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Creedy Guerrilla Raiders

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Creedy Guerrilla Raiders
Abbreviation: CGR
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Wouldn't you like to know?
Goals: To crush fascists, zergers, spies, Bounty Hunters and, other vermin throughout Malton
Recruitment Policy: Visit our forums and pass an initiation, provide evidence of a significant bounty, or a referral from a trusted friend of the Raiders.
Contact: Visit our forums

Sic vis pacem, para bellum.

Welcome to the Resistance against the Fascist plague that threatens to wash over Malton.

We are a raiding group that specializes in guerrilla warfare techniques against enemy groups. We're hardened, we're brutal, we strike our targets until they crumble and submit, and if you think a headshot or two will stop us, consider the fact that we run deliberate suicide missions, and have been at this business since 2006.

Why a Resistance Movement?

When the people of Malton turned to larger groups for protection against the undead horde, they failed guard against these groups' corruption, decadence, and insatiable hunger for power.

We fight to free Malton the oppression of groups that have succumbed to these temptations.

Conduction of Operations

Our roots lie in Pitneybank, but we are largely nomadic.

We don't tend to play nice. Be forewarned of scenes of torture and mutilation, of headshots at revive points, and of wholesale slaughter of new recruits if you find yourself at war with us.

Want to run with the Raiders?

Now's your chance!

Want to join us? Come to our forumsand you can be initiated. A recommendation from a current member can expedite or eliminate the initiation process. All potential members must pass an IP screening and be approved by a majority of the current members. We DO NOT allow players with alts in enemy groups into the Raiders.

CGR Member Policy

The CGR will only allow its members to devote one character to the CGR. Spying by our members will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the CGR.

Sniffing out the rats!

We're good at catching spies, and we don't go lightly on them when we find them. But hey, give it your best shot if that's your cup of tea.

Current Enemies

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