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SFC John Abraham Mowry, Sons of Morrigan Advisory Lieutenant and Intermediary

John Mowry is a survivor hailing from an unknown area of Malton, if he's from Malton at all. He's mostly unassuming and quiet, giving gruff answers and informing his immediate survivors of activity around the area. He was trained as a Scout Medic, a very desirable field of interest in Malton. He carries around an M1 Garand rifle which he claims that he found in an old museum collection. His kit also includes various pieces of technology and several pistols. His main weapon is a fire axe, to which he has a brutal proficiency in. He also carried a journal and a graphite stick which he is often seen making notes with, though what he notes down is only shown to his closest of confederates, the Sons of Morrigan.

Mowry is of average height and build and essentially unremarkable outside of direct combat.

He is a known upper leader in the Sons of Morrigan and is often the mouth piece when it comes to talking with other survivors and bargaining for supplies and aide. He can often be found immediately around a Son's base.

His combat style is unorthodox for most residents in Malton. Instead of walking the streets looking to pick up and harry zeds, he picks his targets from a distance and waits until they are occupied, then ambushing them with short, extremely violent attacks. Often targets are so confused by the sudden on rush of an attack from an unexpected angle, they have little time to react and fight back. More often then not a small group of zeds will be taken out withing a short time.

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