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Jaysed's Alts Pages


About Jaysed

Jaysed forum tag and informational image.


On July 15th (2007) a large group of zeds attacked the Cocker Fire Station in Pashenton. Over three months later Jaysed awoke from a coma in the back ward of St. Alban's Hospital. Having lost all memory other than his inclination with a fire axe, Jaysed stayed close to the hospital. He was told upon his awakening by a strange man wearing a black coat and a clergies collar that he had been in the Cocker Fire Station battle. Finding this hard to believe because he had woken up in the next subdivision over. Jaysed decided to do the one thing he knew he could do.

Jaysed was accepted into the Malton Fire Department on Oct. 18, 2007. Accepted as badge number 116 he proudly sports his position. He graduated from the Academy (Darby campus) with honors. He is currently deployed to the NE-4.

On September 25th, 2008. Jaysed was promoted to a Lieutenant in the MFD.

On December 23rd, 2008. Jaysed was promoted to Fire Marshal of NE 1.

On January 18th, 2009. Jaysed was promoted to Battalion Chief of the NE MFD.

On May 15th, 2009. Jaysed stepped down from Battalion Chief to the Fire Marshal position, due to RL issues.

During the majority of the months of June, July, August, September, and October Jaysed was cut off from communication with the DEM and MFD.

Jaysed re-established communication with the MFD on November 19th, 2009.

Jaysed also has an alt Reklawd.

Current Status

Current rank: MFD Fire Marshal NE MFD

Badge: #116

Time zone: GMT+5 (Eastern Time Zone)

Badges and Awards

Service Awards

One Year of DEM Service
DEM 1 year service.jpg

Two Years of DEM Service
DEM 2 year service.jpg

Ribbons and Merits

-Engineers Ribbon
Engineer's Ribbon.jpg

-Field Medicine Merit
Field Medicine Merit.jpg

-Scientific Achievement Ribbon
Scientific Achievement Ribbon.jpg

-Reconnaissance Specialist Merit
Reconnissance Specialist Merit.jpg

-Fitness Ribbon
Fitness Ribbon.jpg

-Sniper Ribbon
Sniper's Ribbon.jpg

-Advanced Radio Dispatch Ribbon
Radio Operator Ribbon 3D.jpg

-Acquisition Ribbon
Acquisition Ribbon.jpg

-Resident Surgeon Ribbon
Resident Surgeon Ribbon.jpg

-Community Support Ribbon
Community Support Ribbon.jpg

-Weaponmaster Ribbon
The Weaponmaster Ribbon.jpg

Jaysed Supports

FireFighterBadge.gif Malton Fire Department
Jaysed is a member of the MFD.
Fireaxe.jpg Fire Fighter
This user is a Firefighter and is probably off chopping up a zombie with their axe.
Newfireaxe.jpg Axe Crazy
This user has an axe. Do not cross them.
A Brain.jpg Brainstock User
This user posts on Brainstock.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
ZHU.gif Zerg Hunters Unlimited
Jaysed supports the Zerg Hunters Unlimited in their fair and quick extermination of multi-character abusers!
Handinhanddp1.png Pay It Forward Supporter
This User or Group Pays It Forward.
Get a revive, give a revive.
54315.jpg Umbrella Biohazard Containment Service Ally
This User or group supports The U.B.C.S. in their fight against the undead.