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The days no longer countable, or even interesting, prompted him to leave his civilized name behind. Having reached stability after the initial harrowing days, he attempts to restore order, at least within his personal sphere of influence. With his former training, he helped form Rotter's Relief, a revivification clinic for all. As always, he waits for the city to rejoin the larger world, but until then, Malton is all the world he cares about.

dead ism

Necrotech scientists had captured an interesting specimen during the early outbreaks, that of an expectant mother who was infected. Even with its mother in that state, the undead fetus still grew, and ultrasounds revealed no abnormalities, outside that of a heart that does not beat. The zombie mother gave birth prematurely at an estimated 8 months, but the undead toddler was resilient. So resilient, in fact, that it promptly slaughtered the entire project team.

It found itself on the streets of Buttonville, and scampered toward the bright light of the day in the mornings, napping in the evenings. Eventually, it found many more of its kind, though much larger and older. It seems to have been adopted by the Minions of the Apocalypse and has been seen travelling with them. An odd and terrifying sight, according to some fleeing survivors.

A Necrotech team is attempting to capture it, in order to revive it and examine the effects of giving life to that which has never known it.

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