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Malton chronicle.jpg This story is part of the Malton Chronicles.
This story is fan-made, and is not officially part of any background history for Urban Dead.


This story is about the first appearance of zombies in Malton.


David King - 24 year old plumber, he moved to Malton to escape the noise of Raccoon City.

The Infestation (part 1)

David King, 24-year-old plumber, is headed back to his home in Mornington after a hard day's work in Reganbank. He goes back to his house and finds his brother milling around on the driveway. He goes up to ask his brother what's wrong, then notices the gaping wound on his neck. He then notices his bro's glazed-over eyes. Then he realises that his brother is dead, but mysteriously, can walk and stand and move. He runs past his now lurching towards him dead brother, opens his garage door, and takes out his 12-inch monkey wrench, and after saying a silent prayer, clobbers the zombie on the head with it. Brains fly everywhere, and after cleaning himself off, David runs inside an grabs an empty backpack and fills it with food, water, his journal and a pen. He also takes his dad's hunting rifle and 3 boxes of ammo and stuffs it inside his backpack. Then, wielding his wrench like a sword, he heads out to find more survivors.

The Infestation (part 2)

David, weary from his long trip from Mornington, wandered around Richmond Hills looking for a safe place to rest for the night. He found a police station with doors wide open. He staggered inside, almost fainting from exhaustion. He then spotted a few human shaped figures huddled around a barrel fire. One of them spotted him, and took out a sidearm. David gestured to the figure that he was of no harm. Then David went back to the entrance, and using his plumbing skills, rigged up a barricade made of metal pipe and PVC piping. Then he lay down by the fire, and slept.

The Infestation (part 3)

David wakes up to find that the survivor group in the building has left. He sees other zombies milling around the entrance, waiting for the right moment to strike. David quickly packed up his things and ran up the stairs to the roof of the building. From there, he looked down onto the suburb of Richmond Hills. There were groups of zombies breaking into buildings a few blocks away, and a suvivor groups was moving down the street towards him. He made the decision to let the group into his safehouse for the night. He ran back down and took out his rifle. Then he tore off some of the piping to create a small hole from which he could fire from. He aimed his rifle at the nearest zombie's head, and pulled the trigger. There was a loud bang, and the zombie's head was instantly filled with a hole. The zombie collapsed onto the floor and stopped moving altogether. Then David continued firing at the zombies to clear the way. Just as the last zombie fell to the floor, the survivor group reached the entrance. One by one, they each crawled through the hole in the barricade David had rigged. Once they all had passed through, David resealed the hole with some shelves he had found. Then he concentrated on finding a source of power to the building. That building was going to be the epicenter of the greatest survivor uprising in the whole of Malton.

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