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Book of Days

Written: 2006-05-22 17:42:51

Just thought I would write a few things down to calm the nerves if you know what I mean…. With that constant shuffling and moaning going on outside, I can’t get to sleep for long but I am so bloody tired! If I do drop off I just dream of screams and jolt awake sh*t scared. So it is a comfort to write. I don’t feel so alone although paranoia does set in and I find myself constantly looking over my shoulder into the dark whilst I write this…

I am Jake T Weber a Fireman from Black Watch stationed at Bassence Row Fire Station in Shore Hills. We were eating our Shepherds Pie dinner when in marched some heavy bass types into our mess hall and switched off the game. Our Chief stood up “who the hell are you”. Then one of them barked “You and your watch are under Martial Law now, please sir accompany me to your office” all we could make out was” ‘something’ Corporation has issued ‘Project Brimstone’”. Being just a grunt fireman I wasn’t privy to all the details but we had our orders to set fire traps on Langbrick Street in the suburb of Brooksville to incinerate what they called the ‘stenches’ problem?…

It was like a war zone down there!!! We were quickly overrun by a horde of what looked like ordinary people to me… the lines of soldiers & policemen all got it no matter what they shot into them, they just kept going I never seen anything like it. They were like rabid dogs drooling, no emotion just clawing and biting… men screaming ‘JESUS they’re EATTING US!’ Black Watch tried to hold them back with the water cannons but they just kept on coming broken bodies or not! They just kept on coming! Our station Chief ordered us to retreat but the driver just panicked when the ‘stenches’ started rocking the fire truck he just took off at such high speed down town that the engine just tipped over as we rounded the corner. I don’t remember anything else after that.

I woke up under a dead heap of Black Watch mates the driver was moaning hanging upside down from his safety belt his arms were flaying about. I looked out and saw the streets were deserted just piles of bodies outside of a church. I got out through the back window quick smart as the heap started twitching and moaning. I went round to the driver to check on him. I threw up when I saw him. His guts were hanging round about his face, pulled out by the sheered off steering wheel. Then I noticed his neck was lacerated so deeply by a shard of windscreen his head was almost cut off… but he is still alive ‘HOW the hell ..’ then I remembered ‘stenches’ as his dead eyes fixed on me and his arms stretched out like magnets towards me, my blood went cold. I just ran and ran having no idea where the hell I was.. Trying to find a safe place but, nothing!! Every blasted building had been barricaded so heavily I couldn’t find a way in.

It was getting dark when I came across a Library. I got in by smashing down the lightly barricaded window with my axe and hauling myself in. It is dark in here but found a gen but the dam thing is out of fuel. So I hid for a while in the darkest corner of the library amongst the lines bookshelves marked fiction XYZ. I listened out for any noises but thank god they were only coming from outside. Taking in a couple of deep breaths, to steady my nerves, I spotted a blue-ish light coming from the study area and that is when I came across this wireless lap top still connected to the internet.

So if anybody is out there reading this STAY AWAY from Brooksville. Board up your houses don’t let anybody in and stay quiet. Help is sure to be on its way soon.

If anybody knows me or my wife Helene Weber then let her know that I’m ok and that I will try to get back to Shore Hills ASAP. I just hope to god the kids didn’t got to school today.. I better go as the battery might run out… also got to sort out my arm, I hadn’t noticed it before but it is bleeding …

That was then this is now

After spending months of being one of the undead, I think? I have to assume this as I have no memory of these missing months, I hate to think what I got up to! The first real memory I have is waking up dizzy in a completely different 'burb of North Blythville. For weeks I kept having these flashbacks of me standing outside a church swaying uttering what I can only describe as a gargled Mrh. The hunger! God I remember the never-ending hollow hunger! It always ends with a sharp flash of pain in my neck.

After a while I got used to my new surroundings and learnt to survive. On my travels I came into contact with the local militia. I joined their noble cause to fight back the hordes and to forget the old me as all hope of finding my wife now has gone. Jake T Weber 23:12, 3 June 2007 (BST)

Olney t2.png O.M Member
Jake T Weber is a Member of the Olney Militia
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