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Known as MementoMori in mIRC.

Also known as the Juggernaut.




A firefighter with a bloody axe.

Merits & Ribbons

R - Recon Specialist.gifR - Scientific Achievement.gif

  * Basic Firearms Training
      o Basic Pistol Training
  * Hand-to-Hand Combat 
      o Axe Proficiency 
  * Free Running 
  * NecroTech Employment 
      o Lab Experience 
             + NecroNet Access 
  * First Aid 
  * Diagnosis 
  * Shopping
  * Body Building 
  * Construction
  *Headshot - KEKEKE NOW IM ANNOYING!!!11oenoen



Currently searching for a tanning bed on Excursion 2!!

A green and red monstrosity, with a riot police badge hanging precariously of a ripped shirt. Likes to say Hambargarz, likes to eat Harmanz.

   *  Basic Firearms Training 
         o Pistol Training 
         o Shotgun Training 
   * Free Running
   * Scent Fear 
         o Scent Trail
   * Digestion 
         o Infectious Bite 
   * Vigour Mortis 
         o Neck Lurch
         o Death Grip 
         o Rend Flesh 
         o Tangling Grasp 
         o Feeding Drag
   * Memories of Life 
         o Death Rattle - BARHAR!
         o Feeding Groan
         o Ransack
   * Lurching Gait 
         o Ankle Grab

Chief Cochise

Mall Tour '07

He's bloody and green, and will eat you.

Mall Tour '07 tourist.

   * Scent Fear  
   * Digestion 
         o Infectious Bite
   * Vigour Mortis 
         o Death Grip 
         o Rend Flesh 
         o Tangling Grasp 
   * Lurching Gait 
         o Ankle Grab 
SmallEmo.jpg Filthy Emos!!
This user or group may or may not be affiliated with The Malton Bounty Emo Killers, but agrees damn well that emos need to die!! Fat heads...
Firefox.png Firefox User
This user uses Firefox.
Fire.jpg Hell
This user is going to Hell.
Nogod.jpg Atheist
This user is an atheist.
Nobrain.png Ban Stupidity
This user or group does not tolerate stupid people.
GangstaRapVader.gif Gangsta Rap
This user is correct that it's not the East or the West side, North or the South side, but the Dark Side.
Juggernaut.jpg Don't you know who the fuck I am?!
This user is the Juggernaut, bitch!
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