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Battle of Krinks

Date: February 26th - March 21st, 2010
Place: Krinks Power Station
Result: Philosophe Knights victory; expulsion of NSU from Krinks

WWSIS, CPM, FUACK, UG, ENVY, SB, TBF vs NSU vs Philosophe Knights
- Coalition : Zyckde, Carlo Chaimo, Chairman Prachanda, Murderess, Burning The Fire
- NSU : Cornholioo
- Philosophe Knights : Council of Philosophes

- Coalition : ~45
- NSU : Unknown
- Philosophe Knights : Unknown

- Coalition : WWSIS: 2 dead, 2 wounded. CPM: 1 dead, 2 wounded. FUACK: none. UG: 1 wounded. ENVY: none. SB: 1 dead. TBF: 1 dead, 1 wounded. (total: 5 dead, 6 wounded)
- NSU : 1 dead, 3 wounded
- Philosophe Knights : None

The Battle of Krinks was a battle between the WWSIS, CPM, FUACK, UG, ENVY, SB and TBF against the National Socialist Union between February 26, 2010 and March 22, 2010. On March 17, 2010 a third faction entered the conflict, The Order of Philosophe Knights, which was hostile to both of the other participant factions.

WWSIS Alliance versus NSU

On February 26, 2010 a radio broadcast indicated a beginning in hostilities between WWSIS and NSU:

The War Declaration.

This was later confirmed by WWSIS who said that the conflict between themselves and NSU was "purely ideological" and that "it can not be solved in any way". The NSU responded to this by saying that they were a new group, formed on February 2, 2010 and that they existed to protect both Power Stations in Malton from zombies, PKers and GKers]] and that they were not hostile towards any group of pro-survivors.

Radio broadcasts continued via LURCS radio denouncing 'false claims' made by the NSU and the conflict commenced. The NSU claimed success in using guerilla tactics to offset the greater numbers of WWSIS. Diplomacy was the major strength of WWSIS, enlisting seven other groups into the conflict in support of their position. CPM and FUACK on March 2, UG and ENVY on 12 March and The Black Flag and Suburban Brigades on March 13. The Gibsonton Squatters also expressed support for the WWSIS position and declared war on the NSU, however their location in Gibsonton made any viable assistance unlikely. The NSU branded this diplomacy and alliance building as "cowardly" due to the fact that WWSIS had made the original declaration of war.

Neither side applied for an exemption due to hostilities at the major PK lists.

The NSU offered terms for a peaceful resolution to the conflict on March 8, demanding a mutual cessation of conflict and offering future cooperation in protecting Malton's Power Stations. The WWSIS rejected this offer, repeating that the conflict between themselves and the NSU was ideological and it could only be ended with the NSU being drive from Krinks

Philosophe Knights Enter

On March 17, the Philosophe Knights declared that they would enter the conflict as a third group and be hostile to both of the current participants. They expressed that the combined ignorance of both participants had caused the conflict to come to their attention and that they aimed to clear Krinks of both groups in order to educate them. Both the WWSIS Alliance and NSU became aware of this announcement and the news became known in the Krinks area via radio broadcasts.


On March 21, Krinks was cleared of all characters who were not recognised members of the Philosophe Knights. The building was also partially ruined. The NSU claimed that its efforts combined with the actions of the Philosophe Knights and feral zombies had driven off the WWSIS Alliance. The WWSIS acknowleged in radio broadcasts the partial ruining of Krinks, calling it a "sad day" that the UN Day Against Racism could be called a victory for the NSU. The Philosophe Knights claimed that the removal of all other characters was due to their efforts alone and that no other individuals should be ascribed any credit in their success.

Late on March 21, the NSU issued a statement:

Today, March 21, 2010, the Battle of Krinks has ended. The leftists of the WWSIS, the CPM, the FUACK, the UG, the ENVY, the SB and TBF have been driven off the Krinks by strikes of proud national socialists. (...) Our goals were to defend the Krinks, keep it free from any zombie, PK and GK, and still we would love to rebuild this power station from the ashes of war. That is not as easy as it will go, I'm afraid to say, the Philosophe Knights and the leftists will come back to attack us inside the power station, which means the fighting will continue. So, to avoid a second Battle of Krinks, the NSU has decided to regroup and find a place to defend somewhere else.

On March 22 the Philosophe Knights declared complete victory and completion of their aims after the previous day's withdrawal of the NSU, the complete removal of non-Knights from Krinks and the pinata-ing of the entire building. Less than a week after entering the conflict, the Knights considered that they had made their lesson abundantly clear and that there was nothing further to accomplish.

With the NSU abandoning the area and the Philosophe Knights indicating that they would leave the area after having taught their lesson to both participants meant that Krinks would be left in the hands of the WWSIS and that the Battle of Krinks would come to a close.

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