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Hello, I will improve my page soon, but for now, enjoy my humor.

Character Bio

Name: John the Quicker Class: Scout Born in Malton City, John left to join the Army at the age of 18. After hearing about what happened in Malton, he requested to be assigned to the city. While patrolling a section of the city, a large number of zombies attacked his patrol and he was the only survivor.

Since then, he has taken up residence in Yagoton and is a card-carrying member of The Abandoned.

This was inspired by the Self-immolation suggestion of June 7, 2006.

Denzed.jpg File:725bigahh.jpg

John the Quicker (also known as Chooser of the Slain at Middle Earth Empire, Middle Earth Vault, Hordes of Mordor, Fantastic Fantasy) is a man of many opinions, all of them correct. Here is a list of concerns he has about the situation in Malton.

1. Apparently, when you enter Malton, a little man greets you and asks: "What is your name and class?" After you answer, he gives you your items, the training manual for your starting skill, and a nametag written in English and Death Rattle. Everybody knows Survivors names! Do we all wear nametags or are we just friendly and say our names to every Tom Dick and Rotty who enters the building? I am not saying we should change it, but why do we know the names of all 112 people in one part of Bale Mall which we have never entered before?
2. Music is a big part of my life and I would it like to be part of my death. I think radios should play music like: "I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll All Life (And Party Every Death)" by KISS, "I Like Dead Butts" by Sir Die-A-Lot, "Safe in Malton City" by AC/DC, "Razor's Edge" by AC/DC. Plus, we should add TV stations! We could watch "Live Hard" "Dawn of the Living" "Survivor: Malton City" "Everybody Eats Raymond" and other quality programming.
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