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Figures that I'd wake up in Wyke Hills just as a zombie horde is rolling through. I think I'm setting a record for Most Annoying Deaths.


Hey. I'm Jack Holtz. I used to be a firefighter at Dunford Lane but my old life went straight to hell. A few years ago I woke up with a two-day hangover courtesy of my good pal Jer's bachelor party. Turns out I had slept through that order to evacuate. Since then I've hooked up with the rest of my mates, a bunch of solid blokes with who I used to play paintball. A few of them were military or cops but most of us had to learn to blow things up, real fast.

Jer's dead, by the way. Hit by a car before he got infected. Lucky bastard.


I used to live in the factory by the Samborne Building but morons kept filling it with a bunch of crap. If I wanted to live in a flea market I'd move to Brooksville.

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