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Jonathan Frey

A 5'6"-tall mutant human being with dark welding glasses, enormous bat ears and a Parliament Full Flavor cigarette hanging out of a be-fanged mouth. He's covered from head to toe in silver fur, and apart from the welding glasses is completely naked.

Derisively refers to zombies as "animals."

Frey's superhuman agility allows him to jump from rooftop to rooftop across buildings in Malton, without ever exposing himself to brain-hungry lunatics.

Early History:

Born an American in 1984, Frey is 22 years old.

His mutation was apparent from birth, and limited his contact with a small realm of people outside his immediate family. His father, a construction worker, and his mother, an elementary school teacher, were able to provide for both education and a small degree of technical training without exposure to the outside world.

A quiet and studious child, he stopped wearing clothes at age 11, insisting that they caused his fur to itch. During his teenage years, his eyes, two solid black eyes rimmed with fiery red veins, grew overly sensitive to even indirect sunlight, and he started wearing welding goggles. His other senses grew until by 18, he could smell, feel and hear well enough to abandon the use of a cane or seeing eye dog. In addition, he developed another electrical sense to compensate for his functional blindness, allowing mobility equal to or better than a sighted person.

At 18, he was recruited by the military in an experimental mutant research program. Frey exhibited early promise, due to his enhanced strength and agility. However, an antiauthoritarian streak made further advancement impossible. Frey's participation in the project was terminated a year later, and he was dishonorably discharged from the military for breaking four ribs and fracturing the jaw of a biggoted seargent.

The next year, he left his home in Southern New Jersey and traveled to Malton, after he heard rumors of a vibrant, healthy mutant community. Instead, he found only five reclusive mutants and a friendly but vacantly cheerful support group of normal humans.

Frustrated, he retreated into obscurity in Tapton, taking up smoking to compensate cure boredom while working as an at-home telemarketer. When the first reports of Black July reached him, he was listening to the radio. Reports of savage murders in the outlying suburbs spread a dull panic over the surrounding communities.

The Rising:

In the midst of the panic, the mutant population of Malton was (falsely) blamed for some of the initial zombie murders. An angry mob surrounded his apartment in Tapton and dragged him into the open. However, the first wave of the zombie rebellion devoured the mob. Frey was trampled under the feet of humans and left for dead by both human vigilantes and the remarkably unobservant zombies.

Using his superhuman agility, he scrambled up a nearby building facade and out of the reach of the moaning hordes, Frey was initially hell bent on escape. His appearance made him stand out among the other survivors, however, and he was beaten and left lying on the street on the edge of Tapton. Left to his own devices, he retreated into the Malton Sewers, where he hunted rats for survivial while the zombie/human war raged overhead. He forgot even his name.

A chance encounter with a manhole later, he was on the streets again, dodging zombies by crawling across the tops of buildings and living on scraps. One day, he accidentally stumbled into his old apartment, and found a picture of himself as a hairy child playing at the beach. He resolved to seek redemption for abandoning his human brothers and reclaim his place among humanity on his own terms, and reclaimed the usage of his name.

The Seige:

Initially interested in helping as many humans as possible, he volunteered his services to Mal Tel.

When it became apparent he would be of little service to the corporation in his weakened state, he set out to join the MCDU, hoping to revive his forgotten skills from before the rising. He successfully joined the MCDU in early August, little more than a year after the rising, and entered re-training for the new, improvised military.

After nagging antiauthoritarian issues, Frey abandoned the New Military in favor of a cushy desk job as the Independent Technician for the Southwest region of Malton. He now serves hundreds of masters in disparate locations in Southwest Malton, trucking heavy generators around the suburbs he once lived.

The Man Behind The Goggles:

If you don't know who I am already, drop a PM in Brainstock, Barhah or track me down and talk it out.

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