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Name: Middian
Age: 913
Occupation: Zombie
Current Status: HE'S BACK UP!
Location: Grigg Heights Area
Current Level: 44
Group: Free Agent. Formerly of Rot From the Moors




Back up!


UPDATE! - Nov 11, 2011 - Wakes up Hungry after a years long rest for his annual 2 week feeding frenzy! No scalp will be left unturned in his quest for freshly hewn brains!

Middian was a knight, terribly wounded during the first crusade in 1095. He died at at the very spot where the cursed bog that face rise to Rot From the Moors was formed. His body was somehow preserved by that unholy stew. It churned and turned over the centuries, decaying ever so slowly. One day, for no apparent reason whatsoever, he was spit out into the cold Malton night. All memories of his previous life have long since been lost to the rot that has taken hold of his brain and body. The only thing he knows is hunger. He must feed. And feed. And feed some more.

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If you never, EVER, stole anything, then you can be sure you aren't eligible to be in the Liberal Party of Canada.

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