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My Story

I was just coming back from spring break on a road trip with a few of my buds, halfway back to school we come to this shit hole and shacked up for the night in some rundown motel. We drank the night away at some bar down the street and I passed out outside my doorway next to the ice box. Next thing I know, my pal John is shakin me, screaming to get the fuck up. He dragged me into the room and slammed the door behind us, what followed was an endless pounding on the door. Still collecting my thoughts I backed into the far corner of the room and leaned against the wall.

"What the hell is goin on, where is everyone?", I asked.

Keeping his eyes on the bulging door, John replied. "I don't know, Some cult I think...riot maybe....all I saw were people attacking and killing other people, and then eating them afterwards...I think....but somthing was different, about the people i mean, they looked, pasty, even dead maybe."

We sat in that room for what seemed like hours, as the pounding continued, getting louder and louder with each passing moment. More and more people were gathering outside. They knew we were in here and were intent on getting in. The whole door seemed like it was gonna blow off its hinges. Thats when we began to pile the furniture in front of the door, bracing it with anything we could find, including ourselves. Too little too late it seemed as the door flung inward and the half-devil hord came falling into our barricade. We pushed heavily against the mattress (final addition to the barricade) for a few precious seconds that seemed like hours. However it proved futile, our pursuers were too great in number. We quickly made a dash for the bathroom, where we had already put what supplies we had. We locked the door and braced it once again with what we could find, which I can tell you wasn't much. As the doorframe began to splinter I thought to myself what an unlucky son of a bitch I was. To die in the shitter at the hands (and teeth) of a buncha cracked out clansmen was not how I wanted to go out. It was then that I noticed the air conditioning vent in the upper right corner of the room. Standing on the toilet, I smashed the screen open with my fists and pulled myself into the shaft. John ducked in right behind me as all hell broke loose in the bathroom. The moans and screams rose to a deafening roar as the bodies piled into the small room, it was clear they were right behind us.

The shaft was a tight fit, but we managed to nudge our way to the back of the building. I kicked the vent open and we jumped out into the midday air. Screaming and moans could still be heard from all directions, as the sun beat down upon our sweat covered foreheads. We knew we couldn't stay here long so we made our way across the street to what appeared to be an Auto Repair shop. The building was locked save for a small open window 12 feet off the ground. We rolled a dumpster over to the window and clammered in. The garage was dark and wreaked of oil and transmission fluid. We quickly checked the entrances and made sure the building was airtight. No more uninvited guests, we had decided. Next we checked the phones, no ringtone. Television, no electricity. It appeared we were in for a long wait without the amenities of home.

"look at that" john whispered.

I glanced to my left and smirked at the scene. The sun cast down an image spraypainted on the skylight from up above. In bright green it shown on the floor like an erie message from the Heavens....R E N E G A D E S

A smirk slid across my face "Hmm...Kinda catchy dontcha think?" --Jmlodzia 05:32, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

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