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To Do:

  1. Rebels of The Stupid Imperials
  2. Figuring out which person in the picture the Crimson Clan training is me
  3. Graffiti Page

Rebels of The Stupid Imperials

Rebels of The Stupid Imperials
Abbreviation: ROTSI
Group Numbers: Crimson Clan, PARD, Defenders of Life
Leadership: Kris Eikehaug, Saint Murphy, St Aden
Goals: To force Imperial War Machine out of Dakerstown
Recruitment Policy: Hate IWM, contact and join in
Contact: Talk:Rebels of The Stupid Imperials

Who Are We?

Who are we? We are an organization that wants Imperial War Machine outta here because it has been a nuisance. They have started a PK war and have killed lots of innocent newbies and members and it's our time to stop them. We must force the Imperial War Machine out of Dakerstown!




As long as you hate them, you are allowed to be on the organization. This organization will be disbanded once IWM is outside Dakerstown.

Hmm... Who is this...

Near the Britton Park, Sergeant Tomas Rovira - Orange Waistcoat, giving instructions in a Platoon A training session, in the wasteland area neighboring the Britton park on the 22nd of May 07. In the line, from left: Squadron A1 (Cpl Sword, Pvt Warbear, Pvt Darth, Pvt Seano) and Squadron A2 (Pvt Maxuja, Pvt Jude, Cpl Boya). Pvt Robot and Pvt Deuz are absent due to zombie infestation. Squ B1 members Cpl Triple Zero and PFC Birsingir are watching.

Graffiti Draft

This is what JudeMaverick sprayed for the past few weeks.

You spray "Mario likes pie, just like Pikachu and Chocolate"

You spray "Ahh, Pokemon are invading Malton!Oops, meant Zeds!" here. Your spraycan hisses and runs out.

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