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I'm well aware that the game won't miss me and that no one even knows who I am. That being said, fuck this update. I'm glad to see the zombies patting themselves on the back for their great victory at Pitneybank. However, instead of seeing it as an astonishing triumph, I offer another possible hypothesis, namely that if a group of entrenched, relatively organized, well-equipped survivors can't turn back half as many zombies, something is seriously fucking broken with the game. Trying to balance zombies and survivors will never work, because zombies and humans were never MEANT to be balanced. Think of any zombie movie you've ever seen and ask yourself if the survivors or zombies were outnumbered. Then look at the Urban Dead demographics and scratch your head in confusion. Zombies in UD talk, form battle plans, take damage like a Terminator machine, and never ever die. They're not zombies, and that's reflected in where the idea for this game came from. Zombies were never meant to be PCs, at least not without a horde of mindless zombies on the side. People like to play protagonists and unless you make the game so goddamn imbalanced in favor of zombies that it is NOT FUN to play a survivor anymore, you're not going to fix the population balance issue.

Things will also never change seeing as how people have not only accepted it, but have embraced it. The Suggestions Dos and Do Nots essentially ensure that this will be the way it is forever.

Urban Dead is not a zombie game or even a good game. This is not a case of sour grapes. I said that to myself when I first started, but I loved the zombie mythos, and this was the -only- massively multiplayer zombie game I could find, so I stuck it out praying that it would get better. But honestly, any PvP game where death doesn't mean a thing is like an endless deathmatch with no score or purpose. I regret the time I've spent here, but I wish the best of luck to those who remain.

Cheers. -- Hinotori 11:49, 3 February 2008 (UTC)

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