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Robbie the Rabbit
Robbie full.jpg
Joined: 2008-09-30 04:05:05
Character class: Military
Favorite equipment: Pipe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Fallen Saints
Character stats: Nothing of Note
Journal: "No journal" for Robbie the Rabbit

The mascot of The Lakeside Amusement Park in Silent Hill. A pink rabbit, with overalls and a bloody mouth.

Summoned from the Otherworld to Malton by the cries for vengeance from the Evil that is those who are on the Ignore List And those who have evil in their hearts. Also kills Clones/Zergs, and those who have offensive profiles.

Are you going to hell or to heaven? Did you walk with the sinners Or pray with the reverend? Tell the truth I did a little of both And ain't no telling where I'm going Till my body's a ghost And we sing The whole worlds gonna hate me in the end When they're surrounded by nothing but the fire You can lie, but you're soaking in sin When you die let you're karma begin From the beginning to the end.

EvilAngel.jpg Fallen Saints
Proud enough to be called arrogant
Greedy enough to be labeled a thief
Angry enough to hurt a man
Cruel enough to feel no grief

I'm probably gonna burn for this Ain't no lesson to learn from this There's nothing I'm gonna earn But it sure is fun to catch a predator!

Robbie Supports No Evil

Theme Song

Robbie's theme song is Mad World as performed by Evergreen Terrace


Ignore.jpg Ignore List
Hear no evil.
Noose.jpg The Ropes
This user thinks we should show Those on the Ignore List the ropes.
Gun.jpg Bang!
Robbie the Rabbit wants Text Rapists to die.
In utero triplets.jpg Battle of the Unholy Clones
This brave user fought the zerg army occupying the Quartly.
Chilean Blob.jpg Voluntary Offerings
Thanks to Mits, I was offered up to the Chilean Blob.