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Jack Well
RAF.pngRAF Lieutenant-General.jpg
Zombie Food Since: 2005-12-07
Level: 22
Zombies Killed ~400
Zombies Revived ~450
Character profile: Jack Well Profile
Group: RAF
Rank: Lieutenant General
Current status: Alive

"Being placed in Malton is still better than being placed in Iraq - eh?"

Jack Well was just a rookie, plain corporal, when he was dropped in to Malton in early days of December 2005. Soon after his arrival he joined to well organized group called RAF (Roftwood Assault Force). After that he has learned proper military ways to do things in difficult situations and in January 2006 he got promoted to a sergeant. His responsibility inside RAF was for that on to lead the reviving & healing squad. And that meant it was his job to keep RAF members on their feet and Turpin Roads reviving clinic rolling.

General Diggs - the founder and first leader of RAF - was recalled to more important tasks soon after Christmas 2005. He promoted Deathnut to the rank of Lieutenant General, and gave him orders to keep the group going. Deathnut leaded RAF trough tough times, including Mall Tour '06, and Roftwood was a safe place for over two months. General Liutenant retired on April 2006 which left RAF withouth leader. And it was J. Well who got this huge task and a promotion. New Lt. gen. Well did his best and RAF followed his orders for more than a year. After lt. gen. Deathnut came back and Well was more than happy to give RAF's leading back to him. He thinks himself more a plain sergeant level soldier than important top level leader. His there with you soldier.

Right now J. Well is doing his best with his brothers in arms in protecting the citizens of Malton - and especially people of Roftwood - from massive hordes of the living dead. Join Roftwood Assault Force today and help us to make Malton a safer place for every living soul!

Medals and Badges

RAF War on Terror.jpg RAF purpleheart.jpg RAF Marksman.jpg RAF Headshot.jpg RAF Melee.jpg RAF Medical.jpg