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Jensonson's Journal

The Forming of The Fortress - The Beginning


Hi, I'm Jensonson and i'm based over at Fortress Four in Sh...oot, i'm not supposed to say where we're based - I almost forgot again...Well, my story is a rough and tragic ride through Malton's grisly freak-ride so I hope your stomach's prepared and you'll need to hold back the tears cos it's a tough one.

I was a cop over in Quarlesbank at the time of the outbreak - ahem ...ok, I was a traffic-cop - you know directing the traffic and stuff - AHEM - Shut up Bensonson you div. OK, I was not a traffic-cop, I was a traffic warden. I know, I know, now you hate me - like i'm the one that got the ticket stuck on your windscreen when you parked just one inch outside the bay, or that time you got clamped when you stopped in the disabled-only zone for a second to visit the cashpoint - well it wasn't me - cos I was an undercover traffic warden. That's right - I never once booked one driver or clamped one vehicle. I worked against the system from the inside, making parkers everywhere happier people, and all was going well in Quarlesbank until one day when I had an incident, should we say, with that Malton citizen. Let me explain...

You see, I thought it was one of those aggro complainers that I used to have to deal with on a day-to-day basis but this guy turned out to be something worse. No it was not a politician. But this thing kind of shuffled up to me like he had a wet one hanging down the inside of his leg and moaned something about "Brains" while reaching forward with his grey claw-like hands. I was just about to explain that I was an undercover traffic warden when he unsympathetically grabbed ahold of my arms and dived his face right into my stomach. Of course I had been attacked many times before by disgruntled customers but this one was about to chew a hole in my chest so I did the only thing within my power...I stuck a "Penalty Notice" sticker over his gob. The sight of the parking ticket seemed to at first intrigue and then enrage this strange citizen and he began to lurch towards me. I didn't like the look in his eyes so I ran.

It was at this point that I noticed that the street was covered with these despicable beasts and the sight of my warden cap and outfit, and the "Penalty Notice" sticker, caused them all to stop and face eagerly towards me. It was at this time that I dropped a load onto the pavement. The horde swarmed menacingly around me. There was no time to pick up my clipboard and notes, I ran for the hills.

Quarlesbank Hills were about a mile away, and if I had known that at the start I would have run for the shops, which were just round the corner, but it was too late to turn back. Something else I hadn't accounted for were the hilly bits - which I guess I should have, well it doesn't matter - but by the time I reached the hills I was bloody knackered!

I found this old building - straight out of the Witch Project - a place I later found out to be Pitman Mansion. I thought I had found a safe haven, away from practically the whole zombified town of Quarlesbank, but in fact I was very, very wrong.

I walked right into a slaughterhouse. A crazed, cloaked madman was leading a zombie horde at a group of uniformed humans who were reduced to fleshy pulps in mere seconds. One man escaped, running at an impressive speed through a plate-glass window and away from the massacre. I took one long look around the room and suddenly all eyes were upon me; behind me and roaming up the hills were the others. I knew that it was the end and I made a mental note to try not to scream like a little girl when it came to it, but then I felt a warm hand in my own. I looked down and there he was, a red-haired small fellow with a wizened face, and he said...

"Hold my hand. I'm scared."

It was a man I later found out to be called The Ears and he was crying like a baby. This seemed to bring me to my senses and I knew there was only one possible escape from this horrific room. The coal-chute in the far corner.

We charged like raging rhinos, avoiding the outstretched hands of the things, then threw ourselves into the coal-chute and down into the cheese-cellar. I turned round to check that The Ears was ok but he had already made a run for it and was half way down Quarlesbank I followed.

Anyways, to cut a long story short I eventually ended up in The Fortress. It's a wonderful building, most men would say - with jollyful players enlivenin' your day.

Some people simply call it The Fortress, while others call it the Four Fortress or Fortress Four. And Mad Berty-me-keyboards-not-Qwerty calls it The Farty-forty-far-f-fortress...but for me, The Fortress is more than a name. It is a way of life.

What is The Fortress?

The Fortress is a leading survivor group, consisting of zombie-hatin', trash-talkin' super soldiers with a single aim - the annihilation of all Malton's zombies! The Fortress strives to set an example to all other human groups with its precise protocol and practiced procedures. We aim to provide the ultimate Malton experience for genuine UD players.

Complete Fortress Roster

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Unique original Malton storyline


Fortress Four was built in September 2005, within two months of the initial outbreak, but the background to this monumental moment in Malton history is far-reaching and incredible.

Many survivors speculate that the outbreak of the virus was connected to Necrotech Industries, because of their extensive activity in Malton since the Millenium. The Fortress has reams of evidence that suggests otherwise. This evidence suggests that Necrotech were, in fact, brought to Malton to investigate several inexplicable cases of zombification in and around Quarlesbank prior to the inital outbreak.

Lord Pitman is believed to be the individual responsible for the "Malton Incident", according to The Fortress. The demented Lord of Pitman Mansion in Quarlesbank had been experimenting with life and death, the occult, for the most part of his unusual life. His research is believed to have brought life to the virus that affects the higher brain functions and began to spread rapidly around Malton in 2005.

In the late nineties, Necrotech, upon discovering a real-life zombie sample in Barrville (possibly an escaped sample of Pitman's research) were given permission to set up a single NT lab in Malton to begin researching the anomily. The Blackmore Building in Ridleybank was the first NT centre to be constructed but soon after, hundreds of NT labs were being erected right around the city, which provoked suspicion. Necrotech maintained that their goal was "the fabrication of new cutting-edge pharmaceuticals meant to provide cures to cancers and other highly-infectious or deadly diseases" but it is now believed that they were simply covering up the early cases of infection, in order to quietly manufacture a cure to the virus before it spread widely.

It is believed that Lord Pitman may have used his influence, through funding and local persuasion, to infiltrate Necrotech's research and turn it to his own advantage.

Find out the truth for yourself.

Join The Fortress today to gain access to such official Malton material as, "The Origin of The Head" (4 part story, 2006), "The Pitman Enigma" (set of ingenuious puzzles and storyline, 2006), "The Origin of Fortress One" (Single story, 2007), "The Finding of Fortress Three" (20 part story, 2009) and "Pitman's Game" (Epic story, 2010/11)

These stories provide the real truth behind the Malton Incident and prove that the work of The Fortress is of the utmost importance and for the good of all mankind.

Join The Fortress to learn about Jensonson and Lord Pitman, the Shadow Wolves, the Pitman Enigma, the Judges of Malton, what happened to Conflict Trooper Shedd, the Society and reams of material that will expand and enhance your Malton experience far beyond you thought possible.

The Fortress is the only UD group to provide official Malton storyline with a beginning, a middle and most ominously, an end.

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