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Who's Jaida?

Jaida Ross is the PKer leader of the Ross Ice Shelf Horde, nicknamed 'Supreme Overlady' by Lieutenant Tux, her right flipper-zombie penguin.

Jaida is one of the few people who don't want to escape Malton... In fact, she fully embraces the freedom and lawlessness. She volunteered to be brought to Malton instead. Not even zombies can stop her from getting what she wants - money. The young woman is a professional bank robber and most wanted criminal with a long list gruesome deeds attached to her name. Ever wondered why all the bank vaults are empty? Her gang is the reason.

Presumably, 'Jaida' is just a temporary identity. Her real name and nationality are unknown as she can fake many accents. She has spent most of her life abroad, traveling the world. She doesn't celebrate a birthday, not feeling the need to - she always lives life to its fullest. She has short, fashionable reddish brown hair and alluring hazel eyes.

Behind her cold and heartless façade, she deeply cares about her teammates as long as they're loyal to their cause. The leader simply adores her pet zombie penguins and frequently falls asleep snuggling them. Did I just shatter her image as a villain? Too bad.


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