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This is a Side-Journal of Josh.

Malton: A History

Here is the History of Malton

Humble Beginings

Malton has been around a LONG time. It was founded Sometime in the late 1700's in The North-Eastern Area of The United States. Malton was small but grew rapidly. The Earliest Suburb is Kempsterbank, it was heavily settled by europeon immigrants soon after its founding.

The 1800's

in the 1800's malton started growing outwards from Kempsterbank. During the Civil War Malton was a burial ground for Those Killed in The Civil War. Still Malton Grew And Grew...

the Early 20th Century

The 1901 World Fair Was held in Malton, Thomas Edison had several collugues who lived in malton at the time, Edison displayed Several of his new inventions here. Edison also gave several inventions to his collugues that were unkown to most of the world, Including:

  • The Electrostatic Illuminator*
  • A Device To Speak With The Dead
  • A Time Machine*

These inventons were Put in A Saftey Deposit Box and were Never Seen Again, Even Though it is Rumored that The Electrostatic Illuminator was Destroyed, Because of its Highly Destructive Power, Even Though the Originol Plans Still Exist.

World War I

In World War I Malton gained world wide attention when a young scientist based in Stanbury Village, named Appolonius V. Kersley, was accused of selling the plans for a classified project to the Germans. A local journalist claimed to have obtained a few pages of these plans, half-burnt: they supposedly referred to some sort of medical process for the reactivation of dead tissue.

World War 2

In Stanbury Village an agent of the German Supernatural and Religious Agency was shot to death in one of the many wastelands in Stanbury Village. According to a British Soldier the agent was using ancient Egyptian artifacts stolen from the Batson Museum to "cut open the air." When the agent finished his ritual of cutting thin air a "portal" opened up and decayed soldiers of the lost Egyptian Regiment poured out. The British Soldiers fired upon the agent, catching him off guard, killing him. The lost soldiers were sucked back into the portal before it vanished, How the German Agents got so far into Malton is Unsure.

the Middle 20th Century

After WW2, Malton was ready to kick up its heels, Rock And Roll Was Here To Stay, So Was about 100 things that seemed new to the world. When The Veitnam War Started, Hundreds of Maltonites Joined the Service. In 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was shot, it was rumored that the Goverment Had hid Vital Artifacts to JFK's Real Killer in Malton Somewhere.

the Late 20th Century

In Malton during The 80's and 90's Video Games Were Very Popular.

2000 to Middle 2005

Malton was peaceful until that fateful July Day...

The Outbreak

July 3rd, 2005. Thats when it started. Thats when the outbreak began, it started in Stanbuty Village At The Went Building. Important Dates Since July 3rd, 2005:

  • July 6th - Zombies Start Making Grunts and Mrh?'s.
  • July 17th - DNA Extractors Are Produced by Necrotech For the First Time.
  • July 27th - Zombies Begin Attempting to Communicate using Limited Sylabels and Consanents.
  • July 27th - The First "Zombie Hunters" Begin Appearing.
  • August 3rd - 1 Month after the outbreak, Zombies are appearing to become more organized.
  • August 23rd - First Major Zombie Mob Attack.
  • September 24th - The First Zombie Transmitted Infections Appear.
  • December 1st - 1st Seige of Caiger Mall
  • December 4th - Black military helicopters have been sighted in the skies above Malton this week, airdropping supply crates into the empty streets.

2006 Begins...

  • January 3rd - Mall Tour '06 Begins Bringing Chaos and Destruction to Malls Everywhere in Malton.
  • June 1st - The Military stopped jamming short wave signals.
  • July 3rd - 1 year since outbreak.
  • October 31st - Strange Fog.

2007 Begins

  • January 14th - Mall Tour '07 Begins Bringing Chaos and Destruction to Malls Everywhere in Malton.
  • January 19th - New Newspapers Begin Appearing.
  • March 6th - Paintings, Tapestries, and other stuff begin appearing in Museums.
  • April 1st - There is a Threat of Malton Being Bombed
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