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My Alts

I currently run 5 alts, 2 zombies, 2 survivors, and 1 PKer. I have them posted in order of creation.

Jason Beck

Jason is my survivor. He started off his career in the Malton Police Department serving in the south west. Jason eventually left the force to join up 404: Barhah not found and is currently on the move with this awesome group.

Emily Dark

Emily is one of my zombies, she loves to travel and feeding brains to new zombies. She joined the Brainstalkers early on and is currently shopping on the Mall Tour '09.


Lemoneye is my PKer. He loves peanut butter and killing. He is currently a member of Red Rum


Puppetsock is other zombie and proud member of RRF and TEAM AMERICA! (Insert mandatory F-Yeah here folks)

Drunk Duck

My quacky alt who just seems to wander right now...


404group image small.png 404 Member
Jason Beck is a tasty member of 404: Barhah not found.
Warzone.jpg Adventure Tourist
Jason Beck goes on holiday
in ruined suburbs.
Bloodyknife.jpg PKer
This user is a PKer and is probably off killing some poor defenseless survivor.
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