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Sergeant Joseph Riggs was dropped by parachute into Malton on March 16th 06, sent in as reinforcements for the US Army. He was not properly supplied for what he was about to encounter, and of course with how luck goes, he was separated from the rest of his squad. With no radio or any other options of how to contact the outside world, or even his own squad, he was lost among the chaos. He had came down within a section of the city called Lockettside, an area which had heavily felt the effects of the war with the undead.

At first life was hard. Zombie attacks were common and many had gone mad from the desolate lifestyle and began to kill other survivors. It was an unusual place that would take a long time to adapt to, but adapt he did. A number of random survivors, along with Joe, began to work together to insure the safety of this place they now called home. They went by several names at first, most of which were jokes to bring a little joy to their hearts as they sat among the darkness. It was quite sometime before a name was finally settled on, the Lockettside Boys. It was agreed upon by the few founding members that anyone who fight along side should never feel controlled, and every man or woman shall be just as important as the next, no matter what their skills and strengths. Joe knew he would face hard times aswell as good times along the way, but that is a major part of being alive .

It was not long before the LoBo members were spread across the suburb. Each aiding in whatever way they could by fighting back the dangerous undead, reviving the friendly, and healing the injured. The LoBo has encountered a lot of bumps in the road along the way but has continued on, and made quite a number of good friends as well.

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