, it would give the wirecutters a use until someone came up with a real use for them.

The general opinion is conflicted. Many liked the flavour provided by the weapon, or just fancied a new way of embarassing people. Others felt that UD had enough useless weapons and that, although wirecutters need a use, this just wasn't it. It's in undecided suggestions now, and awaits someone to make it better.

  • Final Tally - 14 Keep 12 Kill, 26 total.

Urban Dead Profiles

Colonel Stephano2

New Badge.jpg Random Member
Stephano2 is a member of The Randoms.

The Randoms

Head of The Randomedics Division

A well-raised, handsome young man, pressed into service as a scientist at the beginning of the Zombie outbreak, Stephano rose quickly to become a leading member of The Randoms. Dedicated to eradicating the Zombie threat within Malton, he walks the streets of Buttonville armed with all manner of scientific equipment, including the patented Necrotech syringes and DNA extracter.

Stephano2's Profile

The Randoms Wiki Page

Kiki.jpg We love Kiki!!!
Stephano2 loves the hot police lady!!!.
George costanza019.jpg
Castanza of B'ville
This user believes knows George Castanza wears womens' underwear.


Crazy Man

A young, well built firefighter, Civvydude999 was employed by the Malton FIre Department mere days before the Zombies began rising from the dead. After his whole squad was wiped out in a violent and bloody assualt, Civvydude dropped out of the service and was not seen for many months. Whilst hiding out underground, he was contacted by Commander Cheeseman Muncher, the leader of The Randoms, who offered him work. With a new hope for humanity started, Civvydude grabbed his axe, climbed out of the sewers and got to work.

However, things did not go well. Haunted by visions of his team's death, CivvyDude began to suffer from psycological problems, going into schizophrenic frenzies, in which any nearby survivor will feel the sting of his axe. After felling 2 players in a building, and then coming to with his axe still embedded in their bodies, he decided he liked it... From then on in, zombies did not stop him - dead or alive, he had but one goal. Kill.

Had. This is most important. After reporting in to the nearest hospital, they prescribed him very, very strong anti-psychotics, and he no longer suffers from bouts of insanity and killing. Well, not as often...

Civvydude999's Profile


New Badge.jpg Random Member
FrederickVonSchmarve is a member of The Randoms.

Randoms Recruitment and Public Relations

A older man, his bulging beer belly making his flak jacket stick out, Frederick is a Police veteran of 25 years, spent on the street fightiing crime. With the sudden rise of the Undead, Frederick quickly left the force to begin fighting the rising Zombie threat. After years of hard fighting, his love for fast food and beer has not evaporated, just the availability of it. Determined to see the fight through to the end, Frederick no longer sleeps, he just hunts zombie scum wherever it may be.

FrederickVonSchmarve's Profile


MFU logo.jpg Malton Forensics Unit
HerrStefantheGreat is a member of the MFU.

Coroner of Lockettside

Malton Forensic Unit

A rugged, unkept man, HerrStefan is a brave and charismatic scientist, hell bent on protecting the citizens of Malton from the accursed Zombies. Teased in his youth for his dorkish nature, he quickly proved them wrong as the first Zombies rose from their graves. A lifetime spent studying such creatures was finally made worthwhile, with the dead streaming through the city, leaving no man woman or child untouched. Now a hard working Forensic Scientist for the Department of Emergency Management, he spends his time hanging around Cemeteries, fingering a multitude of Necrotech Revivification Syringes.

Now promoted to Coroner, HerrStefan even had someone under his command! Trying to get the MFU set up in the SW, he has his work cut out for him!

Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon Engineer's Ribbon.jpg Engineer's Ribbon

Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg Reconnissance Specialist Merit Fitness Ribbon.jpgFitness Ribbon

HerrStefan's profile

Malton Forensic Unit Wiki

Kiki.jpg We love Kiki!!!
HerrStefantheGreat loves the hot police lady!!!.


Marshals.png Malton Marshals
Kerdinkelfunk is a member of the MM.

The First Malton Marshal. Now Retired.

Bloodstained and pock-marked, Kerdinkelfunk roams the streets of Malton seeking out frexh Zombies to slay and bounties to hunt. Dedicated to hunting down Player Killers after the murder of his father, Kerdinkelfunk will not rest until every single offender is hunted down and put in the ground for good. Often seen lurking in the corners of survivor filled rooms, he checks all against the Rogues Gallery on his PDA, before ruthlessly bringing down any who appear in its lists.

The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg Hand to Hand Specialist Ribbon.jpg

Community Support Ribbon.jpg Engineer's Ribbon.jpg

Field Medicine Merit.jpg Sniper's Ribbon.jpg

Acquisition Ribbon.jpg Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg

Fitness Ribbon.jpg Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg

Kerdinkelfunk's Profile

The Malton Marshals Wiki Page

Kiki.jpg We love Kiki!!!
Kerdinkelfunk loves the hot police lady!!!.


Warrior of the Undead (A Zombie)

The once human face of this man is now scarred, with many features rotted away to nothing. The haunted stare of his undead eyes bores into the very souls of survivors, tearing all that is pure from them as his mighty jaws begin to close around their neck... With his badly damaged and essentially functionless brain now devoted to sstisfying his terrible hunger, DeadGuy06 prowles the streets, mauling any survivor stupid enough to sleep on the streets.

DeadGuy06's Profile

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