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Hello World! and welcome to a page about myself.


I have two characters I regularly play on Urban Dead.


Description - A civilian class survivor who resides on the west side of Malton. Most of his time is spent in Mornington.
Level - 17
Group - Not in a group, but open to joining one.

Boris Finnigan

Description - Boris enjoys his days on the east side of Malton terrorizing the living and undead, alike. This character supports the Dual Nature Policy.
Level - 9
Group - Not in one because of his dual nature.
--This character's role is subject to change if I get bored or decide to make a full-on zombie character.--

I have stated "areas" of Malton that my characters are in to prevent accidental Zerging. Doing this keeps me organized and lets me experience the Malton in whole.


I am new to wiki editing, and I do my best to follow rules, procedures, and good editing practices. I know I've messed up a few times already. =P

I have some experience in:

The reason for my Wiki account is so I can post updates, building statuses, and other happenings as I play the game. Having an account makes me feel important.


Zergling.gif Alt user
HuggaBear has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.
Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
Boris Finnigan supports the
Dual Nature Policy.
Dead.gif Urban Dead
This user plays Urban Dead. Wow, what are the odds?
Zombieface.jpg Graaaagh!
This user eats brains.
Pizza.gif Pizza!
HuggaBear loves pizza and eats it every chance they get.
Dogturd.jpg This user > poo
HuggaBear claims to be better than crap.
Heartmath.png Math fun
This user thinks that math is awesome.
Bill&ted05.jpg DUDE! It's a Template!
This user has been known to say the word "Dude" from time to time.
Zambahandshake.JPG Civility
This user or group believes that while zambahz and humans must kill each other, they can still be civil about it.
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