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Khalid Ahmed came to Malton many moons ago on a small fishing boat from nearby Arabia looking for a new life in the land of opportunity. Unfortunately just when he had a basic grasp of the local language the outbreak and resulting death forced him to learn yet another language. Wandering aimlessly through the suburbs of central Malton Khalid shambled into a large horde and after the advice of a close friend Khalid gave up the grazing lifestyle and embraced barhah with his mahb brazzahz, a relationship that was sealed by the blood pact that is brain rot!

A cool breeze blowing across Malton brought with it the stench of the souks, reminding Khalid's rotten nostrils of his past life. Unable to satisfy himself feasting on the brains of the living any longer he headed south, to Wyke Hills and Rotter's Relief to return to the living and unite with his brothers from across the sea! Khalid met up with Ahmad al Ghazali, a man who he had not seen for many years. They discussed their radical views over a pot of mint tea and decided to form الله من الخدمة.

Survivor Appearance

A filthy immigrant.

Wearing: white robes

Zombie Appearance

A foreigner who came to your shores looking for a new life in the land of opportunity - Malton!

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