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Name: Hibernaculum
Age: Mid 30's
Occupation: Gardener
Current Status: Active
Location: Everywhere
Current Level: 43
Group: Flowers of Decay


"Liberate tutemet ex infernis..."


Pruning flotsam

MMA.JPG Malton Murder Award Winner, 2009
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UPDATE: Nov 02, 2011 - Hibernaculum returned in September to answer Malton's call once again. He can currently be found pruning flotsam everywhere in his neverending quest to make Malton a better place. It's a thankless job but someone's got to do it.

UPDATE: Jan 5, 2010 - Hibernaculum announces his retirement from group activities today. Having been part of a Historical group and bringing home a Lifetime Achievement Malty, he feels now is as good a time as any to retire to a nice quiet area of Malton. There, he will pursue personal interests and may engage in some lone wolf Pk'ing from time to time.

UPDATE: October 17, 2009: After a successfull 2+ year run, the remaining members of the FOD decided to call it a day and hang up their gardening tools.

ARCHIVE: Amidst the chaos of the outbreak, he found himself wandering from suburb to suburb lending a helping hand to the local survivor groups. He would help barricade buildings and shoot a few of the undead if the opportunity presented itself. Time went on and the more he traveled the city, the more he realized a peculiar thing. Survivors had either become zealots, become complacent or gone completely mad. All around him, he saw the undead dragging poor unfortunate souls into the streets, kicking and screaming as the monsters would eat them alive. To make these scenes even more tragic, behind closed doors, survivors would be partaking in all manner of depravity. Orgies, Drunken soiree's, and oppression of the masses through beatings and senseless murder. It was the same story from suburb to suburb. Hibernaculum's heart curdled, his soul became dark. His once comical grin was now replaced by a cold sneer. His disgust at what Malton had become grew.

One night, he happened to be in Dunningwood having a drink at a local Pub. It was here where he overheard two locals, Rob Collick and Daisy Pusher, lamenting a group of squatters called the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile who had taken up residence in what was once the Skarin Row Police department. Now the place had become a shrine where a stuffed crocodile was worshipped. Collick had said he spent the night in Skarin Row and witnessed a group of 30 citizens kneeling and praising this plush animal. Outside, he could hear the screams of scared people begging to be let in. He could hear the howls of the damned getting closer. When Collick had tried to let the people in, he was beaten by the cult members and thrown out to die with the others. The Cult then re-enforced the barricades to make sure no one could get in. Although Collick escaped, the other people were caught by the hungry damned and eaten. It was at this point that Hibernaculum placed his gun on the table and asked Collick and Daisy Pusher what they intended to do about it.

Only a few days later, 3 figures broke down the barricades and 10 members of the cult were slain. And so the first flotsam was punished. The FoD was born. Since then, other like minded individuals have joined the FOD on its mission to root out flotsam, punish the worthless and sharpen the skills of those they see with potential to make Malton a better place.

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Hibernaculum is a member of

The Flowers of Disease.

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