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Ima Real G Bitch. BeTTa ReKAgNiZEEEEEE.

Eazy-E-Avy.jpg Real Muthafuckin G's
"Cause Da Boyz In Da Hood Iz alwayz Hard, You Come Talkin Dat Shit We'll Pull Ya Card"

This User Is A Certified Gangster, And Has Been Known Not To Play.

N1042844654 30005206 7904.jpg By The Beyonder's Grace
"The Immortal Pimp, The Red Kool Aid Drinker. All Hail Him."

This User Has Seen The Light Of The Crackpipe, and Now Follows The Church Of The Beyonder.

Avatar1212.JPG Take the Shot! Take The Shot!
"In Urban Dead, Just Like Real Life, Nerds Get It First."

This User Was Active During The Imperium Must Die Campaign, And Probably Made A Fanboy Cry.

Eh Yo FUKk Da ImPeRIum NYgGaHZ.

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