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Quote: "We're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, and you can't be bothered to stop being a f---ing idiot long enough to help?"
Italus' Profle:


Kills 18 Zombies, 3 PKers
Deaths 8
Date Created 2007-07-09 08:12:10
Level 21, Military
Alleigance The West Grayside Watch - Pro-Survivor

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Italus is a fictional character in the Urban Dead browser-based zombie apocalypse game. He is controlled by a writer named Jonathan, whose other aliases include Hunter_Killer and HunterBlackLuna on various forums and sites. He is trained for scouting and medic work, and will gladly offer assistance to other survivors in need.

The Character

Church L. Italus is a soldier in the United States Armed Forces. Stationed in the city when the breakout happened, he has wandered the streets, using his scout training and keen sense of survival to escape the legions of the undead. He is committed to helping other survivors, destroying PKers, and maintaining safe havens of healing and revival. He has currently taken up residence in the environs of West Grayside, and was recently inducted into the West Grayside Watch.

He has short, functional black hair that used to be cut regulation length, but since the apocalypse he lets it grow out a little more. Tanned skin from years of armed service compliment his intelligent and piercing green eyes. Not a huge man, he's lanky but muscled, like a dancer with the grace and speed needed of his scout profession. Long since having lost his uniform and most of his military-grade equipment in many near-scrapes and mortal struggles, he has adopted a simple monochrome color theme, with a T-shirt, jacket, trousers and boots, along with a pendant necklace and a ripped bandanna.

He is a quiet type, who will get the job done without comment, and this personality has only been reinforced by the horrors of recent events. His strong moral sense will lead him to stick up for those in need, weither they be wrongfully accused survivors who have bounties on them, or the zombies that merely want revives at the Watch's maintained Revive Point.

Italus' name was obtained by the Behind The Name Random Name Generator, by the Greek mythology category. Obviously the name has origins on the country of Italy. Also, his player thinks it sounds kinda cool.

The Player

Jonathan L. Pelikan is a citizen of the United States who resides somewhere west of the Mississippi River. He is a relatively reserved man, fat and with semi-long hair usually restrained in functional pony-tails. He writes, frequently, and maintains Fanfiction.Net and FictionPress.Org accounts on occasion. He operates now off of an iMac, and is currently adjusting. He has a single surviving sibling, a half-sister. His half-brothers, of which there are two, are both dead. Jason, the oldest of his father's sons, recently died and the funeral was draining for all.

He is a self-identified liberal socialist, so the torch-and-pitchfork wielding mob will be coming for him any day now. He has two beautiful girlfriends, and one day they will all live together happily, have a house and a white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

He is also unquestionably destined to be the most famous Science Fiction Author in the history of human civilization.


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