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Ingame Personas

In game, I tend to heavily roleplay. As a result when a character is killed, I *never* actively seek a revive. I do not believe zombies would have that capability and while my characters WILL respect Revive Points, even defending them during sieges, they will never seek them. As a result, when they are Survivors they are fight hard for the Survivor Cause. When they are Zombies, they will be just as vicious. I do not currently have a brainrotted character as that seems to just limit the game. I may create one if there are ever unique skills for Rotters only.

Jak Rhee

Jak Rhee is a Military Private fresh out of training. He was airdropped into Malton as part of the attempt to quell the Zombie Threat. Immediately after dropping in, however, his squad was attacked by a zombie horde. Jak panicked, dropping his weapon and fled into the night, leaving his squadmates to presumably be devoured by the undead.

He wandered Malton for a while, never staying in one place long, never connecting with people, always running from trouble... until his arrival at Tynte Mall. There he actually stayed for a while, even participating in its defense, as a member of the Tynte Mall Union, when zombie hordes laid siege to the Mall - which turned out to be the begining of the Mall Tour '06. He survived the Fall of Tynte, though emotionally damaged, and retreated to Giddings Mall.

But now the hordes are on their way to Giddings. Scouts report that the Mall will be attacked on two fronts. Private Rhee prepares for battle yet again, trying to quell his fear...

Should Giddings fall, he has made a plan. A plan to retreat to a place whispered about amoungst Survivors... a place of great victory... a symbol of hope...


Out of Game Persona

ummm... I'm a Proud Member of the WCDZ. I fight the great battle against the far too numerous idiots who post to the Suggestions page.

Suggestions and Me

As is obvious from my presence in the WCDZ, I spent a lot of time working the Suggestions page. Now, if you post suggestions.. I've probably Killed or Spamed yours. Yes, I do that alot. I feel that any suggestion that isn't DAMN close to perfect should be killed. This allows them to be resubmitted with changes until it's perfect. Nothing that isn't Completely Ready To Go In The Game, outside of acutal code, should be Peer-Reviewed in my mind. That's how I operate.

I, myself, am toying around with a few Suggestion ideas, but only once they are closer to ready will they be posted here. Then Others shall critique and rip those suggestions apart. Then using what I learned each suggestion, if it was only killed by adjustments that can be made, numbers, etc and not pure principal, shall be ressurrected to this page in a better form.

Finally, once the impurities are washed away - whether it be days, weeks or montsh - I shall finally post it to the actual Suggestions page. Take heed People of the Wiki, THAT is how you make Suggestions.

Suggestions in Development

Here are some suggestion I'm working on. Once there perfect (see the above process) I will submit them to the main page. Please comment on them on the appropriate section of my Talk Page.

Zombie Strongholds

After the HORRIBLE ugliness that was the Pits of Despair suggestion, Zarathustra pointed out that the idea of a Zombie Stronghold isnt completely without merit. The challenge is figuring out how to make them work. I thought Id look into this idea and see if it can be perhaps made to happen. I've thought out some of the issues, but I have to find a way to solve all those Cons before I'll write it up in a template.. then post it HERE for further review.

Current issues:


  • Implementation: How the hell do I pull this off?
  • Defense: How would a zombie defend their stronghold, since they can't barricade?
  • Why; Why would zombies WANT to hold a location? Survivors defend Mall sbecause of their fantastic search chances and the fact that, well, its bragging rights. So what do zombies gain in addition to bragging rights?
  • Flavor: In zombie films, zombies are the aggresors.. attackign human strognholds, but never on the offensive (generally they arent intellegent enough) to protect areas. They just go after food. Does this fact abotu zombie nature perhaps instakill this entire line of possibility?
  • Flavor: Gives the usually on-the-run Survivors a chance to be the aggressor


  • Gameplay: More stuff to do in Malton - adds a new gameplay element for both Survivors and Zombies
  • Flavor: Gives the usually on-the-run Survivors a chance to be the aggressor
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