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Porpoise, Iamnot, 007, licence to flip

super group iamnot

super zombie group Ze Zombeths of Ze Zombeth of Zom. B. E.

  • image removed due to extreme sexiness overload on UD*

iamnotaporpoise editing the UD wiki freestyle and earning a combined score of 5.0 for artistic interpretation from a panel of six judges who all died of massive coronary failure shortly afterwards.

Also, I AM NOT Keanu FUCKING Reeves. Keanu does NOT have a frigging bunk bed. This is proof. Although I have fucked him, five times, in the back of a van whilst it was on fire and rolling down a mountain towards a vat of acid. This was purely as part of a stunt for one of his new films and does not make me gay.

I'm on your wiki. Editing your pages. I'm creating a world within a world. Just like the Matrix. Oh no, fuck no GODDAMNIT am I still HERE???? I want the OTHER pill!

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