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Joined: Late 2006
Character class: Military, Private
Favorite equipment: FAKs and needles, lots of them
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive, ready and waiting
Character group: Tompson Mall Security
Character stats: Excellent, over 12,000 XP
Journal: No journal for IceXIV

IceXIV, named so because he is a 14th generation clone and was the first of the I.C.E clones whose internal organs didn't fail within the first week and progressed into a fully functional adult.

Character History

Before being deployed in Malton he was part of the British Army and completed tours in Iraq, Iran, Russia and South America.

He was stationed in Malton as part of a team to run repairs on the barricades around the suburbs of New Arkham, Old Arkham and Foulkes Village, in an attempt to relieve boredom he and a few others would often venture into the city to claim various zombie body parts as trophies but subsequently was stranded in the city and made his way towards Ruddlebank.

After living around the Ruddlebank area for a year he came across the guys at Tompson Mall Security and joined them and now serves as the group medic after serving a short stint alongside Wally Butler claiming bounties in the surrounding area.

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