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   What's my story? I shall attempt to tell it to you in third person, listen close. Joshua Matthews( ), a tall man with blonde crew-cut hair, was just joining the army when he was air-dropped into Malton, along with a few other soldiers. Joshua Matthews and the others all split up to try and help Malton get back on its feet after the zombies had attacked it just a few years ago.
   Because he was being dropped into an area declared code green, he was only given a handgun with two extra clips. While in the area, he gained a few new things. Including a shotgun. Joshua had never been an expert in any gun since he had only been tought the basics of firearms, but soon he was able to master the shptgun and the pistol.
   After a lot of zombie killing, he decided it was time to get some real equipment. He was going to Caiger Mall. He had never been in too many malls, but he learned his way around quickly. He picked up new clothes, a gps device, a mobile phone, more ammo, and a few first aid kits. He met man there named Charlie. But Charlie was an odd person. He been playing tons of online video games, and everyone in Malton called him "Charile99993", that being his username in RuneScape.
    Joshua and Charlie soon became great friends and rivals. They joined an assortment of indivuals called "10 Minutes From Hell", or 10MfH for short. Joshua Matthews and Charlie99993 were headed for a dangerous area; the suburb of Molebank. Molebank was filled with groups of survivors and zombies battling for control of the small town. There were the "Knights of Saint Jude", a bunch of religous indivuals who had devoted there lives to protecting Saint Jude's Church and Molebank. Another one was the "ArchAngels", a group similar to 10MfH. Both of the mentioned survivor groups were allied with 10MfH, there was another group, and it was out to kill us all. And they did.
   10MfH was mainly staying in two hospitals, St. Elizabeth's Hospital and Felix General Hospital. Extinction got in and destroyed them both. We were all revived by the remaining Necrotechs, who had started all this destruction in the first place.
   Shortly after, Joshua Matthews quit 10MfH and went to Pitneybank, to live in and protect a certain "Fort Creedy". But What about Charlie99993? He completely disapeared shortly after the attacks.
   After around a month of living in the heavily guarded fort, Joshua left Fort Creedy, and rejoined 10 Minutes from Hell. He returned to Molebank, and again wandered the familiar hallways of St. Elizabeth's Hospital. It was almost complete nastalgia, but it looked like Extinction had disapeared. Boohoo.
   Soon Joshua Matthews was able to hack into the Necrotech Systems, and slip in his name as a new scientist. This allowed him to learn advanced first aid, how to use basic Necrotech equipment, and the locations of all the Necrotech buildings.
     Within time Molebank seemed empty. One of the 10MfH members, Arconious, actually slept outside for thirty hours, being eaten on the 26th! So 10MfH decided to send some soldiers to Dunnel Hills. I can't tell you too much about the operation, but I can say that we were working beside the Dunnel Hills Police Department, and that Joshua was leading the assault.
   But we were defeated, and were called back to Molebank shortly after being revived. It looked like zombie activity was building up again. But not just that, criminals had run wild! One frightening indivual called "Entropian", had killed a 10MfH member named "Dazaras". He was staying in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, and was found by good old Mr. Matthews.
   Joshua had never been face-to-face with a violent criminal before, and simply ordered him to leave, warining him that he was surronded by 10MfH members. He would not leave, so he was killed by the leader of 10MfH's Molebank division, named "Pastorjeff".
     Joshua Matthews (me) still wander(s) the suburb of Molebank, fighting off the dead and hoping to see his friend Charlie99993 once again.