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FireFighterBadge.gif Malton Fire Department
John Cannonfodder is a member of the MFD.

Hi, I'm John Cannonfodder, a member of the Malton Fire Department. In real life I'm a Dutch civil-engineering student; this game is a nice distraction and sometimes a great excuse to dodge the work piling on my desk...


John VanderBilt used to be your average Joe firefighter in Malton. Well, until the zombie infestation reared up its ugly head of course. For months John helped to save people and kill the walking dead roaming the streets. As the numbers of the dead grew stronger and those of the living started to dwindle however, John's feelings of frustration turned into hopelessness: how can you fight an enemy that refuses to die?

More and more members of his department died, and as they would only stand up as zombies themselves, there wasn't even a chance for a proper burial. And escaping this godforsaken place... well forget it! The army had even isolated the city from the outside world, leaving the people still alive trapped in here like a bunch of labrats! John's ever-present sarcasm earned him his nickname, Cannonfodder. Ironically -and truthfully- this wasn't far from the truth. Not only were the zombies growing in numbers, they seemed to be getting stronger and smarter by the day!

It was only when Necrotech came with the technology to revive the dead that John started to believe he could actually make a difference again. That's when he joined the Malton Fire Department.

Current Status

Current rank: Engineer.

Badge: #121

Time zone: GMT+1 (Netherlands)

--John Cannonfodder 20:40, 9 August 2006 (BST) My character's profile

History Log

  • May 15 2006: Joined the MFD. For a month I was trained buy Doberman Guy… “The DOG” was a ‘tough love’ kinda guy towards his recruits… I still believe wholeheartedly that this was the best way to learn to stay alive… *grin*
  • June 13 2006: Graduated from campus; after a few days of uncertainty I am transferred to North Blythville.
  • July 6 2006: promoted to Lieutenant in North Blytheville by Ron Brenner. This was the best place to be assigned to after graduation, and working with Ron was great fun. NorthBlyth was a great place to be in.
  • July 10 2006: as the Big Bash steamrolled into NorthBlyth from the south, I did the only thing a living person could do: run like a bat out of hell. First we tried to set up a foothold in Brooksville, but that suburb wasn’t much more than a pile of rubble either, and the last buildings were coming down… Yup, the Big Bash was a huge success alright.
  • July 11 2006: spotted the campus entrenched in Tapton. As they seemed to be the only DEM group left alive in the southwest, I decided to join them and help out where I could… Tapton was a complete mess and people needed revives regularly, but we slowly managed to rebuild the suburb and power up the resource buildings… True, it was a matter of hours before they were breached again, but at least the zeds were chewing at something other than our safehouses…
  • July 20 2006: The campus is moving to Lockettside to rebuild the suburb and take back the mall; Supplies are a valuable commodity, so a mall would be heaven… On arrival, local groups like the Lockettside Boys are already struggling to get things back in shape, and with success… With these combined forces we quickly manage to gain more and more terrain, rapidly recading most buildings, decreasing the queues at the revive points and eventually retaking Thompson Mall… I wouldn't want to brag... --well actually, I do: I didn't get killed a single time during or after the Bash... Yes, there were quite a few close calls, but no need of any revives... I think I'll buy the "I survived the Big Bash" T-shirt... *grin*
  • September 3 2006: Promoted to Captain of Lockettside. In the past month, the campus moved on but I stayed behind, discussing things with the local groups, setting up the Lockettside Barricade Plan (many, many thanks to Max Grivas of the Josephine's Generals for helping with the format and the policy itself!), and trying to help out in general. As the Big Bash swept along many of the ferals, things are now nice and quiet here, the main nuisances being overcading and tagging issues…
  • September 17 2006: Promoted to Fire Marshall of SW2. As Lockettside is quiet and in good hands, I’m sent into the trenches: Grigg Heights and Reganbank need cleaning up. Go figure: I just managed to power up a dry cleaner’s to get my suit cleaned...
  • November 25 2006: During the past few months a number of survivor groups have started communicating more intensely with each other, and this has paid off: Grigg Heights is certainly not the death trap anymore that it used to be... It is however the scene of a constant battle between the living and the undead and control over the different areas has swung back and forth several times… Life in Griggs definitely isn’t boring… In the past few weeks there have been reports of increasing numbers of zombies in the northern half of the suburb. Rumours are that this is the result of the fall of Caiger Mall: after the historical defeat of the survivors in this famous mall, zombies started spilling over to the neighbouring suburbs. My personal thanks to the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY for sending in a unit during these past weeks…
  • Febuary 7 2007: Things in the Grigg Heights / Reganbank area are better. After a brief vacation when the Lebende Tote decided to leave Griggs and join the Mall Tour 07, our local horde has returned and we’re back to more exciting times... When we’re not blowing their heads off or getting our brainz munched on, those Lebende Tote are a very nice gang to hang out with: at least we got the cool zeds in Malton as our adversaries... *grin* The Reganbank Barricade Plan has been revised and approved.
  • I’m very saddened with the retirement of Karija, my Battalion Chief: she was the best chief you could ask for. In her honor the local MFD crew in Reganbank has re-named Hollard Boulevard Railway Station to Karija Memorial Railway Station. Somebody had to fill the void, so now I find myself learning to be a Battalion Chief myself... Paperwork. Yay.
  • March 31 2007: When the Ridleybank Resistance Front entered the Southwest for their “Excursion”, they initially had quite some problems in their attempts to breach Marven Mall. Their tactic to breach the surrounding NT buildings first even backfired, partly because of the sheer amount of NT buildings in the area and mostly because the breached buildings were cleared and caded again in a matter of hours… But, like all mall sieges, the zeds would eventually wear the population down, a contributing factor being the use of death cultists to PK, GK and use any and all means to attack the mall from the inside as well… Oh well.
Once Marven Mall fell, things went fast and soon South Blythville, Lockettside and most of the suburbs to the west were torn apart. I decided to pull my teams out of Grigg Heights and Reganbank: one team joined forces with the MPD to help in their struggle of creating a foothold in the area of the border between North and South Blythville; the other crew was sent to Buttonville to aid the local survivors when the next target, Buckley Mall, would be hit.
After weeks of hard work we managed to clear the revive line at Gee avenue, create safehouses and, with the help of many survivors, retake Marven Mall. At the moment Lockettside is looking better every day now, thanks to the Legions of Lockettside and many others… The Buttonville crew even managed to weather the storm without needing to leave the suburb. The malls are all back in survivor hands and the suburbs are recovering nicely… Good job guys!
  • May 28 2007: Just as survivors started recovering from the RRF Excursion, the Mall Tour 07 hit the Southwest in full force… Needless to say they cut through the ravaged suburbs like a hot knife through butter. We evaded the worst, stood our ground in the Northwest corner of South Blythville and started rebuilding again… After Marven Mall was reclaimed, we could provide the Legions of Lockettside with a safe place to revive and restock… After that the combined efforts of the Legions reclaimed Thompson Mall and the rest of Lockettside rather swiftly… We did have a siege of about 90 zeds at the NW corner of the mall in april / may, but we managed to hold on, despite our limited numbers… It was the first mall siege victory I had participated in: yay us! *grin*
  • July 2 2007: The heart of the Southwest is safe again, so I relocated the crew to Mornington. Being still new at the BC gig and having some RL deadline horrors to face, it took a while for me to help the crew get organized, but things are now running smoothly. We’re back in the familiar arena, and I heard many crewmembers contently say: “Ah, good ol’ Griggs, we’re home again.” Heheh, gotta love that. We’re excited to put some holes in the skulls of the Lebende Tote again, probably because they’re the coolest fun-loving zeds in Malton… Yep, it’s gonna be a blast!
  • July 9 2007: Just got promoted to Assistent Fire Chief. People have been prodding me for a while now, but I just got used to being Battalion Chief... and I love the Southwest. I really am going to miss it... Not that I won't be here anymore but, well, I'm going to have to give other divisions the attention they deserve as well. Damn the short life expectancy of good people in this city.
  • August 27 2007: With Chief Karija retiring, I'm now Fire Chief of the MFD. Zombies have been reported to tear down walls and mess entire buildings up quite badly... It now takes more than a hammer and a few nails to repair the damage. A lot of folks are quite worried by the way our movement is hampered when trying to navigate a way through the rubble... I think we'll find a way to adapt though, like we have done for two years now.
  • October 13 2007: I have been helping out Axes High in Barrville for a while. The entire Northwest division has been in ruins for several weeks, partially due to the new ruin phenomenon, partially due to Extinction. Thankfully, the only suburb that’s still dangerous is Eastonwood, so we decided to lend the locals a hand and help keep up the cades and evict some zed squatters. This luckily kept us out of harm’s way as The Second Big Bash was forming in Barrville… Needless to say that suburb has been levelled to the ground, so now we’re returning to the homestead of Axes High to pick up the pieces…
  • November 2 2007: Barrville is looking somewhat better now, so I decided to head up North towards the Malton City Zoo and attend The Halloween Hootenanny of Horror, a Halloween fest thrown by The Malton Zookeepers… and let me tell you, those zookeepers sure know how to throw a party! It was quite nice at the bar in the Giraffe House, with great music –well at least until some of the undead guests got hungry and decided to use their neighbours as a light snack… I guess that’s the side-effect of survivor / zombie gatherings. Oh well. After running out of FAKs in an attempt to keep the living partyfolk happy, I headed over to the Bear Pit and was able to catch the last bit of the film festival… Kudos to that Film Projector and send her my thanks! Loved the film with the zed clay puppets!
  • December 22 2007: Winter has arrived in Malton again, and the streets are covered in snow... I travelled to Havercroft to aid the survivors there in their fight against the RRF. Despite being murdered a few times by death cultists, we managed to hold out for almost a week against increasingly high odds… However, people became exhausted trying to stem the tide, and when the undead breached the barricades and piled in more frequently, we had to divide our energy between repairing the cades and killing the zeds who managed to get inside… In the end we succumbed, our dwindling numbers unable to hold back the tide. I got myself revived and headed back to Barrville so I could help provide safehouses for the stream of refugees that managed to escape the mall in time…
  • January 1 2008: WOW, WHAT A PARTY! For the first time, the members of the DEM gathered together at The Corfield Arms [50,50], the center of Malton. For several days, we partied like there was no tomorrow! I also was glad to see that several members of allied groups had made it to the location as well… We had about two hundred people together on New Year’s Eve, and that’s not counting the dozens of folks partying in neighbouring buildings... Two hundred! Our special guest, Uncle Zeddie had cooked up a special broadcast in which he thanked us for our efforts. Uncle Zeddie, if you’re reading this: thanks for being there, man…
  • January 7 2008: After staying in Ridleybank for a few more days to help cade up the place and lend a hand at the Blackmore Building (after all, what else could we DEM folk do with our extra energy besides partying… *grin*), it was time to move on. I headed into Rhodenbank to work alongside one of my crews there… Kudos to Captain Ymihere for his efforts to keep those buildings lit and frustrate the Gkers there into high-tailing it out of the burb!
  • July 3 2010: After over a year of being Fire Chief, I stepped down to allow some new blood to flow up the chain of command. New folks with new ideas could add their contribution to the department. I've been roaming the streets of Malton for about a year now, and during the past six... nine(?) months, communication has been spotty -at least officially. In reality it was a great time with visits to many old friends. Since last week however I've been coordinating my efforts again with the local team in West Grayside. After all this time, it feels good to be back...

My evil twin

BE ADVISED: John Cannonfodder has an evil twin with zombie ambitions in Northeast Malton. Evil Fodder is controlled be myself as well, but should be in no way affiliated with any group whatsoever (although at times he can't resist and help out with some barricading or healing...). Evil Fodder will only be 'evil' when he is a zombie; he will never act as a zed spy. He also doesn't use MFD resources in any way, and abides to the policy against zerging. Now that all ethical issues have been cleared... beware. *cue Evil Laughter*

Evil Fodder's profile


  • The Big Bash is FUN! After playing nice as a harman the first month or so and levelling up, I crossed over to the dark side... heheheh. Anyway, after happily chewing cades and the occasional brains at the border of Rhodenbank and Rolt Heights I noticed that the Big Bash was nearing Dulston, so I shambled over there and helped tear down the PD just south of Treweeke Mall, then helped to tear down the cades at the northwest corner of the mall itself... I must admit there is nothing more satisfying than breaking through those cades, emitting a feeding groan, informing the hundreds of living folk around you that your going to munch their brahanz and imagining the terrified looks on their faces as you drag one of them outside, leaving the poor sod on 1 HP and infected... *evil grin* When I was a new zombie, still fresh and spawned in Dulston, there was no way to get more than a few bites before somebody took you out with a headshot... A combat revive and a few dozen levels later, I'm back --with a vengeance... --John Cannonfodder 12:52, 17 September 2006 (BST)
  • The Big Bash is fun, mall sieges are fun... Only by actually playing a zed, you can understand what it is to be a zed. Harmanz think they can scare you off somehow: I'm sorry to bust anybody's bubble, but zeds don't get scared off. Zeds don't "lose" a battle, they just become bored and move on. They simply stand up, chew cades, are happy when they manage to breach a building and drag out a survivor for everybody to feast on, and they expect to log in the next day and find they've been given a headshot... They simply use 6 AP to stand up again and look around what they're gonna do today... It's really a stress-free existence, no haggling about barricade plans or PKing, just munching away... I also understand a zed's frustrations a lot better. When participating in the siege of the mall in Santlerville last week, I just managed to breach the cades, get inside and announce my presence (read: emitting feeding groan and rattling that I was ready to munch on some bra!nzz), when I suddenly found myself lying outside: I had been combat revived. No, I don't want Brain Rot, and no, I didn't enter the mall and started off on a killing spree, but I can understand why other zombahs don't take to combat revives that kindly. Don't do it people, it is a sure way to make your victim very, very ticked off at you! --John Cannonfodder 16:15, 6 October 2006 (BST)
  • After munching happily on the poor sods who were desperately trying to retake the mall in Santlerville, I heard other zombies rattling rumous about the fall of Caiger Mall… I shambled over as fast I could, wanting to be part of this historic event, but I was too late. Oh well, I’m dead anyway, what’s the big deal? Still, I couldn’t help but stand inside this ‘symbol’ of the harmanz, cheering and shouting taunting insults together with hundreds of zombie brethren… A week ago I decided to head back to Santlerville: I got hung up in Yagoton however when I spotted the lights on at at hospital. For a week now I’ve been merrily munching on harmanz and dragging them out on the street: after all, it is only polite to share… --John Cannonfodder 20:58, 26 November 2006 (UTC)
  • Ugh, I’m bored to tears. After Yagoton I shambled off, briefly visited the NE, then went all the way down to Fort Creedy. It was fun to break into the fort together with my zambah brethren and clean the place out, and I really had a blast… But after doing it again… and again… and again… I actually stay dead for several weeks at a time before bothering to log in again. Time to pack some CDF brainz for the journey and move out. “Move out”… I definitely have been dining way too much on soldiers lately… sheesh. --John Cannonfodder 10:28, 3 July 2007 (BST)
  • Wow... after roaming towards the Northwest for a bit, I stopped at a hospital in Shearbank... Decided to break in for a snack. Obviously the residents protested, but I never have been bashed and beaten by so many different items! A bare fist, a knife, a cricket bat, a fencing foil, a length of pipe… and all these peeps still hadn’t managed to kill me yet! Mind you, they were screaming their heads off though: “It’s still alive it’s still alive!” No kidding, ya bunch of amateurs... Where are the folks that actually know how to use a gun and help me get a good night’s rest with a decent headshot? It finally took a guy with an axe to actually kill me. Six different weapons. It’s a good thing I don’t have a mirror, because I must be a complete mess. I wonder if I can file an abuse report somewhere… --John Cannonfodder 15:46, 2 August 2007 (BST)

Interesting links

This section contains interesting and useful links to other UD wiki pages --mostly for my own conveniance... *grin*

The Southwest as described by MFD Command:

SW1 division: North Blythville, South Blythville, Wykewood, Greentown, Lockettside.

SW2 division: Grigg Heights, Reganbank, Lerwill Heights, Mornington, Crooketon.

SW3 division: Shore Hills, Galbraith Hills, Brooksville, Mockridge Heights, Tapton.

SW4 division: Nixbank, Foulkes Village, Ruddlebank, New Arkham, Old Arkham.

SW5 division: Dartside, Kinch Heights, Spicer Hills, Williamsville, Buttonville.

Allied Groups:

Lockettside Boys

Lockettside Defense Squad

Josephine's Generals

The Sun Orginization


Other links:

Mall Information Center


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