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I play Urban Dead! What are the odds?

ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.

I am primarily a zombie player, the sort who buys Brain Rot to keep my characters zombified.

Are you a dedicated survivor player? When your characters get zombified do they merely shamble off to a revive queue and start mrhing away? If so, frankly, you're hurting the game. This game needs more zombies who act like zombies, who tear down barricades and kill every living thing they can get their hands on. It's zombies that make this game what it is, not PKers and not rivalries between survivor groups. If you enjoy Urban Dead you're actually doing your fellow players a favor by joining the ranks of the undead, busting into their safehouses, and gnawing their faces off.

Remember, this game is completely player driven; there are no NPC mobs spawning on the street corners for you to farm. If you agree with me that this game is primarily about zombies hunting the living while the living make a desperate bid to survive, consider putting in some time as one of the bad guys.

I should say, however, that I am not a "pro-zombie" player...I am a pro-people-having-fun player. Zombies make the game fun, but there's simply not enough of us...hence the above soapboxing. So, pro-survivor players, get dead already! Or at least make a dedicated zombie alt!

Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This User or Group supports the Dual Nature Policy & believes that the citizens of Malton should embrace their two-fold nature.

I do have one Dual Nature alt; in a way he's my most honest character. When he's alive he helps survivors. When he's a zombie he kills survivors. He never commits suicide and he never wastes a single AP trudging off to some lame revive point. It's a trying existence sometimes -- there are still players who go, "OH NO U GOT ZOMBY SKILL UR SPY." Despite the occasional lamer you run into it's still a fun way to do things, and it's as close to dedicated survivor play as I ever intend to get.

Quartlylibrary.JPG Education in Security
This user supports the The Quartly (66,52) as a no-kill-zone.

Leave Quartly alone, people. You're harshin' my library buzz!

Santo.jpg ¡Viva la Lucha!
This user is a luchador.

Crom.jpg CROM!
This user knows what is best in life.

Zergling.gif Alt user
This user has alts but DOESN'T Zerg.

Pigeon.jpg Pigeon-holer
This user enjoys placing users into narrow categories.

I'm all about pigeon-holing people. Fortunately I'm always right.

Rickrolled.gif RickRolled!
This user has been RickRolled and wouldn't get this from any other guy.

Roddy.jpg They Live
I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum.
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