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GHDU Iluliaq akiqqaminut sakkuqinialirpaa!

Character Name: Iluliaq

Profile link:

Contact details: AIM = Ak1qqa

Background: Greenland has first responders - several, in fact! Normally, they go around on dogsleds rescuing people from polar bears and patrol the coast in case those pesky Canadians try to invade again, but when international crisis calls, they're there. In this case "they" is Iluliaq, the one who speaks a little English. Originally sent to help track a missing Danish contingent but not actually told of the zombie threat, Iluliaq was quickly killed by the hungry dead. She ended up in Galbraith Hills and, finding no sign of the missing Danes, joined the Galbraith Hills Defence Union (now the GHDU branch of the Black Berets). She is a jack-of-all-trades in the GHDU, but recently, wearying of the unending slaughter, has been focusing on reviving and barricading. When off-duty, Iluliaq can often be found on the rooftops, looking up hopefully for signs of snow in the wretched English weather, or staring longingly at a crumpled photo from home that reminds her that not everywhere has population density or weird stuff like zombies and trees:

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