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I am just like you -
with a cup of tea, a friend,
a corpse at my feet.

Joined: January 30, 2007
Character style: PKer
Favorite equipment: shotgun, pistol
Current status: retired
Kills: 159
Bounty: 55 (KOS)
Cemetery stones 2.jpg PK Count
jasonjason has PKed 159 people.
Bloodyknife.jpg PKer
jasonjason is a PKer and is probably off killing some poor defenseless survivor.
Gun.jpg Bang!
jasonjason wants you to die.
Pkdaythumb.jpg Death Count
jasonjason has died 90 times.
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
jasonjason supports the
Honor Among Thieves Policy

This character is retired

I'm sorry to say that this character is retired. My other characters are not retired, so you might prefer to read about them or to read my haikus. I'm leaving this page here for posterity, mostly because it provides context for the haiku page. This character was in the Columbine Kids for most of his PKing career. He joined Mostly Harmless shortly before retiring.

Who are you?

I am jasonjason, and I am a PKer, a poet, a radio spammer, and an egotistical pain in the ass. I write haikus for some of my victims, which you can see on my haiku page.

Why did you kill me?

I kill whoever I want to. I might have killed you because you said something dumb, or maybe because you said something funny. I might like you. You might remind me of someone I knew long ago, before we had all these zombies around, back when I was sane. If you think you're too boring to get my attention, then I might have killed you for boring me.

Is your kill count accurate?

Yes. I keep evidence of all my kills, and that count is accurate.

Who the hell keeps reviving you?

Your friends.

No, seriously, who!???

Your friends.

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