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One of the many early victims to the plague's outbreak, Ian Fection wasn't reportedly active until the 6th of January, when he appeared in the northern vicinity of East Grayside. After travelling around, moving between Wray Heights, Kempsterbank, Shackleville, and Stanbury Village, finally seeming to make a move towards Vinetown for unknown reasons, Ian Fection suddenly turned around, and disappeared from the public eye until appearing again at East Becktown at the 16th of January, where it is assumed he currently resides.

It is rumored that he has joined with Zombie Inc.

Ian Fection's Victims

Note: Any killings made by Ian Fection that are listed below are of those who weren't wounded before being faced with this particular zombie.

On February 5th, 2006, Ian Fection grabbed and crushed to death JnW, a soldier who tried to defend the Pagram Library at Darvall Heights.

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