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Initate Hiram A Doctor
Character Class: Zombie Hunter
Current Level: 2
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Hiram A doctor
Current status: Alive
Zombies Killed 0
Zombies Revived 0
Group: The Malton Inquisition
Contact me here.

Drogmir, I'm hold up in the bldg 1N, 1E of your current position.

Hiram, yes I was concerned about you being a zombie spy. Thankyou for placing my mind at rest. Secondly as your level 1 you can join our group as an Initiate; you'll reach full Inquisitor rank when you reach level 10. In the main your current duties will be to survive, stay close to the group and raise your rank. I suggest buying free-running and first-aid/basic fire arms training as a matter of some urgency; the first will allow you to function more efficiently in the group; secondly itll increase your chances of survival. The other two are the easiest and quickest ways (I have found) to gain experience (either via killing Zombies or healing others). It'll be a long haul but as an Initiate we have your back. If you die we will revive you (See the Malton Inquisitions Discussion Page -> Map of operations for suburb information) and also keep you backed up as much as possible.

Your details will be added to the Malton Inquisition Groups page. Happy Hunting, and keep in contact (via the Discussion page is probably the best way). Also have you read through it? Im after any feedback or input I can get you see >.< --Inquisitor Bob 19:30, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)

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