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Lab Assistant James Ryers Nash
Joined: 2007-09-21
Profile: 1010894
Character Class: Scientist
Current Level: 3
Group: NecroTech
Rank: Lab Assistant
Favorite Equipment: DNA Extractor
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Backup Weapon: Fire Axe
Location: around Raines Hills
Current Status: Alive


This thin but muscular man has long hair in a ponytail and unshaven face. He walks slightly bent and looks ready to run away very fast.


Wearing: a pair of safety goggles, a grey short-sleeved shirt, a NecroTech jacket, a white lab coat, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black shoes

Inventory: DNA Extractor, Revivification Syringes, First Aid Kits, GPS Unit, Mobile Phone, Toolbox, Spray Cans, Shotgun, Shotgun Shells, Fire Axe, Flak Jacket


Allegedly, NecroTech ran many questionable experiments involving revivification prior to the Malton epidemic crisis, which are pointed to have relation to it, if not being the sole direct responsible for the events that lead to the zombie proliferation.

The company records shows a James Ryers Nash, Lab Assistant, working from 2000 to 2004, with an unusual number of transfers from lab to lab. Nash was reported missing in October 3rd, 2004, and his contract terminated unusually soon in October 15th of the same year. The event failed to gain any attention since Nash didn't had any family. Deep research in company records would inform that this was fundamental for Nash being employed in the first place.

Witnesses and camera recordings pointed that his last known working place was the Lance Building at Pashenton, which he entered to work and never left. Two years into the zombie outbreak, Nash resurfaces in Pashenton, blending with surprising ease in the brutal reality of life and unlife of Malton - as if he was prepared for it.

After his return, Nash visited the Jack Building in Raines Hills for unknown purposes, and normally can be found around the suburbs of Chancelwood, Earletown, Raines Hills, Pashenton and Santlerville.


NecroTech Independent

The resurgence of Nash in Malton after years of disappearance casts an ominous shadow over his ties with the company, and by extension, over the morality of the actions and inactions of NecroTech before and during the outbreak.

Allegedly acting as an autonomous agent for NecroTech, if something like that even exists, Nash has been seen making contacts through radio and cell phone with unknown parties, and his cancelled NecroNet Access has been reactivated after a long time with "Pending Confirmation" status, without any explanations.

A disturbingly coincidental corruption of data in some of Nash's records left only fragments involving the keyword "Gentlemen". Other sections became confusing beyond recovery, by mentioning something called the "Franklin Protocol".


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