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RAF.pngRAF Private.jpg
Joined: 2005-10-27 10:45:29
Character class: Cop
Current Level: 20
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Huan's Profile
Current status: Alive
Group: RAF
Rank: Private

How Huan became the man he is today...

Having just finished basic police training Huan was posted to Malton. Of his first day he remembers little - everything was going great. His new partner, Frank was a veteran with 23 years in the force. He had married his high school sweetheart and was about to celebrate his 25th wedding aniversary the following weekend. They both lived in the suburb of Roftwood with their 4 kids. He was such a nice guy and within a few hours Huan felt like he had known Frank all his life. They had just stopped for lunch in NW Whittenside and were heading back to the car, joking away, when they heard a large bang and there was the smoke in the distance blackening the beautiful clear sky. As they got closer to the source there were people running in all directions screaming and gunshots could be heard ringing out in the surrounding streets. They tried calling for backup but they got no response from control. Then there was blackness.

When Huan came to he was still strapped into his upside down police car. Frank was still there next to him - or what was left of him. His head had been ripped off and was nowhere to be seen and his left arm was missing too. His body was covered in long gashes and there was blood everywhere. Once he had recovered from the gruesome sight Huan escaped into the darkness with only the flak jacket and side arm he was wearing. He eventually finds a local Police Station. He learns something of the disaster that has befallen this great city. With nothing left except the image of Frank's family and a smouldering hatred of the zombies that killed his partner Huan vows to rescue Frank's family and rid their suburb of any dangers. He tries stocking up on weapons and ammunition but the Police Station came under attack from a zombie horde. He soon runs out of ammunition but isn't concerned - any weapon will do in his crusade against the undead.

After battling for hours he was finally overwhelmed and killed. When he next woke up, having being revived by a passing medic, he continued his way to Roftwood. On his way he started to hear whispers of an organisation called the Roftwood Assault Force which had recently formed to aid the citizens of Roftwood. Huan searches out their leader and joins their ranks. Armed to the teeth and with a fire burning in his eyes Huan steps foot into Roftwood and soon zombies will know his name all over Malton and fear to tread in the Suburb of Malton...

Extra info about me

if you want to speak to me leave a message at my talk page here:)

My character profile is [here].

I also have a second character, [agilh] who is mooching around up in Yagaton racking up the experience. He was placed rather fortuantely and as such has progressed much better than Huan but still isn't classed as my main character.

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