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Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.
Character Details: UD Profile
Character Class: Bill Nye Class
Current Status: Shambling towards Heyside
Level: 4
Affiliation: The Uncyclopedian Forces
Location: Dunningwood
Favorite Equipment: DNA extractor
Favorite Weapon: Pistol
Backup Weapon: Fire Axe
Kills: What?
Deaths: A lot.
Shutdowns: What?
Been Revived: ??? times
Revived Others: Three. times


Thi area is frequented by Grues. All you can do is hope I left the Portable Generator on.


Why you look at it, a prisoner of sameness
Condemned to never change at all!
By law balance should be taken out and deleted.
For it is the cold blooded murderer of UPDATES!
(Suggestion Voters) BALANCE!!
(imitating) BALANCE!!
Heavens, what an excuse!
This is what the UD Wiki Population
Calls a Perfect Satisfaction!
Here them down in Caiger Mall
Spamming Suggestions Everywhere!
Playing the game the way they like... WINNING!
You sir, did you ever see a recent game change that changes everything?
(UD WIki) Sir, what do you take me ofr, a fool?
Why can't the UN Wiki teach their players how to change?
This game balance, by now
Should be lessened! If you changed as much as this game does
You should be maturing at age two!
Hear a Zombie or worse,
A Survivor converse!
I'd rather hear airstirkes fall on mobs
Spammers duping up a storm, just like this poor suggestion!!
Not it's wretched game or balance!
The moment UD changes it makes the players despise it!
One common change we'll never get..
The light switches, oh what?
Oh why can't the UD Wiki learn to change!
A good example to players
Whose changes are all flavor! (Which really, isn't that bad...)
There are months where changes never appear!
Why can't the UD Wiki learn to change?

(Nexus War examples below)

Maxed out players get their cults, the Wizards scribe their spells!
In Valhala every Faction learns to move!
Eternal Soldiers run like lightning
The Liches summon wraiths, which is rather frightning!
But Kevan changes UD and everyone gets flamed!
Oh Why can't UD Wiki...
Oh why can't UD wiki learn to CHANGE!

Why can't the UDWiki teach thier players how to change?
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