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Necrotech/Military Profile-Jason Muir, file #455666

First Deployed- Moleville

Curret Location- Fort Creedy

Activity Since Outbreak-

Jason Muir is you average soldier, a private in the army. He is one of a few who were sent in from the US to help with the growing problem in Malton. When he was first sent in to Malton, he was airdropped into Moleville. His division was ordered to protect the citizens and help organize a restinance to the growing threat. Around a month after he was deployed, the safehouse for the resistance he was helping was broken into. After the battle, Muir was among the missing. His whereabouts were unknown for a large amount of time. About a year after the outbreak, Muir was found at Fort Creedy helping the resistance, where his other platoon members had been. When questioned about where he was during that time, he refused to speak. It is believed that he has contracted the virus, and an eye is being kept on him.

End Report #455666

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