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The Autarch
Name: The Autarch
Age: Late 30's
Occupation: Police Officer
Current Status: Retired
Location: Dunell Hills Military Zone
Current Level: 31
Group: None

  The Autarch  

"Don't move or there will be...trouble."





The details on the life of The Autarch are sketchy. Here is what is known:

A loner as a young man. A petty thug. Eventually hooked up with ZSquad Hextreemo. Left ZSquad Hextreemo. Drank a lot of beer. Wondered aimlessly. Mixed in with bad elements and did a lot of bad things. This went on for years and years. Down and down he went. No purpose. No will. His journey took him to the dangerous streets of Dunnel Hills. There, he was spotted giving the boot to 4 zeds who had taken up residence in his cardboard box, which served as his home. The DHPD officer who spotted him, Bulldog C6, offered him a purpose, a chance to make a difference. So The Autarch cleaned up his act. He gave up the booze and went through the training.He passed. They gave him a badge. Now he fights with the DHPD in their battle to reclaim Dunnel Hills from the monsters that reside there. A model officer, he always has a tale to tell and a lesson to impart for those who would listen and not make the same mistakes he has.

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