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This page is for the storage of Suggestions that have failed Peer Review and have been considered Poor and Unworthy Suggestions. This is not the place to put new Suggestions. The Suggestions Page is the queue for new Suggestions to be voted on and suggested. Any Suggestions that have not been voted on will be removed from this page.


Notes for Editors

Those who are placing Suggestions on this page should do so under the following procedure:

  1. Take the entire template and paste it into this section.
  2. Remove the entire suggest_votes field.
  3. Add the field suggest_moved, and then timestamp it with <nowiki>~~~~~</nowiki>.
  4. replace "suggestion" with "prejection.

So, the new template should look like:

<nowiki>===Suggestion Name===
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suggest_moved= 04:30, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)|

Peer Rejected Suggestions

6th November, 2005

Adapt Attack Skill

{{prejection| suggest_time=02:54, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=This Skill Gives Zombies a +1% to accuracy for each consecutive attack they make. They lose the bonus if they change targets or perform any action other than attacking, after which it must build up naturally again. This Skill goes under Memories of Life.| suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Capture the Building Mission

{{prejection| suggest_time=02:54, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Mission| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This Mission involves Survivors holding a particular Building, to be disclosed at the start of the mission. Survivors must keep Zombies out of the designated building for 3 days. All Survivors in the building get +20XP if no Zombies are inside the Building at the deadline. All Zombies in the block get +20XP if at least 1 active Zombie is inside the building at the deadline (Dead Bodies don't count). | suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Axe Throw


suggest_time= 04:10, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type= Skill | suggest_scope= Survivors | suggest_description= The Axe Throw skill falls under Axe Proficiency in the Hand-to-Hand Combat tree. It allows the user to attack an enemy with the weapon "Thrown Axe," which uses up one Fire Axe in their inventory for 4 damage at 75% to-hit. There is a 10% chance of getting the axe back. This skill does less damage/AP than the pistol and is harder to find ammo for; it is designed to give melee-focused fighters a final attack to use when they can't afford to miss. | suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Death Stench


suggest_time= 05:17, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Zombie can choose to emit a foul stench which stays in the same block. It disappears only after either 24 hours has elapsed or 10 AP has been spent in the block. Every AP spent by a human in said cloud would have a 10% chance of becoming infected and a 50% chance of taking 1 damage. Effect DOES NOT stack. So if 5 stenches were in one square then there would still be a 10% chance of infection and 50% chance of taking 1 damage. Using this ability in an already stenched block would NOT reset the timers or extend them, the user would simply be told, "There is already a stench here".| suggest_moved=20:02, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Body Burning


suggest_time=06:47, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= This skill takes the number of bodies on ground and burns them using a can of gasoline. Burned bodies are have half of their max HP. This skill makes use of the gasoline and finally adds some more fun for high level players. Players using this skill get no XP as this would lead to abuse of just moving square to square burning bodies. I edited my suggestion based off of feedback. Plz review and comment by clicking discussion at the top of the page.| suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Hunting Shotgun


suggest_time=06:47, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon (Shotgun)| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This weapon deals 8 damage at a base to-hit chance of 15%. Against flak jackets, this damage is reduced to 6. May be found in sporting goods stores or inside mansions. The weapon carries one shotgun shell at a time and takes 1 AP to reload or fire.| suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}



suggest_time=06:47, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Consumer Skill Shopper Tree| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This skill adds a +25% modifier to searching standard buildings. For example when searching the arms or a police station there is a +25% chance of finding something during a search. This does not affect the modifier in place for the mall.| suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Teaching skill


suggest_time=08:33, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=All players| suggest_description=Players with the "Teaching" skill have the ability to train other players who are one quarter of their level (round down) or less. This skill is accessible to both humans and zombies, though obviously for humans it is more powerful since they can get higher levels. When a Teacher uses their teaching skill (1AP), the first 20 players who in the same location and are eligible students have a 20% chance of gaining 1XP. Numbers are open to suggestion for balancing changes.| suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Impale (was Crucifixion)


suggest_time=09:32, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill after Headshot| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This skill is available after obtaining headshot. This Skill balances the ankle grab without being overpowered and unavailable to all starting players. This skill means when a zombie is killed and it stands up it has half the max HP it would normally have. A zombie with 60 Hp would stand up with 30 HP. This would not affect the zombies XP and would not harm level 1 zombies. This skill finally makes use of the crucifix.| suggest_moved=00:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Crumbling Flesh


suggest_time=14:46, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=When a zombie with this skill dies inside a building, it costs survivors 3AP to dump the bodies.| suggest_moved=|20:02, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Shoot into the crowd


suggest_time=16:37, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill or Abillity| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An abillity (not necessarilly a skill you have to buy, but maybe an innate one survivors start with?) for survivors that gives +5% accuracy with guns for every Zombie beyond the first that is in the square, but always chooses one at random to target, not keeping the same target. Possibly with reduced damage to balance.| suggest_moved=00:34, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}



suggest_time=17:01, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie| suggest_description=When landing the finishing blow on a survivor (not zombie) you gain a little more XP from the kill on top of what you already get.| suggest_moved=00:34, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Layeth the smack on thee.


suggest_time=17:50, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=A survivor with this skill has grown confident enough to start taunting his enemies. For every hit a survivor makes, a randomly selected taunt will be made. (You want some? COME GET SOME!) This costs no additional AP, and is pure novelty skill.| suggest_moved=22:31, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}


suggest_time=21:24, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)~|
suggest_description=Cures infection.  Can be used up to 5 times.|

suggest_moved=00:34, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=22:27, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivor| suggest_description=Speaking requires half the AP (can you have 1/2 AP?)| suggest_moved=00:37, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}



suggest_time= 23:49, 6 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Used with gun upgrades| suggest_description=Can be used with the pistol or shotgun upgrades on the pistol or shotgun. There are many upgrades and each can be found in my discussion page--> Link| suggest_moved=00:37, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

7th November, 2005

Shotgun Slugs


suggest_time= 00:35, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Item (ammo)| suggest_scope=Affects the shotgun| suggest_description=Increases damage by 2, but reduces damage by 5% accuracy because there's no lead balls in the slug, thus, no spread shot. When loaded into a shotgun already loaded with regular shells this may happen: "Jack has a shotgun with normal shells. He tries to load it, but the following message is displayed, 'You try to load it into the shotgun, but you are unable to.' This would also happen with normal shells trying to be loaded into a shotgun with slugs.| suggest_moved=00:52, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}



suggest_time= 01:21, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type= Game event| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= Simply put, an NPC sets up a few shops, such as in a mall or random location, and for a couple of hours will trade items for different items. mostly, players will trade in the 3rd flak vest and 14th pistol for ammunition and syringes, or for other usefull items that person lacks.| suggest_moved=00:53, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Blood Lust

{{prejection| suggest_time=01:45, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description= Gives the player the ability to deal 1 extra damage point with bite attacks, in exchange for 1HP loss per bite dealt.| suggest_moved=00:58, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Undead Adrenaline


suggest_time=01:45, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description= Increases overall AP by 5, but reduces overall health by 10.| suggest_moved=00:58, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Separate Speaking Ap


suggest_time=02:37, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Feature| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=I propose that a separate section of AP be devoted to the action of Speaking. This would allow for people to communicate more freely, but also prevent spamming.| suggest_moved=18:21, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Scent Bomb


suggest_time=04:23, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors (Scientists)| suggest_description=Survivors can plant a "Scent Bomb" which when zombies with Scent Trail smell them out get two positions, where the survivor is and where the scent bomb is. This would be given to the players starting out as NT scientists so they have a chance of escaping a massive horde of zombies that they happened to have tagged. Only one scent bomb can be used at a time by a survivor.| suggest_moved=00:58, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Flare Combat

{{prejection| suggest_time= 04:38, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type= Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope= Survivors | suggest_description= +15% to flare acuracy: evetualy you Will learn to work with even the most dificult of weapons. | suggest_moved=01:05, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=11:42, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=This skill fits under a new tree. The zombie takes 1 less damage from a pistol, 2 less from a shotgun, and 3 less from a flare gun. Does NOT stack with a flak jacket. | suggest_moved=01:05, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}



suggest_time=11:42, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=First Aid Skill Tree| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= This skill would be in the first aid skill tree. When used this skill removes infection from survivors. This skill does not restore HP and costs 1 Ap per use. This skill does not tell users who is infected so players must still rely on prognosis. This skill would be good since it enhances the use of that skill and removes the need too rely on a first aid kit.| suggest_moved=01:08, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Burning Flesh


suggest_time=16:29, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Elite| suggest_description=With this skill a zombie can use a gas can to set itself on fire and go into buildings. So as not to off balance the game the zombie cannot attack but causes every survivor in the bldg 1 hp of damage every 30 minutes. While on fire all melee weapon attack result in equal damage since they would get burned punching fire. Zombie elite skill tree is in development so this should be a given for zombies since their allready dead.| suggest_moved=19:02, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Basic Training

{{prejection| suggest_time=16:29, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Scientists| suggest_description=This Scientific Skill represents a small amount of basic combat training undertaken by the scientist. Thereafter, that scientist can buy Military Skills for 125 XP (instead of the standard 150 XP). Currently, a character that starts as a scientist has to spend way more XP than the other character types to gain all the skills.| suggest_moved=00:58, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Rending Talons


suggest_time=22:37, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies vs High Level Survivors| suggest_description=The Zombie's claws become gnarled and jagged. Whenever the Zombie kills a Survivor, the claws rip through their backpack, destroying one randomly selected item they are carrying (possibly make it weapons and armour only). Aim is to give a point to carrying multiples of an item, and to punish hoarders.| suggest_moved=01:05, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

8th November, 2005


{{psuggestion| suggest_time=00:23, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivor, adds some game "flavor"| suggest_description=Subskill of Axe Proficiency. This skill grants a 5% chance that the attacker will dismember their opponent with their attack. "Your mighty swing hacks off an arm/leg/hand/foot/lung/etc." When killed, target stands up with -5 HP. Stacks once max for a total of -5 HP. We can safely assume that the process that turns you into a zombie regenerates your limbs when you stand back up...

Much later edit: I'll resubmit once voting ends. I do believe now that I see why everybody disliked this. Misunderstandings, gotta love 'em, heh... I'll clarify much more next time.| suggest_notes=| suggest_moved=21:36, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)~| }}

Repair Fence

{{psuggestion| suggest_time=00:53, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Safe zones, (current) uselessness of wirecutters| suggest_description=Subskill of Construction. Allows players to repair chain-link fences only in squares where they previously existed.. (For those who don't know, zombies can't break through these fences.) Provides a slightly-more-secure safe area (zombies break down the barricade only to find the impenetrable fence) BUT serves as a hiding place that doesn't double as stocking point for useful items. This also gives people a reason to carry around wirecutters once more.| suggest_notes= 4 keep; 8 kill Too hard on zombies| suggest_moved=21:40, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=02:20, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill beside Headshot (not below)| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This skill is available to anyone level 10 or higher. It is an alternative to Headshot, but completely different. When you obtain this skill, any cutting weapon (knife, axe, maybe bat?) can be used to behead a zombie similarly to the way in which one manages a headshot. This could be a good balance for the ankle grab because being beheaded would cost a zombie 5 to 10 AP (depending on what'd be the most fair) above their current requirement to stand back up. So in other words a zombie without ankle grab would use 15 to 20 ap to stand. One with ankle grab would use 6 to 11. Ingame, this would work because a zombie's body must spend extra time locating and picking up its own head. (So it works both OOC and IC.) Just one possible IC explaination offered beyond the mechanics.| suggest_moved=04:51, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Duffle Bag

{{psuggestion| suggest_time=02:54, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Found in schools, the mall, anywhere applicable. Posessing this item means you will be able to carry about 25% more items. (give or take!) This means you will be able to hold some extra weapons, first aid kits, ammo, whatever you like. Here's the catch that makes it all even out: You must spend 1 AP to put items INTO the bag, and 1 AP to REMOVE them later. Much like you automatically discard a news paper, duplicate duffle bags would be discarded when you try to put in an item, giving a message similar to: "Carrying two full duffle bags would slow you down. You toss it away."| suggest_notes= 1 keep; 7 kill Too complicated, hard on server| suggest_moved=21:42, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=03:13, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Found in a Cemetery or, I suppose, a Mall. (though Cemetery-only is my personal preference..) You would be able to use the shovel as a weapon not unlike the Bat or Axe, but it would do something really helpful. Using the shovel in an unpaved area (IE: Not on paved streets! No digging indoors!!) would let you dig a hole in the Earth. If there is a corpse on the same block as the hole, all players would see a "bury corpse" button as one would see a button for dumping corpses out of buildings. Digging the hole would cost 3 or more AP, burying it would cost the same as dumping a body from a building. The result of burying a corpse would be that the corpse will need to click a "Dig free" button in the same way a zombie would break down a barrier. This would lend an upper hand to survivors, but consider this.. it will cost you some good AP to dig the hole, and you'll never know when a zombie's going to pop up right next to you! (IE: Good for coordination to set traps.)| suggest_notes=2 keep; 9 kill (including 2 spam) "Unuseful", hard on zombies, "poor implacion"| suggest_moved=21:46, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time= 05:32, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=AP Boost| suggest_scope=Both high level zombies and high level survivors| suggest_description=Maximum AP increases by 1. This skill is available to both zombies and survivors, and can be bought multiple times. The aim is to give high-level players something to put their exp into.| suggest_notes= 1 keep; 14 kill (including 5 spam). "Absolutely favours the people playing this game for months over those who recently started." Unbalances game & screws server.| suggest_moved=21:58, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Weapon Harness


suggest_time=06:26, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Wearable item. Pistols and Shotguns can be placed in the harness only while you are wearing it. During this time they will count for one item slot each. You can remove a weapon from the harness at any time, but must have at least one item slot free to accomidate the resulting extra slot requirement for the gun. Harnesses would hold a specific amount of weapons, POSSIBLY two shotguns across the back, and two pistols on the front or sides. (Alternatively, one shotgun on the back, four pistols on front and sides, depending on what seems most fair.) Helps keep your item slots open, but allows you to carry loaded weapons at the ready.| suggest_notes= 0 keep; 7 kill (including 2 spam) "Sorry, this isn't something that can be changed - Firearms take up two item slots because one slot is reserved for the ammunition level. Doing this requires significant changes to the inventory data structure."--Odd Starter| suggest_moved=22:01, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Grave Misfortune


suggest_time=09:55, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= This skill is obtainable after obtaining the Headshot Skill. After a zombie "Stands up" if the zombie attacks a zombie hunter then the Zombie has a -1 HP penalty during attacks. This balances out the infection that zombies use which cripples all players. The penalty lasts until the zombie is killed. Players without headshot would not benefeit from this penalty and zombie attacks would suffer no penalty against survivors without headshot. There is no XP gain to Zombie hunters who purchase this skill.| suggest_notes= 1 keep; 16 kill (including 4 spam). Overpowered, no IC justification.| suggest_moved=22:05, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Last Rites


suggest_time=12:43, 8 Nov 2005 (EST)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= This skill is a new twist on the other suggestions made for zombie hunters. This skill affects only zombies who have ankle grab. This causes zombies who have ankle grab to have to use 10 ap to stand up. There is no additonal XP gained from having this skill. This skill balances ankle grab and keeps the balance of the game on a level playing field. This skill is good for high level survivors looking for more options to spend xp on that make the game more fun and inventive.| suggest_notes= 2 keep; 15 kill (including 5 spam). Directly negating another skill is unwise.| suggest_moved=22:29, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

New Item: Wand of Defiance


suggest_time=15:03, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This item grants the user the ability to use the wand to see the HP of zombies. This is an item and not a skill. A skill tree should be developed to go with the Wand of Defiance. For example zombies with less than 25 HP show up red and at a later level all zombie HP are shown. The wand of defiance uses 1 ap and does not provide any xp bonus at all, The wand does not dissapear from inventory after its use. Once used the wand displays the statistics of zombies only while in the square with them and once they move out of the square there then the wand must be used again. The wand must be used in each square and only the user can see the results. This balances out the fact that zombies can see humans HP but humans cant see zombies HP or a list of zombies. The wand at first only grants the user the ability to list zombies and does not list HP until further skills are aquired. Further skills such as Staff of Ra which could then activate the wand to provide HP values of zombies besides names. Please dont vote spam since the skills dont exist. If voted to keep I will write out the skills if voted to kill I will avoid doing so if the Wand of Defiance is not welcomed.| suggest_moved=20:03, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Notched Axe

{{psuggestion| suggest_time=15:03, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunters| suggest_description=Your axe had been with you for quite a while and has been used to dent many a zombie's head because of that it has become notched, able to deal 1 more damage than before raising its damage to 4.| suggest_notes=2 keep; 8 kill (including 1 spam) "melee weapons almost as strong as firearms? F-F-F-FA-FAILURE."-- "Master of Politeness" LibrarianBrent. No IC justification.| suggest_moved=22:09, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Crazed Runner


suggest_time=21:22, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill - Subskill of Lurching Gait| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Crazed Runner Skill simulates a running Zombie (per 28 Days Later / modern Dawn of the Dead). For every 2 consecutive movement actions, Zombie can perform 1 additional action (attack, move, speak) without spending an Action Point.

With Lurching Gait 1 Move = 1 AP
With Crazed Runner 1 Move = "potentially" .66 AP.
Conceptually, 3 actions by at Crazed Runner costs 2 AP.

Zombies in the recent flicks have this incredibly scary run, much faster than the traditional Romero lurch. In order to not upsed the balance of action points vs. speed, the "zombie run" could be simulated as approximately 1 move = .66 action points where the first two actions must be movement-based. This would require tracking the last 2 prior actions of a zombie and might be tough to implement (see proposed pseudocode solution below).

As stated above, the "free" third action, though originally conceived as movement (and could optionally be limited as such), might not even need to be a movement; it could be an attack, simulating a rush forward and then instant attack, not costing the extra AP as long as the prior two actions were spent moving.

Remember that the zombie doesn't just "jump" 3 spaces away (assuming the third action is used for movement). He still has to travel the intervening blocks, and it's his choice to move that third space. This is not a benefit to zombies that are stationary or don't choose to travel. "Crazed Runner" skill could be a foil for the "Motorcycle/Car" proposals.

Code-wise, this could be implemented thusly:

 // - zombies initialize move_count to value of MIN_RUNNING
 constant var MIN_RUNNING = 0;
 constant var MAX_RUNNING = 2;
 constant var MAX_RUNNING_AP = 1;
 perform-action(zombie, action) [
   // Running - movement tracking
   if (zombie.hasSkill("running")) [
     // if movement is at maximum count; reward zombie
     if (zombie.move_count == MAX_RUNNING) [
       zombie.move_count = MIN_RUNNING;
       if (action.point_cost <= MAX_RUNNING_AP) [
         action.point_cost = 0;
     ] else [
       // alter movement tracking
       if (action.type equals "move") [
         // if zombie is moving; increment
       ] else [
         // if zombie is doing anything else; reset
         zombie.move_count = MIN_RUNNING;
   // end running section
   ... continue code

| suggest_notes=1 keep; 10 kill. "personnaly I don't like it"--McArrowni. Does not mesh with game flavor. Complicated. Hard on server.| suggest_moved=22:18, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Container Buckets

{{psuggestion| suggest_time=22:15, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Mechanics Change| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An immobile depot for items. "Buckets" act like the treasure chests in Resident Evil games; Survivors can drop items off into a Bucket or take items from a Bucket - it is a handy place to leave Flak Jackets and extra guns, etc; and solves the trading dilemna. This requires a list of items on a per-location basis, or we can turn the bank vaults into Container Buckets. More intellectual Zombies can raid these buckets and steal/destroy the items, as can jerky Survivors. This is the same as dropping an item but might cost an AP. | suggest_notes=2 keep; 7 kill. Too easily abused.| suggest_moved=22:26, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Mind Munch


suggest_time=22:58, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill for lvl 10 or higher| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Much like a zombie hunter has headshot, a zombie could have Mind Munch. There would be a certain precent chance of successfully breaking through the skull and chomping on a survivor's brain for the "final blow". This would result in a loss of 5 XP for each level the survivor has above level one. I think this is a good companion for the survivor's "Head Shot" skill, while being different enough to warrent sugesting. If necissary, the percentage could be low enough to keep it from throwing off the balance of the game.| suggest_moved= 06:23, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

9th November, 2005



suggest_time=03:13, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=When a survivor aquires the Camoflage skill, they will be able to hide themselves in the area with a button similar to the "barricade" or "search" button. It could read something like: "You gather together some books and hide." with the specific item being whatever may be in the area, as with barricades. It takes 2 or more AP to camoflage yourself, and if you STAY camoflaged, it will take 2 AP to move from block to block. (OOC it's to keep the skill in check, IC it's because you have to move slowly and concentrate on staying hidden.) What does this do, you ask? Well, both survivors and zombies on any OTHER block than the on you are on will not see you in the list of players on that block. In other words, a horde of the undead would be oblivious to you until you step onto the same block as them, at which point they will see you as being in the room and on the map view. If you remain camoflaged and leave that block, they will not know in which direction you left and won't be able to give chase. As I say, this will take 2 AP to change blocks. Camoflage can be turned on and off at will using the aforementioned button, and being attacked will also toggle your camoflage off. To make a long suggestion short, think of it as 'barricading' yourself against people on surrounding blocks being able to see you, and you can move in secret for a larger AP cost.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 11 kill. "You're not a ninja, you're not a ninja, you're not a ninja."--Spellbinder| suggest_moved=23:01, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Crossbow and Arrows


suggest_time=03:13, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon, Ammo, possibly skills| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=The crossbow, found in sporting goods stores, would act like any other projectile weapon in that you will need to find arrows to reload it, and you can shoot zombies with it. Beyond that basic explaination, here's the interesting part: A zombie struck with an arrow would not only take the normal damage, but there will also be a 5% or 10% chance of the arrow STICKING in the zombie, causing it to lose 1 HP for every action as an infection would do to a survivor. Arrows would have a 15% or 20% chance of falling out of the zombie's rotten body with each action. Arrows should be prevented from sticking in a zombie that already has one in it. There could also be additional "Archery" skills that would enhance use of this weapon. The default could be 5% to hit, and 2 damage.. IF players could then buy skills later on to enhance these numbers. There could in fact be a whole tree dedicated to archery. Increasing chance of a hit, increasing damage, and increasing chance of it sticking. IC, better chance of an arrow sticking would of course be explained as hitting the "bullseye" of the chest or midsection.| suggest_notes=1 keep; 9 kill (including 1 spam.) Bizzare. Infection effect on zombies not popular.| suggest_moved=23:05, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Name Unspecified


suggest_time=05:50, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)(hope I did this right... )| suggest_type=Skill+Item, or just Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=The scientist, using an item plus( or merely) this skill, gets to see who is inside every building in the area. Very changeable, and even potentially a skill tree if necessary. (Only one building, randomly, three buildings, whatever) Makes the skittish, usually weaponless beginner scientist find allies easier. Good for all people involved, usually. "Zombies in the building? Aaah!" or "Die!" "Or, oh no, that helpless soul is surrounded..! Mayhap he needs a healthpack.." So he uses radar, GPS unit, wireless laptop +satellite, common sense. I thought it to be a good skill mechanically and gameplay wise, anyway, to be able to see what areas surrounding you to avoid, or where allies are. I'll remove it after a few more kill votes and work on something else. | suggest_notes=0keep; 10 kill. "when the hell did the scientist get superman's xray vision?" --Flaunted| suggest_moved=23:01, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=09:25, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Communication, Gathering players together| suggest_description=To use this skill, the zombie would activate it and then move. For the next 3-12 blocks the zombie moved, a trail is left. A trail disappears after a day or three. This skill also allows the zombie to see the age of trails, using a system similar to how the barricades' strength is shown -- 1-2 hours could be 'fresh', 3-9 for 'new', 10-23 could become 'old', 24+ could be 'faint'. The trail would show up as an addition to the room's description for all to see, something along the lines of "An (age) trail has been marked here, leading from (block of origin) to (next block on the path).". Using this, zombies could have an additional in-game way to gather eachother together; especially in locations whose names the zombie speech filter would make impossible to decypher. It would attatch to the Memories of Life skill tree, along with Death Rattle.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 8 kill (including 4 spam.) Comlicated and hard on server.| suggest_moved=23:07, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

"Ace" Skills


suggest_time=10:58, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Set of skills| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=A set of Zombie Hunter skills, possibly where only one of the set can be taken and the others become unavailable:

  • Killing Blow: the wielder can empty an entire pistol clip into the target, with reduced chance to hit per each bullet.
  • Both Barrels: the wielder can empty both barrels of the shotgun into the target, with reduced chance to hit per shell.
  • Sever: the wielder of a knife can cut a zombie's hamstrings, physically damaging the zombie so as to move more slowly. Reduced chance to hit, but a success temporarily eliminates Lurching Gait (I don't know. 20 AP/10 steps worth?)
  • Cleave: the wielder of an axe can split a zombie's head open, inflicting a bit of XP damage (3, to parallel the axe's normal damage?). Again, reduced chance to hit.
  • Crush: the wielder of a blunt weapon can crush a zombie's head, extending the time it takes them to regenerate (eliminates Ankle Grab for the next stand-up). Has to be used as the final strike.|

suggest_notes=2 keep; 10 kill (including 4 spam.) AP damage not popular. Unbalanced. Too many ideas smushed together.| suggest_moved=23:42, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time= 11:15, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=New Item | suggest_scope=Survivor Movement (and possibly combat)| suggest_description=MotorBikes:


  1. Garages and Auto Repair shops.


  1. Survivor movement from square to square for ZERO action point...


  1. Fuel - like guns need ammo.
  2. For each square moved by motorbike - use one fuel point instead of 1 AP.


  1. If you already have a motorbike and you find another - you siphon off the fuel.
  2. If you find fuel cans you can also gain more fuel.


  1. While you have a motorbike in your possession you CANNOT cross barricades - just like zombies can't.
  2. But you CAN still enter unbarricaded buildings (otherwise how do you get more fuel?).
  3. It MIGHT also cost 2 APs to move from square to square if you have no fuel left.

NUMBER OF ITEMS: Several options:

  1. (a) it counts as 2 items, like a shotgun,
  2. (b) it allows you to carry an extra 5 items
  3. (c) simply count as 0 items...


  1. You could allow attempts to use a motorbike to run down victims - like a weapon.
  2. Unlike movement it WILL cost an Action Point as well as fuel.
  3. Maybe include a fumble chance in which you lose your motorbike in a bad attack.


  1. Motorbike skills could improve attack percentages...
  2. ... and perhaps also allow you to cross very light barricades???


  1. Would be really neat for "scout types" to cross large areas of the board. This would be the main advantage.
  2. But it would also cause certain player groups to tear down barricades themselves - so they can also stay in buildings.
  3. Allowing them skills to cross very light barricades gives them a chance to hide.
  4. The search for fuel is likely to counter act any other advantages.
  5. Really this just like spending ages searching for ammo before going out with a shotgun, rather than just using a fire axe, but with disadvantges too.
  6. Frankly player movement is not a huge part of the 50 AP budget - searching for items is.
  7. Overall motorbikes will be a mixed blessing, but good for Role Play perhaps.


  1. What is the effect on a zombie of having a motorbike? Do they simply lose it in death?
  2. Should restrictions apply to motorbikes inside multi-square buildings? Or do we want the youth of today riding through the malls?|

suggest_notes=4 keep; 8 kill (including 2 spam.) "and next, why not suggest tanks? M16s? Nukes? mabey GOD$#@$ PIXIE #$@&ing DUST so we can FLY?"--Spellbinder. Screws server, unbalances gameplay.| suggest_moved=23:14, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Feign Death


suggest_time=15:05, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Defense| suggest_description=A Zombie with this skill would spend X APs (1 to 5 depending on what y'all think of this Skill) to "fall down" and play possom. It would cost the Zombie as many APs to stand up as it normally would (10 APs or 1 AP if he has Ankle Grab). As long as the "Feign Death" Zombie performs no action, all visitors to the square (see enhancements below) will think that there is just one more dead body laying around.

Additional enhancements to Feign Death could include:

  1. 1) unsuggested counter-skill for survivors to detect feigning Zombies and attack them
  2. 2) unsuggested counter-skill for survivors to damage bodies
  3. 3) All Zombies or Zombies with a particular (possibly unsuggested, or an addition to an existing) skill (or above a certain level) can spot feigning zombies.

This skill would aid starting-out zombies who do not have Lurching Gait, or old-hand survivors who turn into zombies and are at the mercy of any and all headshot-mavens. This would not be a subskill. | suggest_notes=3 keep; 8 kill. One amusing individual voted "abstain". "The reason this is unbalenced is becuase zombies will simply lie down before logging off, and therefore, will be 100% invincible until they log back on the next day... as Matthew-Stewart put it, zombie ninjas." --Volke 08:43, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_moved=23:22, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=18:14, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=A flamethrower, working on gas cans, which would allow it 3 shots each; 65% chance of hit (full skill.. will need a part of skill tree) and 15 damage. However there is a risk factor... bad use of it may give you a 10% chance (when you miss) that you will ignite the gas can which you are using. Result, 10HP for each can you are carrying. So if you carry to much... you have a good chance of getting yourself killed. IMHO a nice weapon with a great risk factor.| suggest_notes=2 keep; 10 kill. Cool, and intriguing from a mechanical perspective, but overpowered. "high risk weapons SHOUT out unbalanced. more to the point i honestly think you just saw that nobody had posted a sugestion about flamethrowers and wanted to be the first one" --Spellbinder. Eddo63 suggested that you should be able to light zombies on fire, with an infection style effect.| suggest_moved=23:33, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Death Knell

Was implemented as Feeding Groan...



suggest_time=21:25, 9 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Survivor Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunter skill| suggest_description=This skill adds a +1 damage to all melee attacks only. As a Zombie Hunter the player has become adept at close quarters fighting and can now deal an additonal +1 damage with melee weapons. Over time the player has gained enough experience fighting zombies to use melee weapons in a more deadly manner. This doen not affect the % modifier to hit only the damage.| suggest_notes=2 keep; 8 kill. Makes melee too good, relative to range. "overpowered melee. Also, Thor got banned." --LibrarianBrent| suggest_moved=23:38, 27 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

10th November, 2005



suggest_time=00:45, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=scientist skill| suggest_scope=reducing the levels of plague in Malden| suggest_description=Should a scientist with this skill (a third for the necrotech tree) manage to find a vacine kit (new item to go with it), he is able to use this to synthasise a counter agent for the infection zombies carry. After using it to scan 3-5 zombies (which ever number turns out to be best balanced) the scientist is able to create an anti toxin syringe, that if used on an infectious zombie, nullifys that ablility for its next 50APs. After that the infection will have mutated, otherwise everyone left would have vacinated themselves against it, right? Just an idea to give the scientist a little more to do, with an XP award for "curing" a infectious zombie. EDIT- Oh and forgot to mention, the kits are one use only, the creation of the syringe uses all of the kits supplys to create. And yes, the name does need some work.| suggest_notes=1 keep; 9 kill. Complicated. "Also, this skill is stupid." --(The irascible) LibrarianBrent.| suggest_moved=00:00, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Aggression Amplifier


suggest_time=02:45, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT) Update: 03:25, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Misc Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=A chemical compound first discovered in Necrotech labs as a byproduct of their research. Basically, it increases dmg done with melee weapons for a period of time after it is used. After some refining, it was given to various military bases and hospitals for experimentation. Increases melee damage by 1 or 2 (im not sure) and effect lasts until 10 AP has been spent| suggest_notes=0 keep; 7 kill.| suggest_moved=00:00, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=| suggest_type=Items, Skills| suggest_scope=Skills, Combat| suggest_description=High-level (20+?) Zombie Hunter skill allowing modification of existing firearms in-game. Adaptation of Carfan7's Toolbox suggestion. Would require mastery of all firearms skills and player must be at or above the appropriate level. Player would also have to find a "Gunsmithing Kit" item and an appropriate modification component for whichever firearm they want to modify. These items would ONLY be found in Mall gun stores and have VERY low search odds. If it's possible that only a character with the Gunsmithing skill would be able to find them in the first place (those without Gunsmithing would get the "nothing" search result) it would be even better. Available pistol components would be: Compensator - increase chance to hit by 2%, Electronic Sight - increase chance to hit by 2%, Match Trigger - increase chance to hit by 2%. Available shotgun modifications would be Short Barrel - increase chance to hit by 2% but decrease damage to 8 HP, Double Trigger - increase damage to 20 HP (or 16 with Short Barrel) but uses both shells instead of one. Two actions would still be required to reload it but it would only fire once before it was empty, no cheating by loading one shell and doing the damage of two, if only one shell is loaded it would only do 10 HP or 8 HP with Short Barrel. Gunsmithing skill use: When player has the Gunsmithing skill, a Gunsmithing Kit, a modification component and the correct firearm for that mod, a button and drop-down menu will open up next to the mod component, similar to the "drop" menu but only showing firearms and not other items. Player selects a weapon to be modified and then clicks on the mod component. If the weapon is a correct type for the mod (ie. pistol for Match Trigger) and does not all ready have that mod installed that item will be removed from the inventory and replaced by a new weapon with a slightly different name (maybe something like pistol-m). Mods will be stackable, so a pistol could have Compensator, Electronic Sight and Match Trigger (pistol-cem) and a shotgun could have Short Barrel and Double Trigger (shotgun-sd); accuracy bonuses (and damage penalties) will also stack. A fully-modded pistol would have a bonus of 6% to hit, a fully-modded shotgun would have a bonus of 2% to hit but a penalty of -2 HP or -4 HP to damage. I know this is pretty complicated, but what else could be better for a badass Zombie Hunter than a badass custom gun? Plus the bonuses for attack and damage would be balanced out by all the AP they'll have to spend to find the stuff, the fact that they won't even be able to find it until they have the skill and the accuracy and damage bonuses would only apply to the use of the modified weapons and not ALL their weapons. | suggest_notes=0 keep; 8 kill. Complicated.| suggest_moved=00:00, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=04:47, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Basicaly it's a Grenade. It deals 10 dammage to the target with a 20% chance to hit, however it has a 5% chance to hit someone else in the square with 5 dammage from shrapnel, Ie Each character has a 5% of being hit with shrapnel.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 6 kill. Too weak.| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Pry Barricades


suggest_time=06:11, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item ability| suggest_scope=Crowbar| suggest_description=Allows people with crowbars to pry out barricade pieces. The chance is Barricading in reverse; near 100% for EH barricaded and almost zero for lightly/loosely.

This suggestion's intent is to:

1. Make it easier for newbies to enter H+ barricaded buildings

2. Make it easier for people who have had their police station barricaded to EH by griefers to recover

3. Prevent griefers from abusing the item by disallowing them to destroy the barricade entirely with ease

4. Give the Crowbar an actual use| suggest_notes=1 keep; 11 kill (including 1 spam.) "Crowbars already have double-chance to hit against barricades (and have since day one of barricading), if people hadn't realised this." --Kevan| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Assess Threat


suggest_time=06:27, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Similar to diagnosis, which allows medics to assess the HP of survivors, this skill would display the skill level of each zombie in the same building, or on the same block; and it would also allow zombie hunters to selectively attack individual zombies. This would allow advanced players to adopt a more tactical approach to hunting i.e. being able to target a specific zombie based in its potential to do harm.| suggest_votes=4 keep; 8 kill. Overpowered, worthless, and destructive to flavor. (Don't ask Carnal, 'cause I don't know.)| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Will to live


suggest_time=06:39, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Stops a zombie like state, this is the human verison of brain rot prehaps the human has to stand up with 5 hp and uses 20-30ap to do so, with this skill you can never be zombiefide, even if you jump from a tower you'll just stand up with 5 hp, comes after zombie hunter skill, cost alot? maybe 1000xp? to much? to less? --Redemptionx8 06:39, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_notes=0 keep; 13 kill (including 1 spam.) Contrary to the game's point.| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Page Hash


suggest_time=7:36, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Basic Design Change(but relatively simple)| suggest_scope=This will help everyone| suggest_description=Taking a hash of the contents of a page would allow a form of authentication of the page screenshot. People are faking page contents. In fact, instructions on how to do it are now on multiple forums. (example: This will seriously curtail this silliness and allow us to spot liars, making the game more fun for everyone else.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 5 kill (including 1 spam.) This doesn't effect the actual gameplay, only metagaming. Also, implementation would be difficult.| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Zombie Frenzy


suggest_time=11:24, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill, combat skill.| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description= When using this skill as a combat action, zombie activates the Zombie Frenzy. While Zombie Frenzy is active , zombie deals 1 extra damage with other attacks , BUT the ONLY action permitted is to attack and he gains no experience from it . There is 10% chance Zombie Frenzy lasts after an attack. | suggest_notes=0 keep; 8 kill (including 2 spam, but not including a multi-voted spam.)| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Hardcore Characters


suggest_time=13:52, 10 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Metacharacter Alteration.| suggest_scope=All characters| suggest_description= An option for current and new characters to become "Hardcore" characters, a la Diablo II. Although any of this should be up for debate, hardcore characters could receive a 50% or 100% XP increase for being hardcore. Of course, Hardcore characters get only one life. To fit in with the zombie theme, maybe hardcore characters could only become a zombie if died of infection (PKing, leaping from window, mauled to death by zombie all equal permanent death), but maybe zombies only hit with a headshot would die. Possibly killing a hardcore character gets extra XP. Character names who would be killed by this method could be logged off, as if inactive for five days. Again, this would just be an option, not suggesting making this the standard. --SprngHlJn| suggest_notes=2 keep; 6 kill. "Want hardcore? After you die, get brain rot."--Spellbinder. Generally, the dynamics of this idea are not believed to fit with those of UD as a whole.| suggest_moved=00:16, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

11th November, 2005

Disabling Shot


suggest_time= 01:34, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type= Zombie Hunter Skill | suggest_scope= Survivors | suggest_description= This skill is available after purchasing headshot; if a zombie is killed by a survivor who has the skill, it takes them 15 AP to stand up when they log back on, regardless of their own skills (i.e., it negates Ankle Grab). This would only be a momentary disability, only affects the zombie killed, and only affects it when it stands up immediately after being killed (i.e., if it was killed again by someone who didn't have the skill, the amount of AP needed to stand would be what it usually is). Obviously, this skill is designed to combat ankle grab so that high level zombies can be slowed down (currently, there is no way to slow down a high level zombie--standing up take 1 AP, and they can't be revivified. So, how do you stop them?). The amount of AP it takes to stand up can also be changed, if 15 would be considered "unbalanced." | suggest_notes=1 keep, 7 kill (including 4 spam.) Duplicate, OP, messes with AP.| suggest_moved=19:45, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT) |}}



suggest_time=02:34, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Civilian, affects all| suggest_description=The AP version of bodybuilding. Max AP becomes 60 instead of 50. Could be very useful, and would affect both humans and zombies.| suggest_notes=2 keep, 10 kill. OP, messes with AP.| suggest_moved=19:48, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=07:35, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill or Action| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Instead of inflicting damage, a zombie making a successful melee attack knocks a random item out of the victim's inventory. Motivation is to give zombies an alternate means of neutralizing survivors besides killing them (which has little effect if defenders are well-stocked with NT syringes). Disarming survivors would deprive them of defensive consumables (NT syringes, First-Aid Kits, ammo), melee weapons (for which many melee fighters do not carry a backup) and, to a lesser degree, guns. Max To Hit percentage no more than 25%, probably closer to 15-20% (20% would be the equilibrium point where zombies would spend as many APs disarming as a non-Bargain Hunting survivor spent searching). If implemented as a skill, place under Vigor Mortis tree. Disarm would have a base 5-10% To Hit plus 10% from Vigor Mortis giving the target 15-20% To Hit. If implemented as a basic action, same base 5-10% To Hit. Death Grip bonus is not applicable. Known issues: survivors may keep a full inventory of junk to make it harder to lose their important items.| suggest_notes=0 keep, 9 kill (including 1 spam.) Voters were squeamish about allowing a player to screw with another player's inventory. RP justification and server issues as well.| suggest_moved=19:51, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Lurk in Closet


suggest_time=08:45, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Action| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Allow zombies to hide inside a building. They will not appear in the list of who is inside the building, thus allowing them to pop out of the closet and surprise any survivors that decide the building is a good place of shelter. Survivors can discover the zombies by searching the area, say at a 5-10% chance per search action of discovering the lurker. Zombies can only hide inside a building if they can get into it (obviously) and if there are no survivors present.| suggest_moved= 21:41, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Booby Trap


suggest_time=10:41, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill & Action| suggest_scope=Survivors, Defensive| suggest_description=A character with the Booby Trap skill can use two items to Booby Trap a building against zombie intrusion. It only takes 1 AP to set up a Booby Trap. Survivors are smart and wary enough to avoid setting Booby Traps off, but no zombie can avoid a trap. The first zombie to enter a booby trapped building suffers an automatic attack. The numbers would need to be carefully thought out methinks. Dangerous enough to slow a zombie advance, not weak enough to make it worthless and not strong enough to make it overpowered. Perhaps an automatic hit of moderately severe damage? (5-15 or so?) Any extra suggestions would not be shunned.| suggest_notes=1 keep, 8 kill. Unfair to non-horde zombies, overpowered.| suggest_moved=19:54, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Riot gun


suggest_time=11:30, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=weapon| suggest_scope=A means to help escape zombies that give chase| suggest_description=Police officers in riot situations are often issued with old M79 grenade launchers and given low velocity rubber baton rounds to fire from them. Using one of these is identical to a giant single barrel shotgun, so no new skilled needed. The effect is to only do 1 or 2 points of damage, but it also knocks the target down, giving the human a chance to run for it whilst the zombie (or PKer) is getting up.

In response to the votes. When i say it knocks them down its exactly the same if you had killed them to an extent, they look like a dead body and thus cannot be attacked, you get no XP for flooring them and they lose no XP from the headshot skill. The only thing they have to do is stand up again. As to it not fitting, just about every police department worldwide maintains similar equipment and if a zombie plague occured i feel they'd try anything to stop the undead. Plus there is the matter of paniced civilians trying to escape and efforts to control them, in case they are infected. But hey, just a suggestion, it was hardly ever meant as a developed product or engineered concept, since everyones vision of a zombie infested city is going to vary| suggest_notes=2 keep, 6 kill. Confusion about "knocked down" status.| suggest_moved=19:56, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Lucy Davis


suggest_time=16:00, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Skill| suggest_scope=Survivor| suggest_description=Named after the tactic employed by the wonderful Lucy Davis in "Shaun of the Dead" (and thus obviously in need of a better name), survivors could blend in with the zombie horde, appearing as zombies. The survivor would spend 1AP getting the ruse up (i.e., smearing her face and clothes with blood, limbering up), and for the next 45APs, would appear on everybody's map as a zombie (because the blood takes awhile to fade away). The pseudo-zombie could make no attacks during these 45APs (45 so the survivor could have a chance to get inside a building after the effect wears off, a la mark II syringes), but could certainly be the target of other survivors' aggression (as well as an XP seeking zombie). The purpose of this skill would be to cross an area filled with zombies (e.g., my main character's in a kushy place right now, but a change of scenery keeps the game fresh. She would have a hard time of it going any direction right now, it'd be pure luck her staying in a building she'd have to leave wide open to avoid suspicion). Pseudo-survivor COULD open and close doors, but not attack barricades. Would be a subset of the free-running skill. Accepts that this may be too much coding for too little affect, but I prefer the smaller, subtler changes to the "TEH H4XX0RZ cuts through your body with a chainsaw and dumps gasoline all over it." [Edit by author: 23:04, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT): When disguised, one cannot search, talk, heal or revive, either.] --SprngHlJn| suggest_notes=5 keep, 7 kill. Zombies can smell humans.| suggest_moved=20:02, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Grim Renewal


suggest_time= 16:36, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Skill)| suggest_scope=Zombies (with Brain Rot)| suggest_description=A subskill of Brain Rot. The parasitic Virus (or whatever it is according to the background) that empowers the Zombie to rise from the dead goes into overdrive, actively repairing the Zombie while it still lives. A Zombie with this skill regenerates 1HP every half hour (at the same time it gains its AP for the half hour). Reasoning: Zombies currently have no way of healing damage other than the unreliable Bite/Digestion and random Survivors using First Aid kits. This would force survivors to concentrate on taking a Zombie down, rather than dinging it for a few points then retreating. Possibly limit this skill to Zombies over 10th level.| suggest_notes=0 keep, 7 kill. General agreement (with some dissenters) that zombies heal fine already. Skill would hurt lower level humans. OP.| suggest_moved=20:05, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=-- 18:04, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT) by Adrian| suggest_type=Action/Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors (military)| suggest_description=Allows a fighter to turn into guard mode. (Already suggested this before the wipe); A person may give his last 10AP to go on guard mode, at this time he will automatically fire back if zombies attack him, with the strongest weapon he has; however no ability to change cartrages. Will make more sense than just wasting the 10AP| suggest_notes=2 keep, 5 kill. "Turning your character into a temporary NPC is lame. If you want to play, then play." --Dickie Fux| suggest_moved=20:10, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Mob Leader


suggest_time=19:28, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill (Zombie Elite), prereqs. Death Rattle, lvl 10+| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=

People killed by a zombie elite with the Mob Leader skill experience a mindless compulsion to follow. The bodies stand up with 1 hp and stay in the same space as the zombie elite, indistinguishable from any other zombie, until one of the following happens:

  • The fresh corpse logs in and clicks "stand up", and re-animates as normal, after spending the necessary AP.
  • The corpse follower is knocked down, and stays as a corpse in that square.
  • The corpse follower is revivified, and falls prone (but alive) in that square.
  • The corpse follower has been inactive for 5 days. He falls down and disappears.
  • The zombie elite is knocked down. All of his corpse followers also collapse.
Corpse followers do not lose XP from headshots, nor is there an XP bonus for knocking them down.

The follower is not especially inconvenienced by this. He may be displaced some distance from his former mob/safehouse, but will be closer to a semi-organized zombie mob. The zombie elite gains a sort of "chaff cloud" that allows him to strike more often before getting hit. Survivors may waste valuable shotgun rounds and syringes on 1 hp decoys instead of hitting the real threat. This would also give an roleplay reason for ZK--mob leaders want to recruit for their own mob.

In addition to abghmnrz, mob leaders may also use the letters dluv while rattling.


suggest_notes=4 keep, 6 kill (not counting 1 multi.) RP justification, server problems.| suggest_moved=20:15, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Scent Death


suggest_time= 20:13, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)~| suggest_type= Skill| suggest_scope= Zombie| suggest_description=Your sense of smell has been finely honed. This skill shows you the position of the nearest group of five or more zombies.| suggest_notes=3 keep; 4 kill (including 1 spam.) 2 votes eliminated for multi. 1 vote invalid (keep/change.) Implementation not well enough defined. "I keep writing this: zombies do not follow zombies, they follow flesh. Change to Scent Life: Locate nearest group of 5 or more survivors, within 5x5 block/building radius." --Dickie Fux 19:45, 21 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_moved=20:21, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| "Make it survivors that are outside." --Tereseth 10:18PM DEC 23 2005 (Mountain Time) }}



suggest_time=23:54, 11 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Requires the Digestion skill. A zombie may use cannibalize on a dead body to regain 5 HP, assuming that body has not already been devoured today by another zombie or yourself. This only costs 1 AP and does not affect the corpse's ability to stand up in any way.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 9 kill. Unneccessary, RP justification issues.| suggest_moved=20:30, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

12th November, 2005

Vehicle System


suggest_time=00:06, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=System| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= Cars and motorcycles. Seem like they'd unbalance the game and overcomplicate everything, huh? Well, I admit this will seem complex, but I think you can look at each ingredient and see that almost all of them are based in existing actions. Vehicles would not be found by searching, instead they would exist in set numbers throughout the city of Malton. In Character, this is because they were left behind by the dead or those who have been evacuated without them. All vehicles are, at first, broken down and non-operational.

Everyone on the same block as a broken vehicle would see a button with which they can toggle on or off the act of pushing it. For example, the button would read "Start pushing car" - which is worded vaguely enough that it wouldn't need to change if there's more than one car on the block.

When you start pushing a car, it will move with you. It acts like an item in your inventory now, but others can see it on the block. If someone else tries to start pushing the car, they will be able to move it without you and effectively take it away - Just like real life. Heh heh.

So what's the point of pushing a car? The car is non-operational, so you will be trying to push it to any AUTO REPAIR building, at which point you can push it into the building. There can only be one car in the shop at a time. If you try to push another in, it effectively barricaded to the car, reading "There is already a car in the building."

Cars cannot be pushed into other buildings, but can be pushed outside/past any block that isn't fenced in. (Fences act like barricades to vehicles.)

Now, ideally there should be an "Auto Repair" skill. Once you buy this skill, you would be able to fix any vehicle. There could even be a Mechanic civilian surivor class that starts the game with this skill and a crowbar. With this in mind, read on. (some of the following would be only for people with the auto repair skill)

Once you are inside an Auto Repair building - and you have a vehicle with you (in this example, still a car.) you will see a "Repair car" button. You have a certain percent chance of fixing some part of the car. This works in the same way you would build a barrier. You would see phrases such as "You find a few spark plugs to use on the car."

In the same way a barricade is barricaded, very well barricaded, heavily barriaded, etc. a vehicle would be "broken down", "nearly fixed" and "in working order". Once a vehicle is fixed, a player can use it. "Car" button used to enter it, and "Car" button used to exit. You get the idea.

The Car button would have a number next to it, representing how much fuel is in the car. This works like the number next to a weapon. Use a gas can, and the number will go up a certain number.

So what's up with all this, anyway? When you are riding a vehicle, you can move blocks WITHOUT AN AP COST. That's right. The down side? You will use 1 point of fuel for every block. So if you fill your car with fuel up to, for the sake of example, 10.. you can move 10 spaces without an AP cost. You can still be attacked on your vehicle, but can't attack FROM it.

Every HP point you lose on a vehicle will be taken away from the HP of the Vehicle, like a BARRIER loses points when a zombie attacks it. When the vehicle reaches 0 HP, it is officially BROKEN and the entire process starts again.

When you die, you fall out of the car.. or off the motorcycle.. whatever the vehicle is. It then becomes available to anyone, working or not.

If an auto shop is heavily barricaded, trying to push the vehicle through would do damage to the barricade until it breaks down to an acceptable level while still being barricaded. Think of it as using a weapon against a barricade to get in.

So here's the run-down:

Value of a vehicle - Moving without an AP cost.

Down sides - You need to have enough fuel to go anywhere meaningful. You can be attacked on a vehicle. Vehicles break down and need repairing.

Experience - You would get XP bonuses for successfully fixing a car. I'm not sure how much, exactly. 5 XP seems about right to me, but I'm sure this will be a point of disagreement. It's highly open to discussion.

AP Costs - Every time you fix part of a broken vehicle, it will take one AP just like building a barricade. It costs 1 AP to get in a vehicle. It takes 1 AP to leave a vehicle. Pushing a vehicle to another block will cost the same as simply walking. It takes 1 AP for every gas can you use ON the vehicle to fill it up.

Unanswered Questions - Should someone be able to ride in a car with you, letting you drive them to wherever you're headed? Should it cost 2 AP to push a car to another block? Should you be able to run people down? (It sounds like fun but could it be made practical? Heh heh.)

Zombies - Is this fair to Zombies? I say yes. People will be able to move more freely, but they WILL run out of gas. They WILL break down if you attack them. They WON'T be able to attack YOU until they get off their vehicle. Also, you'll have one more place to find guarenteed victims - Auto Shops. You might even get an XP bonus for doing damage to people's vehicles as one would attack barricades.

Vehicle Types - There can be different models of car and motorcycle. Cars would hold more fuel than motorcycles. Motorcycles could be easier to fix to balance.

Car Keys - Don't need 'em. Since the vehicles are abandoned, they're hot-wired. This also explains why anyone can fix or find one and use it.| suggest_notes=4 keep; 6 kill. Not enough benefit, some general dislike of vehicles.| suggest_moved=20:42, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Traversing Barricades


suggest_time= 00:58, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Game Mechanics | suggest_scope=Universal Gameplay / barricades | suggest_description=It seems strange that barricades are either trivial to pass through, or impossible to pass through. To make things more realistic, I'd change this to a percent chance of climbing over a barricade. For instance (and I'm not tied to these numbers):

  • loosely barricaded = 95%
  • lightly barricaded = 90%
  • quite strongly barricaded = 80%
  • very strongly barricaded = 60%
  • heavily barricaded = 20%
  • very heavily barricaded = 5%
  • extremely heavily barricaded = 0%

This means you have a chance at getting into more heavily barricaded buildings, but it's more than balanced out by the fact you can no longer count on always walking into lightly barricaded buildings on the first try. It also provides some interesting opportunities for new skills and equipment (see Climb, Stumble Through, Rope and Grease suggestions below). | suggest_notes=7 keep. 9 kill. "We don't need this level of complexity." --Xiombarg 07:14, 26 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_moved=20:45, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time= 00:58, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Civilian Skill | suggest_scope=Survivors / barricades | suggest_description=This assumes the alternate barricade rule suggested in Traversing Barricades above (or some variant thereof) has been implemented.

  • Climb - Player gets +15% to traverse a barricade.
    • Advanced Climb - Player gets additional +10% to traverse a barricade. |

suggest_notes=2 keep; 5 kill. Traversing barricades fine on its own; suggestion too complicated.| suggest_moved=20:49, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Stumble Through


suggest_time= 00:58, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Zombie Skill | suggest_scope=Zombies / barricades | suggest_description=This assumes the alternate barricade rule suggested in Traversing Barricades above (or some variant thereof) has been implemented. Assume zombies have an automatic -100% modifier to traversing barricades.

Sub-skills of Lurching Gait':

  • Stumble Through - Zombie gets +15% to traverse a barricade (i.e. -85% net).
    • Piercing Stride - Zombie gets additional +10% to traverse a barricade (i.e. -75% net).

This gives experienced zombies a small chance to get through simple barricades without first busting them down. | suggest_notes=1 keep, 8 kill. Overpowered, underpowered, and too complex.| suggest_moved=20:51, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time= 00:58, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=item | suggest_scope=Survivors / barricades | suggest_description=This assumes the alternate barricade rule suggested in Traversing Barricades above (or some variant thereof) has been implemented.

Ropes can be found in Fire Stations, Junkyards, Warehouses, Armories, Hardware Stores and Sporting Goods Stores. A rope tied to a barricade (1AP) gives +20% to any player attempting to enter the building. If the barricade is successfully attacked, the rope is automatically torn down and rendered useless. Any player with a kitchen knife, on either side of the barricade, can cut the rope, also rendering it useless. | suggest_notes=2 keep; 6 kill. K.I.S.S.| suggest_moved=20:55, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time= 00:58, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=new use for old item | suggest_scope=Survivors / barricades | suggest_description=This assumes the alternate barricade rule suggested in Traversing Barricades above (or some variant thereof) has been implemented.

Players can pour a fuel can on a barricade in order to grease it. This uses up the fuel can and decreases the chance of climbing the barricade by -15%. If the barricade is damaged enough to decrease it's strength by a level, or conversely if it is built up, increasing it's strength by a level, then the effects of the grease are nullified. | suggest_notes=1 keep; 7 kill. Underpowered, complex.| suggest_moved=20:58, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time=MorthBabid 02:47, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Science Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= You now gain an extra 1 XP from reading books. (If you were not a scientist before getting this skill, ou get now get 2 XP. If you were a scientist you get 3 XP.} With this skill you also increase the 10% chance of gaining XP from books to 20% (ie: +10% to current rate), but the chance of finishing and thus discarding the book is also highly increased.

Note: The figures for the book finish/discard rate aren't listed as far as I know, but it's currently pretty low to occur. The idea is that a skilled Researcher would get more knowledge from books but would also go through them (discard) faster than most folks; at least enough to balance the XP gain from books with other methods such as DNA extraction, healing, as well as more combat oriented methods. For example, The Fire Axe only gives 3 points damage @ just 25% after spending XP points on Hand To Hand Combat or just starting out with Axe Proficiency as a Firefighter, and Research apparently works out to about .40 XP/AP compared to a level one Firefighter @ .75 XP/AP after you find a zombie and enter a combat area. Though with this skills more zombies might start visiting the local Library. :) | suggest_notes=1 keep; 4 kill. Widely varying objections...| suggest_moved=21:01, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Combat Engineer


suggest_time=03:10, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Class| suggest_scope=Survivor, Military| suggest_description=Combat Engineers are skilled support personnel responsible for a myriad of various duties during combat situations. Combat Engineers start with the Construction Skill as well as a pistol and GPS Unit.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 6 kill. Too good, not flavorful, unneccessary.| suggest_moved=21:03, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Item Combination


suggest_time=04:38, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Civilian Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors, Item Enhancement| suggest_description=A survivor gains the ability to combine items. Please see Item Combination for a (pretty big) list of my example recipes.| suggest_votes=3 keep; 4 kill. Vague.| suggest_moved=21:04, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Drag Survivor


suggest_time=05:55, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Action| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=The ability to drag living players inside buildings or to adjacent squares. This will enable on-line survivors to get injured AP-less survivors to safe locations. This will also eliminate the revivification/killed again problem that occurs when a player is revived while off-line and left standing out in the open to be munched on. After revivification the now living person could be dragged in doors. Just think combat medic: step 1) secure the injuries; step 2) get the patient to safety. | suggest_notes=5 keep(not counting 1 unsigned); 8 kill. Open to abuse.| suggest_moved=21:10, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}



suggest_time= 08:21, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Game Mechanics | suggest_scope=Universal Gameplay | suggest_description=next to the Speak button, include a Yell button. If you are inside a building and you yell, then anyone outside the building, on the same block, can hear you. If you are outside and you yell, then anyone inside a building on the same block as you, or outside within four blocks of you, can hear you. People within two blocks would hear you clearly, but at three or four blocks they only know that someone is screaming and from which direction.

This allows communication at a distance, but it also tips off every zombie within four blocks to your presence. You can yell for help, but that might not be what arrives.

Likewise, zombies can yell, or at least grunt loudly, to scare people in a barricaded building, or to call their friends over for a feeding frenzy.| suggest_notes=1 keep; 9 kill. Resubmit with smaller radius (spam potential.)| suggest_moved=21:12, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Torch/Flashlight (Updated)


suggest_time=18:03, 12 Nov 2005 | suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= Both items give a 25% increase (to the initial 20%) to searching for items ONCE in any building. You will just click "Use Torch/Flashlight" and the game will go through the normal searching procedure, with the enhanced find percentage. This item may be found in a police/fire station or a mall.| suggest_notes=2 keep; 7 kill. Server issues (in original form). Resubmit as basic 5% increase to search when survivor has item.| suggest_moved=21:16, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Laser Pointer


suggest_time=20:31, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An amusing trinket, the laser pointer is useful to draw people's attention to nearby things. If you want to point it at something, in order to save a notice (Since Your Last Turn) of it for other players, there's a drop down menu to show it. It's useful for noting PKer's profiles while in a room, thus enabling others to immediately jot them down, pointing to zombies which have entered, so other people in your building know they've entered, and annoying people, much like in real life. It is also useful to distract zombies. Remember when you would play "catch the fairy" with a flashlight or other such utility to distract a child? When used, zombies will have a good chance (40+%) to gain experience points (2+) for pressing a button called "chase the light", at the cost of one AP. This enables survivors to distract beginner zombies for a time, enabling them to escape or otherwise get away. It wouldn't stop a horde, since they have a purpose, or a high level zed, since it would gather experience better by attacking humans, but it would have a little bit of function. The drop down menu would look like "Point laser pointer at [wall/normal character]"| suggest_notes=0 keep; 7 kill. "Mmmmm, spamtastic and not really needed."--Zaruthustra. Move to humourous?| suggest_moved=21:20, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Engineer (Final Update)


suggest_time= 20:41, 12 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Character Class| suggest_scope=Science| suggest_description="Among many trapped by the military quarantine of the city were civil engineers working on renovating the city. At the first sight of the hordes of corpses, they fled into nearby buildings and started barricading themselves inside, hoping for rescue". This is the final version of my idea. If no one likes my idea, i will delete it and never speak of it again. After a good start and a crappy middle, ive refined my idea to this. "The Engineer is a Science class which starts with the ability to build barricades. He carries with him a hammer, which is required for building those barricades, and a GPS unit that was originally used to precisely place structural materials on construction sites". More info on the hammer below

  • Hammer: The hammer is a tool and a weapon. As a weapon, it does as much as a fireaxe, although at their highest levels, the axe is a better weapon. But the main importance of the hammer as tool, without which, barricades could not be constructed.

Im done here. If i haven't got it quite right yet, I'll give up on this idea.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 5 kill. "The hammer really should be a separate suggestion, and I'd vote kill on it. So, I can't vote keep on this, even though your original engineer made sense" --McArrowni| suggest_moved=21:22, 30 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

13th November, 2005

Headshot Weakens Ankle Grab


suggest_time=00:31, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Modify Existing Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors, Zombie Hunter| suggest_description=Currently, Headshot removes XP. Instead of doing this, I suggest having Headshot add 4 AP to a particular zombie's Stand Up Cost (unable to go over 10 AP). People say don't mess with AP, but I say don't mess with XP. This helps balance the hideously overpowered Ankle Grab as well as the sometimes lethally frustrating Headshot.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Was implemented.

Dedicated Fury


suggest_time=01:39, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunter skill| suggest_description=Like the above suggestion but not stupid. This option would be on the zombie hunter skill tree after headshot. In addition to the xp removed the zombie would lose 1 ap for every level that it had above the first. meaning that a level 8 zombie will lose 8 ap. This would only count towards levels obtained under the zombie tree. This method means that a level 34 character will not lose 34 ap and means a maximum loss of 14 ap. Being a zombie hunter means you are dedicated having seen the hell that has consumed marlton and striking out in a manner worthy of a true and noble hero against the rot festering like the smell of the sewers.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}



suggest_time=02:04, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Offensive Weapon| suggest_scope=Survivors, Military| suggest_description=A deadly (but rare) area-of-effect weapon that can only be found inside the armoury of a fort. The Grenade can only be thrown at packs of zombies with a 50% chance of landing in the right place. If it goes off, there is a 20% chance that all zombies in the pack will take 5 points of damage from the blast. Even if no zombies end up taking damage, a Survivor who immediately flees after using a grenade cannot be tracked using Scent Fear.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Stronger Zombies


suggest_time=2:32,13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=make game play for interesting| suggest_description=increase zombies strength

What i purpose, and i know a lot of people are going to disagree with this and want to shoot it down but here me out, if zombies were to happen in real life, there nerves would be dead. if there nerves were dead then they wouldn't feel any pain, now if they didnt feel any pain then they would be able to do thing human couldn't do. for example a zombie with out pain receptors would be able to bite harder then a human because he wouldnt have a nerve saying hey this hurts stop biting so hard so why not make every zombie attack one point higher, its not that much more but enough maybe to add some fear to the game becasue right now ive been playing a human character for the last two months and i have not died yet and im level 19, this would actually make it scarier if i knew the zombies would have an easier time getting into building or doing mor damage, tell me what you think.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Zombie moves count less towards daily hit limit


suggest_time=12:19, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Balance change| suggest_scope=Zombies, obviously| suggest_description=It seems like there's not really enough zombies walking around the game to make stuff really icky for the survivors. If you look at the stats, you'll notice there's more survivors than zombies out there. To give a boost to the number of zombies in Malton, you could change it so that hits to the main page from a zombie account count as half. That way a player with multiple zombie accounts could operate more of them at the same time. Ergo, more zombies in the game. Of course, Kevan could finetune the hit limit so that he can still generate enough income. Bottom line is, we need more zombies.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}



suggest_time=14:20, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivor Item| suggest_description=Uses 1 battery per use. Can illuminate darker areas, conferring a combat bonus of 10% unless in open land for the next AP. Can be found in malls, police stations, junkyards, hotels and fire stations.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Headshot Revision


suggest_time=19:33, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Mechanic change| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunters| suggest_description=Two stages - first make headshot a multi-leveled skill. Second, for each level of headshot, the survivor has a 5% cumulative chance of instantly downing a zombie when he successfully attacks with a firearm. XP gain would not change from a normal shot. This would allow high level survivors to get rid of that extra XP they were carrying around, would make Zombie Hunters extremely beneficial in defense, and at the same time serve to slow zombie hunter growth (as the better at headshot you get, the less XP you get per zombie.) In essence it would allow a zombie hunter to gain less XP in exchange for spending less AP searching for ammo, etc.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

First-Aid Revision


suggest_time=19:36, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Mechanic change| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Instead of increasing the amount a person can heal with a first-aid kit, the first aid skill would allow a person to heal 1 point of damage without having a first aid kit. This would also grant them one point of experience. They would not be able to heal infection.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Resource Conservation


suggest_time=20:27, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors, Scientific| suggest_description=If a suvivor tries to revive a brain rotted zombie instead of wasting a revivification syringe they will abort the procedure. They still expend 1 AP.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Laser Sight


suggest_time=21:40, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Found only at Armories, for 1 AP laser sights could attach to pistols and shotguns (but not flares) and add 10% accuracy to every shot fired (15% min - 75% max). There is a realistic explanation for finding them only at Armories and for them increasing accuracy, but for the sake of game mechanics, once attached, the laser would "run out of power" after twenty-five shots fired, though that's a flexible, arbitrary number, obviously. This would make Armories useful to hold and visit, but only have a relatively short term effect on the game to avoid abuse of it. Armories and the surrounding area would become easier to defend, but of course this would be tempered by the increased zombie interest that would be sure to follow. The ultimate effect is that forts would once again become beneficial to survivors, and meaningful to the game as whole| suggest_moved=01:35, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Further Zombie Hunter Skill Mechanic


suggest_time=22:40, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Game Mechanic| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunters| suggest_description=The main problem with making additional Zombie Hunter skills is that, stacked with headshot, they're too powerful. For this reason, I suggest that we make it so a Zombie Hunter can select one out of his zombie hunting skills from a dropdown menu. For example, suppose an extra-AP-to-stand-up ability called "Ankle Shot" was made available, and a Zombie Hunter bought it. Then, at the bottom of his screen, he would see "[Ankle Shot/Headshot] [Change]". It would cost no AP to change, but it would use a server hit.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Drag Corpse


suggest_time=22:55, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors, Corpses| suggest_description=This skill would be located below "Body Building". When a Survior has the Drag Corpse skill, they will be able to drag any dead body to another block for 1AP. When a Survivor is on a block with one or more corpses, there would be a drop-down box containing possible directions (North, South, Northeast, etc.) and a "Drag Corpse" button next to it. When clicked, the user will move in the direction selected, with a non-descript random corpse from that block. This would primarily be used to move dead bodies away from safe houses so they don't respawn on the doorstep. For those worried about abuse, remember that when you are killed, you are a dead body and are therefor vulnerable to being moved. Users will need to spend 1AP to move every body by itself, so if one wants to clear a block of multiple corpses, they will only be able to move each corpse one or two tiles. Plus, a Survior won't know if he's dragging away a zombie player or a player who would like to be revived and kill zombies again. All corpses would simply be "a corpse".| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Tear Gas


suggest_time=22:55, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors, Zombies| suggest_description=Found in armories, possibly police stations. When used, the Tear Gas Canister would be dropped and the block would fill with gas. During this time, all humans will appear as 'a human' to Zombies, much like zombies are seen as "a zombie" by surviors. It obscures the zombie's senses so that they can no longer smell weakness. The down side for survivors is that all in the gas cloud will lose 10% off of their ability to hit a target while zombies will not. This is because Survivors will be more affected by the gas as living beings. The reduction in hitting targets would not be perminent! It would only affect people in the cloud of gas until it dissipates or they leave the gassed block.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}



suggest_time=22:55, 13 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Items| suggest_scope=Survivors and Zombies.| suggest_description=Helmets would serve two purposes. They would be wearable like a flak jacket and would have a chance of deflecting attacks. (lower than a flak jacket, but a good suppliment) Zombies would be able to wear them as well, at which point they would also reduce Headshot attacks to 5 XP per level. They could be found in Fire Stations (fire helmets), Police Stations (riot gear helmets), and Armories (regular military style) though the name would still be "a helmet". I think it would be fun to have each helmet type named as such, but I know a lot of people are down on multiple items that have the same use and stats.| suggest_moved=07:08, 24 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

14th November, 2005


{{prejection| suggest_time=00:15, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors and Zombies| suggest_description=This skill once used would last until the players ap reached 0 or a maximum of 50 at which point the player would die even if a zombie they die. This skill provides the player with a bonus of +15 to all attacks from bites melee or weapons. This is a balanced skill since either side can use it. This skill would be a consumer skill and also available to zombies who have allready purchased brain rot.| suggest_moved=01:35, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Experience For Barricading


suggest_time=00:51, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT) | suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Survivors, with Construction | suggest_description=A minor change, a One or Two Experience gain for barricading a building. Survivors in some areas can spend days barricading buildings to help other survivors, with no direct benifit to them. You get XP for dumping bodies, so it is not like this kind of thing has not already been done. The only problem is some people overbarricading, just for easy Experience. I would suggest this change only work for barricading UP to Very Strongly, after that there would be no XP point.| suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Colored Flares

{{prejection| suggest_time=4:03 november 14 GMT| suggest_type= item type| suggest_scope= surviors| suggest_description= simply colored flares, different colors for large combats, med needed, etc. drawback as zeds can also distinguish colors and will be attracted accoridngly| suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Allow people to see all combat that occured


suggest_time=04:38, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Suvivors, Zombies| suggest_description=Change it so people can see all combat that occured since they last logged in, not just attacks that occured to them. This makes sense and would allow people to witness PKs among other things.| suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Reduce Chances for Escape


suggest_time=15:00, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Alteration to Movement Mechanic (AP Penalty)| suggest_scope=Players Moving out of Enemy-Occupied Squares| suggest_description=In many combat-oriented boardgames, it is tough for one character to move out of enemy-occupied territory. This is traditionally symbolized in these boardgames by stopping all movement when entering a combatant's square. I realize that this would not work in Urban Dead as each square is a city block, so I propose the following:

Increase the AP cost to move based on the number of enemies in the immediate location (where a location is either "inside a building", or "outside on a city block". I suggest that the AP cost be increased by 1 AP for every 3 enemies (Survivor == Zombie Enemy, Zombie == Survivor Enemy), to a maximum movement cost of 10 APs.

Characters with Free Running Skill are given a bonus: if you have Free Running Skill, the AP cost is increased by 1 for every 4 enemies in the same space.

This will discourage strikes into areas occupied by a large amount of enemies, and will make characters avoid entering squares of mobs.

Edit: An enemy is generally the opposing force; this is not proof against PK'ers, and no rule should be required to take them into account. My original vision for this was a survivor entering a nest of zombies and not being able to retreat easily. Based on votes below, I could revise this to only penalize Survivors attempting to leave a location containing multiple zombies, or even further limited to affect Survivors attempting to leave just a building containing many zombies.

Keep in mind that the impact will likely not be felt unless someone enters an area of MANY enemies (like a Zombie entering a Mall with 30 Survivors), and I did set a maximum penalty. | suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}



suggest_time=18:47, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill,Weapon, Whole Concept| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=The whole idea is this, a way of shooting out of buildings; now i know that lots of people don't like the idea of getting killed when just strolling along, someone didn't risk going over to fight them.. but i'll do my best to make it as hard for the shooter as the person receiving the shot. First things first; you'll need a sniper (item) which can only be found in armories... and bullets, which are RARE (and also found in armories) So, to use this item, first go into a building which isn't TOO barricaded (lightly will do fine) and select sniper. You will lose 5 AP to set it up on a stand, ect... Then AIM (another button; another 5 AP) and then you fire. Now, the bullet will hit any zombie outside of the building (no choice) with 12 damage and 95% chance (it is after all a sniper); then you must remove the sniper from its stand (ANOTHER 5 AP) or else you'll lose it when you move (cioe` leave it there)... And there you go... wasted 15 AP just for the safety of not leaving a building....| suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Flavor Weapons


suggest_time=20:59, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Equipment| suggest_scope=Survivors, adds flavor| suggest_description=Basically, adding a handful of new melee weapons to the game. No real changes to the game mechanic or play, just some extra widgets your survivor could use in lieu of the fire axe, knife, or bat. The Samurai Sword, found in Museums and Mansions, would do similar damage to the Fire Axe (and besides, people have been wanting a samurai sword pretty much from the get-go). The other one I'd like to see would be a Golf Club, found at Mansions and Sporting Goods Stores, again with stats similar to the Fire Axe (if nothing else, gives Mansions and, to a lesser extent, Museums something to do). Neither one drastically alters anything, but there's something strangely appealing about bludgeoning a z to death with a golf club, and it's not like any of the other melee weapons are currently worth a damn anyway...

EDIT: What, none of you have seen Versus? ( I guess zombie movies only count if they're made by white people. | suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Sniper Skill

{{prejection| suggest_time=21:03, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type= Skill| suggest_scope= surviors| suggest_description= This is like the skill above with some changes. This would be under the military class and in the free running tree. This would allow a player to shoot at a zombie outside the building he is in. This skill would be available after Advanced scouting is purchased which would allow a player to see what is outside a bldg they are occupying. This skill would provide too many benefeits on its own so this would require advanced scouting. This skill provides no bonus to hit the target in question. This skill would provide no bonus to damage either. The damage is the same as it was before.

Free Running
Advanced Scouting: Allows a player to see outside the bldg in their location only not surrounding squares.
Sniper: Player is allowed to shoot players outside of building.|

suggest_moved=03:38, 17 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Thief Class

{{ prejection| suggest_time=22:28, 14 Nov 2005| suggest_type=Class| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This is a new character class. The thief is a looter and a hit-and-run type of person. The thief starts with a knife and wirecutters. (S)He has three possible skills (note: I don't mean you can pick, I mean there are three that make sense and could be used): free running, shopping, or hand to hand combat.| suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Electrical systems


suggest_time=23:56, 14 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type= Game Featuer/ Skill| suggest_scope= Inside buildings| suggest_description= If/when the power comes on, the best thing to do would make it HURT - that is make it work like barricades, only harder. Here it goes... The way the wiring would go would be the power surged and fried most of the wires. They can only be brought up to workability in a very complex way. First you need a pair of wire cutters, second you need a skill, and finally you need insulated gloves or a skill or something. You can work on the wiring for 10 AP, but you run a risk of electrical shock. Additionally you need wiring to operate electrical devices, after a point, and between that and another you run the risk of degrading the wiring. Zombies can also tear it out of the walls. And lastly you shouldn't be able to see the wiring because "Duh!" it's in the walls. This keeps it from being overpowering. Example: "You open the wall to find burn marks and copper drippings." or "You open the wall to find masterfully installed wiring throughout the building." Even "When you plug in the lap top, there is a sizzle and whisp of smoke from the plug-in you get disgruntled looks from the people leaning on the wall. You unplug the computer."|

suggest_moved=05:44, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

15th November, 2005

Take Cover


suggest_time=19:38, 15 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Suvivors| suggest_description=When fired at with a pistol or shotgun you take evasive action, making it 25% less likely you will be hit, down to a minimum hit percentage of 5%. This is skill does not carry over to be usable by zombies. The purpose of this skill is to discourage playerkilling without outright ending it (since its inclusion seems to be intended). This way though a PKer could still operate it becomes less likely they could slaughter an entire safehouse full of people in one 50 AP cycle.| suggest_moved=05:56, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Food Preparation


suggest_time=20:03, 15 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=The survivor know hows to prepare a delicious meal with any ingredients. He can easily take ordinary, very common objects, such as salt or grass, and refine them into a delightful seasoning. When used, the survivor makes a corpse edible, and attractive to zombies. Zombies that eat it regain a bit of HP, as well as some XP (but not as much as a maxed out claw attack), at the cost of AP. "BAM. Let's kick it up a notch!"| suggest_moved=20:26, 15 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Zombie Distraction Skill


suggest_time=21:57, 15 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=When used, the skill distracts zombies; they are offered a bit of experience gain (less than maxed out bite), at the cost of AP and not doing anything that effects humans. This enables humans to have a risky (since it won't effect all zombies), but still useful, way to defend against zombies that is fun for them too. The special effect could be anything. Making a human dummy, faking being a zombie, whatever. The core idea is a different version of defense from barricades, but one that zombies benefit from as well. Once used, zombies in the same square can press a button marked like "Attack the Dummy" or "Fall for the Disguise", using an AP and gaining XP.| suggest_moved=05:56, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

16th November, 2005

Brain Preservation


suggest_time=00:10, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivor| suggest_description= Zombie Hunter skill:- Become unable to buy Brain Rot.

How many survivors out there will ALWAYS prefer to remain survivors? You can become a zombie and stay a zombie. But what if you're a hardcore survivor and you pressed the wrong button? You've got to start all over again. How many people have voted they wish they could find a way to 'unbuy' Brain Rot? Well. Same thing here. You can still die. You can come back. You just can't become a zombie permanently.

I don't think I need an explanation for this. For brain rot, why would a zombie be unrevivable? Surely a skilled zombie hunter is skilled enough to make sure he can be saved in the future by use of the First Aid Kits and Necrotech Syringes he's had before?

May require level 10 AND Lab Experience? If not a zombie Hunter, then maybe a Specialist Scientist?|

suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Shallow Grave


suggest_time=01:44, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Zombies have the option of going to a cemetary and "hiding" themselves in a shallow grave. Survivors could get access to a shovel item and could go to a cemetary and dig and have a chance of digging up a zombie, if their is one. This would allow zombies players to stow their characters in a semi-safe environment while still allowing survivor players to find and kill them. In response: One of the benefits of the skill would be slight insulation from headshots received while standing in the street after you are done for the day. I feel this would help balance the headshot skill.| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Something to do with weapons breaking or wearing down


suggest_time=04:06, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=No clue| suggest_scope=Weapons| suggest_description=Constant usage of melee weapons will eventually wear them down, causing them to do reduced damage and eventually have a 1% chance of breaking on each attack.| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Show Time Until AP Gain


suggest_time=05:00, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Browser Enhancment| suggest_scope=All| suggest_description= Show time remaining until the next AP recharge. Just have Time until next AP point: somewhere, maybe near the bottom of the page. I think it's a simple little addition that can help people when they need just one more point to complete something, or get caught out in the street, ect; so they know when to come back.| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Climb Building


suggest_time=20:31, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivor| suggest_description=This skill would be a subskill of free running and would allow survivors to directly enter heavily barricaded buildings as they normally would with any other level of barricaded building.

edit: Because the proposed Climb Building skill would be a subskill of Free Running, the effects would not carry over to zombies. Since this skill is only applicable to heavily barricaded buildings, it can be rationalized as survivors who have the dexterity to climb over barricades that normally block entry and enter the building either from the roof or windows on multistory buildings.| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Sensu Beans


suggest_time=21:17, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=By eating sensu beans, the survivor's hp immediately hits 10000, and all attacks with the fists have a 99.9999999% chance to hit. Also, fists now do 1000 dmg, and the survivor has a maximum of 200 AP. He also flies, which means moving does not take up AP. He also comes with an ability called the Kamehameha wave. At the cost of 5 AP, the survivor creates a massive energy beam which can cut down everyone standing in its path. Maximum range for this ability is 9 blocks. The survivor also gains the ability to demolish buildings as well.| suggest_moved=21:18, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Reduce AP


suggest_time=21:23 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie hunters| suggest_description=I think that Zombie hunters should have a skill that knocks off 5AP everytime the zombie is killed.I mean how many times have i been attacked by zombies and as soon as i drop one of them another pops up within seconds using ankle grab thus using up 1AP per death!This means you have around 13% chance of being able to throw the body outside before it comes back up.This makes zombies near invincable because in the end survivors will give up and leave there safehouse before the zombies run out of AP. This skill would give the survivors alot more chance of protecting there HQs.| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Stand Guard


suggest_time=22:25, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Suvivors, Military| suggest_description=You get a message telling you how many times the barricades of a building you are in were broken since your last turn. This skill would have a very important purpose: to allow suvivors to know how heavy the assault against them is and how active the suvivors with them are. Currently I have no way of knowing whether zombies broke in and killed fifteen people or if none did. This would also not cause spam since it would be summarized in a single line only when they were broken: "The barricades were breached X times since your last turn".| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

City Events


suggest_time=23:42, 16 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type= Improvement| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description= At the discretion of the game creator(s), various events would randomly take place in Malton. Here are a few examples:

1) Let’s say there’s a decrepit building in some neighborhood. It gets destroyed by fire and collapses. If there are survivors or zombies inside, they are killed. Anyone directly outside would get a certain percentage HP knocked off. Afterwards, the area where the building stood would be a wasteland.

2) NecroTech has developed a new chemical spray to use against the zombie hordes. It gets tested in some neighborhood. All zombies in that neighborhood lose a certain percentage HP in that 24hrs before they become immune and go back to normal.

3) The virus has mutated and all survivors in a neighborhood are infected. They must seek medical attention or continue to lose 1 HP per AP.

Like I said, these are just examples. The creator(s) can choose whatever they want to do. It mixes up the gameplay by adding the element of chaos and surprise along the way.| suggest_moved=06:41, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

17th November, 2005

18th November, 2005

Human Dialect


suggest_time=01:09, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies who want to talk| suggest_description=Human Dialect allows zombies to talk. It requires the "Memories of life" skill to learn. It would be for zombies who want to be revived. the could go to people and say "Revive me plz" or for zombies to speak with eachother for plotting.| suggest_moved= 00:27, 19 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Surgical Skills


suggest_time=01:10, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors with first aid training| suggest_description=Surgical Skills increases the health healed by first aid kits by 5, but only when they are used in hospitals. First Aid Training is required to learn Surgical Skills| suggest_moved= 23:33, 21 Nov 2005 (GMT) Note: This suggestion was posted moments after the skill Surgery appeared in game. }}

Loose Flesh


suggest_time=18:02, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill | suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Wet, dead flesh pulls free, acting as a lubricant for squirming and adding horror to the victims! Zombies with this skill can squirm under fences and through holes at the cost of 2AP and 1HP. This allows a zombie to bypass a non-fortified fenced-in area. I'm of the opinion it should be a separate skill, but people concerned about its power level might want to put it under Vigour Mortis or Lurching Gait, thus requiring a zombie be a minimum of level 2 before getting this skill| suggest_moved=20:06, 18 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

19th November, 2005



suggest_time=00:40, 19 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon| suggest_scope=Zombie Killers| suggest_description=Crucifixes can be used by zombies to crucifix zombies. When a zombie is crucifixed, he cannot be attacked. The zombie cannot move or take any actions except trying to free himself. There is a 50% chance zombies will free themselves per try. each try takes 1 AP. if a zombie fails to free himself on a try, he takes 2 damage. There is a 20% chance the crucifix will work on the zombie. Crucifixes are one use items. To join the group who thought of this, click here: removed because it was a shameless plug| suggest_moved=03:31, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=23:04, 19 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=ability| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=If cars and motorcycles were to be added into the game, I would suggest that only people with a hotwiring ability can activate cars and motorcycles. Hotwiring has a 50% fail rate.| suggest_moved= 01:56, 20 Nov 2005 }}

20th November, 2005


{{prejection| suggest_time=11:23, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item (Skills)| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An accurate but not amazingly powerful weapon which uses its own ammunition, Rifle Clips, which contain 6 rounds each. Rifles can be upgraded with Basic Firearms Training, and can be further upgraded with Rifle Training and Advanced Rifle Training, which, like their counterparts, add 25% and 10% to the chance to hit, respectively. The feature which sets the Rifle apart is the ability to shoot long range. I know that long-range shooting is severely frowned upon here, but bear with me! The rifle cannot shoot into buildings and it cannot shoot out of them. It allows fire into adjacent squares only if you AND your target are outside. Some may be concerned with the idea of shooting through buildings, as someone could conceivably be on the other side of a building in an adjacent square. I feel that UD has enough abstractions that this one more isn't a concern, but for those who it bothers, perhaps it could be changed so that the target must be on open ground (the shooter, one would assume, manoeuvres for the shot). Additionally, any shot into an adjacent square rather than your own has its per cent to hit halved (I have rounded them in various directions as .5s bother me). Damage: 4HP (The vague explanation for the low damage is that the bullet passes straight through the soft, rotted flesh of a zombie rather than bouncing around inside and causing more damage. For humans? I have no idea)

Chance to Hit (Same Block): 15%(default), 40%(BFT), 65%(RT), 75%(ART)

Chance to Hit (Adjacent Block): 8%(default), 20%(BFT), 32%(RT), 38%(ART)

The Rifle could be found in the usual firearms locations. The rather low effectiveness and its own ammunition are intended to offset the amazing ability to shoot another block, but even that may be too little. The damage could be dropped to 3HP or the accuracy in long-range shooting could be lowered to even it out. It's worth noting that suggestions like the Day/Night Cycle would mesh well with this, as long range shooting would be unavailable at night. I'm thinking that perhaps long range shots would be a seperate button with a seperate list of names to alleviate confusion/having huge lists of targets. If there were Rifle Scopes, as per the Item Combination suggestion, I'm not sure what the effect could be. Removing the long-range cap would be too powerful, so perhaps it would increase accuracy? Unimportant, I guess. Please read the suggestion before Killing, Spamming, or deleting it, as I feel I've changed the usual rifle or sniping suggestions.| suggest_moved= 20:41, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

Automatic Rifle

{{prejection| suggest_time=11:23, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An automatic weapon which uses rifle clips and fires two seperately calculated shots per use. Like the Rifle, it can be fired at long range for reduced accuracy. Use of the weapon can be upgraded with Basic Firearms Training, Rifle Training, and Advanced Rifle Training. The second shot fires at a 40% of the usual chance to hit. Additionally, the AR can be upgraded with Automatic Weapons Training and/or Controlled Burst. If there are fewer rounds in the clip than should normally be fired, only as many rounds as possible are fired, at the logical chance to hit. Damage: 5HP Chance to Hit (First or Upgraded Second incl. Long Range): Same as Rifle Chance to Hit (Lessened): 6%(default), 16%(BFT), 26%(RT), 30%(ART) Chance to Hit (Lessened, Long Range): 3%(default), 8%(BFT), 13%(RT), 15%(ART)

Methinks the AR should only be available at Armouries? The AR is to the Rifle as the SMG is to the Pistol, and all advantages and disadvantages are roughly the same. If there was a Rifle Scope, a la the Item Combination suggestion, I would not have it work with the AR. Flavour-wise, it would let the Military players finally have a suitable weapon.| suggest_moved=20:53, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

SMG/Machine Pistol

{{prejection| suggest_time=11:23, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item (with some skills as a bonus)| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An automatic weapon which uses pistol clips and fires two seperately calculated shots per use. Use of the weapon can be upgraded with Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training, and Advanced Pistol Training. The second shot fires at a 40% of the usual chance to hit (percents of percents, yikes). A new skill under Basic Firearms Training is Automatic Weapons Training, which allows the second shot to have the full chance to hit. Another skill, either below BFT or the aforementioned new skill, is Controlled Burst. This allows a third shot to be fired in the burst, but it will always be at the lessened chance to hit. Of course, if there are fewer rounds in the clip than should normally be fired, only as many rounds as possible are fired, at the logical chance to hit. Damage: 5HP Chance to Hit (First or Upgraded Second): Same as pistol

Chance to Hit (Lessened): 2%(default), 12%(BFT), 22%(PT), 26%(APT) The SMG or Machine Pistol or whatever it would be called would be available at Armouries and maybe Police Stations and Gun Stores. While (I think) it does less damage than the pistol per clip, it would be useful in situations when AP are more valuable than ammo (for instance, if you have a large quantity of ammo but a long distance to and from safety), or in live fights when it is important to attack quickly. It also adds flavour as a new weapon and an alternative to the pistol.| suggest_moved=20:54, 20 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

21st November, 2005

Fall and Rise


suggest_time=20:27, 21 Nov| suggest_type=Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=We have cemetaries where part of zombies came from for sure. So let zombie borrow self in the cemetary square for some ammount of AP and dig themeselve from the ground also for same ammount of AP.| suggest_moved=01:37, 23 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=23:00, 21 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Military Class| suggest_scope=Survivors (military)| suggest_description=How about a military class that has fortifications as its primary job? They start off with construction skill and can create barricades and destroy them much faster than the other classes.They gain exp from building and destroying barricades, and maybe can set traps. Zombies who are dead sappers can tear down barricades quicker, too.| suggest_moved=16:26, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

22th November, 2005



suggest_time=03:37, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This item would be found in hospitals and malls (think Drug Stores/Pharmacies) and would have a certain percent chance of curing an infection when taken. (25% or 65% chance?) Does NOT heal HP. Allows survivors to take care of an infection on their own if they are lucky enough to find the pills and are lucky enough to then have them work when taken. One-time use, strictly to combat your own infection, not those of others. As I say this would not take care of HP damage that you have taken.

If you take Antibiotics and sucessfully cure your infection you will see a message sort of like this: "You take the last couple pills left in the bottle. Your infection begins to slowly subside." If you do not come out on the 'winning' end of the chance for cure, you'd see something akin to: "You take the last couple pills left in the bottle. They don't seem to be working."| suggest_moved= 04:31, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Healing zombies is ridiculous


suggest_time=18:29, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=improvement| suggest_scope=First Aid kits| suggest_description=Humans shouldn't be able to heal zombies with a first aid kit. It doesn't make much sense, how much good can band-aids do to a corpse? Let alone why anybody hiding away from zombies would want to do it, if they want experience then save the first aid kits for other survivors. Zeds don't die anyhow, they just stand back up.| suggest_moved=21:04, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

23rd November, 2005

Play Dead


suggest_time=15:23, 23 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie| suggest_description=Zombie players with Memory of Life can choose to drop to ground and Play Dead (again). AP's used should be similar to Stand Up (10 if you don't have Ankle Grab and maybe 5 if you do have it). The skills available for Zombie players are mostly offensive. This would be a good defensive skill if you are being hunted or are tired of Headshot taking away all your well-earned XP. Granted, it might take longer to build XP with all the Stand Up/Play Dead. This skill could certainly balance Headshot without making the Zombie player more powerful damage-wise AND a good player will have to figure in the AP's needed for this action so as not to run out. Humans have to worry about being left outside a building... Zombies now would have to worry about not having enough AP to drop and play dead.| suggest_moved= 06:04, 24 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

24th November 2005

bulletproof vests should be ineffective against knives/bites


suggest_time=04:55, 24 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=item modification| suggest_scope=flak jacket| suggest_description=Kevlar can NOT stop a knife attack. kevlar vests are made of several layers of tightly woven composite fabrics layered together to prevent a bullet from piercing. Kevlar stops a bullet because the round strikes the woven fabric and can not push through the weeving because of the rounds mass. A knife on the other hand has all its force concentrated on the tip therefore it has little mass. Less mass means less resistance, so it slices through the fabric.| suggest_moved=05:53, 24 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Make weapons break

{{prejection| suggest_time=7:31, 24 Nov 2005 (EST)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=All human characters| suggest_description=Make weapons have a chance of breaking.

Currently once you have a fire axe it never breaks. There should be a certain %(1-2%) that it gets stuck in a Zed while attacking. Pistols and shotguns should have a % chance to break and become worthless. To balance out knife and axe, the knife could have a smaller chance of breaking each attack versus the axe.| suggest_moved=15:54, 24 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

25th November 2005

Assault Rifle


suggest_time=20:50, 25 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=A rifle which uses special rifle rounds that come in clips of 10. This is essentially a “flavour” item for military characters, as it would introduce a more or less realistic military weapon. This is NOT a long range weapon! Although most real assault rifles have an optimal range of about 300 meters, the actual useful range in fighting in built-up areas is more like within the same city block. No sniping!

The rifle will do exactly the same amount of damage as a shotgun, and will fire only one round / AP. This is not an automatic rifle. The advantage it has over the shotgun is 1: it carries more ammunition (even if the Assault Shotgun is implemented) and 2: it is a lot faster to reload. To balance this, the Assault Rifle should be very rare, perhaps found only sparsely in armouries or forts or some such places. The ammunition should likewise be rare, although it might be found also in police stations. Also, to properly use it you would need a Rifle skill, a military skill parallel to the Shotgun skill.| suggest_moved= 21:10, 25 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

26th November 2005



suggest_time=16:28, 26 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Forts| suggest_description=Maybe ability to barricade the fort spaces? Then the glitch where they are treated like different buildings (like malls) will occur. Once that is fixed maybe that will work. Also, Don't let armories get barricaded or just a little. Maybe then forts will be better. Also, armories could be a place where weapons are fixed to the armory or fort itself, allowing you to search the armory for ammo, and filling the fort up. Also, thefixed can shoot up to one block away, but not into buildings. Last of all, add rubble. Depending on the number of barricades torn down, the more rubble. Like building barricades, it takes one AP to clear a piece of rubble and rubble can only be cleared from the outside, sofort will need a large group(s) to man. Only after there is no more rubble, can you repair the barricades. Complex, but I think it will do it.

  • Re And one space can be the gate, only barricadable up to very strongly. Armory should be very strongly or less. --Sauron the Deceiver 17:32, 26 Nov 2005 (GMT)|

suggest_moved=20:47, 26 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

More descrption


suggest_time=20:26, 26 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Interface| suggest_scope=All players| suggest_description=there should be more panic in the description like "you hear the fading voice of a victim of the zombie onslaught." It shouldn't take a huge load on the server| suggest_moved= Spamminated out of the queue at 04:30, 22 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Delete trash


suggest_time=20:19, 26 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=improvement| suggest_scope=All useless items| suggest_description=Delete newspapers if there are no molotov cocktails (see peer reviewed, i think). No length of pipe, unless used for some kind of repairing for generator. no bat, unless therre is MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL... kidding. No knife unless it is worth it with the skill and equals the fireaxe without being the exact same thing. Wait... that takes away about all melee weapons(keep crowbar). Might as well chop off our fists, seeing how strong punching is. And poetry books... wtf? that is why melee needs to have use. I SAY DELETE OR IMPROVE. WHO IS WITH ME?! oh also about hand-to-hand, it isn't used for aything except axe, so u might as well call it basic axe-wielding.| suggest_moved= Spamminated out of the queue at 07:23, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

27th November 2005

28th November 2005



suggest_time=02:39, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Use of Crucifix| suggest_scope=Crucifix| suggest_description=With the crucifix, you plant it in the cemetary, church, or cathedral ground like a generator (it doesn't use power). They must be planted outdoors! Dead bodies at a place with a crucifix cannot stand as zombies. Instead, you must press pray. There is a dropdown menu which allows you to choose who to pray for. Everytime you pray, the thing you pray for gains one health. That's how you revive the dead bodies as survivors. You can only pray five times a day. Similar to the numbers shown by diagnosis, a number tells how many times you have prayed, but others can't see it and take advantage of when people have not prayed. If the crucifix is knocked over, all people and zombies in the square are killed except the following: people who have prayed at least once for that day. Also, if a survivor knocks it over, prayer or not, he instantly gets brainrot and is reduced to 10 HP, but doesn't dies, forcing him to flee for his life in fear of becoming a zombie forever. If a zombie knocks it over, the zombie is dead. Zombies can pray 5 times to lose all of their skills or become "cleansed" It will say, "You feel a crisp feeling after the fifth prayer as you are rid of your zombie skills" That is the key to remove brain rot and makes use of a crucifix.| suggest_notes=0 keep; 5 kill (including 5 spam.)| suggest_moved=03:15, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT);| }}

Remove Newspapers


suggest_time=04:34, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Items| suggest_description=I think that the newspapers should be removed. This would not increase the chance of finding other things in the buildings but make it that when searching you get for ex.12 newspapers.| suggest_notes=Duplicate of Eliminate Newspapers.| suggest_moved= 12:06, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| }}

Eyes Wide Shut

{{prejection| suggest_time=20:11, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies, works as human.| suggest_description=Allows sleeping humans/thoughless zombies to see the surrounding area.| suggest_moved= 21:17, 28 Nov 2005 (GMT) }}

29th November 2005

30th November 2005

1st December 2005


{{prejection| suggest_time=04:57, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Random event| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=This is mostly a flavor based addition. When a zombie successfully kills a person, they have a 20% chance of dismembering them and taking a limb to use as a blunt force weapon. These could have the attack power of somewhere between 3 and 5 HP. Of course, limbs dont do well under pressure, so after maybe, 5 hits on something, it says, "The arm you are carrying falls apart. It is now useless." Just remember, this is mostly flavor, but adds 2 items: Severed Arm, Severed Leg. Maybe we could add severed heads? one time use throwing item, like the flare for zombies. The chances of getting a specific part is equal to each other.| suggest_moved= 23:10, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=17:40, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Allows survivors to drag dead body one square for 10 AP. Implimented by button with drop down menu for direction (N, NE, E, S... etc.) Takes 10 AP because bodies are heavy, and to prevent dragging bodies halfway across the map. Path to server would look like: Command request; check for body; move body and survivor one square in specified direction; deduct ap. Would allow groups of survivors to create zombie free areas, but would also encourage zombie mass hording (which would make Zeds more about to co-ordinate). Server load would be no greater than any other new skill.| suggest_moved= 19:51, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

2nd December 2005

Maggots Everywhere!

{{prejection| suggest_time=17:45, 2 Dec 2005 (GMT) Vermillion| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Requires level 10 and Vigor Mortis. Spending 10 AP and 10HP a zombie has a 30% chance (including Vigor Mortis bonus) to deal 5 points of damage to EVERY human at the same location. A chest grenade if you will, with hideous flesh eating maggots instead boring old explosives. I think this would be a fun skill to have especially when assualting ha-man hambargar strongholds but It could also be unbalancing. So maybe make it useable only once every 50AP? The 10HP cost and relativly low hit chance means it wouldn't be used with just day to day prowling. What do you think?| suggest_moved= 20:01, 2 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

3nd December 2005

'Alternate Food Source'

{{prejection| suggest_time=04:56, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type='New Skill'| suggest_scope='Zombies'| suggest_description='Taken from the Undecided section.

It isn't beyond the realm of possibility that some animals would not still be in the city. Zombies need another outlet for XP and going after animals is not outside the realm of zombie genre (ROTLD 2, Resident Evil, Shaun of the Dead). The suggestion is to add a button for zombies to "Hunt Small Prey" (or just "Hunt Rat"). The skill would have a 15% chance of locating a rat in a Cemetery, Park, Wasteland, Junkyard, Warehouse or Railway Station. Cost would be 2 AP (until acquiring Lurching Gait, then 1 AP).

Effects: Zombie gains 1-3 XP (thinking 2, actually) and has a 50% chance of regaining 1 HP (managed to grab a big, plump rat).

Survivors: Survivors could hunt also (same locations/odds), then use the animal as a distraction (it would go into their inventory as "rat"). The zombie could choose to use 2 AP (or 1 with Lurching Gait) to automatically catch and 1 AP (total 3 or 2 AP) to eat the animal to gain the XP (and the possible healing) OR ignore it and go after the survivor. In a horde situation it would, obviously, be "first come first served" in catching the rat if multiple zombies try for it (unless more than one rat is released). I'm aware there IS a possibility for abuse with this part. Counters could be:

1) Survivors could only use it if at 20 HP or less (to try and escape). 2) Forgetting the survivor part entirely.

Benefits: Zombies get an extra XP source (and, maybe healing). Use for areas like the Cemetery (that currently have no uses).

Possible changes: Instead of 50% chance, just automatically gets 1 HP.'| suggest_moved=09:20, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Paralytic Bite (Not a repeat, just thought the name applies)


suggest_time=06:41, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=A skill that has Infectious Bite as a prerequisite. If a zombie with Paralytic Bite attacks an already infected suvivor their maximum AP is reduced to 49 until they are healed with a First Aid Kit. Every time when I'm bitten and infected the infection doesn't matter to me because I'll heal the damage immediately and obliterate the infection. Logging in and finding I only recovered up to 49 would actually hurt me in a small way that wouldn't inconvenience me too much. However if a zombie does this to ten people in a safehouse it's equivalent to losing 1/5th of a fully rested person for the day. Not too shabby. This is a way of making bite attacks have some small penalty for suvivors that aren't foolish enough to go around without a health kit. It wouldn't unbalance the game too much because many suvivors don't wait for full AP and they would be unaffected. It can help zombies as a whole out without greviously harming any one suvivor.| suggest_moved=09:23, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Insatiable Hunger


suggest_time=06:50, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Uses Digestion as a prerequisite. Allows a zombie to use digestion to exceed their normal health by a small amount. A zombie that would come back to life with 50hp after dying could use Digestion to raise their life a bit above their base health. Maybe 5 higher? One with bodybuilding could go a little bit over 60. I don't think it's unbalancing and it lets zombies prepare for imminent beatings. Yay skill progression?| suggest_moved=09:25, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Drop Items at Death


suggest_time=11:17, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Game Mechanic| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Drop Items at Death

  • Functionality: When a survivor is killed, the survivor loses all items in his or her inventory.
    • Possible Flak Jacket Exception: This suggestion is grounded in the idea that zombies aren't going to go out of their way to carry bags of items since they likely lack the competency and cognitive thinking to do so (hence their inability to use the items). Since a flak jacket is already on the player, however, the zombie would likely not have the competency to go out of its way to take it off.
  • Reasons for Implementation:
    • Role Play and Realism: It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that a survivor who is killed and zombified would still carry around his duffel bags of guns that he cannot use, first aid kits he cannot heal with, and newspapers he cannot read. Again, this is subject to the possible Flak Jacket exception described above.
    • Does not Unduly Weaken Survivors: This suggestion would obviously weaken survivors, but not to an undue degree. Survivors should rightly suffer a penalty at death beyond the current 20AP loss penalty (to stand up as a zombie and to stand up when revived)--something to give further reward to those survivors that are able to survive. Items are replenishible, and this consequence can be avoided by not dying. It is thus an avoidable consequence that is co-extensive with the survivors' defined goal of survival.
    • Does not give Undue Boon to Zombies: Zombies would benefit from this suggestion, but again, not to any undue degree. Zombies would still face the main sources of their angst in full force, namely individual weakness, effective barricades, Zombie Hunters, etc. Zombies would not suddenly receive a reprieve from revived characters immediately jumping back into battle since freshly revived survivors often have to take a day or so to rest up and heal HP/charge up AP anyway. The difference this suggestion would make would not be one of kind, but merely one of degree.|

suggest_moved=09:29, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Injured Leg


suggest_time=15:20, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Damage| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Similar to the infectious bite(not really but anyway), this is a random event that happens at a 2% chance to the Survivor when attacked by a zombie. When this occurs, the survivor is supposedly bitten or slashed in the leg, and is now limping. Until healed with a first aid kit, the player must spend 2 ap per move to go from block to block. This only takes away 2 ap when walking, not attacking or anything else. It adds a bit of realism to it, not much else. | suggest_moved=09:31, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Stamina (Improved)


suggest_time=16:10, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description= This skill increases your AP by 10 and is under Bodybuilding. It would carry over to zombies and everyone would benefit. I am willing to change the AP increase as wanted but I think this skill is balanced.| suggest_moved=09:32, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Additional skill effectiveness


suggest_time=16:50 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=Given the skill fields, military, scientific, etc...when someone completes and has all the skills in one section they should get an additional boost to their attack, search,whatever the skill deals with. Say for example the military skills...when someone has earned all of them they should get a boost in each category either greater chances of hits when shooting, slicing, etc..or a slightly stronger attack or bite...something of that nature. Then the same thing can be worked out for searching, healing, etc.| suggest_moved=09:39, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Chain (New Version)


suggest_time=17:59, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Barricading specific buildings/Wire-cutter use| suggest_description=Many buildings at the beginning of the game were lock/chain/fenced-in and required wire-cutters to enter, now that all such areas are open wire cutters have no use. I suggest an item called “Chain” which can be found at auto repair shops, factories, junk yards, and mall hardware stores which when use at one of the previously sealed sites makes it sealed again and requires wire cutters from survivors to open. This section of the idea has already been suggested. However what makes my suggestion different is that to zombies only the chain appear as an object not unlike a barricade, they have the option of “attacking the chain” just like they do a barricade. How many objects the chain counts for would be up to Kevan, though even one would be of use (zombies average of 5 AP per object due to 20% success rate). For a survivor it would require free running (to bypass) or wire cutters (to destroy chain) to gain entry to that building. I believe this would be simple to implement and uses existing mechanics in the game.

  • Option: There is a variant item for each type of building to correspond with how it was originally sealed (padlock, fencing repair kit, chain) and is only usable on that type of building.

suggest_moved=09:34, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Shoot through Hoarde


suggest_time=19:36, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunters| suggest_description=The zombie hunter learns how to fire his shotgun to better use; when he attacks a horde with a shotgun, there is a (amount of zombies*2)% chance, that if he misses, he will hit another zombie for 5 damage. "You miss the zombie, some pellets hit the zombie behind him". Would be one way of despersing a hoarde without getting too unbalanced.| suggest_moved=09:35, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Reset the Bloody Game


suggest_time=21:53, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=You heard me...| suggest_scope=Reset the Bloody Game!| suggest_description=Reset everything, all items, characters, fences, etc etc etc. Wipe the slate clean and give us a fresh start!| suggest_moved=09:37, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}



suggest_time=22:33, 3 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Flavor| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=For pure flavor, next to people's names, there could be the boy/girl symbol. Not my greatest idea, and don't really care if it is shot down. I just think it is interesting how everyone on UD is an it.| suggest_moved=09:38, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

4th December 2005

Boss Zombies


suggest_time=01:25, 4 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Game Mechanic| suggest_scope=Zombies with Brain Rot| suggest_description=I started this game as a zombie and have stayed a zombie purist (ie. No bodybuilding or flack jacket). Now that I have Brain Rot, I must say the game has stalled quite a bit. Zombies have no items, and now I have nothing left to do with my XP.

Urban Dead is simply a more interesting game from the survivor perspective. I’d like to give us zombies something to shoot for by essentially adding some zombie “items”. Please note this suggestion is a work in progress, just testing the idea here, not the specifics (yet).

These enhancements would cost 100 XP like a skill, could only be bought by zombies with Brain Rot, and for balance reasons would be lost forever when killed by a headshot (can be repurchased with more XP). Trust me, we get headshot a lot. It’s a b***h now, and my suggestion will make it even more frustrating.

As far as the enhancements themselves, think Resident Evil “boss zombies” here. The following are simply suggestions and are merely the sort of thing I’m thinking of, please do not simply ‘kill’ because of balance issues on a particular one, and your suggestions for others are welcome. Zombie Tentacle – zombie is more effective vs barricades. Zombie Claws – claws pierce flack jackets to negate bonus. Armored Skin – same bonus as flack jacket (does not stack). Zombie Growth – same as bodybuilding (does not stack). Monstrous Fangs - +2 to bite damage.

For additional balance, survivors could be given an XP bonus for killing a “Boss Zombie”.

Reasons to keep: Gives maxxed out zombies something to collect, something to do with XP, and new goals – a raison d’etre. Makes the game more interesting and complex for zombies. There is already an inventory system, so it would not increase server load. Because all enhancements are lost in a headshot (along with lots of XP), and they are all expensive (100XP), game balance can still be easily preserved. Also because enhancements will occasionally be lost, the epitome of zombieness can never be permanently reached, so career zombies will always have a goal.

--Duke Ferris 01:25, 4 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_moved=09:40, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

5th December 2005

6th December 2005

7th December 2005

Construction engineer


suggest_time=10:45, 7 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Class/Item| suggest_scope=Surviver| suggest_description=This class starts with a sledgehammer (New item) and a crowbar. He also starts with the skill construction.

The Sledgehammer would be a blunt weapon, with 3 damage per hit like the fire axe, (that is so if he dies he is not completely useless). I am thinking a base hit percent of 15% that way it is more then the fire ax at first, but with only an increase with hand to hand combat the accuracy is less than the fire axe once it is fully upgraded with fire axe training.

I would prefer he be a Civilian class, but Military is also acceptable I suppose.

I guess I should inform why I think the sledge hammer should be at 15%, it should not have an upgrade skill other then hand to hand. That will make it weaker in after levels then the fire ax. Also, if one starts as a corpes, one will have a 20% Bite attack for 4 so it is weaker then the starting corpes while still having some protection.

The main reason I would suggest 15% is that Damage breaks down to this:

10% is the base accuricy for the fire ax that means: 3 x .1 = .3 x 40 = 12 xp per 40 AP

15% maybe the base of the sledge hamme that means: 3x .15 = 0.45 x 40 = 18 xp per 40 AP

At max upgrade:

40% is the max of the fire ax that means: 3 x .4 =1.2 x 40 = 48 xp per 40 AP

30% is the max of the sledge hammer that means: 3 x .3 = .9 x 40 = 36 xp per 40 AP

A firefight starts with: 3 x .25 = .75 x 40 = 30 XP oer 40 AP

So the firefighter is going to be stronger then the Construction engineer. As would be the privet and cop. So it is somewhere between the firefighter and the consumer.

Optional Deferent items for the engineer. Don't ask em what they would be i have no idea. A crowbar and a first aid kit, maybe?|

suggest_moved=Mikm 21:42, 7 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

8th December 2005

9th December 2005

Zombie Bomber


suggest_time=00:56, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=I don't know what 'line' it should go under, but here's the skill: Zombie bombs. If a zombie gets past a siege line barricade into a building, instead of just attacking until it gets headshot and thrown out, how about it blow itself up? A skill like this would NOT yield exp for the zombie, but would have maybe a 25% chance to do 3 damage to every survivor and zombie in the room/block. Coordinated, zeds could actually get into a building and do some real damage rather than being zerged by the humans inside and thrown out.

Clarification: The 25% chance is calculated for each target individually.

Uh, it'd take 1 AP (This could be changed, I dunno if it's too low or not) and would both kill the zombie AND reduce the zombie's AP to zero. It takes AP because a zombie should still not be able to do anything at 0 AP, and it reduces AP to zero to prevent a single zombie from blowing itself up 25 times in a day.| suggest_moved=--08:49, 29 March 2006 (BST)| }}

They’re Climbing the Walls


suggest_time=02:34, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill (Military) with Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=I suggest that a new skill be implemented under the Military’s Free Running skill: Climbing. In military basic training, a recruit is forced to a great deal of climbing of different sorts. I suggest that the Climbing skill would be usable with a Rope (see below) and would allow survivors to climb up a building’s side in order to enter a window at a high story or a rooftop door.

  • ’’’Free Running’’’ - Player can move from one building to an adjacent one without expending extra AP to enter it. Bypasses barricades which would otherwise prevent entrance. The Scout begins with this skill.
  • ’’’Climbing’’’ – Player can scale a building. Allows for the entering of heavily barricaded buildings. Player must have a Rope Coil to use skill.

Item: ‘’’Rope Coil’’’ Locations: Mall (Hardware Store), Mall (Sporting Goods Store), Forts, Factory, Fire Station, Junkyard, Police Department, Warehouse

A simple coil of rope.

Percentages would be up for debate.

Remember that this would cause even more ways to make the game challenging in itself.| suggest_moved=09:11, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

In game new classes for zombies


suggest_time=03:08, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=classes| suggest_scope=new zombies and old ones alike| suggest_description= If any one has a zombie class sugestion this will limit existing zombies by keeping them in there one class, these would keep the game from geting better for quite a while the overall efect being spread out for all but expert zombies with lots of xp to burn. My idea is to create a set of new skills that are in skill trees so you start off as a corpse and then gain a new class. The classes would be: Mummy's who would specialize in airborn infectons, absorbing damage, and/or hopping out of holes to attack people; Rotting Zombie's who would specialize in giving infections, absorbing damage (gooey), and doing damage; Ghoul's who would specialize in infecting, dealig the killing blow, and gaining Hit Points; Vampire's who would specialize in biteing, using digestion, and blending in with humans;Ravaging Undead who would specialize in doing damage, having hit points, killing un-descteatly. This covers Roting,Perseved,Super,and "Genaral" zombie ideas. The trees would look somthing like this like this example skill tree: Basic Vampire Required levle: 5 Prequisit skills: Digestion, memories of life, luching gait. Under-skills:Human looking Benifit: you apper as a survivor to other survivors.

  • Advanced Vampire Required levle: 10 Prequisit skills: Basic vampire. Under-skills:
    • Neck bite Benifit: you gain twice as many hit points from a sucsesful bite
    • Delicious blood Benifit: 1/2hp from digestion go's to xp if at full health
    • Fluent Mind Benifit: you can spaek normaly exept all "w" 's become "v" 's and "c" 's beome "k" 's
    • Fangs Benifit: +1 to damage from bite attacks
  • Super Vampire Required levle: 20 Prequisit skills: Advanced vampire. Under-skills:
    • Imitate old life Benifit: You can gain entrance to all lightly baricaded buildings
    • Hipnotize Benifit: Biten charicters can't succesfuly hit the you untill they take damage or are healed, however they know they can't hit you.

The puchasing skill tree above would cause all others to be unaccesable exept Ravaging Undead. Note: This is an example skill tree other skill trees could be created.| suggest_moved=09:11, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Resistance Antibody


suggest_time=04:15, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Suvivors, Scientists| suggest_description=A skill taken in life in preparation of possible zombification. Prerequisite is Lab Experience. The scientist creates an injection (there's no items involved, just explanation) designed to give themselves resistance to the zombie plague. It would delay the brain slowing effects of turning into a zombie, allow them to say 3 things in normal suvivor-like speech after being kiled. They see this: "say [box for dialogue] (3)." The number would count down as they use their talks. When all three are used the box would dissapear entirely. I imagine people choosing to say things like "Help meeeee...." or "I don't want to walk around without a soul". It allows them if they approach suvivors by themselves to request revivification, which is a little less metagamey than automatically following graffiti signs to the nearest revive point church. People in the room would see " a zombie said: ________" with "a zombie" being a clickable link to their profile. Won't help them get revived in a crowd of zombies (because it's hard to pinpoint one croaked voice out of a thousand moans), but useful when they're by themselves. They get a limited number of tells because the antibody only lets them preserve their mind for a little bit longer. After a short while they succumb and become like all other zombies so they need to conserve that dialogue. It does not recharge. They get 3 and that number is not reset until they are revived and die again so this will not lead to conversing zombies.| suggest_moved=09:21, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Looting Skill


suggest_time=04:31, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Suvivors, Civilians| suggest_description=A subskill of bargain hunting Looting gives suvivors an increased chance of finding items in suburbs with a lower than average human population. The average number of suvivors per suburb would be calculated. Searching in suburbs with suvivor populations lower than average would result in progressively more success with searches. In a slightly underpopulated area it might just be a +1% bonus but in somewhere like Ridleybank it could be around +10%. This is to encourage suvivors to spread out and not stay in one place with a million other people. It makes sense too real-world logic wise since places with more people would have been more heavily searched for goods (and presumably have fewer left) than uninhabited regions and to reflect the competition for these goods. If too many people moved to a low pop suburb and raised it to average then it would lose this benefit. Likewise if enough people left a high population suburb it could gain this benefit. I'm not a techie but I don't think it would tax the server too heavily since this would only require one simple if long math problem for each suburb and that one figure could be used for everyone in the area. The bonuses for suburbs could be updated hourly, daily, whatever is reasonable server wise.| suggest_moved=09:21, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time=06:57, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=This is inspired by my (though not linked in any way) Looting suggestion I made earlier today. That skill suggestion is designed to spread suvivors into underused suburbs by making them have a slightly higher chance of finding items if there are less suvivors around. Here's a zombie counterpart to that idea. If a zombie with Feral enters a suburb with fewer zombies (either standing or corpses) than average they get a slight xp bonus (percentage based off the normal xp they get). The fewer zombies there are in the area compared to the average number of zombies per suburb the greater the bonus is. I'm not sure what would be fair percentages, but whatever the amount would be would have to be rewarding while not "congrats zombie, you landed a hit here's 25 xp for that". This skill is just designed to reflect that it's harder for a zombie to gain xp and not lose it on their own, and they should be rewarded for doing that.| suggest_moved=09:21, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Infectious Bite V2.1


suggest_time=12:20, 9 Dec 2005 (CET)| suggest_type= balance change, improvement| suggest_scope=survivors| suggest_description= Change the HP loss caused by Infectious Bite from one/action to (number of actions done since infection)/action to a maximum of 5/action. So, the first action after infection would cost no HP, the second action would cost 1 HP, the third 2 HP. Up to this point the losses are same in both models. Further actions become more costly for the survivor. This would increase the need to be cured and put at least some pressure on infected survivors. It also is more "realistic" as diseases rarely are linear. The linearity -as it is now- hardly ever kills survivors, and thus is not a threat but a nuisance. With the highly improved healing capabilities, the HP loss is not a concern once the infection is cured, even when more HP have been lost. This proposal just increases tha chance that someone actually dies because he was bitten (as we have seen in all Zombie movies: At least one of the characters is bitten, survives, then dies of the infection and raises as an undead). Changes from prevous version are in italics.| suggest_moved=09:33, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

No new survivors


suggest_time=15.10, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type= change, fluff| suggest_scope= new characters| suggest_description= Malton is quarantined. No one can get in or out. If someone alive has not shown up yet, then he is dead anyway (starved or eaten by Zeds). This means, any new player must choose "zombie" as character class, as the corpses in the graveyard are the only humanoids that could have hidden for such a long time and not died. As a compromise new characters could well be "survivor" classes, yet they still haven't survived and start as Zeds.| suggest_moved=09:33, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time=18:27, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=all zombies| suggest_description=Zombies are supposed to be resistant to fatigue, which is why they're so hard to kill in the movies. I suggest that there be a way to give them 100AP per day. Perhaps limiting the speed in which the server reloads their page after an action would essentially "slow" their movement| suggest_moved=09:33, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

revive alteration/skill

{{prejection| suggest_time=06:41, 9 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type= balance change/improvement| suggest_scope=. Zeds with brain rot. | suggest_description= Option 1: If a Zed with brain rot gets nailed by a Revivification Syringe it should fall over or at least lose a fair chuck of HP. Most of the time a zed with brain rot will also have ankle grab so it getting up again is no big cost or deal to them. Several times I have wasted a syringe or two trying to revive one of my characters but other zed’s with brain rot blocked my attempt, eating up syringe's which are very costlty to come by. Option 2: Alternatively you could buy a skill as a science character which would allow you to ID zeds with this affliction. You can only select revive zed if there is one there that can be revived and when you click it skips all the zeds in the stack that you can’t. This would probably be the best way to keep everyone happy.| suggest_moved= 17:13, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

10th December 2005

Feeding Frenzy


suggest_time=02:59, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=In zombie movies when a crowd of zombies kill someone they all partake in the feast, they don't sit around watching the one that got the killing blow eat. This subskill of Digestion would allow zombies to regain 4 health every time a suvivor is killed in the same room as them. This is representing the fact that the zombie got at least one bite in. This is not unbalancing because it heals less health than a first-aid kit with no training and requires a suvivor to die. However once a zombie doesn't have more pressing skills to obtain this would be a good purchase to restore health without spending their own AP when in active battle zones.| suggest_moved=17:23, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Grab Gun


suggest_time=04:00, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=The zombie grabs at the closet part of a suvivor. If they're pointing a shotgun at a zombie the shotgun barrel is the closest part. Don't worry, this isn't an inventory stealing skill, here's how it works: When a suvivor shoots at a zombie with a shotgun there is a small chance (5% maybe? Maybe higher?) that the zombie will grab the gun. The suvivor will be unable to shoot and have to pull the gun free, using the 1 AP they spent and not taking a shot. A defensive skill to offer some protection against the most powerful weapon in the game without making it do less damage than the pistol per AP spent. And trust me, it's true to genre.| suggest_votes=17:23, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Sewers (Different implementation)


suggest_time=08:18, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Sub-area| suggest_scope=Malton| suggest_description=I saw the earlier suggestion about a sewer system which was killed, but I'd like to expand upon it with implementation and reasons.

First, mechanics only. The sewers would be a sub-grid within the city, such that each square has the 'street' level, the building if it has one, or the 'sewer' level. Anyone can enter the sewers, survivor or zombie, through manhole entry points located throughout Malton, possibly 10 entry points for every suburb.

For survivors, entry to the sewers will be hazardous - the map grid will be blanked such that there are only blank directional buttons, and all area descriptions are homogenous unless it's a sewer manhole, UNLESS the survivor 'searched the area'. No fellow survivor names will show up, no zombies will appear until you search the area.

So basically a survivor would enter a sewer, wander without knowing if there's anyone in the same grid block, unless the survivor searched the area to uncover any hordes of zeds.

For zombies, the sewers show up as a standard grid - zombies using scent to find other zombies or survivors. In other words, they would be able to see in the sewers, while survivors wouldn't, which gives them an excellent advantage.

Like an inverse barricaded building, survivors would probably be hard-pressed to break into the sewers and get out without getting lost or being killed. The sewers would be an inherently beneficial place for zeds in an alternate fashion from barricaded buildings, and low level zeds could hide out safely in the sewers with relatively low fear of being headshot.

Now, to make sure survivors stand a chance, perhaps incorporate a flashlight object powered by batteries, lasting for 100AP before requiring reloading of batteries. This would allow a survivor AND all the other survivors in the same sewer block to see each other any any zombies in the block, but NOT ones adjacent unless there was another survivor with a flashlight in that block. In effect, a coordinated team of humans could enter a sewer and begin systematically sweeping the area the same way a horde of zeds can sweep a suburb out of survivors.

As for flavor, I read somewhere that Free Running incorporated sewer travel, but I haven't seen any examples of that in the real-life sport of Parkour, which is the 'original' Free Running extreme sport. As for the issue of zombies protecting themselves in the sewers, well, uh, I don't know, to be honest. All I know is that it was frustrating starting out as a zed but being forced to start each day with 40AP simply from standing up, whereas survivors can just find a building and shack up (any building since zombies kinda rarely enter nonbarricaded buildings for the hell of it). | suggest_moved=17:23, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time=12:55, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=balance change, game realism| suggest_scope=All| suggest_description=Interdiction would be a change to the existing game mechanics regarding movement, and would constitute a slight nerf to the free running skill. The basic premise is that when a building is under heavy siege, you cannot just walk past the horde guarding it and enter.

I propose that any building with 50 or more STANDING zombies outside becomes interdicted, and no humans can either enter or leave the block until there are less than 50 zombies STANDING outside (Which means that if there are 80 outside, then 31 get inside the building, humans can free run or run away in the chaos). This would add a new level of strategy to sieges, where zombies act to cut off free running routes (And have survivors fighting to defend them) and prevent survivors from entering a besieged building without a bit of a fight first (Signifying people having to fight thier way through the crowd). It would also discourage the rampant EH barricading, as people would need more entry and exit points to avoid such blockages, which helps newbie humans.

Zombies would remain unaffected by such movement restrictions. As it stands now, a person in a safehouse can say "Oh, there are 13,000 zombies outside, im leaving" and then free run to safety (Which makes lightning smash and eat raids by zombies essential).

This suggestion aims to increase enjoyment on both sides by adding an element of strategy, and a point for utilising large groups. It should also be noted that the hordes would only be able to block ten or eleven buildings using this mechanic, so we cant just swamp every block. As an extra measure, only zombies of third level or higher count towards the skill, as an anti zerging measure.

To give survivors inside the buildings the option to break out, they can be given a button that reads "attack zombies through the window" or something similiar when a building is interdicted that allows them to wound and kill zombies, perhaps even enough to make escape a possibility.

Either that or make it cost 15 ap to break out of an interdicted building and you end up on the street, and have to run to cover.| suggest_moved=17:23, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time= 15.39 december 10, 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description= "Perception" would be another subskill below Scent Trail. There's a little trick survivors have at the moment of barricading an attacked building, then simply Free Run away while the zombies attack an empty shell. with this skill, a zombie would be alerted to survivors exiting a building on the same block as them (Edit: via Free Running), and would show their new position just like Scent Trail.| suggest_moved=17:23, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time=16:43, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=A zombie with this skill would be able to move after being killed without standing up. Moving would cost 3AP, regardless of possession of Lurching Gait. The zombie would be seen as a corpse until it stood up. It would not be able to do anything (including entering buildings) besides movement until it stood up. This would allow zombies to travel in stealth, but would not be overpowered, as they would be unable to attack, and would be limited to a maximum of a little under two suburbs a day of crawling.| suggest_votes=

  • Spam - Eh. I've voted keep on this kind of suggestion before... Maybe it should be 5AP... I don't know, but it's just movement, and takes more energy, so I don't think it's all that bad. --Shadowstar 16:46, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT) changed to spam thanks to DF. --Shadowstar 19:47, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep - Oh what the heck. --ThunderJoe 16:48, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I've voted kill on this before. Stealth suggestions are not my friend. I'd sure as heck notice a corpse crawling across the ground and shoot it, y'know? Bentley Foss 17:02, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill No. As Bentley said, crawling corpses are not exactly inconspicuous. AllStarZ 17:26, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - This has been suggested and shot down before. --Hexedian 17:32, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - Phantom hordes would be cool, but a zombie mass congregating outside a mall and readying for an attack really needs to be at least vulnerable to something. In your method, crawling zombies are literally invincible. Changed to Spam due to previous suggestion link. --Drakkenmaw 18:05, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - See Crawl from 5 December. --Dickie Fux 18:21, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - Due to Dickie Fux' linkage. --PatrickDark 19:21, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam -Dickie Fux Linkage = Good / This suggestion = spam --Matthew-Stewart 19:37, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep - Ninja zombies 4tehwin! --Graaaaaaagh 20:24, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved = 23:57, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Knock Knock


suggest_time=17:09, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Game Change| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=This game change would help anyone who has just picked up the game and was cursed with the bad luck to be placed in a suburb where every building is barricaded. If you are on top of a building that is barricaded heavily you have the option to knock. If you move after making the message it becomes void. The next time someone inside the building logs on they see a message like, "*Player* calls for help outside" and would give the player inside an option to let them in by throwing ropes down the side, giving them a helping hand, etc. This would allow begining players a few things, 1. A chance to survive the first day and 2. Perhaps a new friend. This would involve new players faster as well as building teamwork between groups.| suggest_moved=18:09, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Unloading Weapons


suggest_time=20:34, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item use change| suggest_scope=Living| suggest_description=Using a pistol clip loads a pistol - fairly simple. However, using a pistol - by clicking on it in the inventory list - does not do the corresponding action of unloading it. Adding such a function would allow people to keep from accumulating masses of pistols when only one is needed. A possible variation would allow for clips to be combined into a single clip, reducing inventory load.| suggest_moved=18:09, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

One Way Ticket


suggest_time=20:05, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Gameplay improvement| suggest_scope=Survivors killed by zombies| suggest_description=Once killed by a zombie, a character can no longer be "revivified". He's a zombie! The horror of a zombie siege is greatly lessened by shambling crowds saying "mrh" a lot and being restored to full health. The character is given half the experience points he accumulated in life which which to buy zombie skills (to encourage him to play it a bit).| suggest_votes=

  • Kill And you call this an improvement how? If people die, then they would just make another account for humans and leave their zombie to rot. AllStarZ 20:17, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep It'll never pass, but this'd certainly be one way to slowly thin out that zombie hunter population. --Graaaaaaagh 20:20, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill --Dickie Fux 20:22, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - This is incredibly similar to (and just as bad as) Hardcore Characters and You Only Live Twice. --Bentley Foss 20:31, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill --Matthew-Stewart 20:32, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Hasn't this been suggested before? Either way: al this will do is have people abandon their chars and start over (given that low level chars seem to be the ones who die the most). Yes, there will be an apparent upswing in the number of zombies, but most will just be standing around until they become inactive. — g026r 20:33, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: this is why the starting zombie gets an XP boost to start - incentive to play a bit. --Frosty 21:49, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • KILL Oh, no, I understand you perfectly. With the Zombie numbers low as people have quit, you want to make the human players quit too. GENIUS!!!!! We can call the game: Kevan's Urban. Nobody whatsoever in it, except for a pile of dead bodies and a few extremely determined players. WOOOOO! NICE!!!! -- Andrew McM 21:04, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: i don't think human players will necessarily quit because their dead character can't be resurrected. They might quit if there's not enough challenge, though, which is what this suggestion aims to address. --Frosty 21:49, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - There are a few set rules Kevan has previously enumerated about how he intends to run his game. There aren't many of them, because he likes being mysterious, but he's previously noted that he doesn't plan on permadeath. And I agree with him. There's no reason to prevent someone from ever being a survivor again. --Drakkenmaw 21:34, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: it just prevents the character from being a survivor again. --Frosty 21:49, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep author vote --Frosty 21:52, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I like the idea and think that it makes the game far more realistic and challenging, as well as creating an actual attachment to the life of your character, it just wouldn't work well in a game of this type. Perhaps in a real time game, but when you get killed hit-and-run style and can't come back, well that just sucks. It would also render NecroTech scientists useless. --Barbalute 21:52, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - 5 bucks frosty is a zombie. I give all humans a few weeks before the game's over. But here's an idea: since the real world thing is called "dying," and "death" is usually "permanent," why don't we just make so once you die, you're banned from the server? No one's coming back from that. Extremely realistic.*
<nowiki>*</nowiki>Major Sarcasm. --TheTeeHeeMonster 21:55, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: you owe me five bucks! --Frosty 22:16, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • SPAM This suggestion is a ridiculous waste of our time and is therefore spam. ETA: Frosty, you are abusing the RE tag. Stop it. --Argus Blood 22:12, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: sorry, argus, i didn't mean to waste your time with my suggestion. i'll stop making them. ETA: Argus, I am hardly re-ing every vote. So kindly go fuck yourself. --Frosty 22:16, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam Just bloody awful.... again. --Zaruthustra 22:33, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: oh, fuck you, you pompous ass --Frosty 22:41, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT) pointlessly aggressive response
  • Kill - I agree that some people on here are lobotomized airheads who vote for the worst ideas and kill some of the best, but I still woudln't like it if I could never be revived. -- Amazing 23:19, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - If this happened, I would quit playing. Mikm 23:39, 10 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I'm only voting kill because spam would have no effect at this point. Rhialto 00:08, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - (Changed vote from Spam, since this suggestion inexplicably wasn't spaminated immediately.) And thus zombie victory becomes assured. The problem with this, of course, being that, aside from the fact it's completely unfair, one side isn't supposed to win in a MMORPG. Good God.-CWD 00:11, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: yeah, it's completely unfair that dead characters can't be resurrected in a game. beyond consideration: ludicrous even. not sure what i was thinking --Frosty 00:16, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Actually, yes it is unfair. I think you've missed the entire point of the game, and you certainly haven't read Game Assumptions. --Daxx 00:46, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Re: ironically, that's an incorrect assumption on your part (just like the guy who assumed i'm a zombie). you should re-read Game Assumptions before you lecture anyone else about it. --Frosty 00:58, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
      • Indeed. The page has changed since I last read it. The argument is still the same, however, which you have conveniently missed for your literalism. Spending several months building up a human character and a human RP persona to have them suddenly be consigned to never being able to RP again will annoy a whole bunch of people. From a psychological perspective this is likely to make people simply leave the game. It's not a good idea, simply because of that. --Daxx 01:03, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - what an icky idea. --Shadowstar 01:15, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill Two words: Brain Rot. --MorthBabid 01:39, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! I can't believe someone actually suggested this! Seriously, why not just suggest removing survivors completely? Becuase that is essentialy what you're suggesting! All survivors save a lucky few have all died at least once, and lets face it, anything forcing people to play zombies will never pass! In fact, all it will do is make less and less people play the game until only zombie players remain! How much fun can an infinity of ZKing be? Not much, that's for sure... --Volke 03:20, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - Riktar 03:30, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved= 04:44, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

11th December 2005

Auto-drop Duplicate Items


suggest_time=01:42, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Inventory Modification| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Auto-dropping duplicate items such as GPS or DNA Extractor. (As far as I'm aware), you're never going to need 2 of them, so it would be preferred if there was something like "You searched and found a GPS, but already have one and drop it". It's only a small thing, but hey it saves time dropping 'em manually| suggest_votes=

  • Keep - Not only does it make things more convenient for the player, it means less bandwidth usage for the server. I don't see any downside. --Sindai 01:47, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Only because I want Kevan to eventually implement trade, and this will have to be removed then for trade to be all that useful. --Drakkenmaw 01:50, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - Auto-Discard suggests the same thing, as did Delete Trash, which was removed as Spam. There are a few other suggestions along the same lines. --Dickie Fux 01:56, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - Please check past suggestions. --Argus Blood 02:33, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - You and me and the spam makes three tonight. Bentley Foss 04:37, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved= 04:42, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

IP Limit Countdown


suggest_time=Mr. Mcdoogles 23:17, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=interface| suggest_scope=all users| suggest_description=someone suggested a ip limit tracker alraedy, which is an awesoem idea, i just think that a little time that says something like " u may acess site again in 10 hours 30 mintes 15 seconds or whatever would be rly helpful so that me an im sure many others can stop compulsivly checking, freeing up the server a bit more an just makin life easier| suggest_votes=

| suggest_moved= 23:45, 11 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

12th December 2005

Good and Bad contact list columns


suggest_time=02:51, 12 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Game display change| suggest_scope=Any player of the game| suggest_description=Can't find a backlist of ideas to search, so if this is spam, sorry about that. I have long thought that the contacts list is used mainly for two purposes. To add folk who do bad things to you, and to add folk who do good things, like heal you etc. With that in mind, it would be nice to create two columns instead of just one in contacts, the Good and the Bad. This helps both Zs and Survivors equally, and basically makes contacts worth having and using far more, thus boosting a game feature already in game. Players can choose to add a new contact to either their Good list or their Bad list by having two buttons rather than one at the base of every profile.| suggest_votes=

  • Spam - I like the suggestion, but there is already a much better one in consideration. Just too lazy to find it. --ThunderJoe 03:23, 12 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam Its totally there somewhere. If anybody cares to refute this I'll change my vote.--Zaruthustra 04:02, 12 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - This has been suggested before. But I mean that not in a "boo spam" way but in a "Yay, great idea but it's already there" sense. --Jon Pyre 04:59, 12 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • SPAM -It was in the peer reviewed suggestions. --Matthew-Stewart 05:12, 12 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved = 05:29, 12 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

13th December 2005

14th December 2005

15th December 2005

16th December 2005

Rooms inside buildings (version 0)


suggest_time=01:45, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Adding rooms to buildings| suggest_scope=Buildings| suggest_description=Here is one way I know to expand the map without changing any existing structure. Add rooms in each buildings that you can enter after you enter the lobby of that building. Say a police station can have a janitor's closet, a men's restroom, a ladies restroom, jail cell, lobby, office, gym, armory, cafeteria, basement parking, etc. This can be made random for each specific building. No two buildings of the same type will have the same rooms (unless it is just a coincidence). Once a zombie breaks the barricades and enter the lobby, he can (after killing everyone in the lobby) enter the other rooms and search for more survivors. Rooms cannot be barricaded, only locked. And each one may have different characteristics. For example, you can search and get more ammunition searching in a PD's armoury, get tools in a FD's tool shed, etc. Players on target lists of PKers will have more places to hide as well. Also more privacy for people. This is just a raw suggestion, maybe anyone else can add on to it?| suggest_vote=

  • Kill Nub zombies have a hard enough time. We don't need to discourage them more. --Zaruthustra 02:06, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - The AP cost to move from room to room would be really annoying, and I don't see any reason to make life harder for young zombies who don't yet have Memories of Life. --Everyl 02:01, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - And it wouldn't take an AP to move that far because 1 AP is a whole block of walking. --ALIENwolve 02:09, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Think of the server, and Kevan. Not to mention, how would buildings be diffrent? How would you map it? How would Kevan code it? Someone needs to actually MAKE this - AND make it work on the server - and it's not as easy as you'd like to think.--Arathen 02:42, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - The tower "floors" were a better implementation of this, as they weren't global and didn't change search odds/options. Really, though, I'm not a huge fan of either. There is enough space in the game world right now. --Drakkenmaw 04:03, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Searching the women's restroom, you find a used tampon. We don't need more rooms in police stations. --Shadowstar 13:31, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Not really necessary, and makes the whole thing too complicated. --Dickie Fux 17:07, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill -This violates the first and second guidelines for suggestions. --Matthew-Stewart 20:31, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - i'm voting kill cause everyone else is (hooray for pack mentality!). no, seriously though - everyone made good points. --Firemanstan 21:42, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Great idea, but it's just too hard to put in the game. Sorry :( --Carfan7 03:58, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Too complex. Think outside the box - think simple. Riktar 06:16, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - This would probably be something that while interesting, would not be able to be implemented in the near future due to server load problems. If multiple rooms in a single block would exist sometime, I would have to recommend that moving between them cost no AP. Being able to lock doors is enough to block out newbie zombies, and really, no one would stay in the lobby if you could do that either. Though, I would like to point out that multiple rooms in a building does exist in some form already - Shopping skill. A similar skill could say, let you lock yourself in a room seperate from all other people.... just thinking off the top of my head... --Zarquon 07:04, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved= 16:46, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Zombies destroying doors


suggest_time=01:54, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=balance skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=A zombie can totally destroy a door, and that building will have no doors until a survivor with construction skills fix it.| suggest_vote=

  • Kill - So... what real difference would this make? Starting a new barracade already closes the doors (as far as I know), so the biggest thing I could see is the repairman needing to spend 1 extra AP to fix the door first. And it might make low-level survivors a little more vulnerable to low-level zombies, but I don't see any good reason for that, either. --Everyl 02:06, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Needless complexity for little to no benefit. Bentley Foss 02:08, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill A lazy version of something suggested yesterday. Although I'll give it the benefit of the doubt since it is slightly different. --Zaruthustra 02:10, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - What's the point? I really don't see one. --Drakkenmaw 04:04, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Yeah, the previous suggestion mentioned above is less complicated in game, and easier to program. This idea isn't bad, though, just more complex than it needs to be. --Dickie Fux 17:11, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - My one was better. --Zeek 01:10, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - --Vista 15:50, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved= 16:46, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Throw Item


suggest_time=03:02, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Aren't you sick of finding clips, but no pistol? Shells, but no shotgun? Flak Jackets, GPSes, Books, and Newspapers but nothing useful? With this skill you would be able to throw all of these items and more at Zombies or other players if you're into PKing.

Some item stats include:

  • Clip - 2 Damage, 5% to hit.
  • Shell - 1 Damage, 2% to hit.
  • Flak Jacket - 4 Damage, 10% to hit.
  • GPS - 2 Damage, 10% to hit.

And so on.

Users who buy this skill will see a drop-down list of items next to their attack area, along with a "Throw" button. Select a zombie or player in the normal attack window, select an item, and click "Throw" and you will chuck it at them for great justice!| suggest_vote=

  • Kill - No, not really... and you couldn't throw a flak jacket far enough for it to do that much damage. Now if you club someone with it... --ALIENwolve 03:05, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe This is even more useless than the last one. Look, if you don't have anything to fight with, RUN THE F**K AWAY! And also, theres something called reasonable logic, which you definitely have never heard of before. It works like this: If you have all that ammo, maybe you can save those clips and shells for when you get the actual weapons that fire them? Now thats smart. And all of the stuff you have suggested won't even hurt a small animal, much less a zombie, although if the GPS had sharp corners, or maybe if the flak jacket was so heavy that it smothers a squirrel, it might do some damage to small animals, but none at all to a human being. God, too much stupidity in this. This is beyond my mind's tolerance. There are so many flaws with this that I cannot possibly list them all. AllStarZ 03:08, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT) pointlessly aggressive comment --It contains several undeniable grains of truth -- get the point Note: No swearing please, I just blocked out the "UC". --Carfan7 04:00, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe Same reasons as AllStarZ, only without all the needless cursing. Just the plain "this has been done before and isn't even all that good" excuse. And yes, it WOULD be better to just run, especially at such a low chance of hitting! --Volke 03:48, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Not worth the code. Drop doesn't spend an AP, and doesn't annoy the people around you as much as hurling GPS units at them would. --Drakkenmaw 04:10, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I never knew that throwing a flack jacket at someone was more dangerous than swinging an axe at them. - Jedaz 04:23, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill This idea keeps coming back like a rash, and it never gets better. The damage to AP ratio is so pitiful that nobody will wan't to waste the AP, and its silly. Bad on flavor, bad on mechanics. --Zaruthustra 04:32, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill What they said. Rhialto 08:12, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Should be Dupe, but the old version didn't get transferred to the Rejected page. I don't think a shot gun shell could be thrown by hand hard enough to do any damage, unless you hit someone in the eye. --Dickie Fux 17:16, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - hey AllStarZ - you ever been hit with a GPS unit? man, those things hurt like a bitch!... but no to the suggestion. not even for flavor - shells wouldn't hurt a fly, and flak jackets...? any item that would cause serious damage to someone in real life can already be used to attack with (except for maybe wire cutters - but please don't add that item to your list and resubmit it, anything like this will get shot down again and again and again). --Firemanstan 21:59, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill -That was the second album I ever bought!--Vista 15:49, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Watch where your pointing that flak jacket. You could hurt somebody!--The General 19:16, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved= 16:46, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

"You Are Now Dead"


suggest_time=20:15, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Game Mechanic| suggest_scope=All Players| suggest_description=Okay, so you get the "big grey box" when you run out of AP. And also when you run out of IP hits for the day. This is fine - mild flavour, and it reduces the ability to "peek" on what is happening around you (thus requiring another server hit) when you're already unable to act. My question is - why are you able to see what's around you when you're dead? I would think that being at 0HP should be the same as being at 0AP, in terms of not being able to "check on the action." I mean... you're dead, after all. So I think you should get the "grey box" at those times as well, with the message "You are dead." And it should persist until you hit the "Stand Up" button. Would prevent people from being able to influence the game any while a corpse, by spying on the still-active, and it adds just that little bit of uncertainty over your safety when you go to click that button. Thoughts? --Drakkenmaw 20:15, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_vote=

  • Kill - I'd like to be able to get the jump on someone if I was a corpse on the ground. There was even a suggestion for a part of ankle grab to do damage when someone else is in the same block. --ALIENwolve 20:19, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - i see what you are saying - and it is logical (in a sense of realism) that you would be blacked out - but i think this would really really hurt zombies. zombies don't need anymore hurting at this point. and i voted keep on that ankle grab suggestion ALIENwolve mentioned, which if implemented would conflict with your suggestion. --Firemanstan 20:28, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Re: - Personally, I see this less as a matter of realism and more as a matter of "you shouldn't be able to do things in the game if you're not targettable within it." Much like crawling around while a corpse, spying on things while invulnerable seems just a tad... cheap, really. So I just figured I'd toss it out and see what people say about it. Plus it gave me reason to use one of my favourite Futurama quotes. --Drakkenmaw 20:32, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Re: - Check the edit history on that page. Oh, and look at the response I gave above. --Drakkenmaw 20:43, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I don't think it's a "realism argument." But I don't think it's really a good idea to do it either, unless UD starts having problems with server load. --Shadowstar 20:44, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - "Dead" is a bit of a misnomer. It should be more along the lines of "you aren't standing" because a character may choose to play dead until a threat leaves the area. I've had to do this a couple of times. Besides, the zombie from seemingly no where effect is in genre. --Arcos 22:18, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep - because it makes sense. Either keep this, or allow you to see when at 0 AP. I don't care which, but one or the other. The game is being inconsistant. Remember the rule of Dr. Seuss: "consistent nonsense". Rhialto 22:49, 16 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep This suggestion would probably net the server a LOT of "breathing room" in terms of processing power and bandwidth (much more than merely sleeping saves the server) it makes standing up even less fun than dying in the first place, which is kinda' wrong, but I am willing to forgive that for faster game play/more server power to dedicate to new features. --Matthew-Stewart 06:10, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Keep - Too lazy to copy/paste Rhialto's comment. Riktar 06:28, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I like laying in ambush as a corpse. --Grim s 06:38, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Ditto. --Basher 17:02, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - I would like this if you wrote it so that the screen would blank after you become revived. As a zombie you are merely waiting for the opportune moment to stand up and eat flesh, but in the revivification process your brain shuts down until the virus is purged from your system, so at that point you aren't aware of your surroundings. -- Andrew McM 19:58, 18 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - A zombie could lay on the ground with his eyes open. Tereseth 0:39, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • keep -small change, good for load. improves flavour (for me that is, reading some of the other people seems indicate disagreement) you go down in a fight and have to wait what you wake up to... Are they still there? are they still active?...--Vista 15:37, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| suggest_moved= 16:46, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

17th December 2005



suggest_time=15:41, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=This skill would fall under military, but coincide with the one I saw mentioned for Breadth of life(I believe) it was. Recon Skill. Anyway this skill would enable those with it to have the ability to see outside the building when occupying it. In a sense the person either has contacts, camera's, etc and can see friendlies outside the building and Zombies. THe same of course goes for the Zombies. They would be able to see inside a building and outside to see who's around. Maybe also it would allow you to click on a building to get to it and then a second click of the building would allow you to see a roster of who is occupying it. It seems a very valuable skill, though I having a feeling someone did touch on this before. Ok let the Sharpshooting begin.| suggest_moved=21:55, 17 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

18th December 2005

19th December 2005


{{prejection| suggest_time= 13:53, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=A UPDATE | suggest_scope=Zombies AND survivor| suggest_description=a sewer can be a useful for both of kind of player,in the sewer zombie can eat trash and sewer animal(like rats,...),survivor can easly move to one point to another and finding some useful stuff like pipe,cable... | suggest_moved=18:04, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Paint-ball guns

{{prejection| suggest_time=15:42, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Wepon| suggest_scope=Low-damage, high accuracy projectile| suggest_description=Found in sport stores, the paint ball gun is normaly a painfull, but not deadly item, now it is. After a months of open storage, the pelits have begun to rot into a hot cerosive slime. The Paint-ball gun is always found empty and a pinfull wepon, paint-ball pelits amo for the gun are a posones and sticky substance causing a 10% chance of 1 point of damage each time you load the 40 pelits of amo into a paint ball gun. This one point is only healable by sergery. The base accuracy of a paint-ball gun in 10%, 60% with basic firearms training (due to less recoil), and 80% with Paint ball training (a civilain skill). Paint-balls do 2 damage but are spred on impact so are curable by death and FAK's.| suggest_moved=17:58, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

20th December 2005

21st December 2005

22nd December 2005

Coherence Fix


suggest_time=02:50, 22 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Fix| suggest_scope=the urban dead game| suggest_description=First id like to say in my opinon the game(the pure mechanic) is more or less balanced. To be a zombie is less attractive due lack of things to do, but apart from that (major) issue the game is balanced. If zombies and surviors would be 1:1 in numbers the game would be balanced. But thats a problem. I noticed a incoherence in the "do and do not" section wich is possibly a source for problems with many zombie-power suggestion, as well as for the whole game. The incoherence pops out between the setting and the rules of ud. If you say "The general feel is that of desperate survivors fighting a guerilla war." and want a dawn of the dead feel, you have to screw balance. If you want this setting zombies must be stronger than humans, either in qauntity, quality or both. Or you have to change the setting to human - zombie deathmatch, or fight for power in malton. You can not have a david vs. goliath theme and then make david as big as goliath to bring in the balance. If its the fight to survive and not the fight to win you can?t have balance. Don?t get me wrong i don?t want to say all zombies must be uber. Im just saying we must kiss goodbye to one thing or another, either the balance or the setting. Its just impossible to have both. This suggestion is does not try say how it should be fixed, just vote keep if you see this incoherence as problem, and say what you want to keep setting or balance, or vote kill if you want the impossible for breakfast. If this suggestion will be kept, then other suggestion have to bring ways how to fix the problem. Sorry again for my bad english and bringing up this complicated suggestion | suggest_moved=04:29, 22 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

Urban Dead 3D

{{prejection| suggest_time=17:04, 22 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Game| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=In the near future, I think we could pull off a 3d version of UD quite well. Most of us here probably know SOMETHING about 3d programming and might be able to collab and create an alternate version of UD, with Kevan's permission of course. This would be a third person follow behind view with elements similar to the gameplay of Matrix Online. People would login, wake up, and begin running around and shooting/clawing things. for example:

You wake up in the Dungey Alley Police Department in Pashenton. The square is as big as a corner with the station and the surrounding streets. It costs 1 ap to go in or out of the building and 1 ap when running to the next square. you can freely run around wherever you wish and search areas just like the current UD. This just gives a better visual.

One last thing, when logging out or out of AP, humans/zombies will lie down and curl up into the fetal position, open for attacks.| suggest_moved=18:47, 22 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

23rd December 2005

24th December 2005

25th December 2005



suggest_time=19:05, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=ADD | suggest_scope=GAME| suggest_description=well why not add new undead creature like undead dog or any other animal for more fun... well my idea is like this

UNDEAD DOG undead creature more fast then normal zombie but more lack stupid...



SKILLS:Scent Fear,Scent Blood,Scent Trail,Neck Lurch,Infectious Bite | suggest_moved=21:18, 25 Dec 2005 (GMT)| }}

26th December 2005

Zombie Building Demolition


suggest_time=01:12, 26 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill, balance change, improvement, <--- ALL OF THESE| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Zbies r not being treated fairly bcause they cannot break into buildings except by breaking barricades! And for zbies to do this they need 100s of friends! I want a skill called "Zombies Can Destroy Buildings" that will allow them to break through walls. This makes sense because zbies are very strong. A zombie with "Zombies Can Destroy Buildings" will have a 1% chance 2 be able 2 smash down a brick wall and enter the building. THIS WILL ONLY AFFECT BUILDINGS WITH MORE THAN 50 SUVIVORS INSIDE BECAUSE THE VIBRATION FROM THEIR FEET IS DAMAGING THE BUILDING FOUNDATIONS. This is not unfair because a zombie horde can break down the barricades with less AP than it takes to break down the building wall this is only 4 ferals!!!! Suvivors will be able to repair the brick wall by using a First-Aid Kit to heal a building with Construction skill. This is fair because health kits are ez to find. If a zbie breaks down a wall in a building with more than 50 suvivors all but 50 are killed by the brick wall when it crashes down on them. This will teech suvivors not to be unfare by taking shelter all 2gether. This would solve unfair game unfairness like CAIGER MALL where zbies could not defeet suvivors because they had a building to hide in!

P.Z. If u think 1% chance of breaking wall is too low let me know.| suggest_moved=05:20, 26 Dec 2005 (GMT)| }}

Motorcycle / Car / Bus


suggest_time=8:53, 26 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=I think it would be a good idea if we could have either a motorcycles, cars, or a buses to travel around the city faster without alot of AP use. The could be found in junkyards, auto shops or possibly wastelands. The ones found in junkyards or wastelands could be marked as broken and in order for the vehicle to work the survivor would need to have the construction skill to fix it. Also they would need to use a fuel can of course. Also, it might be a possibility to band together a few people if they fixed up a car or bus (which would also run out of gas sooner.)| suggest_moved= 04:50, 27 Dec 2005 (GMT)| }}

27th December 2005

28th December 2005

Among the Dead


suggest_time=17:06, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Zombies look dead by default, right? I feel that zombies should be capable of "playing dead". Flavour is pretty simple, "You lay down among the decaying corpses." Until you stand, you get the Grey screen. "You are a decaying corpse." a likely caption for it. In terms of your presence, you would be undetectable while "playing dead" as anything more than "There are X dead bodies here". You should only be capable of doing it if there is at least 1 legitimate corpse present. You would be capable of being dragged out of buildings as a corpse. To stand should cost either 1 with Ankle Grab or 10 without. This should be part of either the Brain Rot tree or the Memories of Life tree. There have been similar entries to this, and I don't know how those discussions went down, so perhaps this will shed new light on the subject.| suggest_votes=

  • Keep - I am the author. Not sure if this qualifies as Play_Dead. This is my first post though.--ev933n 17:06, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • dupe -link listed above. it qualifies as the same in game terms. The reason why it always dies is that it makes zombies unvulnerable when logged out. too unbalancing as even with barricaded buildings survivors don't have that. (and zombies can already just stand up) And welkom to the suggestion page. Hope you enjoy it here. (we're a mean bunch)--Vista 17:13, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe - Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing, and anything along those lines has been shot down in the past. Could we post the phrase "We're a Mean Bunch" at the top of the page? --Dickie Fux 17:28, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • D'mnit Dickie, I make the statement and you get the glory... Mbrgl...--Vista 18:16, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
      • I know, I was just going to write something about it. I'll just bold the line in your comment. It's a funny line, that's why I repeated it. --Dickie Fux 18:23, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Duplicate, as stated. At first glance, it would be nice for individual ferals to lie in wait like a spider, but the trouble comes when a horde of 100 zombies slowly infiltrate and hide outside a building with a stack of bodies lying around. That would make it too overpowering. --WibbleBRAINS 17:31, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe - 'Fraid so. As a rule of thumb, if it's been shot down before, it will be shot down again. And Dickie Fux's idea should definately be on the page. --Catriona McM 17:36, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe - I took Dickie Fux's idea and ran with it. Rule 4 at the top. If it needs refining, be my guest. (I hope I wasn't out of line in making the addition, sorry if so. It's more to protect new users than voters.) --Carnival H 18:02, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe - This has been suggested how many million times?--The General 18:58, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Dupe - This has been suggested exactly 83 million times, The General. This violates the Suggestions_Dos_and_Do_Nots and everything regarding "read the old suggestions, or perish." Therefore, this suggestion will perish momentarily... Bentley Foss 19:15, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)|

suggest_moved=19:20, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)| }}

Skill Addition: Accelerate Time


suggest_time=21:45 28 Dec, 2005 (EST)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=All| suggest_description=Acclerate Time (Your maximum HP is set at 40, reguardless if you have body building or not, but you gain AP at the rate of 1.1 every 30 minutes.)

  • Flavor Text - You drain all will from your soul to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time.|

suggest_moved=22:12, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_votes=

  • Kill - AAAAAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA rofl chortle etc. *whoo* OK...Wrong format, poor idea, bad wikiisms, no clarification on whether or not it stacks on Body, this is horrible. --MaulMachine 22:00, 27 Dec 2005 (EST)
    • Comment - You are not nice to a new comer to the wiki boards who doesn't know how to use this very well. Meanie. :( --Jason Killdare 03:01, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Re - This is Urban dead, not Diablo... --MaulMachine 22:09, 27 Dec 2005 (EST)
  • Kill - Suggestions_Dos_and_Do_Nots#Leave_Your_Own_AP_Alone Rhialto 03:05, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - They both said it. Bentley Foss 03:07, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Well it kinda relies on magic here "Draining your soul." So that's bad flavor. And mechanics-wise having fractions of AP is never any good and 1.1 isn't worth the 10-20HP loss. And even if you are a newbie, spelling still counts and there was a template for you to use, as well as buttons with full descriptions. --TheTeeHeeMonster 03:07, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Poorly thought out, ludicrous premise, no comment on what happens to Bodybuilding, and fractional AP point regeneration... --VoidDragon 03:22, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Most of the time if I want to acomplish something I have to be willing to do it. - Jedaz 03:24, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam - Nobody spam votes anymore so I will. Mainly because it goes against the Dos and Donts and because it's pretty much a very very bad idea. As for being nice to nwecomers, this isn't the place for it (My first three suggestions were shot down faster than newbie zombies in a mall full of zombie hunters :) --Signal9 05:15, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Challenge - Even if you don't like this skill or the idea for it, it's not spam. --Jason Killdare 13:34, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Spam -You drain all will from your soul?--Vista 13:11, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
    • Challenge - Even if you don't like this skill or the idea for it, it's not spam. --Jason Killdare 13:34, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
      • re -If not enough people agree with me or somebody votes keep it isn't spam. If enough people agree with me it is. BTW, the "unchallenged" part of spam votes means that there are no keep votes from other people then the author, so I'll take your 'Challenge' as a question why I voted spam. True, I don't like the skill or the idea behind it. But that is not why I voted spam, if that was all the problems I had with it I'd vote Kill. I've got that much integrity. The reason I voted spam is this is a sci-fi zombie apocalypse not a fantasy zombie apocalypse. And drain all will from your soul seems very much part of a fantasy zombie apocalypse, combined with the fact that it messes with AP replenishing rate (a big no-no in the do's and don'ts) does make it spam for me. This isn't just a bad suggestion, It is a silly suggestion--Vista 18:04, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Teh st00pid. By the way, you don't have the authority to strike out Spam votes. - KingRaptor 13:48, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Don't get upset Jason, but it is a poor idea.--WibbleBRAINS 13:50, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Not the worst idea ever, but it's close. --S Kruger
  • Spam - Spamination squad required. One point, "regardless" is not spelt with a "u".--The General 17:59, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - but I'd just like to say, I bet most of the above posters don't get a chance to bully people in real life so they do it here. --Frosty 20:14, 28 Dec 2005 (GMT)

| }}

29th December 2005

30th December 2005



suggest_time=18:48, 30 Dec 2005 (EST)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Dexterity (Zombies have the dexterity to use all weapons in the game. If a zombie has survivor skills that enchance a weapon's to-hit percentage, those skills apply.) Prerequesite: Memories of Life| suggest_moved= 01:11, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

31th December 2005

Loud Speaker

{{prejection| suggest_time=00:28, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type= New Item | suggest_scope= Survivors and zombies| suggest_description= Survivors can find Loud Speakers which they can use one time per item to say whatever they want up to 150 people instead of 50. But zombies can also hear the user if thier within 5 blocks of the time it was used

changes: ok here's a better way of putting it Area- You can find it in the Police department or the mall Search Percent would be 5%

When a survivor uses it The description will be - You put the Loud Speaker to your lips and begin to speak- so it would only last for 1 turn and whatever you say would go to everyone in your same building up to 150 people instead of 50

The thing will kinda go off like a flare for zombies with the message- you heard a faint voice coming from 4 blocks west 11 blocks south

I thought of this idea after being so annoyed that I can only talk to 50 people even in the middle of a siege

All that in Short

Human-Gets to talk to more people YAAY!

Zombie- Gets to hear that person talk and attempt to follow the noise and much on his brains!

Author Edit: Ok remember people THE ITEM CAN ONLY BE FOUND IN 1 PLACE AND HAS AN EXTREMLY LOW PERCENT OF FINDING! it's more of a previlage saving item that an item that can be found 50 times a day and can be used like crazy. It's a one sentence 1 speaker trade off| suggest_moved= 01:57, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT) }}

New Skill: Midden

{{prejection| suggest_time=23:30 31 Dec 2005| suggest_type=New Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Midden (Zombies may construct a midden of body parts in a block without a building in it. The midden effectively functions as a baracade. While the midden stands no zombie or survivor may pass through it. Zombies and survivors in the block where the midden is built are trapped. Zombies who have this skill may also use it to remove middens, level by level, just as they can build them. Free running has no effect on areas cordonded off by middens.) Crowbars work the same way on middens as on barricades.| suggest_moved=05:50, 1 Jan 2006 | Notes: Duplicate of [ Wall of Corpses] }}

Influence Supply Drops


suggest_time=23:35, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Supply Crates| suggest_description=Supply crate drops at the moment are random enough such that most people have never encountered one - thus the net gameplay effect is minimal. I'd like to sum up some of the already proposed changes that influence supply drops and tack a few of my own on.

1. The chances of having a supply drop be placed to your block is influenced by whether there is a building, and whether it is powered. Lets say a powered building gives a 200% chance of a supply crate being dropped in any 24 hour period.

2. Flares. For every flare fired in a block, the odds of a supply crate being dropped to that block increase by 50% for the NEXT DAY, that is, if I go to a square and launch off 10 flares, I will have improved the chances of a supply crate being dropped to that block by 6 times, for the next day.

3. Population concentration. Densely populated areas should have more crates dropped to them. I propose that for every 20 survivors beyond 100 in a suburb the chance of a crate being dropped to any square in that suburb increase by 25%.

4. Radio power mast. Having a powered tower in a suburb will double the probability AFTER the prior 3 calculations have already been met, that is, if I fire 10 flares in a suburb with 200 people in it, on a block with a powered building, the probability becomes 825x2= 1650%, or 16.5 times the chance that a crate would drop in that block, in a day.

5. Drop Beacon. A new item found ONLY in Armories, it acts as an invisible flare. Light it off in a block, and it again doubles the probability. So taking the prior example, lighting off a beacon at that block would improve the chances to 3300%, or 33 times the chance that a crate would be dropped in that square rather than some random empty square in an unpopulated suburb.

All percentages would be recalculated each day with changes in status (power, population) noted and flare/beacon counters reset.

Looks like I have to make a clarification. I am NOT saying more than one crate be dropped in a block during a 24 hour period, NOR should there reasonably be guaranteed supply drops per day. The percentages I state are the multiples of the original hypothetical percentage of '100%', that is, normally there is 1 times the probability that a crate would drop. '3300%' would suggest that there is now a modified 33 times the probability that a crate would drop in that block, and given that the probability is fairly low (less than 1%) that a crate will drop in a particular block, even 33 times the probability would only net perhaps a 1 in 5 or 1 in 4 chance of a crate being dropped.| suggest_moved=12:34, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_votes=

  • Kill - You're freaking kidding, right? This is like a supply hand-out. I'll never have to search again! 33 drops a square per day? No. Just, no. --TheTeeHeeMonster 23:53, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT) Edit: Then word it right "or 33 times that a crate would be dropped in that square rather than some random empty square in an unpopulated suburb." means that it would be dropped 33 times. And yes, I understand the concept of the percent sign. I still vote kill because survivors don't need a boost right now. The zombies are already whining about the "Uber crates of doom!" We make them any better and they'll go strike again.
    • Re - If you didn't notice, I had a % after every number. PERCENT. So for the example of 3300% I placed, take whatever chance there is now of supply crates being dropped somewhere, multiply it by 33. NOT, 33 crates dropped a day - the maximum would simply be 1 crate a day if you managed to get and maintain the percent high enough such that crates would drop 100% of the time. They'd still be low-frequency finds. FireballX301 00:01, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Sounds like you want airdrops to become the new searching. 3300%? They're supposed to be a rare treat. Also, you probably haven't seen one because they're only dropped in empty streets with no building, which hurts some parts of this as well. But basically, the crates are supposed to be a rare find that can be nice for the few people that find it, but the game will never revolve around them, and they should never be common enough to make any of this stuff make sense. I do like the recent other suggestion of crates being more likely in suburbs with lots of lights while averaging the same frequency overall, but that's it. Too many variables, and you'd have to make the rate much higher than the current balance permits in order to justify it all. --Brickman 23:55, 31 Dec 2005 (GMT)
  • Kill - Crates are only dropped in empty streets (not buildings, junkyards, parks, cemetaries, or wastelands), and it should stay that way. --Signal9 00:26, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Are you aware that the current probabilities of random supply crates dropping is ZERO? It was a one time event. The basic assumptions for this proposal are flawed, rendering all the numbers invalid. Rhialto 00:31, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - First, supplies should only be dropped in empty lots, in order to draw people out of buildings if they're willing to risk it. Second, the population proposal (number 3) is way too powerful, and unrealistic because I doubt the military outside has a way of x-raying every building in the city to take a census count. --Dickie Fux 00:38, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re - Actually they could. Thermal imaging from satellites in orbit, as well as military units on the ground. It's still a crappy suggestion, but this part is plausable. --TheTeeHeeMonster 00:42, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - We DONT need ot make thigns easier for us, Survivors. Supply drops are/were rare because it makes thigns interesting... and the reason they were out in empty blocks is because it creates CHALLENGE. Expose yourself to get the goodies. Are the peopel who make suggestiosn so afraid of CHALLENGE? WHy dont we just give you unlimited ammo and all weaposn right from the start...Jak Rhee 00:31, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill You want a huge amount of people to make supply drops come down more? Say hello to another day of super lag as hundereds of zeds gather into 1 park zone and stare mindlessly at a wall.--Drogmir
  • Kill -Supply crates were a one time gift to sweeten the for powering down of headshot. I didn't like them then I don't like them now.--Vista 02:02, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Nothing else to say. Survivors are already a lot more powerful than zombies anyway. ~~----
  • Kill - I don't have a problem with having some way of influencing supply drops, but the Flares thing all by itself is ridiculous. Yes, I'd love to wake up to a billion flare messages every single time I log in. --Sindai 02:43, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam - Obviously spam. Those percentages are ridiculous. Coreyo 03:48, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam - 1) Everyone knows that you cannot have a probability of over 100%, 2) this means a instant crate for any powered building, 3) This kills almost all gameplay for Zombies as they would be killed almost instantly due to the "crates of doom" - Jedaz 10:02, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • SPAM - Makes searching useless, powers survivors to an all time high beyond that which any horde can match, or even all of them together. Why dont you just get rid of zombies instead? This would accomplish EXACTLY the same thing. --Grim s 11:19, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)


1st January 2006

New Skill: Terror


suggest_time=16:25, 1 Jan 2006 (EST)| suggest_type=New Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Terror (A successfully landed attack has a 1% chance to let the zombie choose if the victim flees in terror. If they do, the victim runs 1 block in a random direction. Fleeing does not use any AP. If the fleeing victim is inside a building that is too heavily barricaded for them to leave they don't, otherwise they flee out the doors and to a random block in any direction.)| suggest_moved=09:11, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_votes=Vote Here

  • Keep - Author Vote --Jason Killdare 21:24, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill I ALMOST like this. Its so very very close to a keep. However, I have a few points. One, what happens if the survivor is INSIDE when struck? Do they move out side.. or outside then a block? What if its Heavily barricaded and they dont have Free Running? Second, Does the forced flee cost AP? If so then your takin 2 or 4 AP from a person.. 1 or 2 to move away and another 1 or 2 to return? Third, what if the AP loss from being shoved a block puts them to sleep? Not really fair there. FINALLY, there's the fact that it actaully HURTS zombies... especially newer zombies. Imagin tryign to kill a surivor and beign so so close to feasting on his tasty brains.. when they are knocked a block away and you have to spend 2 AP without Lurchin Gait to go after them to finish the job? That really sucks. Why would any Zombie want to buy this skill if they could deny themselves kills accedentally? Its hard enough for zombies to gain XP! Jak Rhee
    • Comment - Made some changes based on your comment. Thanks for the input. --Jason Killdare 21:50, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • Its better wiht the changes.. unfortunatly the way it hurts the zombies who buy it keeps it from ever being a keep. I like it less and less the more I think about it with that in mind -- Jak Rhee
  • Kill - No pied piper skills. See Dos and Do nots. --TheTeeHeeMonster 21:38, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Comment - It's on the Frequently Suggested page, not the Dos and Do Nots. That's twice you've said that, now. There is a difference between the two, I'm afraid. Sorry to have to point it out... :P --Daxx 23:46, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill See above, though the concept of fear/panic in the game is not a bad one, just this suggested implementation is flawed. --Jack-Swithun 21:40, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam - [No pied Piper Skills] At this point, I'd say that these sorts of suggestions can be rightfully be considered spam. CthulhuFhtagn 21:45, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Comment - This is MOST DEFINATLY not a pied piper type of skill. --Jason Killdare 21:50, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • Yes it is Jason, you're making a non-dead body character move not on their own free will, and that's a no-no. --TheTeeHeeMonster 21:51, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Please, no moving of other players' characters, even if just to random direction. --Brizth 22:33, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam - Stop moving people's characters around. --Daxx 23:35, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - If I were in a building with 200 other survivors and a lone zombie brokw in and made me flee in terror to the outside, I'd be pretty peed off. Rhialto 23:49, 1 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Terror would be a neat thing to add, but I d󮧴 think this is the way. Keep thinking and I'm sure you'll get something. --Horje 00:02, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • kill - they flee where ? inside or outside a nearby building ? if they flee inside it sucks, if you don't want to finish your meal let others do it instead. if they flee outside, it sucks again, because you are exposing the survivor to certain death. And 1% is a way too small chance to make this worth 100 xp --hagnat 00:55, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Spam -no automated actions/moves forced upon players ever, except dying--Vista 02:02, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  • Kill - Yay, a zombie skill to force yourself to spend AP chasing after your enemies! --Jon Pyre 02:53, 2 Jan 2006 (GMT)


2nd January 2006

3rd January 2006

Fast Reloading


suggest_time=00:04, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Prerequisites: All Firearm Combat skills (Basic Firearms Training, Pistol Training, Advanced Pistol Training, Shotgun Training. Advanced Shotgun Training). This skill would allow the user to automatically Reload Three of their pistols for one AP Whatsoever due to Fast reflexes and Extremely advanced training. This also counts for Shotguns, but loading 2 shells into a single shotgun would cost 1 AP due to the difficulty of reloading a shotgun (It doesn’t really have magazines). You would have to have enough (Magazines not-Clips)/ Shotgun shells in order to load them, and if you didn’t it would load the least loaded guns first. | suggest_moved=19:25, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)


{{prejection| suggest_time=21:18, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies only| suggest_description=When a zombie purchases this skill it allows him only to be seen by a survivor within the same block. This is to allow somewhat of surprise when a survivor traveling the city from one point to another. Zombies can see him like normal though| suggest_moved= 22:31, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

4th January 2006

Rocket Launcher

{{Prejection| suggest_time=18:31, 3 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon| suggest_scope=Zombies, helicopters.| suggest_description=Basically i propose that Zombies be given rocket launchers to shoot down helicopters. Why? Because if idiots are going to keep suggesting air drop suggestions then i better bloody well suggest a counter.

Rocket launchers and Rockets are found in Forts using a new button called "scavenge" for zombies, and can only be used to attack Helicopters. A Zombie has a base of 5% accuracy with it, but this is increased with Basic Rocket Launcher Proficency skill, to 30%, and by another 20% with Advanced Rocket Launcher Proficiency, and another 15% by Expert Rocket Launcher Proficiency. A Zombie would gain 50exp for taking out a helicopter, which would happen after two hits.

Basically the targetting would work like this: If a helicopter is heard overhead, a drop would be triggered an hour later. In that time a zombie has the opportunity to shoot the helicopter down, and this is accessed through the drop down menu if the zombie has a rocket launcher.|

suggest_moved=05:00, 4 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

5th January 2006

Mutation (Or something)


suggest_time=18:13, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= balance change| suggest_scope= dedicated Zombies| suggest_description= Alright, don't vote on the name, I know its been used before, but i just couldnt think of a good name for the moment, but anyway. The zombies have been slowly transforming after all Brain Functions Ceased (ie Brain Rot). Their muscles are getting bigger, their Claws longer, and their teeth sharper.

This skill would apply to zombies with brain rot, and as such be under that skill tree. It would be a buyable source of strength, that could be bought a predertermined set of times (6? maybe more) and would increase All physical damage dealt by 1 (because of course, it makes the difference of being slapped by a weak zombie and bulldozed by a powerhouse.) I don't know, please dont be too harsh if you can, and if it's been done before, show me and I'll delete it. I searched but didnt seem to find anything relevant. I'm just trying to even out the Zombie / Survivor levels of the game) | suggest_moved=00:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_votes=

  1. Kill ---Kcold 18:25, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Kill - I don't think increasing zombie damage is a good thing for balance. The reason they're not played as much as humans isn't because they're weak (they aren't), but because they're 1-dimensional. --Daxx 18:22, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT) And Kcold, don't overwrite my fix to the suggestion code. You have to merge changes.
  3. Kill - Increased damage and hit percentages are boring; zombies need new abilities, not tweaks to old ones. --Dickie Fux 18:32, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Spam bought one time the HP/AP becomes 1.5 for bite 2 for claws already horrible overpowered. but you want 6 or even more levels? that means a HP/AP of 3 for bite and 4.5 for claws, that is roughly similar of a shotgun that does 25 damage and a pistol that does 15 damage. And a look at the game statistics tells me that zombies are still growing in numbers fast.--Vista 18:58, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill - Nah. --krupintupple 13:58, 5 Jan 2006 (EST)
  6. Kill - What Vista said. This is ridiculously overpowered. --Brizth 19:14, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Kill - The WCDZ is not pleased with this suggestion that has been made in one form or another seventy million times before. Zombies do not need more damage~ Bentley Foss 20:12, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Kill - Do not defy the WCDZ! --TheTeeHeeMonster 20:28, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  9. Spam - First of all, "limited number of times" stat boosts are not the servers friends, secondly, what Daxx said, thirdly, what Vista said, which means that I'll have to go with the WCDZ on this. --Signal9 20:38, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  10. Kill - This is by far the worst and least thought out variation of 'mutation' I've EVER seen. And thats saying something. --Jak Rhee 22:05, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  11. Kill - Horribly overpowered. Wasn't there a survivor version of this that had something to do with sticking nails in weapons? Anything that adds to base damage - more specifically, again and again and AGAIN, ad nauseam, is unbalanced by default.--Arathen 22:20, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  12. Kill - wow. the WCDZ is out in force today. very correct though, i gotta agree with 'em here. --Firemanstan 22:26, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  13. Kill - for the WCD... erm, i mean... for the horde !!! --hagnat 23:04, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Tally - 13 kill, 13 votes --Mikm 23:35, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  14. Kill/Spam, 10 damage bite = failure. --LibrarianBrent 00:19, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)


Fast Reload


suggest_time=12:42, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Skill| suggest_scope=Shutguns users| suggest_description=

 A skill that allows survivors who have it to reload a shutgun with two shells in one AP. I'm thinking it will fit well under the zombie-hunter skill tree. Shotguns already require a huge amount of AP's to be functional (number of searches for each shell and the shotgun itself), the double AP's required for loading it are an additional pain in the ass, this skill should eash the pain.|

suggest_moved=00:32, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_votes=

  1. Keep - Original poster's vote. Rani 12:45, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Dupe - And spam, spammity spam. Edit: Sorry, forgot rules- Dupe, dupe, dupetity-dupe. This has been done waaaaay before, many times. Hang on I'll find the original. There you go. Here's one that was suggested only two days ago! [1] -- Andrew McM 12:44, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Spam - ^ - --ramby 12:46, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Spam - done and rejected to death before. -- Skarmory 12:49, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Spam - Yup, just search the peer rejected page. Maaaaaany dupes. --Omega2 13:10, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Keep - This is different enough than the linked suggestion (This one doesn't deal with pistols). And since that suggestion was spaminated because of being "seen before", there should have been link to dupe... And then there's Undecided_Suggestions#Speed_Loading that's in Undecided, and is a bit different. --Brizth 13:33, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Comment - You people should have been voting Dupe, not Spam. --Daxx 14:14, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Dupe - Yeah I'm Sry about that one, I Didn't realize how it would unbalence the AP system, imsaying Dupe because this is exactly my suggestion but without including Pistols. -- Argus Nole 14:47. 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Dupe - Is it really that hard to check? And there's been a thousand others. Fast Reload = BAD! We dont liek it! Why? Because the difficult in workign the AP cost of the shotgun is there for a reason.. to balance its power. Why do people hate balance? --Jak Rhee 14:50, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  9. Kill - I don't think this is going to get removed as a dupe, so I'm killing it. --Daxx 17:06, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  10. Kill - --Dickie Fux 17:09, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  11. Kill - I calculated the number and it changes a small and almost meaningless 0.05 difference in the HP/AP. doesn't overpower it. But as it is such a meaningless difference, And I find all the moaning about loading well, moaning...(and the fact that it doesn't give the numbers, If you make a suggestion, do the work will ya!)--Vista 18:07, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  12. Kill - --Kcold 18:11, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  13. Kill - Nope. --krupintupple 13:58, 5 Jan 2006 (EST)
  14. Dupe - Check Speed Loading. And, for the record, I like the idea of loading two shells with 1's not that horrendously unbalancing. You still have to find the shells first... Bentley Foss 20:07, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  15. Kill - Not close enough for a dupe, not unbalancing, but as Vista said, isn't enough of a change to bother. --Signal9 20:20, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  16. Kill - just to be original, no. --Freakarama 21:15, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  17. Kill --Arathen 22:15, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  18. Kill - They cost AP because they are powerful. And for the love of God, spell "Shotgun" correctly! --Zacharias Cross 22:52, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Tally - 2 Kill, 4 Dupe, 2 Keep, 18 Total --Mikm 23:36, 5 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  19. Keep - Because reloading three pistols at once is effed up. Riktar 02:46, 6 Jan 2006 (GMT)


6th January, 2006



suggest_time=05:44, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=New survivor skill| suggest_moved= 06:31, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT) | suggest_description=This skill would be called "Robotics", and would be found under the Necro Tech skill tree under Lab Experience. A Survivor with this skill would be able to construct a droid.

  • What It Is.
A droid is constructed from robot parts, which would be found in Junkyards, Warehouses, Factories, and Tech Stores. It requires 5 generic "robot parts" to construct a droid, and 5 AP to build the droid out of those parts (There would be a button labeled "construct droid" available to those who have this skill). A droid has an inventory of 5 items - which can be filled upon its construction, with items from its builders inventory (These items can not be passed back and forth. once its builder puts an item in the droids inventory, it can not be given back). A droid has 10 HP, and can not be healed with FAK's (for obvious reasons); but its parts can be replaced by any survivor with a robot part and the robotics skill - at a repair value of +2 HP to the droid per part replaced. 10 XP is given to the player upon constructing a droid, and 1 XP per part replaced when repairing a droid. A player can only own and operate 1 droid at a time. Zombies attacking a droid receive standard XP, and Survivors attacking a droid receive 1/2 XP.
  • How It Works
Droids are not functional without a remote - which would be found in Junkyards, and Tech Stores. A droid operates by clicking on the remote button in the players inventory - this switches the play screen to that of the droid, and a button would be available on the droids screen to switch back to its controller. Actions made by the droid use its controllers AP, however switching the play screen from controller to droid does not cost an action. A player can control only a droid built by them, and the droid/remote radius is 5 blocks. If a player moves their droid outside of that radius, the screen automatically switches back to its controller, and the droid is inoperable until the player moves back within 5 blocks of their droid. The droids would appear on screen generic and anonymous like zombies, and grey or white in color.
  • What It Does
A droid can not enter a barricaded building; however it would be able to exit from such a building, open doors, and search for items. droids are able to speak (mechanism flavor translation = through a speaker by its controller). Droids have a melee weapon attack of 25%, and a ranged weapon attack of 55% - standard damage per weapon. A droid itself is unable to gain XP and levels, and does not collect XP for it's controller when making actions. All other standard actions (not already mentioned in this suggestion i.e. attack barricades, tag, etc.) that can be made by a level 0 Survivor, can be made by a droid.
  • Why This Skill?
To exponentially increase the flavor of the scientist class. Scientists are no doubt extremely intelligent and resourceful people, and would be thinking of new ways to approach the zombie situation. A droid is an optimal way for scientists to conduct their work from a small distance.
  • Preemptive Answers To Foreseen Questions.
The limited range of controller/droid would notify zombies of its controllers general area; and I believe this could not be used in other "cheap" or "unbalanced" ways, as i have given much thought to possible abuses when forming this suggestion - which is reflected in the details of it. This is a sincere suggestion with much thought put into it, much unlike the cyborg suggestion which sparked the idea for it - so to those who notice the similarities initially, please read this suggestion through fully before voting.|


  1. SPAAAAAAM - Just cause its sincere doesnt mean its not horrible. NO NPCs on top of half a billion other reasons. EDIT: Did you Multiply by A Billion? No of course you didnt. There are currently 29699 active Survivors. Let's assuem only HALF of them have the bought the skills needed to make this abomination. That means you have 14,850 Droids running around? This isn't Star Wars! --Jak Rhee 05:49, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re: Did you just not read the suggestion at all? It implicitly states that the droid is player controlled. I do not see where you are getting this NPC idea other than that you did not read this suggestion fully. And yes, I did multiply by a billion. Did you not pay attention to the effort that would go into building and arming a construct? Also, what is your issue with 14,000 droids running around (even though I personally would like to see that many droids running around - I doubt very highly 1/2 of survivors would build a construct when those that have the military skills attack more efficiently on their own)? spam is not a strong kill vote. --Firemanstan 05:56, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • I saw the effort, but people will still do it. And there still will be, in good time, 14,000 droids. My problem with that? Oh not only is it overpowerign for Survivors.. but THIS IS NOT STAR WARS!!!! This is a ZOMBIE game. Thats what its SPAM.. this is ENTIRELY outside the genre, woudl require an incredible amount of effort to code, is massively overpowering for Sruvivors...My god, the only thing iits NOT is meant as silly. Ohther than that it's EVERYTHING Spam is! --Jak Rhee 06:06, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Kill - Well, technically it's not an NPC, and it does use its controller's AP to move... but I have some objections. Namely, can we say XP Farming? A few zeds and survivors working together, just beating down and building up the droid over and over... see where I'm going? Biggest objection of all: take a thousand guys and have them all build droids. Voila, mass no-risk attacking of poor zeds. In other words: Multiply It By A Billion.--Pinpoint 06:05, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re - How can they not do the same thing by just creating a million alts? And more efficiently as well. The droid only has 10 HP, and requires 5 parts to build from scratch (once it's killed it returns to scraps.. if that is where you are hung up, i apologize for not clarifying that in the suggestion. i assumed it was implied). Honestly I have thought the balance over 6 ways from sunday - and it is not unbalanced. If voters wish to kill this idea because they do not care for the idea of robots - that is fine. But the balance is there. --Firemanstan 06:14, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
      • Re - We are allowed to reply to replies on our votes, right? Well, the alt thing would bring in zerging effects, and you didn't touch on the XP Farming problem, so I'm staying at Kill for now.--Pinpoint 06:23, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Kill - We need ninjas and pirates before robots. Duh. --LtMile 06:10, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill: I'm not sure what the purpose of a droid would be, in that case, other than very weak but relatively expensive support units in a survivor attack. And although Jak Rhee isn't paying attention, he does bring up a server load increase issue, not to mention that droids are slightly off-genre here. I want to see new science skills, but robots are a little much. --Signal9 06:13, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
    • Re Yeah I did miss the non NPC thing.. thats why I crossed it out. Everythign els I said is valid. And a "little" off genre? They are a LOT off genre --Jak Rhee 06:15, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill - make this robot a pirate, and maybe ill give you a Keep --hagnat 06:19, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Spam/Dupe - Seen this before, and it has died. Dumb Idea Jorge 06:20, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)


7th January, 2006

School Kid


suggest_time=15:21 7 jan 2006| suggest_type=new class| suggest_scope=survivers| suggest_description=a new class called school kid (or whatever kevin wants it to be) it starts with tagging and a new skill called study-the student pays so much attention that it has a 40%(kevin can change it)chance of gaining xp. it also starts with 2 spray cans and a baseball bat. - astor 19| suggest_moved=17:04, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

New Zombie Tree


suggest_time=16:46 7 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Skills| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Ok I'm suggesting a new Zombie skill tree, Mutations, The Virus has evolved and new forms of zombie have started springing up all over the city. The idea below are just suggestions feel free to change some and add others. Tentacle: the Zombie has mutated an extra tentacle, this will auto attack for 1 damage at a hit percentage of 5% as it is a newly mutated tentacle and the zombie can't control it, you can buy skills to increase the hit percentage to 20%. before killing it on this point, look at figures a level 3 human with all shotgun skills and enough guns can kill a zed in 8 ap, the best a zed can do is 34 ap (i think this is right) Armadillo hide: the zombie mutates an armadillo like tough shell, this acts like a flack jacket, not stackable with flack jacket Insect strenght: mutates to have strength like a bug ie: can lift 50* it's weight, acts like body building, not stackable with body building| suggest_moved=17:08, 7 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

8th January, 2006


{{prejection| suggest_time=18:42, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Classes| suggest_scope=Survivors/Zombies| suggest_description=Urban Dead has a disturbing lack of realism and political correctness. Why aren't there any midgets in Malton? It's clear that midgets wouldn't be able to flee the city by foot because they are too slow, so the "midgets: normal people"-ratio would be way over average. There's only one solution: A new midget class.

  • Midget zombies start with Ankle Grab because their arms are closer to the ankles.
  • They can't be stopped by closed doors because there's always a hole where a midget can pass through.
  • They need to spend 3 AP per square because they are pretty slow.
  • New zombie midget skill "Knee bite", sub-skill of "Digestion": A succesful knee bite slows the bitten survivor down (2 AP per square) until he gets healed with a FAK.

Midget survivors/revived midgets have also special strengths and weaknesses:

  • They can pass through heavy barricades because they are small
  • They need to spend 2 AP per square because they are slow
  • Midget survivors can't use shotguns for obvious reasons.
  • Midgets have 65 HP because they are pretty tough (see Frodo, that little guy beat the mighty Sauron and destroyed his damn ring).|

suggest_moved=23:20, 8 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

9th January, 2006


{{prejection| suggest_time=11:07, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon/skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=A zombie with this skill would be able to vomit at survivors. This attack would have a chance of being infectious but it would also slow the survivor as they clear the vomit from the eyes. This would make moving double the Ap required but wears off after random number of moves. As for ap required to vomit and hit %, im not sure but it should be low.| suggest_moved=12:45, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Remote Bombs


suggest_time=18:24, 9 Jan 2006| suggest_type=Weapon| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=The Remote Bomb can be found in armories. When it is place in a square (inside or outside a building) you keep a "remote." The remote can be used to detonate the bomb anywhere in a 1 square radius. A use for it would be to throw a few bombs outside a safehouse and use them to weaken zombies when they attack. When a bomb detonates it has a 20% chance to hit anybody in the square for 2 damage. OPTIONAL: When the bomb explodes it destroys all other bombs doing an extra 1 damage.| suggest_moved= 18:38, 9 Jan 2006| }}

Interior Barricading


suggest_time=19:42, 9 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Change of mechanics| suggest_scope=Malls, stadiums, other multi-square buildings| suggest_description=This really seems like it ought to have already been suggested, but I've looked throught the Previous Days page and haven't seen anything like it since the 30th when the change was implemented. It is a well-known fact that the recent change to barricading mechanics made it much harder to hold a multi-square building than it is to hold a normal, single-square one--the change helps zombies much more than it helps survivors. In this situation there will never be another Caiger. There is an obvious solution to this--if escalators and hallways have finally been cleared, let the people re-block them again. I propose that in multi-square buildings players with Construction see a new button--in addition to "barricade the building," we have "barricade the section." This allows you to erect a new and completely separate barricade, that would have the exact same effects as normal barricades, but against people indoors in the adjacent rooms of the large building instead of outside on the same square. To represent the more constrained space and so that zombies will find it a bit easier to take the rest of a mall once they're inside one section, these barricades cannot go above VS+2.| suggest_moved=03:00, 10 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

11th January, 2006

Acid Spit


suggest_time=GregM 00:18, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Expansive swelling in the intestinal tract of the zombie, and effects of zombification on the saliva have caused the zombies' spit to become acidic. Instead of biting or clawing their adversary, the zombie can choose to spit his (or her) acidic saliva at a target, for 5 damage at %20. It is affected normally by Flak jackets, and cannot damage barriers, although there is a chance of infection.

  • 5 damage @ 20% to hit = 1 HP/AP
  • Subset of Digestion|

suggest_moved=01:09, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Stun Gun


suggest_time=01:17, 11 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= Weapon| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= *No This is nothing like the Tazer Above, thats coincidence, i came here to enter it and that happened to be there. Tazers and Stun guns are different, stun guns must be pressed against the body at close proximity* As a Last Ditch effort, a survivor may attempt to utilize a Stun Gun (found in police Stations and Arms shops (and maybe hardware stores?) with a 15-25% chance for a successful strike, the stungun will jolt a zombie with a powerful blast of electricity and make them vulnerable to be tossed from a building for a few turns. Stun Guns are a one use tool, and are thrown away after use. The % is low so they are not unbalanced, and are best used as a last shot, probably from survivors near death or low on AP. (and suggestions are highly Welcomed. I'm not sure what is respected in terms of what a weapon can do, but I'm trying to think of a good Last defense weapon) | suggest_moved=06:57, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Corpse destruction

{{prejection| suggest_time=14:28, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Balance change| suggest_scope=All corpses| suggest_description=You can attack corpses. Hit in melee is automatic, hit in shooting is calculated normally. Thus, corpses can be taken to negative HP. When a corpse reaches -50 HP, it disappears from its current location and is dropped in a random suburb, exactly like a new player would be, with its HP set to 0. If it is not reduced to -50 HP before the player stands up, the rising zombie will be given 1 HP. No XP is gained through blasting a corpse to pieces. This is not permadeath - as you can see - but allows to at least temporarily dispose of some threats and annoyances. Just something to deal with the rotters at reviv points and PK'ers. --The Fifth Horseman 14:40, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_moved=07:03, 12 Jan 2006 (GMT). Originally moved by Mattiator, fixed up by The Fifth Horseman

PS: No matter how useless my suggestion might have been, it didn't make Mattiator's remark "Pitiful" any less rude.| }}

13th January, 2006

{{prejection| suggest_time=16:41, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=All players, one way or another| suggest_description=A tamer version of the "Corpse Destruction" idea I posted yesterday.

Players can already target corpses who are recognized by their Contact list, but cannot attack them. The idea is to allow them to do so, but within limits.

This should be a Zombie Hunter skill, possibly a second tier to Headshot.

    • Each attack against a corpse has normal to-hit chances
    • Corpses can be taken to negative HP (up to -49)
    • Attacking a corpse gives no XP to the attacker (thus to a degree wasting your AP and ammo)
    • When the corpse rises (either as a Zombie or a revivified human), its initial HP is lowered by the damage it was dealt (that's why -49 should be the limit - standing up and falling back down isn't nice to anyone)

--The Fifth Horseman 16:54, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT) | suggest_votes=

  1. Kill So it gives no EXP, doesn't that mean it will only be used for griefing? --Zaruthustra 16:59, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Kill Greifing, ahoy! --Jak Rhee 18:11, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Kill Avast me hearty, griefing is good ! --hagnat 18:32, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill Yar! This be a bad skill matey. Velkrin 18:38, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Kill Arrr, It be fun to talk like a pirate. Also, this is equally unfair and overpowering for everyone. Osric Krueger
  6. Kill Okay shut up about the pirate thing now. Its pissing me off. Now, I have to say that it is better to save your ammo and AP, and target somebody else, because it is better to have two dead zombies than one dead-er zombie. AllStarZ 19:02, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Kill - Grief, grief, grief, grief, spam, grief and grief. --WibbleBRAINS 19:10, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Kill - yep too griefing.--Vista 22:24, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  9. Spam - And standing up as a revived survivor in the middle of nowhere with 1HP and infection is nice? No. No attacking bodies. At all. I think the Do's and Do Not's have something about that. --Signal9 19:44, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  10. Spam - Because this has absolutely no use other than to grief people. Losing 1/5 of your daily AP is bad enough. --Pinpoint 20:04, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  11. Kill - Overkill.. and grief it is! --Blahblahblah 20:10, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  12. Kill Taking out reviving survivors and infecting them until their HP runs low is the only real use for this against survivors, which is griefing. Zombies pretty much die just to get back all their HP, and this would ruin the point of that, which makes it griefing for them as well. Nobody wins here but griefers! --Volke 23:15, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  13. Spam - What Pinpoint said. --Felix Fitzpatrick 00:21, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT)|

suggest_moved=00:53, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Viral Resistance


suggest_time=23:14, 13 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors mostly zombie hunters| suggest_description=This will be a new skill that goes under Zombie Hunter

This will be a new skill that goes under Zombie Hunter 

The description is: For some reason or another fighting off the zombie horde has made you resist to becoming them giving you a -1050% chance of becoming human each time you get stuck with a syringe. Note: the Percentage is debatable

Me personally I'm an idiot and i hate searching for people with syringes. This way not only does it counter the zombie’s brain rot but also still has a 50% chance you'll rise as a zombie to not completely eliminate that atmosphere of fear

So you must be level idiot to use this fucking skill. If you're level idiot you must love your survivor enough to want him to live| suggest_moved=00:53, 14 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

16th January, 2006

Variable AP for Searches


suggest_time=20:26, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=UI improvement| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=An option to increase the AP used to perform a search so that the search is performed multiple times with one click of the button, rather than clicking the button for each search. Note that this does not increase the success rate of a search, it just allows you to search multiple times with a single click.| suggest_moved=21:16, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

17th January, 2006

Profile Picture


suggest_time=16:15, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Zombies and Survivors| suggest_description=I think it would be great is players were able to post a picture/drawing of their character in their characters profile. Sometimes players are curious as to whom they are fighting against or along side with, and some people are just curious as to what other characters look like.| suggest_moved=16:36, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_votes=

  1. Spam - First there's Server Load. Second, you all know what's going to happen if you let a bunch of immature internet people post pictures. You're gonna lots of completely inappropriate crap, like porn. This suggestion has absolutely no merit, nor can it ever be changed to have it.. thus I vote Spam --Jak Rhee 16:17, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. 'Spam - Metagaming stuff like this can be done outside of the server. Plus, there is a chance of having goatse on half the profiles. --Mikm 16:23, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Kill - I wouldn't call this spam, but it's not really needed. Not to mention the possibility of innappropriate stuff, like Jak and Mikm said. --Pinpoint 16:24, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Spam I once saw a survivor with the name, "a naked woman." I rest my case! --Volke 16:26, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Spam- Aww, I'd like to have seen that! ;) Seriously, if you want a character profile, you could set up one on the Wiki, like mine! --WibbleBRAINS 16:29, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Kill -I've no need to see the same pictures from the same movies hundreds upon hundreds of times, I'd rather have the porn Jak rhee is rightly afraid of.--Vista 16:32, 17 Jan 2006 (GMT)


18th January, 2006

Even heavier level of barricades


suggest_time=03:53, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=w/e| suggest_scope=It affects everyone. EVERYONE!| suggest_description=Basically, a proposition for an even heavier level of barricades that can be only accessed by going outside to barricade the building.| suggest_moved=10:11, 18 Jan 2006 (GMT)| }}

19th January, 2006

Induce Coma


suggest_time=19 Jan (missing from orig, added when moved)| suggest_type=Item/Skill Addition| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Survivors are able to enter a deep coma that makes their characters appear as corpses to any onlookers. This would be accomplished through a syringe found in hospitals or via a new skill in the first aid tree. Only usable inside hospitals. Waking from the Coma may require 25AP. This is primarily to offset the disadvantage survivors have when unable to check their accounts for a few days due to whatever and almost always checking back and discovering their death. By entering a comatose state, players can effectively remove themselves from the game for small absences of time.| suggest_moved=11:56, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Walkie Talkies - Redux

{{prejection| suggest_time=03:14, 19 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Military, Police Officers, Firemen & Doctors| suggest_description=This item, the walkie-talkie, would be found in Police Departments, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Armouries and Electronic Stores in Malls. Essentially, this item would allow players to communicate via an active chat with other players on-line at the time. Rather than the current mobile-phone network which is the equivalent of a very unreliable e-mail system, the walkie-talkie system allows constant chat whilst on-line, with no off-line message system. Different channels can be used to allow private conversations between survivors.

This 'chat' system would, obviously, take up players AP (say 1 AP per scan through frequencies and 1 AP to talk, same as talking to a player in the same vicinity), with regards to the player scanning frequencies for conversations and also talking through the walkie-talkie. The item itself could be either solar powered (thus forcing the player to spend a certain amount of turns outside of a building to charge the walkie-talkie fully) or powered through a cable/adaptor (seperate item - possibly available from hardware/electronics stores within malls) from a portable generator.

The max characters within each chat message would remian constant, i.e., as it is with talking to survivors within a room/area

This system essentially would allow for survivors to access conversations from a set area (say a 4x4 suburb area), thus enabling the location of other survivors or to request for help.

To add fairness, zombies on-line who possessed this item before they died and were converted would be able to listen in on the conversations (the idea is that the walkie-talkies would be on constantly) but not able to hear a set number of words out of a larger set (say only 1/4 of the words) NB - This would merely be to add balance, as well as the fact that zombies would not be able to operate such equipment i.e., scanning through frequencies, etc. This adds a level of fairness as some zombies may learn peoples locations. Also they then know that survivors are within the set broadcast area.| suggest_moved=05:44, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)| }}

Ease Human-Zombie/Zombie-Human Conversions


suggest_time=08:22, 19 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Balance change| suggest_scope=This applies to zombies who wish to become human, and humans who wish to become zombies. Specifically, this eases the transition a bit.| suggest_description=It's nearly impossible for "newly converted" characters (i.e. surivors-turned-zombies, and zombies-turned-survivors) to progress at any reasonable pace without any skills to aid them. This ultimately leads to characters stockpiling XP, whereupon they switch sides and suddenly gain several new skills. This, of course, does not encourage newly-slain/revived survivors/zombies to behave as their current race--their utter lack of abilities tends to make them seek out revive points (or ways to die, as the case may be).

This suggestion aims to ease the pain felt by new converts, which should encourage players to behave in manners more becoming their respective life.

  • As zombies, characters with no zombie skills gain small amounts of XP (say, 3 XP) for successfully damaging barricades--but only until they gain 100 XP. This will allow these newly-converted players to buy a skill without spending weeks upon weeks tediously and ineffectually hunting for victims with a pathetic 20%, 2 damage attack.
  • As survivors, characters with no survivor skills gain small amounts of XP (say, 3 XP) for successfully searching for items--but only until they gain 100 XP. This allows newly-revived zombies to buy crucial survivor skills such as Free Running, Hand-to-Hand combat, Shopping, etc., without having to spend weeks upon weeks tediously searching for First Aid Kits and others to heal, or attacking zombies with pitifully ineffectual weapons.

Obviously, as soon as the player has both a survivor and zombie skill, or has 100 unspent XP as a skill-less zombie/survivor, this benefit permanently disappears for that character. This suggestion is intended to encourage players to behave in a more appropriate manner for their current state of being (brain-eater, or warm-blooded biped) instead of stockpiling XP and suddenly converting from one side to another.

To preemptively address concerns such as "This would allow players to level up more quickly, by gaining 100 XP and switching to the other side before they spend it, thereby defeating the '...with no skills' limitation.'" To this, I say no, it wouldn't--it would still take a reasonable amount of time to gain the XP--more time than gaining XP "normally", but much less than gaining XP as a skill-less character. Plus, the benefit disappears as soon as they've aquired 100 unspent XP, making it a one-time-only bonus anyway.| suggest_moved=05:47, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)| }}

20th January 2006



suggest_time=18:26, January 20th 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=item| suggest_scope=survivors| suggest_description=Fires are used like portable generators. They provide small light, can cook food, and can just be used for role-playing purposes. Zombies can identify it by the flickering light or the rising smoke. Fire may also spread, and can damage your character by one point.| suggest_moved=03:27, 20 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

21st January 2006

Rotten Meat

{{Prejection| suggest_time=12:53, 20 January 2006| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=A piece of torn rotten meat, possible came from a corpse. While useless (and disgusting) to survivors, zombies can eat the rotten meat to heal 1 hit point. Rotten meat can be most likely found in hospitals, graveyards, and the city zoo.| suggest_moved=05:15, 21 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

22nd January 2006

Return full list of survivors in overcrowded blocks

{{prejection| suggest_time=05:41, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=interface change| suggest_scope=players in blocks with 50+ survivors| suggest_description= What to change: Return full list of survivors in overcrowded(50+ survivors) blocks Why this change is needed: The full list allows players:

  • who has diagnosis/scent blood/scent fear skill to identify wounded survivors
  • to find familiar survivors easily
  • to find most recently active survivors


  • This suggestion opposes a recent change, that is claimed to reduce server load. But I noticed that we still get the full list of survivors in every drop-down menu. If it is a DB issue then that change didn't make any differense, because the server still needs to get all names in the block. On the other hand, if it is a traffic issue, then somebody should consider removing duplicate survivor lists from item drop-down menus and combining them into more compact form.

Edited: Please, argument your votes. Say what YOU think about this suggestion, not Kevan. | suggest_moved= 08:12, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

23rd January 2006

Use For Wirecutters?


suggest_time=22:09, 22 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Portable Generators| suggest_description=Well, everyone knows that wirecutters are completely useless items. But, what if they could be used to cut off connections from a generator to something important, like Necronet? Of course, there would be a very high chance (80%) that you would cut the wire needed to keep the lights on instead, resulting instead in some very disgruntled librarians. Speaking of which, what about having buildings without a working portable generator that provides light make you unable to read? I doubt that'd be too much of an issue, just more of a flavor text thing. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to read with the lights out?"| suggest_moved=04:41, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Coagulated Zombies


suggest_time=08:56, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Skill under Brain Rot. The skill allows a zombie to adhere itself to another zombie and boosting that zombie's maximum health by 40, but ONLY maximum health, and costs 40 AP to activate. In addition, the zombie that has been adhered to splits exp earned amongst all adhered zombies.

So therefore, if the zombies chose to, 10 zombies with 40 spare AP could adhere to a single zombie to create one gargantuan zombie with 450 HP, but otherwise unchanged battle statistics. When that zombie dies, all the zombies adhered also die and fall off, creating a pile of 11 bodies.

Why? Good question, actually. This came to mind after attempting to beat the zombie beast giant in RE4 and losing (again!). I suppose if you don't have time to play UD one day as a zed you could quickly adhere yourself to another zombie.

On a side note adhered zombies still must login within 5 days (i.e. remain active) or else I'd assume they would slough off.| suggest_votes=

  1. Spam Katamari Damazombie. --Jon Pyre 08:59, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Spam "I am the king of all cosmos!" "Does the prince like the vibrations?" --Matthew Stewart 09:14, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Kill - A player with 450HP? That's very possibly the most unbalanced idea I've seen so far. I almost voted 'Spam'. - Asrathe 09:17, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Spam - 56 x 40 = 2240 added to 60 health = a grand total of 2300 hp - --ramby 09:36, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Spam - Yep, thats a spammable suggestion. Velkrin 09:51, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Spam - Sorry but the mental picture of 2 zombies "adhered" was just nasty. The image of 3 or more would probably lead to, at least, severe trauma or, at most, death! Etherdrifter 11:05, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Spam - Just doesn't fit Urban Dead and makes no sense whatsoever anyways. (It's amazing what kind of idiotic nonsense people will accept if they see it in video games)Catwhowalksbyhimself 11:22, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  8. Spam wilbur tango foxtrot interrogative Rhialto 11:39, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT)

| suggest_moved=13:52, 23 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

25th January, 2006



suggest_time=01:57, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Spam Remover| suggest_scope=Survivors since they do the searching| suggest_description=After so long in the city of Malton, newspaper business are closed and all newspapers are nearly out of existance to this day. (This is just an example of what kevan should say, as this isn't the best description that has been, and kevan seems to be better at putting news on there than I). I call that, even though newspaper provides realism, that they should just get rid of the newspapers. The reason being that newspapers provide absolutely no help (and I am not trying to say to get rid of all because at least they provide some methodes of help; books could give you 1 exp, weapons under fireaxe at least have a chance to do damage) to this city. Notice that this does not increase the search percentage of the other items you would see there, as this is only to stop picking up trash, not to give a higher chance of finding a FAK or something.| suggest_moved=02:35, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Quickened Search

{{prejection| suggest_time=16:03, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= improvement| suggest_scope= Survivors, server load| suggest_description= When searching, instead of clicking 10 times for 1 AP to find a newspaper, it would be simpler if one clicked 1 time for 11 AP to find the same newspaper. This is the suggestion - i hope it is not a repetition, i couldn't find something like this in a quick glance: A new civilian skill is added which allows a "quick search". This search costs the average AP (rounded up) that are necessary to find an item plus an extra AP. It is always successful, but has no influence on what is found then. It just reduces the amount of clicks needed to find something. This is win-win-win situation for survivors, zombies and the server: The server load would be decreased extremely. The survivors would have more fun as the annoying search procedure is shortened - though more costly. The zeds win because the survivors will have -on average- less AP available as they spend more on searching.| suggest_moved=17:33, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Off The Roof

{{prejection| suggest_time=09:45, 25 Jan 2006 (GMT -5)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Lets say your in a mall, or a police station, or a hospital, or any other place that would conceivably have roof access. For one AP you can click, go to roof. Once on the roof you can see the total number of standing bodies at the bottom. Possibly being able to identify amount human and amount zombie. You can then chuck debris off the roof. The chance of you hitting anything is equal to the number of bodies standing down there, maxing at 60%, so if your in a tower with 8 zombies at the bottom, its just a waste of your precious AP, but if ur in a mall, with 38 zombies at the bottom, and a sufficient number of humans, you can effectivley crack a few skulls. It would deal about 3 damage, and give an equal amount of xp. If you were barricaded in a mall surronded by zombies, wouldnt YOU throw stuff at them?| suggest_moved=05:58, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

25th January, 2006

Using Guns


suggest_time=17:48 26 Jan 2006| suggest_type=Skill and balance change| suggest_scope=All| suggest_description=Now I know what people say when they read about a new gun, but just hear me out first. Automatic Rifles should be introduced in the game for level 10 players to find, players needs 200XPs and has a low finding percentage like about 2% and it could be found in Armories only. The Automatic Rifles has a 30 bullets clip and it fires 3 bullets every turn, each bullet does 1 damage, So when a person fires its has 5% of 1 bullet hitting the target or 2 bullets or all 3. Now at the start accuracy is at 5% and the accuracy of this weapon can only be upgraded to 20%.

I also purpose that all gun jam, now a Pistol has a 10% chance of jamming, A shotgun has a 20% chance of jamming and the Automatic Rifle has a 30% chance of jamming. Now once a jam occurs a player can clear it or drop it, Pistols takes 1AP to clear the gun, shotguns takes 2APs and an Automatic Rifle takes 3 APs to clear.

Now I know after reading this you might still think that it?s unfair for the zombies. So I also think that zombies who have bought all the skills should be able to learn how to use guns, now zombies can only use pistols and Automatic Riles and they also need 200XP to buy this skill, and once the gun has jammed or run out of bullets they can not reload or clear it so it can not be reused and need to find another gun. For zombies at the start they have a 5% accuracy for both guns they can upgrade the pistol can only go up to 20% and the Automatic Rifle can only go up to 10%.(or 10% for pistols and the Automatic has only 5% accuracy and can not be upgraded).

I?m happy for any suggestions or changes to this.| suggest_moved=10:13, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_votes=

  1. SPAM - Nothing is broken do Not try and fix it!!! - --ramby 07:57, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  2. Kill Spam - Don't need another weapon. And characters of high levels are already powerful, we don't really need anymore assistance. --RAF Private Chineselegolas 07:59, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT) And I also missed the part about zombies to use guns --RAF Private Chineselegolas 08:18, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  3. Kill - No, that is all I have to say.--John Rove 08:02, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  4. Kill Spam - This is... how you say... utter crap? Completely useless in that no one in their right mind would actually use it. Hmmm... let's see... rifle at 20% for 1-3 dmg, or axe at 40% for 3 dmg... hmmm, choices, choices.... --Pinpoint 08:08, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT) Edit: You know, I'd actually missed the part about zombies with guns. Thanks for pointing it out. --Pinpoint 08:15, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  5. Spam - I rarely vote spam, but zombies wielding guns, OMG. --Whitehouse 08:13, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  6. Spam - Gun jams? No. Zombies using guns? Hell no. - Asrathe 08:37, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)
  7. Kill - Assault rifles will always be voted down here (deservedly or not), but this is one of the most poorly conceived. --S Kruger
  8. Spam - Something about any skill requiring 200xp being inherently either overpriced or unbalanced. Rhialto 10:06, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)


26 Jan 2006

Cross-Species Skills


suggest_time=17:47 26th January (GMT)| suggest_type=general game balance| suggest_scope=All Players| suggest_description=One of the most enjoyable parts of Urban Dead is that you need to play both as a human and a zombie to reach the highest levels of both. Body Building can't be gotten as a Zombie. Ankle Grab can't be gotten as a human. However, there's a certain move towards full seperation of the classes in some suggestions (e.g. ) that'd basically eliminate the need to play both halves of the game.

]I'd like to suggest that Zombie and Human are further tied together, through the addition of more skills that affect both, instead of having the human skill that isn't partially replicated by zombies (Diagnosis/Scent tree) removed. ...Forgive me if this commenting on what type of things should be done in the game is inappropriate, but, well...| suggest_moved=18:53, 26 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

27th January 2006

Pack Instinct


suggest_time=15:28, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=It seems to me that the most powerful aspect of a group of zombies is that they can act as a horde. In game it's quite possible to be standing in a group of hundreds of zombies while just standing there. I'm trying to develop an idea to incorporate this aspect into the game. Here's basically what I was thinking:

  • Pack instinct is skill which pre-requires Lurching Gait
  • A zombie with pack instinct has a 1% chance of mimicing the action of another zombie in the same position without spending an AP. So if a zombie in the area uses a claw attack (successful or not) your zombie would also strike with its claws (success/failure is not tied to the first zombie's result in any way). Likewise, if a zombie on your square moves NW, there is a chance you'll follow.

What this does:

  • The skill is advantageous because it can result in extra hits without costing extra AP
  • The skill is disadvantageous because it can result in your zombie being several spaces away from where you want to be requiring AP to be spent to return.|

suggest_moved=17:45, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

A working car!


suggest_time=07:57, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=A very rare and special discovery on a search in carparks only.

When searching in a carpark, there is a very small chance that one of the remaining cars is still in working condition. Arbitrarily, somewhere around 1 out of 200 chance of finding one (maybe 1 in 100, or as hard as 1 in 500). If you find one, you must immediately use it, any other action, and you will 'lose sight' of the car.

If the survivor decides to use the car, it only has enough life for one trip before breaking down. The survivor may choose one of nine other pre-determined parking lots, spread across the entire city of Malton. The car parks are in the Suburbs of Judgewood, Millen Hills, Rolt Heights, Molebank, Galbraith Hills, Pegton, Ruddlebank, West Grayside, and Pennville.

Benefit: A unique opportunity to relocate to a new part of the city, even several neighborhoods away. Moving across the city safely could take many days on foot.

Drawback: Could spend entire 50 AP searching and not find a working car, maybe even your full 50 AP two or three times in a row. You may have been better off just walking after all.

So in summary, this new item is a bit of a gamble for those who want to a chance to move to a new region quickly. Yes, you may get lucky and fnd a car in just a few searches. Or, you may wind up just wasting time. But I believe this would be a fun and simple addition to the game with some use, but nothing that could throw anything off balance.|

suggest_moved= Uncle Willy 23:56, 27 Jan 2006 (GMT)| }}

28th January 2006

Communications Improvement


suggest_time=01:34, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=It's currently possible to not reach the person you want to talk to if they're not in the first 50 people in the room. Here's an idea. Next to every name on your contact list there would be a small checkable box. You can check up to ten names. When in a building with one of those ten people you will hear everything they say, even if you are not in the fifty. You could check and uncheck names as needed. It would allow groups and friends to communicate but wouldn't increase server load greatly because of the ten person maximum. I think being able to choose 10 people you want to listen to is fair.| suggest_moved=18:31, 28 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

29th January 2006

30th January 2006

Dispose of bodies in the sewers

{{prejection| suggest_time=02:25, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= Skill| suggest_scope= Survivors and zombies| suggest_description=There's a slight zombie build-up problem with zombies. Y'see, everytime a mob of zombies is "siegeing" a tactical building, simply killing the zombies never does much since they just keep rising. I suggest placing manholes in certain squares and, if a survivor bought the ability, can dispose of the body in the nearby sewers for X AP points, X being 2 + 2 x [number of blocks between your current position and the nearest manhole]. Manholes would be found in every street square and maybe in front of certain buildings like factories. The zombie who is disposed of will respawn in a random block with a manhole. To get up, it will cost an additional 2 AP if you have memories of life (50% chance of failling if you don't) since the zombie will have to climb up the ladder. Of course, the respawn site could be limited to the current suburb and maybe up to the adjacent suburbs. I don't think it gives anyone a big advantage to either party since it could cost a lot to move a single body and doesn't take a lot more to return to the game for zombies. The skill could need Body Building and have a certain percentage of chances to fail (can't the the manhole open) which would be halved with the possession of a crowbar.| suggest_moved=02:31, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Guard (James suggestion)


suggest_time=02:35, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill (restricted to 15th lvl)| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Allows high level survivors to sacrifice themselves to protect important things

Ok this was the idea I originally mooted and I present it in a full form now for voting as a total package

Guard is a skill restricted to level 15 survivors and does not transfer after death. This is so that noone could zerg a character easily for this purpose.

Once acquired a player could choose from the drop down menu the person or object to be protected. In short all hits directed at the target will hit the player on guard first. People trying to hit a guarded object will be prompted " XXXXXX is being guarded by XXXXXX do you wish to continue? if they do attack then all attacks are directed at the guarding player until death. No one else in the room gets to see this except the player killed and the attacker, however it will show that the player was attacking the barricade, generator, person to the guarding player. If the player attacking the guarded object kills the guard then they may proceed with destroying their target even if there are multiple people on guard.

If a new attacker strikes they would have to defeat another guard ( if any remain)before being able to attack the target.

The skill is designed so people can act as body guards, they get no free actions they simply become the target for the sake of the client.

I envisage that this skill would be used to help protect people being hunted by bounty hunters too.| suggest_moved=03:09, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Psychic Rampage v.2 (At least this time it's not overpowered)


suggest_time=11:35, 30 January 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Still for everyone (yay!)| suggest_description= OK no long suggestion(see my earlier suggestions), a skill tree for everyone, especially newbies: Soul harvest(50 XP) : You can harvest a portion of one's soul, increasing your knowledge of life and dead . Translation: You use this on a body and you get 2 XP, a body can only be gathered once for a portion of time (12 hours, perhaps?), unless it springs back to life. You still waste your Ap if it's used, you do receive a message telling you that it's used, however. This is another DNA collector, only that it works on a body. A great way for people to earn XP early on. Later on, there are so many more way to earn XP that this skill looks unwanted.

Soul Combustion(50 XP): You combusted one's soul, burning their stamina. Translation: You gain an attack that burn 5 AP for a rate of 50%. Literally, instead of doing damage, you cut others' AP, preventing them form doing anything.

Soul Leech(50 XP) : You suck one's life force out and add it to yours. Translation: A weakened version of Digestion (50% of done damage), works both for firearm and melee attack and has a working rate of 25%. This is a passive skill, you don't have to do anything to active it.

Blackout (50 XP) (I know the skills up there was suck so I put something here to worth the amount of XP you have to put on this tree) : You put one in a darkened state, causing them to attack their fellows. Translation: You gain an attack that blinded an enemy (for a percentage of 20%) for their next 50 actions that cost AP, causing his attack to randomly hit anyone in sight, but he can't hit himself. You can only hold one player in this state at any time given. In both huge breakouts and small fight, this is going to be helpful since it balance a fight: A huge army can blinded the smaller one, however the small one has more percentage to hit since you have greater number of target, a zombie will hit someone else and burn their APs out while not killing anyone AND engaging them all to a fight. On one-on-one situation, this is not a desirable action since you only have one target so high-level player can't use this on an inexperience one.

Mental Enhancement (100 XP) : (This skill stands alone in the tree and acts as a passive) You received an enhancement in your way of mind-bending. Translation: You gain 5% to hit for any attack ( melee and firearm), an extra 1 XP for Soul Harvest, 25% to hit for Soul Combustion and Soul Leech and a reading of where is your current victim of Blackout| suggest_moved=12:40, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Throw Pistol


suggest_time=06:29, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=ability, and possible skill addition for survivors| suggest_scope=survivors| suggest_description=

After a survivor empties his/her pistol, s/he can then throw it at the target. Damage is 1; to-hit probability is the same as their basic HTH probability, i.e. 10%, or 25% if trained in Hand-to-Hand Combat. The pistol is of course lost from the thrower's inventory.

Variant: "thrown objects" is added as a (long-overdue) new skill for survivors. add 20% to to-hit roll. Damage is still only 1.

The rationale for this rule change is mostly flavor: in most any action or horror movie you ever see, otherwise-intelligent people are always throwing their guns at attackers.| suggest_moved=12:51, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}



suggest_time=16:57, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Civilian| suggest_scope=humans| suggest_description=if a human is not in a building, or the doors are open it allows humans to be hidden on the map after they go to sleep. They cannot be seen unless a zombie has all Scent Fear abilities.| suggest_moved=18:21, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Zombie Hide Skill


suggest_time=19:39, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie skill| suggest_scope=Zombie and Human Tactics, game mentality| suggest_description=

As of right now, Urbandead is primarily a straight forward urban combat game. The human objective is to hold buildings and establish support infastructure that limits the zombies' ability to harm them. The zombie objective is to break into buildings, kill humans and destroy any infastructure, creating havoc and making overall resistance against zombies more difficult. An excellent premise, but let's add a new dynamic common in all urban warfare, ambushes.

Note. Before I go on, I respectfully request that you read the entire suggestion before voting. This is directed at survivor voters who are inclined to veto anything that sounds as if it could hurt them. Not an unreasonable reaction, but I want you to know, that this skill wouldn't nessasarily be an "upgrade" for zombies, it would be a dynamic change that would make them more frightening, and require more courage to be a survivor. Indeed, if this was implemented in its entirety, it would actually be an AP boost in favor of survivors.

Secondly, this is a big suggestion, and I have not mapped this out with a fine tooth comb, so I'm sure there may be some problems with the details. If you don't like a detail, don't vote kill on the whole thing, vote change and say what needs to be tweaked. Okay I'll stop bitching now. : P Thank you for reading this, I thought about this a considerable amount and I only want a fair vote.

Zombies gain a new skill, "Hide." When bought, zombies have the option to, for 10 AP, hide themselves within the nooks and crannies of any of Malton's derelict buildings. When clicking hide, the text would go something like this

"You bury yourself under a pile of garbage, and wait." or "you crawl behind some old furniture, and wait."

When in hiding, the zombie is in "lying down" mode. It is lying on the ground like it would after being pumped full of lead or axed to death. But there is one key difference, survivors nor other zombies would be able to see the dead body in the room description as you normally would. The inside of a building with a hiding zombie would have no dead bodies to hurl out.

Now, say the hiding zombie logs back on later, and behold, a human has wandered in, barricaded, and gone to sleep. The zombie has the option to "stand up," costing 1 AP. To humans or other zombies in the room, this action would be indicated with text like

"A zombie emerges from the shadows"

The zombie then has the option to attack and kill the survivors who thought their safehouse was safe.

Now how, you outraged survivors ask, could we possibly counter this powerful new skill. Simple, when zombies are hiding in a building, a 10% chance of finding one is added to the search percentages. It must be noted that the 10% will be integrated into the chances of not finding anything, so search rates will in no way be affected. For example

In building A, there is a 50% chance of finding item A, and a 50% chance of not finding anthing

In building A with one or more hiding zombies, there is a 50% chance of finding item A, 40% chance of not finding anything, and a 10% chance of finding a hiding zombie

When found, the hiding zombies is automatically thrown out of the building, and must stand up outside for one AP.

The text for finding a hiding zombie would be something like this

"You search and find a hiding zombie! You throw its prone form out the window"

Two last details. When a generator is running and light fills the building, the chances of finding any hiding zombies increases to 20%.

Secondly, any building can hold no more than 10 hiding zombies. After all, there are only so many hiding places. When a zombie tries to hide in a building with 10 zombies, the text would say something like this

"You try to hide, but cannot find a space"

Why should we implement this? It would add fear, excitement, and TERROR to this apocolypse. The survivors would now have to live with the uncertainity that their seemingly safe building could be hiding a zombie, or even a small mob of them! Furthermore, the new dynamic does not seriously alter anything, it fits nicely into the current system of search rates. Indeed, for worried survivors, this new skill is actually AP balanced in your favor! Without a generator, it takes a zombie 11 AP to hide (10 to hide, 1 to stand) for every 10 AP it takes to find one. And with a generator, the advantage becomes more than 2 to 1, (11 vs. 5). Of course, with a generator running, zombies now know that there is someone inside. And there lies the true objective of this change, not to make zombies more powerful nessasarily, but too make them seem psychologically more dangerous. And that's how it should be, survivors should need courage to be survivors, and zombies should have the power to make people afraid. This is an apocolypse.

--Stare 19:46, 29 Jan 2006 (GMT)

|suggest_moved=19:05, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Machine Gun


suggest_time=22:56, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapon w/ Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Give the survivors a new gun called the Machine Gun. The gun can only be found at the armory and gun shop. There is a 1.84% change of finding a Machine Gun in the Gun Shop and a 4.62% of finding a machine gun in the armory. Each ammo find will have 24 ammo per clip. This may sound unbalanced at first, but it will have a burst fire that has weak damage that consumes 6 ammo each. Of course the damage is way tuned down compared to the ammo ratio. The ammo find ratio will be 7.08% in armory and in gun stores 3.06%. This gun technically go through flak jackets so I guess it has built in armor piercing bullets. Yes, this isn't realistic for the small machine guns, but the flak jacket's effect is that it takes 20% of the damage of guns that does 5 damage or more, so rules are rules. This gun does 3 damage 6 times with each shot having a percent to hit of 10%. There is 2 skills named "Basic Machine gun Training" that will make the Machine gun's accuracy increased by 10% The 2nd will increase the guns attack by 5% further. Damage will be negotiable, but this, by math, looks like it would be balanced. The math for damage by each ap (when fully upgraded) = .25*6*3=4.5 in which pistols are = 3.9 WITHOUT considering the -1 damage from armor 2.6 considering the -1 damage from armor and shotgun will be 6.5 considering without vest and 5.2 with vest. The message will appear 1 time, not 6 saying You fire at (person) x times for x damage total. They drop to x HP. or You fire at the zombie 6 times and miss. Edited: Forgot to mention that the amount of ammo you find for the machine gun when you first find it will be random at multiple of 6's (to keep it simple for kevan) and it takes only 1 clip to fully load the machine gun.| suggest_moved=23:50, 30 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

31st January 2006

Rifles,laser pointers and scopes


suggest_time=02:40, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Weapons and weapon related items| suggest_scope=humans| suggest_description=The first thing I want to suggest is a new weapon, a rifle. It would deal 5-8 damage, have a 3 or 4 shot clip and would have the same skill set as the shotgun and pistol (rifle training, advance rifle training). It would be found in fort armouries, mall gun stores and police departments. I also have an idea for weapon addons. The first would be a laser pointer which you could add to pistols and shotguns. You would find it in police departments, malls, and fort armouries. You would apply it like a first aid kit, and you would select pistol or shotgun from the little drop-down menu assuming you have a pistol or shotgun. It would randomly apply it to one of the weapons in your possesion of the type you selected. The laser pointer would provide an accuracy boost, I was thinking from 5-15%. The scope would be the same as the laser pointer with the expeptions that it can only be used on rifles and in addition to the accuracy boost, maybe it could grant free use of the headshot feat, even if you didnt have it. The weapons would be renamed (scoped rifle, pistol with laser sight). Also you could add batteries to the game and make it so the laser pointers could run out, forcing you to replace the batteries. Personally I really think the one thing that this game lacks is it's number of weapons, and a rifle seems to be a pretty obious choice. Another thing you could implement with the rifle is that you can shoot someone who has a block between you and him. You could make it so a scoped rifle shoots very accuratly when there is a block between you and your opponent but gets an accuaracy penalty when at the regular engagment range. Okay, enough ranting. Any suggestions would be great.| suggest_moved=03:08, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Psychic Rampage v.3: Point for originality


suggest_time=05:30, 31 January 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=It's for everyone, Zeds and Survivors alike. It's cheap and it's not powerful. It's for newbies. It's psychic.(And for everyone to know, they're my own invention and if you did see it, I didn't copy it)

Feeble mind: You are alone in this world and you're scared. You are desperate for help. Survivor starting skill (You don't have to put XP to gain this skill and it's survivors only. It can be passed if you become a Zed. A Zed become a survivor won't have this skill. It doesn't count as a level up). Translation: You will have an extra XP everytime you gain XP until you're level 5. This will help those newbie to gain XP faster.

Mind of sins: You are a newborn and you thirst for flesh. You will do anything for it. Zombie starting skill (You don't have to put XP to gain this skill and it's zombies only. It can be passed if you become a survivor. A survivor bocome a Zed won't have this skill. It doesn't count as a level up). Translation: You have an extra 10% to hit for your hand attack (or punch if you're a human) until you're level 5. This will help those "newborn" to fight more effectively, and it balance hand attack with bite when you have the starting skill Vigour Mortis.

Empathy (50 XP) : You can sense others' pain and are willing to share it. Translation: You can sense if there is an assault on nearby fellows in the the 3*3 area around you. You can also see other zombies' name (as an extra and is not necessery to be on the skill).

Psychokinetic-Telekinesis(50 XP): You can move things with your mind. Translation: You can attack an enemy (you can still attack your own type however so don't furiously type random names, it's AP waste and you may attack a high level Human Bounty Hunter or Zombie Feral) just by typing in his name (like bite: ABCD for example). You can only attack using melee attacks (firearms are off limit for balance reasons).

Pyrokinesis(50 XP): You burst your enemy to flame, causing them great pain. Translation: The pinpoint of the tree. You gain an attack that has 30% to hit and cause 3 damage (equal to fire axe). For every action that takes AP for the next 50 AP, your target has a 50% to suffer 1 damage(which is approx. 10 damage in average. A weakened version of Infectious Bite. DO stack with it. Can be cured by FAKs just like Infection and will be healed along with Infection (Mean you can heal both with just 1 FAK);| suggest_moved=06:40, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)}}

Psychic Rampage v.4.1: Sound, light, action -- PLEASE DO NOT SPAMINATED ME!!!


suggest_time=07:11, 31 Jan 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=STILL EVERYONE!!!| suggest_description=OK no long descriptions: Skill tree, cheap, for both survivors and Zeds, for noobs: -Sound: Used for survivors mostly to get out of a fight and flee, especially noobs:

  • Psychic whisper(Free) : You sent out a silent whisper that can be heard only by one you desired. Explanation: This is exacly like the whisper action in other MMORPG, for chatting purpose.
  • Psychic hearing(50 XP): You can hear others' cry of pain. Explanation: Exactly like my old Empathy. You can see if anyone got hit in an area of 3*3 around you.
    • Psychic echo(50 XP) : You sent multiple cry onto an opponent, confusing him for a moment. Explanation: You has an attack that cause an enemy to stop attacking you, he'll be unabled to target or even see you on the map for the next 5 AP that he spent. Excelent running technique when you got a zombie who follow you using Scent Trail. It has a 75% chance to hit.
      • Psychic Scream(I know, I know, I'm a fan of WOW too)(50 XP) : You sent a scream of terror(maybe the terror is yours or someone else's) and cause an opponent to be stunned in his position.Explanation: The last skill down the tree and the only one which has an attacking purpose. You gain an attack that cause an enemy to be "stunned". He has to pay 5 AP to get out of the stun and during that time he can't do anything. Exactly like my old Soul Combustion. It has a 50% chance to hit|

suggest_moved=09:07, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Psychic Rampage v.4.2: Sound, light, action -- PLEASE DO NOT SPAMINATED ME!!!


suggest_time=07:25, 31 Jan 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=STILL EVERYONE!!!| suggest_description=OK no long descriptions: Skill tree, cheap, for both survivors and Zeds, for noobs: -Light: This skill tree is mostly for zombies who want to gain advantage in his fight. Zombie HUnters can also make use of this tree.

  • Aura(50 XP):|

suggest_moved=09:07, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Psychic Rampage v.5.1: Reality -- PLEASE DO NOT SPAMINATED ME!!!


suggest_time=09:11, 31 Jan 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=STILL EVERYONE!!!| suggest_description=OK no long descriptions: Skill tree, cheap, for both survivors and Zeds, for noobs. And this time the adventage you gain from it can be explained by weird experiments that the NecroLab uses on both human and zombies. This tree has nothing to do with psychic I just like the name:

-Body enhencement: This skill tree is mostly for zombies who want to gain advantage in his fight. Zombie Hunters can also make use of this tree. Because of that, the XP required to max out this tree keeps getting higher.

  • Dodging technique(50 XP): You learn from your mistake and won't do it again . Explanation: You can decrease your opponent's chance to hit you for 5% for his next 5 AP. It may not sound high but in low level fight with chances like 10% a hit, decreasing that much can weaken your opponent very much. In high level fight, however, 5% won't do much so it's for noobs mainly. However, this skill is a passive and won't stack up. It has an activating chance of 30%.
    • Energy Absorbtion(100 XP): You absorb an enemy's attack's momentum, healing you . Explanation: This skill is originally from the Action line but I instead put it here since it's similar to the passives of the tree . Basically, everytime anyone hit you, you have a chance of 4% to recover the exact amount that he hit you plus one. So it's like having a free hit along with a 1 HP recovery in every 25 hit. Misses DO count. Basically this will help a high-level player from getting "buzzed off" from a mass of low leveler.
      • Lightened mind(150 XP): Your mind is clear of what to hit. Explanation: You gain an additional 50% chance to hit of your original chance to attack. Ex: An attack that has 60% to hit will have an additional 50%*60=30% when a 10% one will only have an addition of 50%*10=5%. The chance cannot go over 100%. Being this high on the tree this skill is very useful for fully stocked player to gain tremendous addition to hit while discourage low leveler to max up on this tree before master any kind of attack.|

suggest_moved=09:41, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

NON-Psychic Rampage v.6: Pick your poison, any poison -- I HATE YOU GRIM S


suggest_time=09:40| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Still everyone| suggest_description=First of all, I HATE YOU GRIM S, YOU AND YOUR *&(*ING FRIENDS HAVE ALREADY SPAM MY FIRST 5 VERSION OF THE GAME. DON'T YOU DARE TO DO IT THIS TIME. Ahem,(temperature lowered), this is an all-friendly skill tree (Well, not so friendly when you're dieing in agony) which can be used by any player, provide he's a survivor or a zombie. It's pretty much cheap 'cause it's for noobs. It's for melee attacks entirely so snipers don't look at here. OK enough for the chit chat and let's start viewing the tree:

  • Slow Poison(50 XP): You have a 30% chance of poison an enemy when you attack them using a melee weapon. Stack up with the other poison but can only activate once each attack. Enemy has a chance of 20% to suffer another 1 damage for every sucessful attack that you can put on them for your next 20 attacks.
    • Blinding Poison(50 XP): You have a 30% chance of poison an enemy when you attack them using a melee weapon. Stack up with the other poison but can only activate once each attack. You blind an enemy, making his chance to successfully attack 5% lower for their next 20 AP.
      • Corruptive Poison(50 XP): You have a 30% chance of poison an enemy when you attack them using a melee weapon. Stack up with the other poison but can only activate once each attack. You corrupt an enemy's blood, making healing 50% less effective and he has a chance of 50% to become corrupted at dead, making raising back to cost a 5 AP more. Stack up with Headshot|

suggest_moved=10:33, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

PSYCHIC RAMPAGE v. 13.112: This time, it's just ridiculous!

{{prejection| suggest_time=12:23, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=people| suggest_description= How about skills that use the laent psychic powers everyone has and convieniently forgot until now! kill people using pshychic attacks
Description: Kill someone with your psychic attacks. Has 1% chance of success, 1.00003% against zombies (so no PK will use it on humans).
psychic flying
desc: use your magic psychic-ity to fly, acts like free-running, you can move 5 squares for one AP! but you have 80% chance of falling for every block, falling kills you automaticly.
Psychic explosion of people
desc: makes a random zombie explode, hurting everything on the block. you can use it from inside a building to attack outside zombies. a random zombie dies and explodes (perma-death) and all the others get 62 damage... or 2 damage 31 times.
Psychic revive
Desc: Using your magic skills, you can revive one hero per day free
God powers
Desc: Using your powers of psychicness, you make people believe you're god and get free money.
Desc: Destroys barricade and hurts everyone on the other side for 4 damage/level of barricade. Can be used by zombies.

I hope you won't spaminate me, lol.| suggest_moved=12:37, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

Zombie Quick Kill


suggest_time=21:30, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=Why not just give the Zombies, an equally lethal kill skill?...make it an elevated AP cost to "rip the survivor limb from limb" give it a decent % to hit(say 25%) and also cost the Survivor the irritating 10XP per level...Seems only fair to me...Sorry if you guys think this is dumb.| suggest_moved=21:38, 31 Jan 2006 (GMT) }}

1st February 2006

Infectious blood (reworked and resubmitted)


suggest_time=07:05, 16 Jan 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=

  • Prerequisites: Infectious Bite and Brainrot (infectious bite could be dropped since whoever has brain rot will likely already have infectious bite)
  • Story element:

Whether the zombies initially became infected due to disease, radiation, viruses or an act of God(s) or Demon(s), it is unknown. It is known that now the older, the most decomposed, the most diseased of the zombies have become so putrid that their very blood is filled with filth and death. Leaving those unfortunate souls who get too enraptured I the death tainted.

  • Theme:

I can?t count the numerous grade B zombie flicks where zombies have managed to infect individuals just by getting a drop of blood into their victims system. ?The infections is usually introduced through openings in the victims body such as their eyes, mouth or open wounds. I.e. 28 days later?

  • What it does: It expands on infectious bite. A zombie with infectious blood has a chance of infecting the player that kills the zombie. It goes with the theme in zombie movies where someone kills a lot of zombies and has a small drop of blood get in a opening and infects them. I'd suggest a low chance of this happening, maybe 15% - 20% chance. (this percentage is only a suggestion, please make recommendations in kill votes about improving this)
  • Possible flavor text:

For those infected ?In the heat of the carnage a drop of the zombies blood made it into an open wound. You are now infected.? For the zombie ?The last thing your rotting eyes see before all goes dark, Is your blood spraying from your rancid corpse.? Of course it might be cool to translate this into zombie speak.

  • Should we punish players for doing what they should do:

This is not intended to punish players. What it is intended to do is to add a small element of danger, fear and best of all paranoia. It will have little effect on players but instead to cause players to be a little more cautious and prepared. FAX packs are readily available to any player that searches for them. Most Survivors will have a pack on themselves anyway either to cure themselves or others. And since brain rot is a prerequisite you should never have to worry about one out five zombies infecting you. And for those that do happen to kill five or more zombies a day. Please tell me what you are doing. I?d love to kill three a day.

  • The percentage is not low/ high enough:

Since brain rot is currently a prerequisite I feel it is low enough. You are not likely going to run into the chance of one out of every five zombies you kill infecting you unless you come across a hoard of brain rotted zombies. So given that one out of 10 zombies has brain rot. Then you have a chance of getting infected by about 1 out of 50 zombies. Please make recommendations on how to improve infectious blood. I would love to hear any ideas that can make this a great skill.|

suggest_moved=01:29, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Real World Vision


suggest_time=02:55, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=Whenever someone does something so as obvious as obvious as a) killing another person, b) destroying a barricade and c) destroying a generator everyone within the building/block would receive the following message "'You see Person X cry out for attention because they don't have real friends and'"

  1. a) "kills Person Y"
  2. b) "they drag their pasty, moist and overweight body over to the barricade and knock down a random object"
  3. c) "whine about how they don't have a real life and smash the generator so the darkness hides their poor hygiene"

Other messages could include

  1. "Person X starts crying about how he's never known love and his girlish tears short the generator out, destroying it"
  2. "Realizing that he's only a big man behind a keyboard, person X lashes out at the barricade because it makes him feel like he's important for once. he knocks down a chair"
  3. "Person X kills person Y after he is laughed at for the skid mark in his pants"

Zombies would see these messages too...hell, dogs would see what was going on if we had them in the game...| suggest_moved=03:26, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Barricade Jerk Notice


suggest_time=03:09, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=improvement| suggest_scope=Survivors or even Zeds in buildings.| suggest_description=Read carefully. I am NOT suggesting that the game post notification every time a barricade is built or added to. The problem is, there are zombie sympathizers or Zombie player's living alts who find populated areas, and overbarricade like demons, so you can't step outside without getting trapped. I want the name of the culprit posted whenever a building is barricaded over VS. As in, anyone who seals a building so strong that no one can get in, Their name is shown to all the others in the building. As it stands, we can't protect ourselves from these overbarricading sneaks. Sure, it won't stop it from occurring, but we'll know who to slaughter and toss out if it keeps happening. Free Running is nice, but you're as screwed as a noob if you can't get in anywhere to begin with.| suggest_moved=03:26, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Assault Rifle


suggest_time=1914--1/feb/06| suggest_type=Weapon/gun| suggest_scope= Survivors, Mall Gunshops/Military base| suggest_description=. I think that the jump from handgun to shotgun is too large of an increase in damage and availabilty, and suggest that a new weapon be created. The 12 round magazine fed; 3 round burst Assualt Rifle would be a great addition to the survivor arsenal!... With each attacking AP, the rifle would deal out a three round burst with each bullet firing with a 15% hit percentage per round. If successful the rounds would deliver a +1 ammunition damage, so there would be a chance at successfully hitting for 3 XP all the way down to 0 XP. All gained skills and attributions would be applied to the Assault rifle as any other gun! -Ichi Matzu- 03:15, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)~| suggest_moved=03:39, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Of the Deads and the Livings-Suggesting about the balance between them


suggest_time=3:07 1 Feb 2006| suggest_type=Balance change| suggest_scope=Zombie mostly, especially those ferals| suggest_description=I have been concerned about the balance of the game between the Zeds and Survivors and suddenly the truth hit me. The Survivors are just fine if they solo, considering they have the high enough level; Zeds, in another way, are just no way near that. Like come on, even if you're a super high level Zed you'll still have to stick with the group since or any noobs can hit you and you'll still die. My point is to create something that is helpful for one zombie to still be alive between days and not useful for like a hundred of them to do so. Ok, here come the tree, which is fairly simple and most are just alterated versions of their human counterpart.

  • Dead cry: You send out a cry when you die that the nearest 50 Zeds to you in a square of 5*5, telling who kill you (ABCD just kill a zombie. He let out an echoing cry). Not a skill but a change for Zeds, making killing a single Zed in a populated area unwanted. I'll might consider stacking them so when you log in onto the game you'll not get like a hundred of dieing message around you (You heard multiple dieing cry around you. 50 people just killed them (See list of people)).
  • Graveyard: When you're standing in a graveyard you heal for 1 HP every half hour. This is an action that Zeds can perform. Making Graveyard for the first time an important building to zombies since noobs can find unpopulated areas and heal between rests while in a state of a big fight, losing this will critically wounded the Zed force, drawing them from just attacking important building. Since graveyard can't be barricaded this site will be an area of conflict between attacking survivors and defending Zeds|

suggest_moved=06:37, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Necrotech Biohazard Technician


suggest_time=02:52, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Character Class| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description="Bowing to public pressure, Necrotech has announced that it is transporting Biohazard Technicians by air to help contain the spread of the virus. They have been trained for proper administration of the MK. II Necrotech Revivification Serum and have been equipped with a syringe and a pistol." Basically a survivor who starts off with Lab Experience, a syringe and a pistol. Edit Only one allowed per IP address.| suggest_moved=06:47, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Maximum Occupancy


suggest_time=16:55, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Code| suggest_scope=Infrastructural| suggest_description=In the interests of (among other things) realism and mitigating server load, buildings should have maximum occupancy ratings. If the number of people already inside the building meets or exceeds the rating, no additional survivors can enter it. As a very willing concession to game mechanics, the maximum occupancy would not prevent additional zombies from entering--this prevents survivors from "squeezing out" zombie attacks. The levels would be reasonable: for instance, 200/mall square; 100/cinema; 50/police department; 200/windowed tower; etc. This could slightly mitigate server load: no longer would it be likely that 40 of 200 people are all trying to resolve an attack on the same zombie simultaneously inside a hospital. Moreover, this forces people to spread to underused buildings, whose occupancy limits could create a new tactical layer. Cinemas could become more attractive zombie targets, being designed to contain more people than, say, fire or police departments.

Additionally, this aids the feeling of a paranoid zombie apocalypse. No longer could 2500 people congregate in a mall, with perhaps 200 acting in an organised fashion to keep the mall secure. Instead, as buildings grew full, people who wanted to allow their friends entry would have to make the difficult choice to migrate to another building, negotiate with the existing occupants, or quietly execute other survivors to make room. This also suggesmeans that while certain buildings like malls would certainly be the most attractive and peopled locations, other building types (such as towers, cinemas, etc.) could become new hubs of population and community, giving a more even and somewhat less predictable population spread in a suburb.| suggest_moved=20:45, 1 Feb 2006 (GMT)


2nd February 2006

Killing all members of WCDZ


suggest_time= 07:55, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT) | suggest_type=A reasonable solution to a Wiki infestation| suggest_scope=Users of this Wiki| suggest_description= All members of WCDZ will be hunted down and murdered (slowly and painfully) in their homes. Their homes would then be burned to the ground with all their family, friends and worldy possesions inside at the time of cleansing. | suggest_moved=12:33, 2 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

3rd February 2006

No Name 2


suggest_time=2nd Jan 2006| suggest_type=new type of player | suggest_scope=begginning players| suggest_description=well why just have zombies? I say introduce a new species: WEREWOLVES! They cant be revived, but have alot of natural skills. Can use any melee weapons, get certain zombie skills but cant transform to human or zombie status.| suggest_moved=13:41, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

No Name


suggest_time=2nd Jan 2006| suggest_type=Survivors | suggest_scope=Who or what it applies to| suggest_description=This skill basicaly means survivors in buildings could fire out of buildings, say through windows. It would be done if a real zombie outbreak started. It could cost 200xp and have a range of 1 square all around the building. MajesticNinja | suggest_moved=13:41, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}



suggest_time=17:55, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Items and Civilian Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors (Zombies can benefit indirectly)| suggest_description=First you have to find a F'n RC CAR, in a mall, warehouse (or towers possibly) you also have to have batteries (found in same location) F'n RC Cars are rare so you'd have to spend like 2 days or more searching for one in a mall with the Shopping AND Bargain Hunting Skill. Batteries are more common so you can find those almost at the same rate as shotgun shells.

Skill Set:

  1. F'n RC Car Hobbyist - gives the ability to operate a F'n RC Car (10% chance to hit, 50% chance of misguided attack)
    1. RC Skillz - Advanced RC Usage (25% chance to hit, 25% chance of misguided attack)
      1. Mad RC Skillz (55% chance to hit, 10% chance of misguided attack)

Basically, the F'n RC car is used to trip other players while they walk around. When they trip and fall they are dealt 2 - 10 HP damage (random amount, could be skinning a knee or bashing your head on a curb). The F'n RC Car isn't perfect though so if more than one other player is in the same block or building there is the chance that you might trip them instead (read misguided attack).


  1. Survivors
    1. You tripped over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car and bashed your head for 10HP, you feel angry
    2. You stumbled over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car and skinned your knee for 2HP, you feel clumsy
    3. You fell over ZexSuik's F'n RC Car and bruised your elbow for 5HP, you feel embarassed
  2. Zombies
    1. some small moving object tripped you, you gouged your eye out on a stick for 10HP, ZexSuik is laughing at you
    2. some small moving object made you stumble a bit more and you broke your jaw for 5HP, ZexSuik is controlling it
    3. a small moving object got in your way, you fell over it and broke a finger for 2HP. ZexSuik is pointing something at you.

An option up for debate is whether you can attack the F'n RC Car or if the F'n RC car should 'disappear' after a determined number of attacks (as it gets damaged). Remember that in a mass attack, use of this item can benefit the Zombies because of an undertalent user accidentally harming his/her co survivors.

Think about the flavor| suggest_moved=18:05, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

4th February 2006


{{prejection| suggest_time=05:52, 3 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description= Zombie gains one AP per successful bite attack. Must have Digestion.

Digestion is cool and all, but how much good does HP really do for a zombie with ankle grab? If you get killed, it's just one AP to stand up. AP now, that's something worth going after. Not an excessive amount, but maybe enough to keep biting worthwhile once you get Death Grip and Rend Flesh for the hit attacks.

Sorry if this isn't the prettiest, I've been playing for a while but am new to wikis.| suggest_moved=00:40, 4 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

V.I.B (Very Important Building) for Zeds


suggest_time=0:07 5 Jan 2006| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Zed and agrresive survivors| suggest_description=Have you ever felt that it was so unfair for survivors to have key building and Zeds not? Or for Zeds to have so few options for playing styles and healing? Fear not, since with the new V.I.Bs for Zeds both of these problem can be solved.

  • Graveyard: The soil here is good for your flesh. You heal for 1 HP/hour when standing like duck here(Zed only). Help heal new Zeds and offer a great non-barricadable battlefield and maybe Xp-farm for survivors.
  • Church and Cathedral: The divine energy inside here has been polluted. You heal for 1 HP/hour when standing like duck here(all). The fact that this building CAN be barricaded but can't be closed ( I'm talking about doors ) will make this place a great XP-farm and healing area for both sides, making this place a big bad battlefield.
  • Wasteland: You gain 1 XP for standing here - not laying here dead - for 1 hours (Zeds only). Excelent Xp-farm and battle area.|

suggest_moved=13:02, 4 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

5th February 2006

Genetic War: Getting Psyche' Up


suggest_time=11:46 5 Jan 06| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=All| suggest_description=OK, I know you have been extremely disappointed of my earlier suggestions (to the point that you spaminated all of them but this one is different. I gave it thoughts and efforts so don't just throw it out, OK?.

Explanation: The skill tree itself is simple: It was for everyone, no matter what side you're in. It is all passive. It may look interesting to put on but I would suggest, if this skill tree make it to the game, that you master one type of XP harvest first before you put XP into this tree, for it being ineffective in the early game.


- Added history

- The skill now cost 100 XP each skill for Zombies and Civilians, 75 XP for Scientists and 125 XP for Military players. Effectively balance out the amount of XP you'd need to invest to max out all the avaiable skill.

History: After a full data analysis, the NecroTech scientists had come to a conclusion: Scientist, even with a large amount of power at their disposal(revive and healing) are still easy target for those hungry undeads that are now filling the street. It was explained that by their lack of physical attributes (lack of Body Building and proper weapon use) that they fell when it come to self defence. Those scientists then worked out a solution: All of the NecroTech's employees would receive a syringe that contains a special fluid that would boost their genetic materials, giving them powerful additional attributes. Unfortunatedly, the plan was a failure. The landing boxes that contain the syringes was cracked open by other types of survivors. They, lacking the skill to use them and the intelligence to understand what's in it poured the liquid to the sewer. There, the fluid got evaporated along with the water into the air. Every living things (or unliving things) now was given the boost, but it was too spread out to be any real change. However, who knows when one day the shadowy NecroTech would revive this plan.

Foreword: I know that it may look disturbing at first. "Genetic war? Are you crazy? We are having a survival horror game here, not some crabby Sience Fiction ???!!!" But I thought that it may be an interesting additional original materials to our already heavily inspired-by-other-features game. Like not many game have a Resi-style city's Zombie outbreak AND Halo-style genetic war all boxed up do they? So if you agree with me (or just curious of what kind of "stupid" suggestions I made this time), read on.

The Skill Tree:

Empathy: (Yes this idea die hard) You can to sense if there is any killing in the 3*3 square around you. This will make Player killing nearly impossible since every one would know if who kill who. Also a weakened version of "View through the window" since survivors can sense if there are any killing outside to evacuate out of there quickly. Zombie can avange his brethen with this skill

Analysis:You can find things others cannot find. Increase your chance of finding items in a building by 10%. 0% chance of finding an item cannot be increased. I think I saw one suggestion similar to this one somewhere, can anyone point it out for me?

Aggressiveness: You force yourself to hit faster and stronger. Increase your overall percentage to hit by 6%. A non-significant addition for newcomers but invaluable for older players since they would appreciate any addition to their damage versus AP. I put 6% so it would not overshadow Vigour Mortis (Can anyone please explain to me what the heck that means?).

Adrenaline Rush:You push yourself over your limit whenever you get in a fight. Increase your overall percentage to hit by a further 4%. In total, it comes to 10%, but it worth the point when you know what's behind this.
Pack Instinct:You attack more successful when you're near friends. You get an addition 10% to your overall percentage to hit when you have at least 1 friendly player (means of the same faction) in the block you're in, you must be able to see them (So indoor players will not help outdoor ones and etc.). Again, I think I saw one suggestion similar to this one somewhere, can anyone point it out for me?

Regeneration:You regenerate overtime. Heal 1 HP per hour, will not work if you got hit in that hour or if you died. This skill is not overpowered in the fact that: You don't get heal all over night, it doesn't heal Infection, it can't exceed your Max HP, FAKs can be used by any Survivors and Digestion is still the king of regeneration.

Healing Enhencement:You heal an extra 1 HP/min for the next 5 min when you get healed by FAK or Digestion. Any damage will cancel the effect. Another "thought to be overpower but it's not" skill. Reason? You will need 200 Xp (150 XP for Scientists) to get it, in massive fights you usually got hit even before the effect take place, it can't exceed your Max HP and the effect is not significant in an immediate situation (like a big fight for example).
Genetic Redemption:Your body use it's original genetic plan to rebuild you from scratch. It means a Survivor resurrected after being killed and a Zombie return to being undeath even after being revived/killed for a cost of 5 AP (free for Zombies with Ankle Grab, even when it's hit by Headshot). The effect cannot be prevented, just like Brain Rot. The effect take place once every 48 hours.(which means you'll have to wait for 48 hours for another Redemption, even if you die afterward).I took the idea from the crazy Psychic Resurrection that someone impersonated me wrote in the Psychic Rampage V.13 - I - don't - remember - the - next - line - of - numbers - can - anyone - help - me - please. It's not overpowered for those reasons: It takes too long to reach here: 300 XP for "normal" players, 225 XP for Scientists players and (it's a shame since you guys need it most) 375 XP for Military players, it's not for "free" (but it's still half the price of normal standing up), it's not as cheap and powerful for Zombies as Brain Rot, but high level Zeds still need it for the anti-Headshot each two days it brings, it's aimed toward those fragile Scientists who got killed from time to time. Plus, it's an annoying sight for your opponent to see you walk out of the door with nothing damaged even after they poured all of their APs onto you.|

suggest_moved=14:29, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=15:39, 05 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=This skill comes after Digestion. Zombie loses one point of health every half hour regardless of its activity until it has only 1 hp left. When it stands up after being killed it has 1 hp instead of 50/60. In compensation, once it grips hold a human, its bite attack has an additional 10% to hit. Its aim is to give zombies an optional motivation other than experience and to promote scenes in which a zombie catches a survivor and starts chewing on them.| suggest_moved=16:15, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Trade XP for AP

{{prejection| suggest_time=19:28, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=Experienced players (level 20 and greater) should be able to trade 75 XP for 1 AP. The reasoning is that experienced players who max out on skills end up with a lot of extra XP that goes unused. Why not put it to good use? Converting XP to AP reflects the fact that these players are veterans in the game and they have learned to do things more quickly.| suggest_moved=19:46, 5 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

7th February 2006

Cost Ap for drop


suggest_time=23:31, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=here's the idea I think for each item as a survivor you drop it would cost 1 ap per item

BUT- You can get a skill called free drop which not only advances survivor by one more level but also makes those without the skill think a little more before deciding to stock up on 20 \loaded shotguns and use them all in one day.| suggest_moved=00:15, 8 Feb 2006 (GMT)}}

9th Febryary 2006



suggest_time=16:18, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Military Skill| suggest_scope=Human| suggest_description=

Currently, the game forces you to become "hidden" from all players after 5 days of your profile being idle.

This skill would propose that you can simply choose when your character becomes hidden, but with a large AP penalty. For example, you're in a Zombie infested area, with 10AP left - You may have enough AP to find a relatively secure building or safe house. But in an overrun area, such as East Boundwood, whats to say that the safe house won't be breached? I'm sure it's happened to all of us.

For 10AP, you can hide your character until you log back in, or until you choose to be "unhidden".

Whilst in "Stealth" you are unable to see the area around you, so it would be unknown to you if it was safe to come out of hiding or not. It is a risk you'd need to take, possibly waiting until your AP had built up sufficiently to ensure escape. The scope is there for a skill such as this.

I don't see anything wrong with using this skill during a zombie attack either, as you could spend the same AP simply running away. It is giving the player another choice of defence.| suggest_moved=18:30, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

Multiple Player Damage - Grenade or Similar


suggest_time=16:18, 9 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=weapon| suggest_scope=All| suggest_description=Basically, a weapon that can cause damaged spread over a group of players - a shrapnel grenade for example. The weapon would also be indiscriminate, damaging everyone in the vicinty (with the exception of the attacker. It would be a rather controversial issue in using the weapon i.e. A player who uses the grenade would need to weigh up the pros and cons of using it in an area of concentrated Z activity, where survivors are also residing. As to not be too unfair, the damage would be small (2-3 AP at most), and it would not hit everyone in the area - perhaps a 20% chance of hitting an individual, with a maximum range of the first twenty players in the vicinity. You would get 1xp for each hit up to a maximum of 5XP. The advantage of using this would be more as a means of killing an enemy rather than gaining XP. The grenade users AP would take a blow too - 10-15AP for a use? Goes without saying, but it would also be rather hard to find. Limited to police stations (maybe), malls and the armory| suggest_moved=15:00, 10 Feb 2006 (GMT)| }}

13th February 2006

Wine Effect


suggest_time=23:46, 12 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Affects hit percentages| suggest_scope=Survivors who have drunk (used) a bottle of wine within the last 24 hours| suggest_description=Wine, at the moment, can be found and it heals 1HP. However, I suggest that those users who drink (use) a bottle of wine should have a detrimental effect against their hit percentage (say reduced by 10%-15%). This would reflect the effect of the alcohol upon them.| suggest_moved=03:51, 13 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

The Traders


suggest_time=08:23,13 Feb 2006| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Well, there has been conplain about Urban Dead not having any NPC so I'm suggesting one.

Description: A trader appear as normal survivor(only with bold name). You trade stuffs with them (obviously) by clicking into their profile page(No, Zeds can't trade since they don't know how to talk properly). They teleported from places to places (Hey! Don't talk, or groan, about reality check, this is a Zombie game, remember?) and only stay in one place for 4 hours. They can be hit and when it happens, they teleport out of sight(Don't worry, Zeds, you still got your XP for hitting them), but they won't die. They tends to appear in populated places(that means: they only appear inside a place that has at least one survivor, if there are none then it's random). There is 1 for every suburb. They should encourage survivors to go out there and search for worthless items or to stick inside a "worthless" building searching and hope the Trader will come to them(both favors Zeds).

History: Tired of the results of the NecroLab Assistant's mission to collect whatever they can collect for the labs to experiment on (most of them end up stuck inside Malton and got turned into an undead). Therefore, a new type of collectors were used(or hired, as a matter of fact), the Traders. Armed with the latest teleporting technology, they trade seemingly unwanted items from survivors (unknown to the survivors, all of those thing carry a bit of flesh left behind by those freaking undeads) for several more valuable item.

Trading item:

(Note: Due to their carrying capacity, a Trader can only show you 5 randomly selected items in those choices)

In-game item:

-1 Revive syringe:1 newspaper and 1 bottle of beer/wine

-1 Portable generator/1 bottle of oil:1 newspaper

-1 Pistol/5 Pistol Clips: 1 bottle of beer/ 1 crucify (Amen!!!)

-1 Shotgun/5 Shotgun Shells: 1 bottle of wine/ 1 crucify

Original trade(Those trade are additions to my suggestion, just don't care or express your idea about them, don't vote me kill because of them)

-1 XP: 1 books/1 poetry books/1 newspaper

-5 XP: 10 books/10 poetry books/10 newspaper/10 crucify

-50 XP: 10 newspaper, 10 poetry book, 10 book, 10 crucify and 1 randomly chosen item from the game(not one of those above).(You need every of these to get 50 XP)| suggest_moved= 13:40, 13 Feb 2006 (GMT) }}

17th February 2006



suggest_time=08:25, 17 Feb 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description= A skill under the Survivors category (so that Military player can also reach it). Design so that books can become a favorable XP farm.

  • Concentration: You gain an extra 10% to gain 2 XP (3 for scientist) when reading a book. However, you have an increase of 5 % that you may finish that book.
    • Tracker:When viewing a player's profile with a GPS unit in inventory, you can see his position from you.(Great for tracking down Pker and griefer, Zed can't use this skill since they can't use GPS unit)|

suggest_moved=20:18, 17 February 2006 (GMT) }}

20th February 2006



suggest_time= 5:20 Am 20 Feburary 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= A Damn good one!|

suggest_scope= People like myself who constantlt YoYo between being a survivor and a zombie.|

suggest_description= Revenants are smart zombies with all or most of their human memories. If a character maxes out all of his human and zombie abilities he should be able to learn how to use both together (For a fairly high xp cost of course).| suggest_moved=08:10, 20 February 2006 (GMT) }}

Some item loss at death


suggest_time=12:32, 20 February 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=game mechanic| suggest_scope=people who die| suggest_description=When ever someone is killed/dies one random item is dropped from their inventory. It was suggested before that all items are lost, but one item makes more sense. The more you are killed the more you lose connection to the living world. I mean does it make sense for a zombie to carry six guns fully loaded for several months. This would also make many happy as flak jackets would eventually be lost by dying zombie masses. It would also make items like books and newspapers usefull by the fact that they decrease odds of losing usefull stuff.| suggest_moved=16:24, 20 February 2006 (GMT) }}

22nd February 2006

Nanobot Syringe and Nanorobotics


suggest_time=13:07 21 feburary 2006| suggest_type= New skill and new item.| suggest_scope=Sceintist survivors| suggest_description= The nanobot syringe is a different syringe that scientists could make. To be able to make it you would have to learn the "Ranorobotics" skill. When a nanobot syringe is used on a zombie it removes 1 health from them each turn for a random amount of turns (Simular to what infection does to survivors)Edit: it has a 50% chance of working on zombies. If it's used on a survivor it will heal 1 health each turn for a random amount of turns Edit: to a max of 17 turns (17 just sounds right). If you use it on someone who has full health, as long as it stays active they could heal health after they lose some. If it's used onsomeone who is infected the two will cancel out and negate one another and the infection will be healed. (If you became infected after using it the infection would cancel the nanobots out.). EDIT: If infection and nanobots cancel out neither of them remain in your system. Edit: zombie abilities. "Rotted beyond rotting"- this reduces the chance of the syringe working by 25% because the zombie is rotted too much to be affected, "Transfer nanobots". If a Zombie with nanobots bites someone he has a 7.5% chance of passing them on (Meaning he becomes cured, and the other person catches them). The nanobots are set to be hostile after being in a zombie, so even if they are passed on to a survivor, the survivor will take damage from them. (This damage can combine with infection). | suggest_moved=08:45, 22 February 2006 (GMT) }}

23rd February 2006

HeadShot Revision V,2


suggest_time=23:10, 23 February 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= improvement| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=BEcause my last one was so unpopular i decided to change some of it

Head shot will keep it's current State of taking off Ap when the zombie drops dead

Here the new stuff:

Every 2 shots in a row the 2nd bullet of the gun (if it hits) will bypass flack jacket saves This means if you had a shotgun with 2 shots If the 1st one hits flack jacket takes effect. If the 2nd one shot right after the 1st one hits it goes pass the flack jacket. Assuming the person shooting is trying to correct his aim with each shot for the head

Ex.Bob has 1 pistol with 6 shots only 3 shots are head aiming

Bob shoot once-Hits Zombies goes down 4 hp

Bob shoots again-Hits Zombie goes down 5hp

Bob shoot again- Hit Zombie only goes down 4hp

Bob shoot again- Miss cycle has to restart

This helps with the fact that if you fighting zombies this long you should know that their heads are weak spots and should be trying to correct your aiming| suggest_moved=02:53, 24 February 2006 (GMT) }}

24th February 2006

Raw Material Shortage


suggest_time=01:45, 25 February 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=balance change| suggest_scope=Barricading skill| suggest_description=It has been seven months since the plague began in Malton, and survivors are running out of things to put between them and the zombie masses. One in three barricade attempts would give a result of "You try to barricade the building, but can't find anything suitable." This would be realistic, in that there are so many vending machine and office cubicles left, would not cause more strain on the server, and would help correct the imbalance between the ease of barricading vs. the difficulty of ripping them down.| suggest_moved=03:20, 25 February 2006 (GMT) }}

1st March 2006

Necrotech Base

{{prejection| suggest_time=03:17, 28 February 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Building Type| suggest_scope=City of Malton| suggest_description=I suggest that a Necrotech Base be implemented much like the Hive in Rez Evil. This underground structure will be accessed by either a very important Necrotech Building, or a Mansion (like in Rez Evil). Inside the Necrotech Base, it is exactly the same as other buildings (generators, barricades, ect.) except Necrotech items are more likely to be found when searching, and the Necro Net display shows all zombies DNA tagged in the entire city instead of a single suburb.| suggest_moved=Uncle Willy 00:27, 1 March 2006 (GMT) }}

5th March 2006

Burn Bodies (Not perma-kill)


suggest_time=06:34, 5 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Balance Change (Sieges)/Realism element/Potential skill| suggest_scope=Survivors, corpses (revived or dead)| suggest_description=Ok, let me first state that I do not intend for this to be perma-killing. This idea came to me after observing a few sieges and commments on them. Almost all sieges by zombies of survivor controlled buildings succeed (I say almost because of caiger and really small groups of zombies). Why? It's because you can kill the zombie, but you can't get it to stop attacking you. Regardless of how strong a group of survivors is, as long as a zombie feels like attacking, it can easily come back to life and attack repetedly (Especially with ankle grab). My suggestion would be to add the ability to burn corpses outside of buildings. This wouldn't permanently kill the character that was burned, but just warp them somewhere random in the city (Still as a corpse) in the same manner you are placed randomly at the beginning of the game. Now I understand how this could be potentially seen as an unfair advantages, but there would be limits and disadvantages to it. It would also burn the bodies of revived zombies that haven't stood up yet and it would be very hard to do (I'll be disambiguous with this, since it could be made difficult in a variety of ways). Kevin could make it a skill requirement to burn bodies (subset of fire axe training:Fire control, perhaps?), or likely make it a requirement to use fuel (like for the generator) to prepare for a fire, and use some other item (maybe something new like a match) to start the fire. There could also be an element of randomness or danger (only burns some bodies, potential damage to everyone in the same square). I don't really care what, but I do know there would be. This would also make gameplay more entertaining. Survivors would finally be able to have a chance to win sieges. A group of zombies couldn't just camp outside a building and continue attacking until the survivors retreated; they'd have to strike and run to minimize this ability's effect. And, although it may not quite be realistic, the thought of having zombies materialize in safe suburbs would keep survivors there on their toes.| suggest_moved=08:07, 5 March 2006 (GMT) }}

6th March 2006

Rifle Butt


suggest_time=12:25, 5 Mar 2005 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunter Skill, Shotguns And Larger Firearms As A Hand Weapon| suggest_description= Prerequisites: Level 12 character, or Level 8 Police, or Level 6 Private

  • Rifle Butt: Skill appears just above most recent Zombie Hunter Skills

Game Mechanics: Once per location, per 24 hour day, your character may make a "Rifle Butt" as a hand to hand attack. You MUST have at least 1 Shotgun or larger 2 handed firearm in your inventory to do this. This attack's success is at -10% of your current firearm accuracy, but deals 3 damage. (For now we're starting with Shotguns, later you can Rifle Butt with a Rifle, Submachine Gun, etc. If they are introduced later for -10% of that weapon's accuracy.) This uses no ammo. If your character also has the Body Building skill this attack makes it impossible for any zombie you just rifle butted to attack you with a bite attack for the next 16 hours. (The gunstock to the mouth hits just that much harder!) This bonus only applies to zombies which are below level 6 (higher level ones have learned to LIKE it!) "You just rifle butted a zombie in the mouth for 3 damage! That'll show 'em who's boss!" "You just rifle butted ____ in the mouth for 3 damage! Maybe now they'll smarten up!" "You were rifle butted in the mouth by ____ for 3 damage! Your survivor just recieved a harsh reminder of what life in Malton has become!" "You were rifle butted in the mouth by ____ for 3 damage! Your zombie is unable to use bite attacks on ___ for the next 16 hours!" "You were rifle butted in the mouth by ____ for 3 damage! But that just makes you all the more hungry..."

Note: The rifle butter has no idea if the zombie he just smacked is level 6 or higher, that would be too much for 1 skill.| suggest_moved=00:38, 6 March 2006 (GMT) }}

Decay Skill Tree


suggest_time=22:15, 5 Mar 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill Tree| suggest_scope=Zombie skills below "Brain Rot"| suggest_description="Decay" skills, are skills which go directly under "Brain Rot" which is what is generally considered "The Point Of No Return" for zombies.

From this point on I will list a number of skills that go under this tree, keep in mind their power allowance will be increased due to "decay", aged zombies who are becoming more powerful, and deadly as they become less and less recognizable as formerly human.

So, what is your vote as to this idea of direction.. even under my ideas or no.. would you agree the more powerful "upper level" zombie skills from this point on probably belong under "Brain Rot?"| suggest_moved=07:40, 6 March 2006 (GMT) }}

Headshot a Corpse


suggest_time=10:12, 6 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill change| suggest_scope=Survivors and Recent Corpses| suggest_description=Add an option to Headshot a corpse. This will give the corpse 1 million AP, and XP, plus give it the ability to eat your kneecaps off to reduce the cost of getting up to 1 AP. suggest_moved=23:19, 6 March 2006 (GMT) }}

March 7, 2006

Unnatural Gait


suggest_time=18:25, 6 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=New skill under "Brain Rot"| suggest_description= Unnatural Gait

"Gait" - Your natural walk or movements when walking.

By reasons of ongoing decay.. your zombie's "normal" walk is anything but that! Your limbs are at all the wrong angles, your head may not quite be on straight, which doesn't seem to slow you down. This is most unnerving to behold for the living. It is difficult for one attacking you to figure out where the "center" of the target is.

Game Mechanics

Prerequisites: Brain Rot, Lurching Gait, Vigour Mortis, Memories Of Life.

Appears on skill tree just under "Brain Rot".

Each time a living survivor attacks you for the first time today, the computer keeps a record of how many times that player misses you.

If that player is unable to kill your zombie before they run out of AP, or before they log out, your zombie will gain 1 XP for every 2 misses made from this player until they get that 1st hit against you!

What this means is your zombie benefits with XP from frustrating (and frightening) the local survivors.

After the survivor finally hits the zombie (the "you attack.." text), they read the following:

"You finally HIT that damn zombie! If you didn't know any better, you'd swear they were enjoying this.."


Sounds like a lot, but what does it do really? It doesn't make you more effective in combat per se. This just gets you XP for not getting hit in combat, basically your zombie capitalizes on being attacked by less accurate survivors. All in all, it's just an XP gathering skill, but a combat based one. It can gain your zombie some decent XP for being the 1st to crash into a building full of online survivors (until they drop you!)

Note: You gain the XP as a result of the misses, you do not "steal" XP from the survivor that keeps missing you.

"Dammit! I hate fighting that stupid zombie with the head on backwards! You hit him in the stomach and I swear he's laughing at me!"| suggest_moved=04:02, 7 March 2006 (GMT) }}


suggest_time=13:27:23, 7 March 2006 (GMT)|
suggest_description=Pre-req: Feeding Groan.

Purchase Description: Another zombie have learned to associate you with food.

Summary: Frequent summonings by your feeding groan has caused a zombie to associate you with food. You count as two zombies in room descriptions, and he attacks alongside you using your ap.

Long description: You gain a new button, "Groan at Zombie", which costs 1ap to press and "loads" one attack into your follower, to a max of 25 attacks stored at any one time. Whenever you attack, your zombie attacks alongside you and loses one "ammo", assuming he has at least one. You gain exp for your follower's kills and damage, and your attacks are calculated independantly.

You are listed as two zombies in room descriptions. If you die, so does your follower, and you now count as two dead bodies. He stands up when you do, with whatever attacks he had when you died less the same amount of ap as it took for you to stand up, to a minimum of 0. If you are revived, he vanishes untill you die and stand up again. Whenever you and your minion do something linkable, it links to your profile as "Some zombies". You gain a new profile section "Minion name", set to "A nearby zombie" by default. Your follower cannot be targetted or actually affected in any way by other players except through you (see Implementation).

Flavour: Sample messages

Attacking with ap:

You attack Bob for (2/3/4) damage. He drops to (48/47/46)HP/You attack Bob and miss. A nearby zombie attacks Bob for (2/3/4) damage. He drops to (48/47/46)HP/A nearby zombie attacks Bob and misses.

Some zombies attacked you for (2/3/4) damage... and again.

You swipe at the barricade. Etc. A nearby zombie swipes at the barricade. Etc.

With no stored AP:

You attack Bob for (2/3/4) damage. He drops to (48/47/46)HP/You attack Bob and miss. A nearby zombie stands around looking dazed.


You groan. A nearby zombie turns its head towards you. You groan. A nearby zombie watches you a little more intently. You groan. A nearby zombie stares at you and shuffles its feet. You groan. A nearby zombie grunts irritably.

Zombie fullness:

A nearby zombie looks dazed. A nearby zombie is watching you. A nearby zombie is staring at you. A nearby zombie lurches around impatiently.

Purpose and implementation: The purpose of this suggestion is to increase the "number" of zombies in Malton, without requiring an increase in zombie players or resorting to AI zombies. It also gives leveling zombies a "fun" skill to look forward to instead of just better to hit rates or more damage, which will hopefully lead to more actual zombie players. In implementation terms having a follower causes a +1 to zombie or body counts if you are present, and all your attacks gain an additional ammo dependant attribute. He does not actually "exist", he just appears to. But he's still just as adorable.| suggest_moved=17:07, 7 March 2006 (GMT) }}

Tranquilizer gun

{{prejection| suggest_time=16:15, 7 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New weapon| suggest_scope=Helpful new weapon that makes Zoos handy| suggest_description=Tranquilizer gun would only in zoo's, around an 8 % chance of being found. It would be a single shot item like a flare gun. It would deal no damage but rather subtrack 10AP, 8AP for someone with body building, on a successful hit (but never letting that players AP to go below 0) It's attack would be based on pistal skills. Experience in this game is largely based on the changes to HP and I don't think this should be any different. So you gain no experience with attack but it will slow active players down, which can prove more useful then doing damage in certain situations. Ex a one on one fight with a zombie who has digestion, doing more damage is ineffective because they just eat back the damage, reduce its AP is much better.

AP reduction attacks are not favorable with some but, this weapon is found in one spot in the city and no gain for the attacker makes it a balanced weapon. Would people stock up on Tranquilizer guns, no, but carrying one around for special encounters would make for an interesting change to the game.| suggest_moved=20:22, 7 March 2006 (GMT) }}

8 March 2006



suggest_time=17:33, 8 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Surviors| suggest_description=I know how everyone is complaining about there wirecutters being useless, add locks to the game! Make it so you have a chance, lets say, 8% chance of finding a lock in a Warehouse or Junkyard, those buildings like a junkyard or a Warehouse can be locked with the lock.Also becuase of the likelyhood of finding the right key is near to dumb to add, make them combonation locks. The combonationm is set like a number like 12345 or 56754. Also if you enter the combonation, the lock goes back into your inventory and is reset for next use. Then you also get those whiney people a use for there wirecutters, two problems solved with one try.This lock idea would also add a way to keep zombies out permantly, but can be cut off with wirecutters or be free ran into so I don't believe its way overpowering!| suggest_moved=20:19, 8 March 2006 (GMT) }}

10th March 2006

Revivacation Markers


suggest_time=00:53, 11 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=improvement| suggest_scope=Zombies Humans and DNA Extractors| suggest_description=This is a addon to DNA Extractors and does not work on Brain Rotted zombies


Necro Tech has continued it's research to try to drive back the unholy zombie hell that has engulfed Malton. It's result

The DNA Extractor V.2

Whenever you extract DNA from a zombie as long as they don't have brain rot the zombie will also be tagged for revivacation.( No Extra Xp will come out)


The zombie however is still smart enough to know wether they want to be revived or not so they will get the following message-

(Name) Has extracted DNA from you and also attached a revivacation marker on your left ear. Do you want to rip it out of keep it on?

They will then get 2 buttons one saying no and one with yes


When a person is fighting a zombie who still has a tag on and makes any kind of damage angainst it they will recive a message at the end of their move saying - This zombie has been tagged for a revive| suggest_moved=05:37, 11 March 2006 (GMT) }}

12th March 2006

Dance! Zombie! Dance!


suggest_time=13:30, 12 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Gaining extra XP by unloading additional ammo on a zombie..| suggest_description= Pre-requisites: Level 10, appears on Zombie Hunter Skill Tree just below "Headshot". This skill is a very simple zombie hunter skill. When using ANY kind of projectile weapon that uses bullet-type ammunition (currently pistol and shotgun ONLY).

You are allowed an additional combat option when you JUST killed a zombie with a pistol shot or shotgun blast.. immediately following the killing there is a button available which says "Dance! Zombie! Dance!" This costs 3 AP in addition to the shots fired, explained later..

IF you click on this button your character will fire off as many shots as they can into the zombie before it hits the ground.. each shot is automatically calculated by the computer normally based on the last weapon you used (pistol or shotgun) until that 1 weapon is out of ammmunition, then you stop firing.

Why bother?

The zombie's death does not occur until AFTER dance, zombie, dance has been resolved.. so if you like you get to pick up extra XP from the same zombie (at maximum, you hit it with up to 4 more pistol shots or 1 more shotgun blast.. gaining XP for each successful hit). If you missed, you missed (but that was some fun a shootin' wasn't it?)

The whole point of this skill is if you want to "unload" onto some poor zombie you can do so.. just for yuks. The only real benefit is it can speed up your XP gains, but the ultimate reward is the game text.

What the zombie sees: "The human _____ just unloaded X more shots into your carcass before it hit the ground, making you appear to dance in midair!"

What other humans see: "____ just unloaded X additional shots into a zombie.. making it appear to dance in midair for a time before it hit the ground!"

What you see, after the additional combat attacks and hits are made, if you hit with at least one of them.. "You made that zombie dance! You'd hit it an additional X times, for X damage total, for X additional XP!"

All in all, this skill is more to add to the "fun" of being a gun's character. .| suggest_moved=22:15, 12 March 2006 (GMT) }}

13th March 2006

Eat Brains! (Version 2.0)


suggest_time=19:26, 13 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie eats recently killed survivor for XP gain!| suggest_description=

Eat Brains!

  • Appears on skill tree just below "Digestion", therefore requires "Digestion" to purchase this zombie skill.

Whenever you zombie has JUST killed a survivor with combat damage the "Eat Brains!" button appears on your options.

If you decide to "Eat Brains!", your zombie uses 3 AP to hunker down and have a satisfying meal which temporarily removes the "pain of being dead" - Night of the living dead.

What this does: You may use 3 AP any time you just killed a survivor, in return, you zombie gains 3 times that character's level in bonus XP for the feast! (Yes, eating a character's brains will indirectly give you what that character's 'level' is, if you do the math and divide by 3!)

Those are the benefits for feasting on your victims, simple enough.

What your zombie reads: "You get down on all fours and devour _____'s sweet BRAINS!"

What your victim reads: "The last thing you hear is a sickening 'Krunch!' as your skull is split open and a zombie happily feasts upon your BRAINS!"

What any other characters in the area reads: "______ was the unfortunate victim of a zombie brain eating!"|

suggest_moved=03:29, 13 March 2006 (GMT) }}

AI Zombies


suggest_time=05:10, 13 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=balance change| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=Lots of peopl complain about hte population imbalance. Well, so AI zombies! Its not like zombies have a lot of freedom to do things anyway; it shouldn't be hard to code an AI to move from building to building randomly attacking things.| suggest_moved=16:31, 13 March 2006 (GMT) }}

13th March 2006



suggest_time=01:42, 15 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description=For the cost of 40 AP, a zombie would be able to burrow under the building it is standing in front and enter it by bursting through its floorboards. This will bypass barricades of any strenght, although it will not damage them in any way.

This skill would have its own category, and not be a subset of any existing zombie skill.

Performing this skill would be accompied by a description along these lines "Digging through the black earth, you suddenly scratch solid wood. You smash at the panels, they break, and you hoist yourself into the building."| suggest_moved=03:36, 15 March 2006 (GMT) }}

16th March 2006

Human 'Sentry Duty' Skill


suggest_time=00:50, 16 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Human Skill| suggest_scope=Affects Humans in buildings and zombies trying to break in.| suggest_description=Buyable human skill, possibly nested under free running. Enables the option "Sentry Duty" while inside a building AND door is secured. After clicking on the Sentry Duty button, two things occur for X amount of time (1-3 hours?): AP is not recharged during this time for the Human and zombies cannot (or make it exceedingly improbable to?) open the door. I foresee this as a great boost to encouraging group behavior among humans... As it stands now for the most part, zombies are the only ones cooperating in groups.| suggest_moved=05:32, 16 March 2006 (GMT) }}

quick reload


suggest_time=11:28, March 16 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=zombie hunters| suggest_description=Simple, a skill that allows you to reload without having to use AP, this will be extremilly effective with shotguns since you have to reload one twice to get it fully loaded, although to stop people from getting it early I suggest making it only accecable after level 15| suggest_moved=00:11, 17 March 2006 (GMT) }}

Syringe AP & XP Revamp


suggest_time=23:01, 16 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Item Change/Skill Addition/Item Use XP Reward Tweak| suggest_scope=Scientists| suggest_description=My suggestion has 3 parts. First, I suggest that syringes be unable to be searched for. Also, I suggest that there be a skill to reduce the amount of AP required to "create" a new syringe. Lastly, I recommend that the XP awarded for reviving a zombie be increased dramaticly.

My suggestion is to make the AP requirement stay at 20 to make a syringe, but add a new skill for Scientists that would allow them to create a syringe for 10AP instead of 20. I also suggest the XP reward be increased from 5XP per revive to 25XP. This would allow devoted revivers to gain more skills at a pace similar to aggresive cops or firefighters.

Think about it. 100AP to get 5 syringes. then you use them and get 25XP? that's a TERRIBLE turnaround. Now change that to 100AP to get 5, then get 125XP? that'd be about right. I know I could easily get 125xp in 100ap with a low level survivor. When you add in the "faster syringe making" skill, you'll get 250XP in 100AP, which is about what I can get with my 65% accuracy if I'm killing zombies that don't have flak jackets.| suggest_moved=00:28, 17 March 2006 (GMT) }}

Toe Tagging and Morgue Experience


suggest_time=11:45, March 16 2006| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Scientist| suggest_description=Toe Tagging is a Scientist skill that would allow survivors to have it to target a specific zombie instead of a random zombie in the queue. Because of their discerning and perceptive eye, they can target zombies much better than other classes, who would be more prone to targeting random zombies. An intelligent scientist, on the other hand, would be more specific in his targets. The zombies would show up as a gray box with their name in it, allowing the survivor to see exactly who is a survivor and who is a zombie. Morgue Experience, which has Toe Tagging as a prerequisite, would allow a survivor with this skill to see the HP values of individual zombies. A scientist who has done much work in a morgue would be able to ascertain the decomposition of a body, thus knowing how much more damage it could be able to take.| suggest_moved=03:42, 17 March 2006 (GMT) }}

17th March 2006

Rocketlauncer w/scope


suggest_time=02:34, 17 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=etc| suggest_scope=survivers| suggest_description= a red rocket launcher w/ a scope 50 damage 100% hit kills all in block/building. Desroys barricade at the cost of your life.| suggest_moved=05:02, 17 March 2006 (GMT) }}

18th March 2006

You know, I can't think of a good title.  :(


suggest_time=05:32, 18 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= Improvement| suggest_scope= All players| suggest_description= Add a Panda to the Malton Zoo. Make it give birth. Also a bear pit. Hell yeah. --Ron Burgundy 05:32, 18 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_moved=11:19, 18 March 2006 (GMT) }}

19th March 2006

Zombies Need to tell each other apart.


suggest_time=03:37, 19 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Balance| suggest_scope=All zombies| suggest_description=As of now zombies cannot tell each other apart this is bad not kinda bad its really bad. I think zombies should be able to tell each other apart so 1. they can add each other to their contacts and so ideas like the one above can be implimented. I also suggest that zombies see humans as a Meatbag this will make it so zombies dont have an advantage it makes seanse for zombies to be able to tell each other apart and for humans to tell each other apart but for zombies to only tell humans apart but not their own kind is silly. And please dont say "but zombies are mindless animals" Yeah but they are players too and I would like to know as a zombie who my friends are rather than just 6 zombies. The attacking for zombies would be just the same as the attacking for humans is a random Meatbag Is chose form out of the stack and attacked simple this is obviously needed to balance the game and make it more fair to zombie PLAYERS they are PLAYERS in case some of you dont know that.| suggest_moved=18:00, 19 March 2006 (GMT) }}

21th March 2006

Degrading Slap


suggest_time=1:49(GMT)| suggest_type=New skill| suggest_scope=Survivors, possibly zombies| suggest_description=A player who possesses this skill gets a new attack under punch, known as Degrading Slap. It takes 2 AP to use, has a 50% to-hit and deals 4 damage to the opponents pride, as well as one damage every fifty action points spent, cured only after two weeks (or three nights if all were spent in a pub/tavern (hic!). Because sticks and stones may break their bones*, but a slap will make them cray themselves to sleep for weeks! This would only do 2 damage to zombies (with no lingering effect), as they have no emotions (sort of like someone who drinks away their problems, except less funny watch). The flavor text that could added when this was added could be something like:In death, ... groups continue the experiments that brought them here. Still others rough the apocalyptic conditions, making some bitter and others down-right annoying. (end) In the news the skill would be outlined, and all people who anger too many survivors will wake up with severe emotional bruising.

  • We should all pray Mr. Aushvitz never heard that though, he'll suggest they be added and do 90% to hit for 1 damage, are useable by zombies, and cause the recipient to take 5 damage per action due to internal hemmorhaging|

suggest_moved=04:39, 21 March 2006 (GMT)| }}

The Power Of The Dead

{{prejection| suggest_time=13:15, 21 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Can screw up "Free Running" for survivors, when you're there to catch them!| suggest_description=This one is ugly, and dirty. Zombies are ugly and fight dirty.

The Power Of The Dead

New Skills Sub Tree (Zombie Skills): Man-Hunter

(requires level 10), this skills tree is the opposite of the "Zombie Hunter" skills.. and represents the "killing machine" skills of the upper, upper, very scary, high powered zombies in Malton.

Your zombie isn't any faster, or smarter per se. But you have a "6th Sense" of sorts when your prey is trying to finish running between buildings, and unlike the other zombies nearby, you can capitalize on it. This comes from having fed on so much flesh, and knowing your prey, and how to hunt and catch them!

Short Version follows:

When a survivor uses 'Free Running' to move from 1 building to another.. IF you are AT the building the survivor just ran TO you "knock" them out of free running. (If you are outside the building that they used free running to run to, they instead end up OUTSIDE that building at the same location as you, IF you have this skill.) This is a tactic zombies may use to screw up survivors from never having to step (or stay) outside, now you might be forced to! (Giving the zombies a chance to attack!)

Explanation, rationalization, meaning:

Your zombie basically is good at "catching" survivors who think they can just run circles around zombies. You aren't any faster, you are the one zombie who moved into position to take a swipe at the survivor before they made it in. (Like any good predator, you're in position to 'get' them!) This will screw up a lot of "free running" and "hiding 24/7" survivors, because they are going to have to be prepared to use AP to re-enter a building (IF they can still get in! You might be temporarily caught outside and 'oh crap, VH barricades, oh crap!)
May seem unbalenced, too powerful. Hogwash! This means a much more experienced, more powerful zombie, has a chance of 'getting' you! Or making it easier for other zombies to 'get' you. This only happens if you're running from building to building, but doesn't that seem like a good time for the zombies to make their move? This will cut down on a survivor's ability to hide, to sneak, to escape.. and it will help 'newbie' zombies benefit from being next to a powerful 'maxed out' zombie who will show them the ropes. ("Go for the throat son, here, I'll hold him for you..") This has no effect on survivors who stay in their building for weeks on end, just if you move to the wrong building (maybe you should look outside and see if there's 20 zombies outside the building you wanted to go to, just a suggestion..)|

suggest_moved=21:51, 21 March 2006 (GMT) }}

The Dead Never Sleep


suggest_time=16:15, 21 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type= Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Can screw up "Free Running" for survivors, when you're there to catch them!| suggest_description= Formerly "The Power Of The Dead", now re-worked for your voting pleasure

  • This one is ugly, and dirty. Zombies are ugly and fight dirty. This skill is one that makes it harder for humans to fully use a skill that they've taken advantage of, for a long time. It gives high level zombies a way to "screw" a skill survivors used on them when they were lower level, now, it doesn't work so well against experienced zombies. The dead never sleep, they have all the time in the world to watch and wait, for you to come out.....

The Dead Never Sleep

Appears Under: New Skills Sub Tree (Zombie Skills): Man-Hunter

  • (Requires: level 10+), this skills tree is the opposite of the "Zombie Hunter" skills.. and represents the "killing machine" skills of the upper, upper, very scary, high powered zombies in Malton. Balances human potential, with zombie potential.

Game Mechanics:

Your zombie contributes to the "Increased difficulties" of humans using the skill "Free Running." Your zombie (and others like you) is much more skilled at making it harder for survivors to "run" or "sneak" or "jump" past INTO the building which you are OUTSIDE of.

Humans that use "Free Running" to move TO the location that your zombie is OUTSIDE of must pay an additional +1 AP (Per zombie WITH this skill!) to do so. This means it is NOT impossible to "Free Run" to your location, but it is much harder to do so! (This gives zombies a "blocking" tactic, for buildings they want to prevent humans from easily entering. Most likely the most barricaded and strategically important of buildings. If they can't enter, neither will you..... "Oh crap, why are there so many of them blocking the hospital?" "Ask the ones that are smiling and waving at us.. bastards!")

To the human attempting "Free Running" for movement, they get a message "Doing that will cost an additional X AP, do you still wish to move?" and there will be 2 buttons, one is "Yes" the other "No", so no-one will be forced to spend AP first and be "stuck" at a location, however, it may be impossible to "Free Run" to a location, because there are too many very skilled zombies preventing it. You may very well have to use normal movement to get in if possible.)


No free lunch. For humans, or for zombies.

It doesn't makes sense that humans can "run circles" around zombies all the time (the slower, stupider ones, yes.) Zombies that have reached this level of "hunting" have a LOT of skill at taking down (and eating) their prey.. they know all the "tricks" that humans use to "deke" and try to slip past them from one building to another, not only do they not fall for it, they capitalize on it!

The backlash of this skill does give a human at another location "Free Information" of sorts.. it tells them there are X zombies, that are at least level 10 in front of that building. But that is because when that survivor moves to jump from rooftop to rooftop, he sees 4 zombies that are NOT on the ground, with the others, but instead on the other roof smiling at him almost as if to say "Please try it! We'll catch you!" When same survivor tries the sewer, he sees them at the end of the tunnel, smiling again! These zombies are more annoying (and organized) than the others, they've killed people like you before, and they're more than happy to do it again. These zombies anticipate their prey, and are more patient, and ready, they aren't just wandering back and forth moaning.. they're actually LOOKING for survivors poking their heads out of windows to see where they are going to head next. (They aren't zombie ninjas, they're more like defensive linebackers, they don't have to be fast, just put a "body" in your way.)

Ultimately, this is a "Zombie-interference skill", humans have the AP saving skills for movement, and they can do it if they have to. BUT this screws up free running at "Level Defended" buildings because the "best of the best" zombies are more than happy to make life harder for survivors in that area. Don't like it? Find the "Lead Zombie" and put some slugs in his head.

  • Other Limitation to this skill:

It does NOT work for larger buildings that take up more than 1 square, ex. Malls and such.. you aren't really running from one building to another, you're INSIDE the same building. This may be a programming hassle to figure out, however once it's worked out it will make sure the survivors are able to move normally.

  • Multiply it by a billion rule:
If there's a billion zombies outside of one building, you ain't running in, not even the best sprinter in the world could do it. The best pole-vaulter in the world, yes, but he'd do it without using "free-running" becuase you could NEVER have enough AP to run in, you'd have to go in normally, and take your chances, take your risks, and take your lumps (and bites and scratches.)

Helps zombies get XP, helps low level zombies get XP when survivors step outside to enter a specific building by another route.. screws a game mechanic that technically doesn't make much sense, doesn't hurt people who stay in the same building for days, just when they go to a well defended building. Gives newbie zombies something to aspire to. Makes survivors scared of zombies again, as it should be. |

suggest_moved=00:14, 22 March 2006 (GMT) }}

23rd March 2006

No Brain, No Pain


suggest_time=17:13, 22 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie only skill, adds 10 to max. HP!| suggest_description=

No Brain, No Pain

New zombie skill, appears on zombie skill tree as a new and seperate tree "*". It has no prerequisites other than being a zombie, so new zombie players can buy it sooner.
Note: Bodybuilding, the "survivor counterpart" also has no prerequisite, and can also be bought as soon as you have the XP if you're a living character. But you have to be a survivor at some point to purchase that skill.
  • Your zombie can withstand much more severe damage and keep on fighting! Adds 10 points to your maximum HP. (This stacks with bodybuilding when you are a zombie. When human: this skill provides NO bonus to HP whatsoever, but does not interfere with any other skills that boost your maximum HP)
  • Limitation: This skill, as with bodybuilding increases your HP LIMIT, it does not also give you the bonus HP on top of that. A survivor would have to use some FAK or several beer to get their HP up after buying this skill. A zombie needs to bite some people, or get himself killed and stand up again, to get the benefits of this skill after buying it. Humans can regain the 10 HP with 1 AP if they have 1 skill to boost HP gain, zombies need 1 skill and to hit with several bites.

Why would this skill be needed?

Actually this skill is NOT as good as bodybuilding per se. Bodybuilding makes you "tougher" on BOTH sides of the equation, this skill only matters when you are a zombie.
The answer is this: You are always tougher as a zombie! You may not be as fast, or as smart, or as skilled, or able to use items, or communicate as well, and your choice of "weapons" is much more limited.. but you ARE much harder to kill, period. Zombies do not have the weaknesses of living things (or living beings for that matter), they do not need their blood, or need to breathe, they can't be knocked unconsious, just chopped (and blown) to pieces. This skill allows a "dedicated zombie player to have +10 to life straight up without ever having to be "living" for a time (if they get that later, that's dependent on other things.) But overall, a zombie now can have a max of 70 HP (instead of 50) with both skills, and a human can have a max of 60 HP with the one skill (this one has no bonus when living.)
The other answer, humans have an "AP advantage" of sorts, almost all players agree, Hum and Zom both have same max AP but the human side tends to save AP all around and doesn't have to buy skills to counter the extra AP costs of doing things, on top of barricades costing zombies a lot more AP than said human to errect. These are debatable game mechanics, but the simlicity is this.. show me any man who can lose half his head and keep on fighting.. okay.. is the man with half a head still able to fight with a minimum loss to his overall effectiveness in battle? If not, the zombie has the greater durability.. which isn't such a big deal.. 2 more pistol hits or a good shotgun blast and a few more HP. The main thing is this CAN help zombies get more XP (takes longer to die), humans may decide "crap, this zombie's too tough I'll shoot a different one" and move on.

| suggest_moved= 00:54, 23 March 2006 (GMT) }}

24th March 2006



suggest_time=01:56, 24 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Skill (military)/item| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=When you get the skill and item you can tie somebody up. They then can't do anything until they, or somebody else, unties them. It takes 3 hits @ 30 to 60% chance of undoing it.

You can tie sombody up with the following:

Handcuffs, found in PD's, junkyards;

Rope, found in firestations, junkyards, factories, malls (hardware), NT's;

Cables, found in junkyards, factories, malls (tech), NT's.

It is a strong skill and could easily be used for greifing so I propose the following things to combat it: it would only work 50% of the time, i.e. Someguy struggles. The handcuffs snap.; and it work cost 3 AP to do. This isn't unrealistic as it would be quite hard to tie someone up with them struggling and fighting you all the way| suggest_moved=07:12, 24 March 2006 (GMT) }}


{{prejection| suggest_time=01:57, 24 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=mechanics mod| suggest_scope=all players| suggest_description=Whenever you move you have a 3% of tripping on something. Then, 15% fall over & hit your head for 3 dam and 2AP to stand up. 20% hitting your head for 3 dam. 25% to hit a limb for 2 dam. 40% to get a minor bump @ 1 dam.

It should be very easy to implement, only about 6 lines of code in basic for example. That's not very relevent but it's a good example.| suggest_moved=20:08, 24 March 2006 (GMT) }}

25th March 2006

Vengance Of The Damned


suggest_time=1:28, 25 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=Zombies can smell the "Stink" of Necrotech!| suggest_description= Here is a "hunting" possibility: What if zombies learned (by being revived 50+ to 100+ times!) to recognize the "Stink" of NecroTech.. especifically those chemicals they use on zombies?

Not so far fetched, zombies have a lot of hatred (of the living) and tend to rage when extremely frustrated (or hungry and some damn barricade is in the way.) Their superior sense of smell is their main hunting tool, what do those "unnatural" syringes smell like to the "unnatural dead"?

Is it WISE to keep reviving zombies all the time (antagonizing them?), are they beginning to recognize that "chemical smell" as the "enemy" and start turning their anger towards those NecroTech buildings?!?!

This would be a very major, and very scary possibility in Malton, if the zombies could tell (to some degree, % chance based, could even be "wrong") which buildings are NecroTech buildings, they might definately start to focus their anger on these structures. (Kinda hard to run a lab when the damn building keeps getting "shook" back and forth!)

Vengance Of The Damned

  • New Zombie Skill, appears after "Scent Trail" on the zombie skills tree (so you have to fill out the 3 prior "smell" skills to be able to purchase this.)

Game Mechanics

  • At any time your zombie may "Catch Scent" of a building, when you are outside of that building. There is a "Catch Scent" button available whenever you are outside of any building. Using this button costs your zombie 5 AP while he/she stands there and gets a good smell of what "may" be inside the building. You can do "Catch Scent" several times for the same building if you wish (just to be sure..)
  • Base Chance: 30% of finding a NecroTech building if this is one!
  • Things that increase chances:
(+3%) Each and every survivor in this building that has the "NecroNet Access" skill (Somehow... they know! Could also be the plastic of your access card, the smell of your labcoat, your shoes smell different after being in these labs all the time, etc. Maxes out at +15% for 5 "Whitecoats")
(+2%) for each and every "Revivification Syringe" in all survivor's inventories in this building (maxes out at +60% for 30 syringes, damn walking pharmacies!),
(+1%) for each and every "DNA extractor" in all players inventories in that building (maxes out at +15% for 15 extractors, they have a different scent, not displeasing but it always comes before the needle..)
(Even under best of conditions your "Catch Scent" chances can't go above 80% success after deductions.)
  • Things that decrease chances:
(-25%): A running generator inside that building (gas makes it hard to distinguish the other scents),
(-1%): For each and every "Fuel" item inside that building (living, standing survivors only, doesn't count zombies or bodies), this amount maxes out at -20%.
(Best of conditions -45% to detect NecroTech at a NecroTech building.)

Successful Results: (If it was a NT building)

If this is a NecroTech Building, and you caught it's scent correctly, it appears on your map as a blue NecroTech building (just as it would for a human survivor, with the appropriate skills.) But only this ONE building! So your zombie can use their immortal patience and search each and every building they wish to find out which ones are "Bad". Zombie reads: "You have caught the scent, of the twisted ones!"

Failure results (If it was a NT building) Zombie reads: "You, aren't quite sure..." You may attempt again if you wish.

Successful Results: (If it was NOT a NT building) Zombie reads: "No, it does not have the stink of the twisted." Your map does not change (per se) but when you are in zombie form and at this location in addition to the building's description you read: "* No NecroTech scent" to remind you that you have successfully tested this building.

Failure results (If it was NOT a NT building) Zombie reads: "You, aren't quite sure..." This is just like the failure for the NT building result, so you have no idea, and may test again if you wish.

There is a slim (1%) chance every time you get a "failure" result in a building that is NOT a NT building, that you may mistakenly think it IS a NT building (shows as blue on your map, you get the "successful" NT building result, even though this isn't one.) Your map will remain this way until at some point and time you retest this building and successfully determine it was not an NT building. (You may suspect this if you ever get inside and notice things inside here aren't quite what you expected.. no labs for example.)

The Need?

There are quite a few legitimate reasons. But the best of which are being revived is very infuriating for zombies who wish to remain zombies. This will allow them to "take the fight" to NecroTech itself, resulting in possibkle seiges of NT buildings (and some very, very angry zombie mobs leading them.)

While this is not a pretty sight, keep in mind these NT buildings tend to be well protected and have a lot of survivors tending them (possibly more!) It should certainly prove interesting how it will progress.

There is a limitation, it will take time to "Sniff Out" a number of the true NT buildings, and some time to organize and attack them. but that is the "price" humanity will pay for his curiosity.| suggest_moved=06:30, 25 March 2006 (GMT) }}

26th March 2006

Play Dead


suggest_time=20:45, 26 March 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=When resting, your zombie may be mistaken for another body| suggest_description=Play Dead

Appears under zombie's skill tree just under "Feeding Groan", therefore it requires feeding groan, and memories of life as a prerequisite. This zombie skill has no benefits to your human character.

  • When you are logged off, your zombie character will "lie down" if they wish to do so. It is possible your zombie may be mistaken for a "body", and will not be seen by survivors who are not at your location.

Game Mechanics:

  • You zombie will only lie down and "Play Dead" if there are NO survivors visible on your game map screen. If there is even one survivor visible on your screen when you log off, your zombie will remain standing and can be "seen" normally.
  • When you log off, there is a 50% chance your zombie will "lie down", you have no way of knowing if they did or didn't, the game won't tell you (prevents log off/log on attempts to abuse this effect.) This chance is 75% if your zombie is at a graveyard.
  • While lying down, your zombie is NOT visible as a zombie to any survivors that are 2 or more squares away from you. Survivors that are 1 square away from your location have a 25% chance of "seeing" all "Play Dead" zombies as not being just bodies. Survivors at the same location as your charater can see all zombies at your location. every time a survivor moves 1 square outdoors, they get a new "map" as to what they see, this means they may see zombies in a square that they didn't before (ex. moves 1 square towards the bodies, and now sees 2 zombies, where there were none before.)
  • While lying down, any time a living survivor enters your square from any adjacent square, your zombie will immediately "get up" (no longer is "playing dead" and will remain that way until you next log in. So this skill doesn't last forever, your zombie cannot ignore the living coming and going from their territory, but if they are all alone.. they just lie down, and wait.


  • Survivors that never take a step outside don't do so much for scouting nearby zombie populations. Thus, zombies have become often become bored of walking, and those who have memories of life started remembering they could sit down instead of just walking forever and ever, some even remembered to lie down, and stop moving. Many saw a graveyard, and, knowing that the dead belonged there, started lying down in graveyards.
  • This is not a show of disrespect, zombies simply remember that graveyards are where the dead belong, and that dead things belong on the ground. They forget this anytime a living human enters their area!
  • This skill, ironically, is the opposite of standing up. However it does not prevent the standing up of zombies after death (the 2 are unrelated per se, if your zombie is killed, they become a body, for free.)
  • This skill capitalizes on the game scenery where there are bodies, literally everywhere.. but are all of them immobile?|

suggest_moved=20:02, 27 March 2006 (BST) }}

27th March 2006

Groan Volume

{{prejection| suggest_time=21:29, 27 March 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Skill tweak| suggest_scope=It applies to zombies, though survivors could make use of it too| suggest_description=This would change the Feeding Groan, as perceived by other players. Sure, "You murmur at the lone survivor in front of you" adds a bit of flavor on the zombie's end, but it ends up just one of the many other Feeding Groans experienced. Also, any zombies that rush towards what they believe to be a feast, end up running towards a single zombie and a dead body. Feeding Groan could be tweaked so that the groans sound different, depending on the number of survivors the zombie groaned at.

To avoid confusion, there would only be two levels. The first one would be for "lone survivor" groans, and it would sound something like "You hear a faint groaning x blocks to the (direction.) The second level would be for "Graaaagh" groans, which is 5 or more survivors. It would sound something like "You hear a loud and powerful groaning x blocks to the (direction.) Anything in-between would simply be "You hear something groaning x blocks to the (direction.)"

Besides helping zombies know whether a feast is at hand or not, it would also let survivors know if a large group is in trouble.| suggest_moved=21:57, 27 March 2006 (BST) }}

29th March 2006

Reduce AP for making a syringe


suggest_time=05:47, 29 March 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=improvement| suggest_scope=Syringe manufacture, possibly search| suggest_description=Using a syringe now costs 10 AP, and fearful penalties are attached if you try and revive a rotter. 30AP for a revive is a vbbit much, but if the search chance was doubled, and the manufacture cost reduced to 10AP, the "combat revive" would be eliminated as viable whilst calming a lot of the upset and anger that resulted. Because, let's face it, if you're a newbie that didn't start as a zombie, it's not at all fun playing one until you've managed to get Vigour Mortis and can actually hit something.| suggest_moved=15:27, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

Revive Buff

{{prejection| suggest_time=03:07, 29 March 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=balance change| suggest_scope=Revive Scientists| suggest_description=Ok, So they nerf'd revive ... thats cool, I understand. The problem is they did it a bit TOO much. It takes 10 hours waiting around playing solitare to make a single syringe. It beats looking for them, yes, but its a bloody 4.8% find and in only necrotech labs. And now it takes another 5 hours of more solitare playing to acully USE it. Come on, this is a syringe were talking about, not heart transplants. Anyway, back to the point. Reviveing a Zed and Scanning him gives only 9 XP, while killing them gives XP per hit and a XP bonus for acully killing them. And ammo is much easyer to find (5 - 11% depending on which of the 4 buildings your in.) So my suggestion? Either lower the AP cost to use a syringe to like 2 or 3 OR increase the XP gain from reviveing.| suggest_moved=20:53, 29 March 2006 (BST) }}

30th March 2006

Limit revives differently

{{prejection| suggest_time=04:21, 30 March 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Dead Survivors, Science| suggest_description=There's a huge uproar against the new syringe rules. However, I think the idea behind it is sound: that there are too many revives going on and that death is really really pointless. The problem is that it really really hurts the reviver to burn so much AP on a single revive. Playing a scientist is really boring already (1 click is 20 AP for making a syringe, another click burns 10 AP for a revive... a fully buffed scientist can't actually do anything if he's playing his role.) What is needed is a revive modification that reduces the number of revives but does not hurt the reviver so much. I propose that each reviver is limited to one successful revive (so brainrot attempts don't count) per day. That is to say that after a successful revive, all subsequent attempts will fail for 24 hours. This could be implemented by giving each survivor a flag like the way that scanned zombies have a flag. This will replace the 10AP cost now, reverting revives to 1AP each.

As far as RP purposes, perhaps all trained scientists have a device to perform revives that takes a full syringe as a cartridge and needs to recharge for 24 hours after every use. It can detect the brainrot and stops so while the syringe is wasted, it doesn't lose the charge and can be used again without recharging.

I think this will make revives a lot rarer and more valued, prevent mass combat revives, but allow the scientist to do other things with his day.| suggest_moved=08:28, 30 March 2006 (BST) }}

Undead 'Possum


suggest_time=22:58, 30 March 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie| suggest_description=Given that zombies are animated corpses, Malton is littered with the dead, and Zombies cannot reasonably barracide themselves in safehouses, a resourceful zombie that saves the needed AP for the end of their turn should just be able to lay down and relax. Many Zombies do this now by ending their turn with a jump from a window, so perhaps requiring an AP penalty for the rise if folks think this is too strong. Personally, I think it is a decent balancing effect and can be on Memories of Life (to have the idea to hide) or Lurching Gait (as it is a motion enhancement). If cross-tree pre-reqs are viable then it should reside as third in the Lurching Gait tree and require at least Memories of Life. The name is horrible, this just seems logical and I can't see it in previous suggestions since I've been playing for the past six months. | suggest_moved=03:36, 31 March 2006 (BST) }}

1st April 2006

Construction Worker


suggest_time=01:52, 1 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=New Class| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=It's hard to be descriptive about a new class, but here it is: Name:Construction Worker Starting Skill:Construct Starting Item:Crowbar If you have any suggestion, other than me committing suicide, please tell me in your vote.| suggest_moved= 03:52, 1 April 2006 (BST) }}

Undo Last Change

{{prejection| suggest_time=00:12, 1 April 2006| suggest_type=Disimprovement| suggest_scope=Revive Points| suggest_description=Why not. People were retards about the ten AP cost that nerfed combat revives and made death more important. Zombies might have a chance. So I'm gonna poll around for the responce to a nerf on zombies, consitering that most newbs are human players. Why not undo this nerf on rotters that will undoubtedly improve revive points and clean up the rotter population? After all it hurts zombies who got Brain Rot to nerf revive points. So speak your mind Malton. Does the TWO WEEK RULE only apply to zombies complaining about supply crates?| suggest_moved=04:30, 1 April 2006 (BST) }}

Crucifix Combat


suggest_time=01:26, 1 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Item| suggest_scope=Everyone with Crucifixes, new skill| suggest_description=I noticed a lot of people want knife combat equal to axe combat while going through suggestions. I agree- knives, after all, do as much damage to a zombie as an axe (especially seeing as zombies can usually ignore stabbings what with their internal organs rotting and being vestigal but have a harder time ignoring axes) but it inspired me.

Crucifixes rule, after all. I mean, they're about as useful as knives. So add Crucifix Combat to the list of civilian skills. They can fight with crucifixes, smashing zombies with them.

Damage is equal to a baseball bat (I'm a dedicated zed with rot- I've got a flak jacket, one shotgun shell, and a revival syringe for unknown reasons, so I have no idea what this is.), 15% to hit. With Improved Crucifix Combat, survivor in question gets +15% to hit. SuperDualWieldingCrucifixCombat (name subject to change, at the behest of voters) allows you to hit with two crucifixes (or is it Crucifices? Damn you, English! Cruel, cruel mistress) at 35% to hit, for... erm... 4 damage. And 2d6 Holy damage if you're hitting a zombie or PKer, since they have an Evil alignment.

This could even be rolled into a class- Priest, who would start with Improved Crucifix Combat, two crucifixes, and holy water, which is just like Wine, except it doesn't heal you any HP or get you drunk.| suggest_moved=03:52, 1 April 2006 (BST) }}

2nd April 2006

New class:Builder

{{prejection| suggest_time=05:08, 2 April 2006 (GMT)| suggest_type=Class| suggest_scope=Human| suggest_description=

  • character starts off with construction skill and a crobar and wirecutters.

this ones been driving me crazy since in "the game" i don't have much acuracy and rarely hit a zombie i have been really badly trying to get the construction skill so i thought up a bui| suggest_moved=05:35, 2 April 2006 (BST) }}

6th April 2006


suggest_time=11:42/6th April/2006| suggest_type=Item/firearm and skills| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=I've just been reading all the other rifle suggestions, and think this might work. The Rifle would be found in PD's, Mall Gunshops and Armourys. It would do 4 damage, and would start with the same accuracy as a pistol. Basic firearms would also improve its accuracy.| suggest_moved=22:32, 6 April 2006 (BST) }}

7th April 2006

Modifcation to Diagnose skill

{{prejection| suggest_time=11:49, 7 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Modifcation to Diagnose skill| suggest_scope=Survivors| suggest_description=Quick one this, I suggest people with diagnose skill should be able to see early signs of infection. Highlighting infectees in the description, this would allow for faster better placed triage when healing in a busy buildings. Could be denoted as an 'I' next to the HP currently listed if a survivor is infected. This would increase server load, but I don't think by a significant amount unless the building is v.v. heavily populated.| suggest_moved=18:20, 7 April 2006 (BST) }}

10th April 2006

Exchange XP for AP


suggest_time=17:10, 10 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Self explanatory| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=Now, I know that this has been done before, but I'd like to change it around a bit. Now, after you have achieved level 15 (any levels), you can buy an "AP for XP" skill (very creative name, I know) for 500 XP. This skill is available to all players (zombie and survivor). Buying this skill will allow you to exchange 200 XP for one AP. Obviously, the IP hit limit would still be in place unless you have donated. I just think that it's a skill that takes quite a bit to buy, and if you have a bunch of extra XP laying around, you can get a few more AP.| suggest_moved=19:25, 10 April 2006 (BST) }}

13th April 2006

1AP for ?rise if not dead


suggest_time=12:44, 13 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Dealing with ?rise spamming| suggest_scope=Everyone| suggest_description=I don't know what the general perception of ?rise spamming is, but I think it kind of ruins the game when one zombie kan rise up a million times in a row and force a number humans to use up all their AP on this one ?rise spammer. If people agree with me, then I have a simple suggestion; make it so that if you try to ?rise without actually being dead, you spend an AP. This means that a ?rise spammer real quickly will run out of AP if he tries to spam, but it gives room to mistakes if you have a bookmark with ?rise or whatever. --Janzak 12:45, 13 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_moved=18:13, 13 April 2006 (BST) }}

14th April 2006

Fire Zombie

{{prejection| suggest_time=02:58, 14 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Ability to make zombies hand attacks stronger| suggest_scope=Zombies| suggest_description= This is an ability to make zombies more powerful when smashing barricades. A zombie can pour a fuel can on himself and if he does a button "Light self on fire" will appear. If the zombie lights itself on fire, it does double damage with hand attacks to everything (including Barricades, but it loses 2hp per AP. After 30 ap the effect wears off. Because they are on fire, the zombies can be targeted individualy and are marked specialy e.g. "you see 2 zombies. One is on fire." I believe the damage will be enough to deter zombies without body building from using it. It is not blocked by the Flak Jacket. Each fuel can works once for this purpose.

Edit I frogot to mention that the button dissapears after another ap is spent. Edit 2 It does 3 damage instead. 2 is too low. Edit 3 Survivors can now use fire extinguishers to put out flaming zombies. the extinguishers do no damage to anything.| suggest_moved=10:30, 14 April 2006 (BST) }}

Burn Zombies

{{prejection| suggest_time=05:55, 14 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=New Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Set zombies on fire using fuel, during a seige| suggest_description= Inspired by the old (and effective!) mideaval seige method of pouring burning oil on your enemies from atop a castle wall.

This skill is intended to create the occasional a zombie on fire, to add to the scenery of Malton. But, to prevent griefing, as many players agree to for some reason, flaming zombies are much more effective at smashing down barricades (the fuel really does it, but hey, looks cool in a movie.)

Burn Zombies

Zombie Hunter Skill, appears under that skills tree on human skills tree, prerequisite level:10+. Applies no bonus to your zombie character.

Your character may attempt to throw fuel onto zombies outside your building, and light it! Base hit 15%, plus Hand to hand combat if you have it.'

  • (That would currently mean max. hit chance is 30% with both skills)

How to burn zombies:

You may only do so if your character is online, and inside a building, has this skill, has at least 1 fuel can in their inventory, the barricade level of the building you are in is currently at lightly barricaded or less, and.... there is at least 1 zombie attacking the barricades of the same building you are inside.

Only, only... only then do you even see the button "Burn Zombies" available on your map. This indicates that your skilled zombie hunter is aware the barricades are under attack, and has some idea where the zombies are coming from, and which windows or part of the roof to go to in order to start dumping fuel. This is why it costs so much AP to make these attacks, all those stairs, yelling to other survivors asking where they are.. things like that. It isn't such a simple thing, you have to earn it. This is NOT an X-ray skill, because of all of it's restrictions, the barricades are nearly gone before you can even use it. Meaning, it won't happen too often, but it will be fun.

Burn Zombies Button:

Costs 2 AP every time you throw fuel at the zombies with your 15% or 30% accuracy, you lose 1 fuel from your inventory each time you do this. The computer keeps track of your misses, because when you light the fuel, it may help destroy the barricades (yes, there is a downside, each "miss" on a zombie is 50% likely to have landed on the barricade itself, your character doesn't know...) A successful hit does no damage, but the computer records how much fuel is "on" each zombie that you hit, and the barricades (each fuel can is 1 hit, on one zombie if it hits.)

This attack is different, the zombies it targets is only one that is attacking the barricade, the most current attacker is at the top of the stack. All of the other zombies outside are safe from this attack, because they are not close enough to get hit.

Once you feel you've wasted enough fuel, you may "Light Fuel" this is the second button which is only available: If the zombie(s) you've hit with fuel are still here and attacking this building's barricades.

Note: The fuel doesn't do any damage (yet), but any zombie that has the memories of life skill has a 25% chance per unit of fuel they are hit by to recognize it, by getting the message: "Someone, has thrown... fuel... onto your zombie!" any zombie without memories of life, doesn't remember, or care.

Light Fuel Button:

Costs 2 AP every time you attempt it ("damn lighter.."), doesn't cost you an item, it is assumed you have a lighter or used matches to light some debris and threw it down. This gives the zombie a chance to leave, or stop attacking, which no longer allows you to burn them (too bad!)

The accuracy of your throw is double that of your fuel, but if you miss.. that's not good.

If you hit.. the zombie is now "on fire" (explained later) and immediately takes 10 points of damage per can of fuel you managed to hit them with! (Just as bad as a shotgun blast, debatable, but 3rd degree burns are BAD! they can kill even zombies. It obviously takes a lot of fuel and AP to burn a zombie to death.. but if you really want to.. go for it!)

If you miss... you MAY have hit the barricade, lighting any fuel that got onto it (you can't see the barricades so well either from up here.) the chance is 50% per miss that you hit the fuel on the barricades, igniting them. The barricades will burn fast and hard, immediately taking 3 seperate fire attacks at 50% chance "to hit" per unit of fuel that hit the barricades. The zombie on the ground will see the results of the fire, you will only see smoke to that effect (resulting messages to witnessing zombies and your hunter are based on the outcome.) Yes you may totally destroy the remaining barricades, maybe they were coming down anyways. But that is the risk of this skill.

All fuel once ignited is consumed (gone!) as it makes it's attacks or deals it's damage. Zombies lose the fuel that is on them by walking away from this location, if they do not return to this building for their next 5 AP. If they return, and attack the same barricades again before that time, they can be burned. (The simplest way to do this.)

On Fire!

Zombies which are "On Fire!" have some things to deal with, and do. First things first they took all of their fire damage in one big clump, this is the only weapon in the game that can do this, but it costs a LOT of items and AP to even pull it off (guns are more accurate, and faster at this.)

Your zombie gets the message about how much fire damage they took (yes they can just stand up if they die, but then they are no longer on fire!)

If they didn't die they get another message "You are on fire, you will be burning for X AP!" During that "time" which is 3 AP per "fuel" that your zombie was hit with, your claw attacks are double damage against barricades (just like a crowbar, counts as 2 successes.) But during this time all of your attacks against anything other than a barricade are at -5% to hit (fire makes it hard to see, or smell anything but your burning flesh.) You don't take any more damage (that was determined already, no need for more.) But survivors and zombies will see you as "a burning zombie" (ex. 22 zombies, 2 burning zombies in red on the map.)

This allows your zombie a chance to "finish the job", of destroying the barricade if you can. Or when you log on again if you are still on fire, you get to do this because you took all that fire damage. Your zombie can (if it wants) even go to another building and attack those barricades if these ones are not to your liking (burning zombies running around in Malton, very interesting.)

Any zombie that survives being "On Fire!" gains bonus experience, at the end of this duration, if it did not die during this time. A zombie gains 2 XP per unit of fuel it was burned with (but 5 units of fuel will kill a 50 HP zombie, so don't expect too too much.)

This is the zombie reward for being burned, and adding to the scenery of Malton, to prevent griefing, and make it easier to buy memories of life if needed to avoid being burned again, if they wish.| suggest_moved=16:20, 14 April 2006 (BST) }}

15th April 2006

Heavy Blow


suggest_time=00:48, 15 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=New Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunter| suggest_description= Player have a chance to knock zombies to the ground with melee weapons. Effect: Zombie falls to the ground but lives. Standing up takes half the penalty. Survivor who does Heavy Blow gets 5 bonus EXP. Description from Survivor's POV: You struck the zombie hard enough to make it fall. Description from Zombie's POV: <Name> struck you down with a Heavy Blow. This skill will require 150 EXP and be higher than level 7.| suggest_votes= Eleven spams, with mine. }}



suggest_time=04:40, 15 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type="Man-Hunter" Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=A very viscious series of claw slashes in a berzerk rage| suggest_description= Massacre

  • Appears on zombie skills tree under the subheading "Man-Hunter" skills, these skills are the zombie equivilent of the human "zombie hunter" skills. Minimum level requirement: Level 7+ (zombie massacre skills don't take so long to learn, just a lot of killing to perfect.) Adds no benefit to your human character.

Your zombie is capable of attacking the living with a fast, viscious series of claw slashes. When you miss with any 3 attacks in a row, your chances of hitting with claw attacks go up by 10%, but you are now in a blood rage, and must stay here until you kill a human or none remain at your location.

Game Mechanics:

Your zombie can and will miss with it's claw and bite attacks periodically, but, when it misses 3 times in a row (while attacking a living survivor) it starts to get upset, and viscious. This is a zombie berzerk skill. A zombie when this skill "kicks in" cannot speak, utter a feeding groan, move away, or do anything else but keep attacking survivor(s) at this location until it has succeeding in killing a survivor, or there are no survivors left at your location (then it is "free" of it's rage, it ends.) (You can still log off at any time if you wish, also ending the rage. Your rage can also end when you're out of AP.) You can only attack survivors while in massacre mode, no attacking zombies, no attacking barricades, generators or anything else.. just the living. Remember this skill also only lasts until you've killed 1 human, or you are alone (without humans anyways) then it also ends.

Any time your zombie has missed attacking 3 times in a row this skill "kicks in" your zombie gets the message "You are in a rage!" and now in red letters the word "Massacre" is now on your map screen to remind you it is still on (until over.)

All claw attacks made by your zombie while in "Massacre" mode are at +10% to hit, during this time period any humans you kill you will gain double the bonus XP for a kill!

In and of itself, this skill may not seem like that much but it will make your zombie a very scary enemy, and you are still free to bite any time it suits you without any loss of massacre status (bite is very deadly itself when maxed out.) But you are just that much more effective in combat, and if you are in a survivor safehouse.... you will feed well.

The intention of this skill is to make zombies past level 7 a "killing machine" if they so choose, they still have to find and get at survivors, but the remaining AP they have when they make it in will be very useful, if they get angry. You wouldn't like Malton's zombies when they're angry... | suggest_moved= 05:40, 15 April 2006 (BST)| }}

18th April 2006

Shoot From The Hip


suggest_time=00:03, 18 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Zombie Hunter Skill| suggest_scope=Zombie Hunter Skill - Shotguns| suggest_description= Shoot From The Hip

Zombie Hunter skill, appears beneath headshot on skills tree. No benefits to your zombie character.

Shoot From The Hip

Your character is very good at not letting zombies remain standing for too long, so long as they have a shotgun at hand. Every time an online zombie enters your location, one shotgun shell gets put into one of your most loaded shotguns available for no AP cost! This "faster loading" of your shotguns does not occur if you are at an indoors location where the survivors seriously outnumber the zombies. Each zombie that enters your location only applies this loading benefit once per game "day" per zombie, so running around getting them to chase you does not get you 1 free reload per square you moved and they followed.

This is a "lightning reload" skill of sorts, however this version is all about preparing your ammunition for the battle which is about to commence. This skill is a representation of your zombie hunters ability to never really be caught unprepared for a zombie attack as they calmly load their shotgun(s) for an upcoming battle, even as the zombie gets in real close. It's a very macho gun skill.

Limitation: "Not in any real danger"

If the number of survivors at your character's location outnumbers the zombie(s) that just entered by 10 or more, you and other hunters with this skill no longer gain this reloading benefit (suspended, until more zombies start getting in!) This is to represent the fact that you aren't as endangered and not so willing to "dig deep" and get loaded for battle (too many damn "green" survivors, crampin' my style.) This limitation is intended so that safehouses that have a lot of survivors will not get a lot of "free reloads" of their shotguns, just because a few online zombies made it in.

  • This limitation does not apply at an outdoors location so if you're outside, and attracting online zombies to come and do a little shotgun vs claw bite duel you are more than welcome to do so. You will only gain a 1 AP savings per online zombie who enters your location. This is the "lone hunter" usefulness of this skill, for the true one on one zombie hunter.

Why Bother?

For 100 XP it doesn't grief zombies, but it does give you an "instant" benefit right before combat, but then again, you ARE facing an online zombie! Chances are that zombie may even have digestion, and it may take a while to blow them to pieces with your shotgun anyways. So saving 1 AP for being brave and taking risks is more fun for the survivor, and the zombie. "Come get some ya ugly son of a..."

I made sure this was worded just so, to prevent abuse. Now you have a reason not to worry so much about reloading each and every shotgun when you can.. or if you know there's a lot of active zombies nearby, getting their attention might be useful.

It gets the zombie hunters outside, if they wish. This skill is more of a benefit to smaller safehouses, where defense tactics tend to be a bit more "rural" and direct.| suggest_moved=06:26, 18 April 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time=18:30, 18 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Location Alteration/Game Events| suggest_scope=The Forts| suggest_description= When a Fort is powered by a generator, it has access to the Military radio network and can call in airstrikes against a city block.


When inside a powered Fort, a "Radio for Airstrike" button appears along with a speech box in which you can enter a GPS coordinate (For example, you'd enter [19,27] if you wanted to target the famous NW Corner of Caiger). Pressing the button will cause the military to drop an incendiary bomb on the targeted block of Malton city. All zombies and survivors standing outside will be killed, and if it's a building the barricades will be completely destroyed. The buildings themselves will be left intact, and any survivors or zombies indoors will be unharmed (think of it like BattleFront... buildings are invincible).


1) Airstrikes are limited to ONE per Fort per 24 hour period. As there are only 2 Forts, that means 2 airstrikes per 24 hours at max. As there are 10,000 city blocks within the Malton area, this will not kill everyone in the city.

2) Airstrikes can be called in by BOTH survivors with the Military Skill "Radio Operator", AND zombies with the Zombie Skill "Death Rattle" (remember in "Return of the Living Dead" when the zombies eat the ambulance drivers and call in for "send more ambulances"?). This means both sides can benefit from airstrikes, instead of them being purely one-sided.

3) Survivors will be unable to use this if standing zombies are in the building. Likewise, zombies will be unable to use it if standing survivors are in the building. This means a group will actually have to OCCUPY the Fort to call an airstrike, not just pop in when everyone's asleep, call one in, and pop out again.

4) Airstrikes create a notice similar to Flares or Feeding Groan. Because if you'd notice them, you'd probably notice a bigass bomb going off nearby.


This implementation is not overpowered or griefing. Zombies can stand up from death cheaply and easily, so it's not a major problem for them. Survivors rarely spend much time outdoors, and if they do they tend to die quickly anyway, so it's not a major problem for them either. And indoor survivors have an opportunity to repair the cades before neighboring zeds notice they're down. It's more like a good pantsing, sort of an atomic wedgie.

Because the person at the Fort is not actually at the site being attacked, he has no idea of the tactical situation there. Thus, airstrikes will have to be used with coordination and teamwork, rather than just one guy standing outside blowing up the bystanders and barricades. (I.E. blowing up the barricades of NW Caiger will do yourself no good, because you're all the way over in Fort Creedy. You need to coordinate with your buddies in Chudleyton to invade the Mall at the right moment before the cades go up again. Likewise, if you're sitting in Fort Creedy you have no idea where the large zombie hordes in Ridleybank are, and will have to coordinate with human scouts outside to know where to nuke in order to successfully rain death from above upon the Zed Suburb.)

This addition should add some flavor and excitement to life in Malton. More importantly, it will create added drama and motivation in the battle for Malton's 2 Forts. Previous Fort battles have been some of the highlights of the game, so imagine how this would add even more drama to it. It also adds a tactical element to the overall fight in Malton. You're no longer necessarily just looking out for yourself in your little corner of the city, now your welfare is directly tied to the welfare of others in an entirely different suburb.| suggest_moved=20:29, 18 April 2006 (BST) }}

21st April 2006

Generous Heart


suggest_time=16:24, 21 April 2006 (EST)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Humans and Zombies| suggest_description= This will allow Humans to give items to other humans instead of dropping them. If the player on the receiving end is already over burdened with items, the item is automatically dropped. For Zombies it works much the same, but only items that the Zombie can use as a Zombie, such as crowbars and any further items later chosen to work for Zombies. In both situations, it will cost AP to give an item.| suggest_moved=14:40, 22 April 2006 (BST)| }}

22nd April 2006

Barricade Attack Notify


suggest_time=09:31, 22 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Improvement| suggest_scope=Anyone inside a bulding| suggest_description=This works in exactly the same manner as when a Flare has been fired, when someone has been PK'ed, attacked, killed, barricades hit. In other words you heard... etc.

What happens is when a barricade has been attacked you get the notification of something along the lines of. You hear the barricades creak/groan/collapse etc.| suggest_moved=15:27, 22 April 2006 (BST)| }}

25th April 2006

Death Groan


suggest_time=20:32, 24 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=A very loud (and optional) death groan if you are severely overkilled!| suggest_description= Death Groan

Appears under zombie skills tree just under "Feeding Groan", does not benefit you human character. As an additional prerequisite, to purchase your zombie must also have the survivor skill "Bodybuilding" (you just need that lung capacity for a good death shout.)

Whenever your zombie is killed from a lot of damage in a very short amount of time, you have the option to utter a "Death Groan." This groan's range is exactly the same as feeding groan (based on number of survivors at this location), it still costs you 1 AP (even though you were killed), but it has a slightly different "sound" to it.

  • The amount of damage/time is your zombie must have taken at least 20 points of damage (and be killed by it) in the last minute of online time. Your zombie must also be online for this option to be available (killed while online.) The computer only bothers to start counting the "time" if your zombie is below 30 HP, and you are online, and only if you have this skill (to save on server loads.)
  • You are only permitted to utter a death groan up to 60 seconds after you were "killed" (allows you a chance to make your groan if you died, and for those with slower internet access. If you stand up, that option is now gone, if you are moved outside before you are allowed to make the groan (survivors have to be at the same location as you for it to work) the death groan is no longer legal (survivors get a safety benefit for quickly disposing of your body, if they can.)

This skill's intention is for your online zombie to have a 2nd feeding groan option, or way of "alerting" other zombies that you have just been killed (and how!) This second feeding groan is not only intended to alert zombies of nearby survivors, but nearby "active" survivors. This utterance is not a sign of fear or pain (well maybe a bit of pain, depending how you died) but it is the call of the dead, saying "They got me! Come kill them!"

It also may, in some rare situations allow a zombie who got "jumped" to utter another kind of feeding groan if they were killed so quickly they never got to utter a regular feeding groan. (Can happen if a lot of skilled survivors jumped a zombie at the same time, outdoors for example.) And, as always, if the same groans are coming from the same location (but different zombies) you get the message "and again.. and again.. and again.." this adds to the "atmosphere" of zombies being slaughtered at the local mall. Survivors may even come to consider these groans a good sign. | suggest_moved=00:07, 25 April 2006 (BST) }}

Death Groan (Resubmitted, changed slightly)


suggest_time=01:54, 25 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=A very loud (and optional) death groan if you are severely overkilled by survivors!| suggest_description=

  • I'm a little suspiscous of how quickly it got spaminated, and the manner in which it seemed the same group of people auto spammed it (before it could be studied further by other voters.) But let's not dwell on that, I'll tweak it a little and try again, see if we get any keeps.

Death Groan

Appears under zombie skills tree just under "Feeding Groan", does not benefit you human character. As an additional prerequisite, to purchase your zombie must also have the survivor skill "Bodybuilding" (you just need that lung capacity for a good death shout, considering you have less time to do it prior to death.)

Whenever your zombie is killed outright in a very short amount of time by survivors. You have the option to utter a "Death Groan." This groan's range is exactly the same as feeding groan (based on number of survivors at this location when you make it), it will cost you 1 AP (even though you were killed), but it has a slightly different "sound" to it.

  • The amount of damage/time is your zombie must have taken at least 15 points of damage (and be killed by it) in the last minute of online time. Your zombie must also be online for this option to be available (killed while online.)
  • The computer only bothers to start counting the "time" if your zombie is below 16 HP and just took it's 1st hit, and you are online, and only if you have this skill (to save on server loads.)
  • You are only permitted to utter a death groan up to 60 seconds after you were "killed" (allows you a chance to make your groan if you died, and for those with slower internet access. If you stand up, that option is now gone, if you are moved outside before you are allowed to make the groan (survivors have to be at the same location as you for it to work) the death groan is no longer legal (survivors get a safety benefit for quickly disposing of your body, if they can.)

This skill's intention is for your online zombie to have a 2nd feeding groan option, or way of "alerting" other zombies that you have just been killed (and how!) This second feeding groan is not only intended to alert zombies of nearby survivors, but nearby "active" survivors. This utterance is not a sign of fear or pain (well maybe a bit of pain, depending how you died) but it is the call of the dead, saying "They got me! Come kill them!"

It also may, in some rare situations allow a zombie who got "jumped" to utter another kind of feeding groan if they were killed so quickly they never got to utter a regular feeding groan. (Can happen if a lot of skilled survivors jumped a zombie at the same time, outdoors for example.) And, as always, if the same groans are coming from the same location (but different zombies) you get the message "and again.. and again.. and again.." this adds to the "atmosphere" of zombies being slaughtered at the local mall. Survivors may even come to consider these groans a good sign. This skill's intention is not the creation of more feeding groan spam, mainly because this kind of feeding groan will never happen any where near as often. But it adds to the feeding groan element of the game, different kinds of groans for different kinds of messages to surrounding zombies.).| suggest_moved=03:57, 25 April 2006 (BST) }}

Point Blank

{{prejection| suggest_time=21:54, 25 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Skill| suggest_scope=Survivors Level 10+| suggest_description=This skill allows owners to have a 100% chance of hitting a zombie, allthough it grately reduces the amount of damage done, i.e. by 1/2 and rounded up to the nearest whole number. It also costs 2 AP to attack with this skill. It is only an optional to use the skill, where is says "Attack:[a zombie] with [pistol] at [20%, 5 damage]" (for example) you can also have the option "Attack:[a zombie] with [pistol] at [100%, 3 damage]" (the damage is reduced because of the velocity of the speeding bullet passing straight through the target). It is a zombie hunter skill, if you hadn't guessed and costs 100xp to purchase. | suggest_moved=03:58, 26 April 2006 (BST) }}

26th April 2006

Death Groan (Resubmitted, again, with changes, if you didn't get to read and vote, check peer rejected)


suggest_time=06:03, 25 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=New Zombie Skill| suggest_scope=A very loud (and optional) death groan if you are severely overkilled by multiple survivors!| suggest_description= Note: This subskill of feeding groan only works if you are quickly over-killed by multiple survivors, it doesn't count (or work) for zombie on zombie violence. (Can't be abused to give misdirectional spam messages, made that way deliberately.)

Death Groan

Appears under zombie skills tree just under "Feeding Groan", does not benefit your human character. Has no additional prerequisites.

Whenever your zombie is killed outright in a very short amount of time by survivors: You have the option to utter a "Death Groan." This groan's range is exactly the same as feeding groan (based on number of survivors at this location at the time you make it), it will still cost you 1 AP (even though you were killed), this groan however has a different "sound" to it and fellow zombies will recognize it's meaning.

  • The amount of damage/time is: Your zombie must have taken from 21 HP (or less) to death the last 60 seconds. And the damage dealt to kill your character must have come from more than 1 survivor! Your zombie must also be online for this option to be available (killed while online, nothing for free, you must be able to choose to spend the AP.)
  • The computer only bothers to start counting the "time" if your zombie is below 21 HP and just took it's 1st hit that started you towards 0 or less, and you are online, and only if you have this skill (to save on server loads.)
  • You are only permitted to utter a death groan up to 60 seconds after you were "killed" (allows you a chance to make your groan if you died, and for those with slower internet access. If you stand up, that option is now gone, if you are moved outside before you are allowed to make the groan (survivors have to be at the same location as you for it to work) the death groan is no longer legal (survivors get a safety benefit for quickly disposing of your body, if they can.)

This skill's intention is for your online zombie to have a 2nd feeding groan option, or way of "alerting" other zombies that you have just been killed (and by more than 1 survivor, to indicate there are several online survivors!) This second feeding groan is not only intended to alert zombies of nearby survivors, but multiple nearby "active" survivors, which definately should draw zombie attention. This utterance is not a sign of fear or pain (well maybe a bit of pain, depending how you died) but it is the call of the dead, saying "They got me! Come kill them!"

It also may, in some rare situations allow a zombie who got "jumped" to utter another kind of feeding groan if they were killed so quickly they never got to utter a regular feeding groan.

This skill's intention is not the creation of more feeding groan spam, mainly because this kind of feeding groan will never happen any where near as often. But it adds to the feeding groan element of the game, different kinds of groans for different kinds of messages to surrounding zombies.).| suggest_moved=02:59, 26 April 2006 (BST) }}

Lucky Charm


suggest_time=01:16, 26 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Items| suggest_scope=Zombies and Humans| suggest_description=I have taken the suggestion from proboards, and made some editing. Basically, Lucky Charms are some useful trinkets that give you better odds on certain thngs.

To activate a charm, click on it in your invertory to "wear it" (have it effect you). You can only "wear" one at a time. They efect you even when you're a zombie.

Some ideas:

Buddha Doll Effect: +5% to search odds in certain buildings. Found: Hotels, Buildings, Hospitals, Pubs

Dog Tags Effect: +10% to hit with melee weapons (including zombie attacks, Bite and Claw) Found: Armoury, Forts

Lavender Incense Candle Effect: +5% to hit with firearms (because the smell calms you down, steadying your aim) Found: Hotels, Pubs, Buildings

Gold Plated Brass Knuckles Effect: 25% chance of a successful melee strike dealing 1 more point of damage Found: PDs, Pubs, Amoury, Forts

Blue Rose Breast Pocket Ornament Effect: 10% chance of Flak Jackets absorbing 40% of the damage when hit, instead of 20% (shotgun hits deal 6 damage instead of 8, for example). Found: Hotels

I do suggest that, if Kevan adds them in, that we DON'T know what the lucky charms does, at least at the begining of their introduction...that way, we have to experiment, and see what effects does lucky charms real lucky charms. The above are just ideas of effects a lucky charm could do.| suggest_moved=03:05, 26 April 2006 (BST) }}



suggest_time=09:33, 26 April 2006 (BST)| suggest_type=Item Improvement| suggest_scope=Humans with Crucifix| suggest_description=The Crucifix is a worthless item at present. One suggestion would be to make it so any carryer/wearer of a crucifix gets a slight % increase on hand attacks, but only while standing in a church or graveyard. This way even the hand attacks will be of some use. The churches nearly always seem to be poorly barricaded, so to a new player it would give them a fighting chance.| suggest_moved=12:06, 26 April 2006 (BST) }}

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