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Jello Biafra2 (Main Character)
25, july 2008
Character class:
civilian (Level 20)
Favorite equipment:
spraycan, revivification syringe, Pistol, FAK
Character profile:
Malton Anarchist Federation
Current status:
In Dakerstown, cleanin up

Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

This is a page for my in game character and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect mine in real life.


Jello was born and raised in malton and was working a boring day job for the man to fund his nightly revolutionary acts of sabotage and subversion. When the zombies began popping up Jello defended his home neighborhood of Kinch Heights until meeting a group of MAF members on their way to East Boundwood. Jello immediately joined the anarchist revolution and headed up to the suburb. He now resides in Northwest Malton.

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