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John Rubin - dressed up as Chapaev - during the sixth siege of Fort Perryn

This user is a member of FERocious Undead and an active supporter of The Naughty Zombie Gods. Before that he had great fun being in the Dartside Conversion Force and eating brains in Dartside. After having found many good friends in Dartside he is going to join forces with The Laughing Dead. Dartside, farewell! The rest of Malton, hello!

This user also is a member of FER. He is in Shore Hills at the moment, helping protect Brennand and Pittman NT buildings. Before that he spent some time defending Fort Perryn, and yet before that - his former home Kempsterbank and Pole Mall.

This user does not think that having both survivor and zombie characters is controversial.

This user has seen some funny things in UD, like a double headshot, for instance.

Some people think that Monroeville might have been influenced by one of this user's suggestions (along with one of Sonny Corleone's suggestions).

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