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Makes me happy just looking at it
Finis and one of his many zerg alts about to revive him (this one's retired from service now)

Finis' Warnings

as placed on his talk page by sysops.


Stop hand.png
Please do not edit other peoples post on this wiki. Continuing this behaviour may lead to your editing privileges being revoked.

-- boxy talki 00:22 28 January 2008 (BST)

the edit that got finny warned once


Stop hand.png
Please do not change people's comments on this wiki. Continuing this behaviour may lead to your editing privileges being revoked.

-- boxy talki 13:52 1 April 2008 (BST)

the edit to finny's own page that got him warned again

Dear Finis

"These are their profiles so they can be easier to identified and eliminated (sic) by anyone having a beef with them."

Sorry Finis, but you're the only one who has a problem with us. I think you're forgetting that the one widely hated and renowned for being a douche is you. Personally, I'm sick of your constant bitching (and yes, you've only been back, what, a week?). You go around trying to get people pissed off so you can wallow in the attention you receive, and, once you get a reaction, you yourself "spread libelous propaganda" about them in your little blog as if someone gives a shit. Seriously, get over yourself, don't make up lies of "sockpuppets" or "zergers" (which the BBK are strictly against, and you have not provided any evidence of), or how gloriously you manage to evade our attacks (by jumping out the window, no less), and finally, stop being a piece of shit. Going around claiming to be the "God of Santlerville" isn't doing you any favours.

Whilst we're on the subject, I want it on the record that you overreacted in the first place to Wilsonzmb918 killing a revive point killer. So he killed him twice - he would have put him in contacts, highlighted him, and forgotten why. Way to go ape shit and shitlist him for that rather than killing, oh I don't know... some zombies! The fact that you shitlisted and repeatedly killed Wilson for his good deeds just shows how much of a hypocrite you are. You're perfectly happy to kill Wilson over and over for enforcing the Sacred Ground Policy, yet when it comes to Wilson doing something in the best interests of the suburb you overreact and shitlist him and our entire group for questioning why.


Oh by the way, how did joining the S.A.R.G. go for you? Free Santlerville doesn't seem to be going too well either...

Two classic Finis quotes come to mind:

"I've been forced to leave the SR :(--Finis Valorum 09:50, 16 June 2007 (BST)" - on Sexy Rexy Grossman's talk page


"My group didn't kicked (sic) me out dishonourably. I choose (sic) to leave.--Finis Valorum 10:28, 30 June 2007 (BST)" - on The Watchmen's talk page.

Just goes to show how blatantly you lie about everything.

Having said that, I have decided to give you a chance, as I know you once did the same for us. On my group's wiki page I've included a section titled, "Repent, Finis!". In this section you can publicly apologise for being such a huge dick and BBK members will stop spreading the truth about you being a liar and a cheat. We'll also stop uploading your ugly photo. It's quite easy, just type, "I, Finis Valorum, am repenting for being such a huge dick" (remember to timestamp). But until then, please feel free to keep on killing one Beatbox Kid a day, because after all, it is such a blow to our group (around 40 members, one death a day - use that amazing IQ of yours to work it out). Frankly you're not worth our attention, Finis, and we want nothing more to do with you or your army of alts, so if you decide not to repent, we'll cease all contact with you and you can go on updating your blog without us (but who will read it?). And to all the other groups that have ever dealt with Finis Valorum or us, we're sorry for not coming to this realisation sooner.

To be honest, I'll miss the moments we have, Finis, like remember that time you got kicked out of your group... of alts? Or that time I turned your bounty hunting friends against you? Or that time you tried to get pker groups to turn against us and failed (I mean you're the only one that's killed any BBK in the last what, three months?)? Or even that time we watched you use the character "password" (password: password) to revive yourself (which is against the rules of the game is it not? Read: Zerging). Oh and with that last one, don't worry about me not having any evidence, I just wanted you to know that I know, you know?

Finis Valorum (it occurs to me I don't know your real name), I look forward to your answer, although I do, of course, expect you to delete this as soon as it's posted, as you always do (your record appears to be under a minute - nice work), so I'm posting it on my group's page as well.

Don't keep me waiting...--Nallan 13:07, 7 September 2007 (BST)

FinisIRC.jpg The Tiny Finis Award
The Gore Corps Grants this Award to users/Groups who display uncommon Asshattery in the face of Decency and Flawless Logic.
Finnisvalorum.jpg Finis Valorum Sucks
This User/Group thinks that Finis Valorum sucks.
Finnisvalorum.jpg Finis Valorum Death Count
This User/Group has contributed to the 51 killings of Fenis Valorum (including the many times he jumped out of buildings to 'avoid death')
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