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Dunell Hills Police Department
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Dunell Hills Police Department
Abbreviation: DHPD
Group Numbers: 50+
Leadership: FmrPFCBob
Goals: To protect and serve in North-West Malton
Recruitment Policy: All survivors; any level of experience.
Contact: DHPD Forum

The Dunell Hills Police Department is a dedicated group of survivor roleplayers that operates out of the suburb of Dunell Hills. The DHPD is heavily involved in the roleplaying aspect of the game and as such has attracted a large membership base. While the DHPD is primarily based in Dunell Hills and the surrounding suburbs, members are sometimes encountered in all areas of Malton.

The DHPD motto is "Sic semper tyrannis" the infamous words of John Wilkes Booth, a latin phrase meaning "Thus always to tyrants".

Apply to join the DHPD today!
Read DHPD Testimonials for an inside look at the DHPD.
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DHPD Manifesto

  • Stay human.
  • Protect innocent civilians.
  • Consolidate survivors in the secure Dunell Military Zone.
  • Tag the area to direct wandering survivors to safety.
  • Maintain safehouse barricades.
  • Encourage members to contribute and communicate.


The Hills are in contention; zombie and PKer groups are attempting to drive all survivors from the Hills. Use caution when traveling through; contact the DHPD if you require more details on the current situation.

The Department is currently seeking to increase membership numbers! Contact the DHPD at our forum today.


  • Forum:
The [DHPD Forum] is the preferred method of communications for members, allies and the public.
  • Radio Frequency:
In-game DHPD broadcasts are on the 26.60 MHz frequency. Transmissions are irregular.
  • Dunell Hills Radio Journal:
Radio Free DHPD is up and running on the DHPD journal. Tune in! This is a regular journal of life in the DHPD, the dangers of Dunell Hills, and general personal updates. Members should feel free to contribute. Who knows, maybe that long-lost relative or loved one is listening?


The DHPD aims to work with all pro-survivor groups in our area of operations. Some of the organisations supported by the DHPD include the following:

  • Bascombe Defense Force
  • Cotty Department Irregulars
  • Posse Reunion Tour

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  • Communications
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